Mom vs. Dad: What Did You Inherit?

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
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Comments • 2 047

  • Gamer Soldier Kill The Furries

    Im Very Similar to My Grand father Aswell

  • Gamer Soldier Kill The Furries

    Im To Be Honest Is More Similar to my dad I even Wish To become a Zookeeper like my dad

  • a holy bibble
    a holy bibble 23 hours ago +1


  • Andreea DIY
    Andreea DIY Day ago

    me , my dad and my mom look like we are from different backgrouds even if we are all caucasian white

  • Clith ;l
    Clith ;l Day ago

    I was waiting for mitochondria

    *ThE pOwEr HoUsE oF tHe CeLl*

  • CrimeraRi Bloody
    CrimeraRi Bloody 2 days ago +1

    i inherited giant ears

    everyone calls me an elf

  • The Pizza Man
    The Pizza Man 2 days ago

    Powerhouse of the cell
    Powerhouse of the cell
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    Powerhouse of the cell

    SHARKY 3 days ago

    my dad gave me his nose and it looks weird

  • Anchor’s Away
    Anchor’s Away 3 days ago

    I’m adopted and I did 23 and me and I put on the survey I was adopted. On the back of my dna test get you’re parents to do it with you see what you inherit from parents.

  • Samika2015 Madhubalaji

    The way he said mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell is the same way my biology teacher says it

  • Kad Cure Snimaju
    Kad Cure Snimaju 5 days ago +1

    i am a daughter and i am more similar to my dad than to my mom
    p.s. I LOVE IT

  • Rainbow Girl
    Rainbow Girl 7 days ago

    Genetically we share 50% traits from each parent...

  • Mary Ellen Young
    Mary Ellen Young 7 days ago

    What if your a girl? You talked along boys a lot but what about girls. I’m just curious great video!!

  • Mary Ellen Young
    Mary Ellen Young 7 days ago

    But I got OCD from my dad?? How??

  • Ariel Steinsaltz
    Ariel Steinsaltz 7 days ago

    But I’m a daughter and I’m more like my dad than my mom.

  • Clayton Braunschweig
    Clayton Braunschweig 11 days ago

    ThE pOwEr HoUsE oF tHe CeLl ._.

  • Shahad  AlMakki Vlogs
    Shahad AlMakki Vlogs 16 days ago

    *the power house of the cell* tho😂

  • Prince Montanaa
    Prince Montanaa 18 days ago

    My mom is 5’0
    My dad is 5’7
    I am a male 5’4 1/2 and I am 20yrs old ....
    Will I grow taller? I am a soccer player and played all my life...
    All males in my family are 5’7 - 6’1 except for me
    can anyone help answer....

  • Whythehellareuhere ?
    Whythehellareuhere ? 19 days ago

    Thanks for cancer dad

    Not really thanks but I was going with the joke but it’s true

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez 20 days ago

    My parents are mexican and i have blonde hair and blue eyes

  • Bee Phenix
    Bee Phenix 21 day ago +1

    I’m adopted

  • NobodyElse101
    NobodyElse101 22 days ago +1

    Everyone says my face looks exactly like my dad

  • Caixia Zhou
    Caixia Zhou 22 days ago +1

    2:07 The powerhouse of the cell

  • Arunava chakraborty
    Arunava chakraborty 22 days ago

    Do straight married... children will have mom or dad.. girl don't go for another girl...guys are interested😢lots of lesbian now day..I scared ..

  • Anton Paulson
    Anton Paulson 22 days ago

    You both are so adorable

  • Hellur
    Hellur 22 days ago

    All my siblings have my dad’s nose 😂😂😂

  • Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am!

    1:07 Doesn't apply to me and I look like my dad.

  • BooB SooS
    BooB SooS 22 days ago

    this is so sad alexa play despacito

  • Courage Coach Demecos
    Courage Coach Demecos 23 days ago

    I wish they would have given EVE black hair being that she was a black skinned woman and not likely blonde at all... anticipated that coming from scientist but the narrative of social conditioning is even in them as well. Oh well... Good video.

  • Totally Sergio
    Totally Sergio 23 days ago

    I’m weird my y chormusom is stronger then my x chormusom

  • Dana Thurnell
    Dana Thurnell 24 days ago

    I look and act like 50% of my dad and 50% of my mom

  • Winter’s Rose
    Winter’s Rose 25 days ago

    I heard that your weight is from your mother and your height is from your dad

  • Kylie Rose
    Kylie Rose 25 days ago

    “I love you.... because you look like me!” 😂😂😂

  • Pheonix 474
    Pheonix 474 26 days ago

    2:07 wtf

  • Robert Small
    Robert Small 27 days ago

    Allelic imbalance is against gender equality!

  • simran jammu
    simran jammu 27 days ago

    ze powerhose of ze house. lol

  • Ken MacMillan
    Ken MacMillan 29 days ago

    They now know that in some cases mitochondrial DNA can come from the father too.

  • Sydney Paige
    Sydney Paige Month ago

    *ThE pOwErHoUsE oF tHe cElL*

  • Rachel Wozniak
    Rachel Wozniak Month ago

    I look like my dad and my brother looks like my mom

  • Mavis Vermilion
    Mavis Vermilion Month ago

    ThE POwEr hOuSe oF tHe CeLl

  • Jabari James
    Jabari James Month ago

    no parent features 😢

  • Jimin Has No Jams
    Jimin Has No Jams Month ago

    Small problem...

    I'm adopted.

  • Meghan
    Meghan Month ago

    *tHe PoWeRhOuSe oF thE CeLL*

  • The Queen Yadirah
    The Queen Yadirah Month ago

    I look nothing like my mom but a lot like my dad

  • Forever Ice
    Forever Ice Month ago

    All I know is that I inherited ugliness

  • Horaktyle
    Horaktyle 2 months ago

    lol, i have a lot of upper back hair since i was 18 and maybe even earlier

  • Grace Ciarrochi
    Grace Ciarrochi 2 months ago

    I have my moms hair color but dads hair texture

  • Sergi Medina
    Sergi Medina 2 months ago

    _Parasite Eve._

  • Owen Weno
    Owen Weno 2 months ago

  • You are next Lol
    You are next Lol 2 months ago

    1:44 I got it from my DADDY