2 Chainz Plays with $165,000 Kittens | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ

  • Published on Sep 13, 2016
  • 2 Chainz and DJ E. Sudd meet with Stacey Lebreton to see her ocecats, which are a mix of Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthair cats and look like miniature ocelots.

    Watch as 2 Chainz samples the most outrageous luxury goods on the planet-and decides if they’re worth the cash.
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    2 Chainz Plays with $165,000 Kittens | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ
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  • Banana Boi is looking apealing

    Give my cat back boi

  • Taylor Yasmine
    Taylor Yasmine 5 hours ago

    This woman is evil

  • Knappy
    Knappy 6 hours ago

    Breeding animals for exotic markings is weird to me. Look at the pug dogs, they are literally mutants. Created a new dog, but they have a whole world of different issues like breathing problems.
    Not hating on pugs, I have one, just using it as a example.

    XxMOBILE_ _MANxX 13 hours ago

    "Most expensive sh*t" cats arnt sh*t you are though

  • Lauvax
    Lauvax 13 hours ago

    3:07 “this one would be actually $20,000 since she’s a BREEDER.”
    GIRL. You only see these cats as a price and breeding machines rather than actual living beings!
    Beats me.😪

  • Tai Pareanga
    Tai Pareanga 14 hours ago

    Shiii 2 chains tall asf haha and his DJ short as well haha

  • bel pet
    bel pet 14 hours ago +1

    Things I don't agree with...
    Charging thousands for a mutt
    Charging more based on color

  • Lovely Kay
    Lovely Kay 15 hours ago +1

    That momma cat is so pretty ❤️❤️❤️😍

  • brian begelman
    brian begelman 15 hours ago

    I would rather adopt than buy

  • Magicc Queenv
    Magicc Queenv 17 hours ago

    Honestly, I think animals should have no prices...like, they have lives too, their not toys and stuff..like this is stupid 😒

  • Sidsss Lol
    Sidsss Lol 20 hours ago

    My cat is literally a tabby. A street cat and it can come when called, walk on a leash, play fetch.
    He’s a cat dog and I didn’t pay a dime

    HIBA HASSAN Day ago

    she might as well be holding sacks of money cause that's they are to here

  • Mustafa Obaid
    Mustafa Obaid Day ago

    دي جي عيسى

  • Joshua artistic
    Joshua artistic Day ago

    So much narcissism in one video.

  • Cry3r78_
    Cry3r78_ Day ago

    Nice wiseling two chains

  • Irem
    Irem Day ago

    Go to turkey, Get those cats for free😂😂😂

  • yaila pollato
    yaila pollato Day ago

    I paid $2200 for my Bengal but I could never go higher than that for a cat, a dog would be a different story

  • OPL- Razor
    OPL- Razor Day ago

    Give them back boi! Lamo 😹😹

  • Jada Wilson
    Jada Wilson Day ago

    That woman is terrible. She doesn't care for them at all.

  • Kaay Kitty
    Kaay Kitty Day ago

    Why does 2 chainz have 50 chainz on?

  • ganja n mula
    ganja n mula Day ago

    I would cry and not let them go

  • Drake ́s Woes
    Drake ́s Woes Day ago

    Imagine selling cats

  • Ashani Robinson
    Ashani Robinson Day ago

    My cat fetchs n comes when called.. buy mine

  • jeyminie
    jeyminie Day ago

    They souds like seagulls. Tf

  • Jack Morris
    Jack Morris Day ago

    The way he says Kittens gets me 😂 Kit-tuns

  • The Fat Roach
    The Fat Roach Day ago


  • CrunchASMR Queen

    Disgusting and disturbing.
    Adopt dont shop.

  • Ashley Kelsall
    Ashley Kelsall 2 days ago

    While there are helpless kittens and cats in shelters getting euthanized daily. Ugh people sicken me

  • its lil big boi
    its lil big boi 2 days ago

    Gi ma cat back BOOOIIIII

  • Ellen Franke
    Ellen Franke 2 days ago

    There are already way to many kittens that need homes, please adopt.

  • Ellen Franke
    Ellen Franke 2 days ago +1

    I wouldn't have the heart to sell any type of animal

  • Light Arno
    Light Arno 2 days ago +1

    I thought it said 2 chainz playing with 165,000 cats

  • respect everbody no hate

    Is it weird but my cat use the same thing with the neck when they got out

  • Sumukh
    Sumukh 2 days ago +1

    Adopt, don't buy.

  • Jackson Prock
    Jackson Prock 2 days ago

    Just get a ragdoll cat like I have it’s just 1,000 dollars

  • oof
    oof 2 days ago

    I know a Guy who has the same cats and give them for free but he lives in jamaica

  • Blurp Bibablobop
    Blurp Bibablobop 2 days ago

    Do you know how many breeders are there in Europe? A lot less than in US. It's inhumane to put a price on an animal based on it's appearance.

  • Gary lin yong jia
    Gary lin yong jia 3 days ago

    I’d pay 3k for a dog

    ZACHARY CYPRESS 3 days ago

    When people want absurd numbers for some animals

  • Michael Populus
    Michael Populus 3 days ago

    I love my Savannah. Well worth the money

  • Inziswap 097
    Inziswap 097 3 days ago +1


  • Try hard Player
    Try hard Player 3 days ago

    Gimme my cat back boy

  • santhosh balla
    santhosh balla 3 days ago

    I am pretty sure cats don’t have vaginas 1:24

    • HarvardUtilitarianism
      HarvardUtilitarianism 3 days ago

      santhosh balla Oh my god... I’ve never met anyone as stupid as you. If cats don’t have vaginas, then how do they breed?

  • Man 978
    Man 978 3 days ago

    Yo what

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay 3 days ago

    No cap tho I would get a lil nervous. Moms in any species be crazy about their kids

  • W M
    W M 3 days ago +2

    beautiful cats and all but it's somehow very disgusting to breed and sell them for such an amount especially when countless animals are dying in shelters or on the streets. just doesn't sit right with me and I think that's why. that lady probably doesn't even play with any of the kittens lest she mark up the "merchandise."

    • HarvardUtilitarianism
      HarvardUtilitarianism 3 days ago

      Xgamer3214 x 🙄

    • HarvardUtilitarianism
      HarvardUtilitarianism 3 days ago

      W M You’re such an ignorant snowflake. They’re rare cats, so they have to be expensive... She’s been working with cats all her life, so she’s not going to play with them, stop acting like a child.

    • Xgamer3214 x
      Xgamer3214 x 3 days ago

      Yea it's pretty sad what people do for money

  • Ciara Dempsey
    Ciara Dempsey 3 days ago


    DEEGE GAMING 3 days ago

    Lowkey it's like a dog you don't need to train, mabye the 2k ones they were cool

  • Basinbot20
    Basinbot20 4 days ago +102

    They worth over 100,000 and they are moved in a budget looking cat cradle

    LOTUS DOLL LITTLE 4 days ago

    them cats have problems look at mercy

    LOTUS DOLL LITTLE 4 days ago

    black pop do not like cats

    LOTUS DOLL LITTLE 4 days ago

    wow this lady selling pricey

    LOTUS DOLL LITTLE 4 days ago

    wow three are beautiful

    LOTUS DOLL LITTLE 4 days ago

    9 days wow

    ELZED YT 4 days ago

    Imagine it ran away one day.....

  • Awais Nawaz Art
    Awais Nawaz Art 5 days ago +18

    I got my cat for free with her kittens...
    I'm happy tho

  • brigitte T
    brigitte T 5 days ago

    🤔 I got my cat for free

  • Kai Rach
    Kai Rach 5 days ago

    Such assholes u should love all animals and U can’t price them cause they are priceless all animals are equal

  • Matthew Perez
    Matthew Perez 5 days ago

    just go outside and find one

  • Ernst Boye 6kl
    Ernst Boye 6kl 5 days ago

    2:54 the way he says kittens... :)))

  • Limpid Desolate
    Limpid Desolate 5 days ago

    Best part of da video is when 2 chains was tryna whistle for 5 seconds straight 3:42

  • Nocando H
    Nocando H 6 days ago

    I literately have like 60 cats outside right now

  • Seth Shipston
    Seth Shipston 6 days ago +137

    I feel sorry for these cats a don’t know why

  • vivi en
    vivi en 6 days ago

    I paid £450 for my cat actually, I don't see anything wrong with it. If ur willing to pay that much then u do u.

  • Ruth Shiferaw
    Ruth Shiferaw 6 days ago +53

    Why do they put prices on animals!! There living creatures not shoes

    • FantaGT
      FantaGT Day ago

      Ruth Shiferaw because people need to make business out of selling them.

    • B-rye the dragon guy
      B-rye the dragon guy 2 days ago +3

      Because rich people will make anything expensive if you let them. You should try it go grab a few lizards out of your backyard and they are rare and sell them for 4k

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown 6 days ago

    Going for $145

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown 6 days ago

    We have them cat at humane society

  • art_addict
    art_addict 6 days ago

    If i had the money i would they look so cute and cool😅😅😅

  • dank4 meme
    dank4 meme 6 days ago


  • Jam99bro Gg
    Jam99bro Gg 6 days ago

    These are living creatures and there treated like objects

  • SmilingMamba
    SmilingMamba 6 days ago

    Shane dawson's pissed..

  • Saturn S
    Saturn S 7 days ago

    I hate people that breed are they going to good homes

  • teodor bergvall
    teodor bergvall 7 days ago

    if i had the Money to buy a 2k cat i Wood do it.

  • Classified Project
    Classified Project 7 days ago

    For everyone stating they got their cats for free Im sure your cat ain't exotic. These are exotic blood lines NOT regular tabbys, there is a huge difference you'd know it if you owned one

  • mostafa elbahar
    mostafa elbahar 7 days ago

    Today I'm gonna adopt a cat :D

  • Derax CC
    Derax CC 7 days ago

    most expensive*

  • Atupele Isaac
    Atupele Isaac 7 days ago

    Gucci kittens

  • Alla M
    Alla M 8 days ago +2

    My cat fetches and comes when he’s called. I got him for free lol

  • Zeena Greene
    Zeena Greene 8 days ago +5

    An expensive cat has my name 😂💀💀💀

    • Obito Uchiha
      Obito Uchiha Day ago +1

      no legit i just saw your comment at that part

  • ItsMyParty 87
    ItsMyParty 87 8 days ago +2

    He said...”we about to see a talking cat” lmao! 😂

    • Bnisha 04
      Bnisha 04 15 hours ago

      ItsMyParty 87 I was really hoping for Garfield

  • Anonymous Individual

    If Gucci made cats ...

  • H S-W
    H S-W 9 days ago

    This is so inaccurate. Cats that are 60% wild ARE NOT desirable. Pet owners of purebred cats want tame cats with the physical markings of their wild ancestors. Also, those kittens look to be about 2-4 weeks old. There’s no way you can predict how much they’ll be worth-their markings, features, coloring, etc. don’t present themselves until at least 1-2 months...my cat didn’t cost 10k and he plays fetch, comes when called and whistled, and can open doors...

  • Mathew Hodges
    Mathew Hodges 9 days ago

    I would love to roll with chainz for a day. He a chill dude.

    QUACK DUCKER 9 days ago

    I love when kittens and puppies try so hard to walk around, and yet they can't even stand up properly because they are like few weeks old.

  • Premium Gold
    Premium Gold 9 days ago

    Is it just me or doesnt it look like she was choking the kittens

  • Lethal Lushis Lexus
    Lethal Lushis Lexus 9 days ago

    2chains nature is righteous funny (!!)

    HEMANT PANDEY 9 days ago +1

    I will prefer a dog at this price

  • VastDrell122
    VastDrell122 9 days ago

    2 chainz can't whistle? Lol

  • Jasmine Weeks
    Jasmine Weeks 9 days ago

    FYI they're barely even coming when you call their names

  • Jasmine Weeks
    Jasmine Weeks 9 days ago

    I'm sorry but no one is going to pay that much money for a cat I got my cat for free and I love her dearly and I wouldn't trade her for the world you just want the money sweetheart

  • hatib OG
    hatib OG 10 days ago

    This mfr so pig 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brold
    Brold 10 days ago +43

    Poor mama kittens. They live in a tiny box :/

  • frank thoman
    frank thoman 11 days ago

    I love this guy loll

  • ツDylan
    ツDylan 11 days ago


  • Erik Martinez
    Erik Martinez 11 days ago +3

    “Did he hit all of them or just this one?” HahA

  • Allan Ren
    Allan Ren 11 days ago

    imagine buying one and your neighbour runs over it

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S 11 days ago

    Raw beef is tape worms

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S 11 days ago

    Feed it boiled chicken to turn to servel

  • Matt Tuck
    Matt Tuck 12 days ago

    This makes me sick breading animals for profits makes me sick

  • Stupidy Head
    Stupidy Head 12 days ago