• Published on Jan 16, 2019
  • Just in time for the #10YearChallenge. Here's me, #2009vs2019!
    FEB 1! Medicate single and music video!
    reacting to old facebook pics! usclip.net/video/Se4pDLqx-Fs/video.html
    reacting to old myspace pics! usclip.net/video/WMosPBa7iA4/video.html
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  • Beautiful Rainbows
    Beautiful Rainbows 9 hours ago

    Ahhhhh! Medicate came out on my birthday! Best birthday ever, love you and your music, Gabbie! You're so inspiring sister❤

  • Kassidi Sanders
    Kassidi Sanders 2 days ago

    *mid rant* “I want a sweet potato”

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 2 days ago

    Ok honestly (no pun intended) idk how you don't have a boyfriend, because YOUR SOOOOO PRETTY LIKE HOW??!!

  • Kayla Sowders
    Kayla Sowders 14 days ago

    14:13 me when i see my self in the mirror

  • Rising Beauty
    Rising Beauty 18 days ago

    Uh girls in high school do look like that tho

  • unchangcom :/
    unchangcom :/ 28 days ago

    you’re really bad at facetune

  • Raquel Sauseda
    Raquel Sauseda Month ago

    Could we please get a part 2? This was hilarious. 😂😩❤️

  • Butter Scotch
    Butter Scotch Month ago

    She looks like Gru

  • Delapoca
    Delapoca Month ago

    This was TRIGGERING af

  • abigail grace
    abigail grace Month ago +3

    gabbie: can you MeDiCaTe a broken heart
    me: *single tear rolls down cheek* now. now i am truly in my feels

  • Rayelle J
    Rayelle J Month ago

    I need a video on why you think your left side is better than your right. Maybe it's a whole video vs pic thing. Your right side seems like ur good side to me.

  • Immy Bunny
    Immy Bunny Month ago

    to a drunk person you didn't look any didfferent

  • Sandy Thompson
    Sandy Thompson Month ago

    gabbie you nose is the best thing that ever happened to you its gorgeus

  • Shelby Horn
    Shelby Horn Month ago

    YOUR MAKEUP >>>>>>>>>>

  • EdgarSketches
    EdgarSketches Month ago

    Gabbie: "Unrealistic beauty standards"
    Me: "Yeah!"
    Gabbie: "Hey, you are all pretty as shit!"
    Me: "YEAH we are!!!"
    *Turns on selfie camera*
    *Sees.. THE face*
    "Nah, i am JUST shit"

  • EdgarSketches
    EdgarSketches Month ago

    2:01 OMG i really needed that right now O; Thankyouuuuu

    FELICIA MORIN Month ago

    LOVE !!!!!!LOVE!!!!! LOVE!!!!! THE SONG MEDICATE!!!!!🎤🎧🎙️🎶🎵🎼💊💉

  • Lizzie Barra
    Lizzie Barra Month ago

    i did the fucking bow too.. oh my god i blocked that from my memory but damn its vivid now

  • Mia Maya
    Mia Maya Month ago


  • Elyza Lex
    Elyza Lex Month ago

    edited version of the graduation pic looks like young stevie boebi

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez
    Emmanuel Rodriguez Month ago

    This videos should be titled “what not take photos by Gabbie Hanna”

  • _ raindrop _
    _ raindrop _ Month ago

    Hey gabbie how do you make your intro

  • KynzieJHargis
    KynzieJHargis Month ago

    No hate at all Gabbie, I love you. But there isn’t a wrong way to do art! Just letting you know. I know this sounds like hate but I promiseeee that I love you as a youtuber! See ya!💜

  • Caily M
    Caily M 2 months ago

    (I have braces)

  • Alyssa Reacts
    Alyssa Reacts 2 months ago

    10:20 there’s a folder called ride me

  • violet coon
    violet coon 2 months ago

    You can never get to mich greys Anatony

    SHANA NAY 2 months ago

    can we talk about the fact that Gabbie has 6,000 photos...

  • hannah sångberg
    hannah sångberg 2 months ago

    miss u in the vlogs :(

  • Fiza Ahmed Shehzad
    Fiza Ahmed Shehzad 2 months ago +4

    Anyone else think that Gabbie looked so beautiful filming today😍😍😍😍

  • forever Eve
    forever Eve 2 months ago

    I seriously couldn’t stop laughing when you kept flipping back on the last one 😂😂😂 sorry xx

  • forever Eve
    forever Eve 2 months ago

    I haaaaaaattttteeeee it when people scribble out something when there is NOTHING wrong 😤

  • Brittany Brown
    Brittany Brown 2 months ago

    Omg I’m so glad I’m not the only one that has pictures like this. Not saying your ugly because to be honest your very pretty but today’s kids never go through a ugly/cringe stage

  • Brittany Woods
    Brittany Woods 2 months ago +1

    I love your nose! Dont ever change it xx

  • Sophia Perez
    Sophia Perez 2 months ago

    awww look at old school Gabbie

  • Liv Yusi
    Liv Yusi 2 months ago


  • Vy Tran
    Vy Tran 2 months ago


  • Raluca Zalaru
    Raluca Zalaru 2 months ago

    Gabbie, your beautiful no matter what

  • Emily Spiers
    Emily Spiers 2 months ago

    Kiwi 14:15

  • Lily Jewell
    Lily Jewell 2 months ago

    in the graduation picture she looks like a different person 😂😂

  • jessica wyse
    jessica wyse 2 months ago

    hello where did u get ur pants

  • Olivia Battle
    Olivia Battle 2 months ago

    Who else fell in love with her just a little bit more when you heard GREYS ANATOMY!!!!

  • KsE
    KsE 3 months ago

    damn girl, go see a doctor. that acne is the worst🤢 🤮

  • Kenzie Kenzie
    Kenzie Kenzie 3 months ago

    the last photo edit she looks like miley cyrus from 2009

  • Mel Rose
    Mel Rose 3 months ago

    I graduated in 2011 and the MySpace angles were fcking EVERYTHING bitch omgggg

  • Katy Sullivan
    Katy Sullivan 3 months ago

    if rico from hannah montana and gru from despicable me had a baby, it might look like high school gabbie XD

  • Kim Wester
    Kim Wester 3 months ago

    Couldnt you make a new account and just look yourself up?

  • isabella jayne kray
    isabella jayne kray 3 months ago

    i have huge ears and i c a n n o t wear a ponytail to save my life 🤧

  • Heather Stevens
    Heather Stevens 3 months ago +1

    Your myspace isn't gone forever. There is a form you can fill out! I did it because I didn't have access to my hotmail address anymore!

  • Shepup Wolfie
    Shepup Wolfie 3 months ago

    10:39 She looks like Pete Wentz

  • Emma Mills
    Emma Mills 3 months ago

    You’re beautiful too!why do you facetune?

    KAHNADA K 3 months ago

    Loved that intro

  • heysoph9
    heysoph9 3 months ago

    omg i did the same thing when i tried face tune - i looked at the after and was like wtf the real me looks ridiculous

  • Brittany Jones
    Brittany Jones 3 months ago +1

    I literally only loooked perfect on my myspace and facebook page. Im older now and jm jelous. Ugh

  • Brittany Jones
    Brittany Jones 3 months ago +1

    I was at the very least. . in my head....... Bonkers cause of your shirt omg lol how funny. Just omg. Lol. Love you. Ugh.

  • Taylor Alwine
    Taylor Alwine 3 months ago

    Tried to come back after unsubscribing because I was sick of the music, thought oh this looks like a video I would like!..... Mentions music in the first 30 seconds 🙄

  • DeeplyHollowedSouls
    DeeplyHollowedSouls 3 months ago +1

    8:53 the original looks like gru from despicable me

  • Lynn
    Lynn 3 months ago

    I wish I had Gabbie as like a big sister or an aunt I could look up to 💕

  • Aubrey Smolenski
    Aubrey Smolenski 3 months ago

    Gabbie's brain
    don't do it
    don't do it
    don't do it
    Gabbie: That's been here all along

  • Musical Molly
    Musical Molly 3 months ago

    This video is underrated

  • Jamie Alex
    Jamie Alex 3 months ago

    I dont like this one u should not chang ur slef

  • Layla Mitch
    Layla Mitch 3 months ago

    Your makeup in this video slays my entire existence

  • Sal Fisher
    Sal Fisher 3 months ago

    gabbie:Would i have been popular in high school
    (awkward silence)
    gabbie: no i was still weird as fuck

  • yoongi !
    yoongi ! 3 months ago

    u deleted ur videos :(

  • chevelle hoxworth
    chevelle hoxworth 3 months ago

    11:51 , peep the New Castle Hurricanes planner. My family’s from New Castle and actually lives on the same street that she lived on. Funny😂

  • Tianna Piacente
    Tianna Piacente 3 months ago

    When 99% of the pics are too emo to facetune

  • Kaptain Komodo
    Kaptain Komodo 4 months ago

    2009 me: 3 years old

    2019 me: 3 year old in a 12 year old's body
    It's hard to tell if I'm actually 3, or 100.

  • therainbow
    therainbow 4 months ago

    im a potato

  • Simina Ariadna
    Simina Ariadna 4 months ago

    you ugly as fuck you know it but you don;t give a fuck as long as you get rich buy fucking it up

  • Kayla Palmer
    Kayla Palmer 4 months ago

    I love your hair

  • Moira Rouleau
    Moira Rouleau 4 months ago +4

    Gabbie: Tragedy
    Brendon Urie: Do you mean sin?

  • Snowball Slime Shops
    Snowball Slime Shops 4 months ago

    gabbie: its so sad that young kids think they have to be skinny and perfect
    *2 seconds later*
    also gabbie: i want a sweet potato

  • Angie Peña
    Angie Peña 4 months ago

    You should try Airbrush... Its easier than facetune ... Its the first app I use when editing... I only use facetune for smoothing and details lol

  • Haydo Mo106
    Haydo Mo106 4 months ago

    I see... by deleting the drama related videos it shows that you don’t give a fuck and you are moving on from the past... Pfft ok?

  • Gabby Knupp
    Gabby Knupp 4 months ago

    This pains me to watch she's soooo bad at facetune 😂😭

  • Peyton Jade
    Peyton Jade 4 months ago

    *talks about really inspirational stuff* “I want a sweet potato”

  • Veera Nuutinen
    Veera Nuutinen 4 months ago

    OMG i know im late but YOU WATCH GREY’S ANATOMY I’M SO HAPPY !!!

  • Allanna Berridge
    Allanna Berridge 4 months ago

    Gabbie: YEEES!
    Me: Gabbie's having far too much fun with this app
    Edit: Btw why does Gabbie look like Baby Ariel’s relative or something at 11:43???

  • Surooka Swan
    Surooka Swan 4 months ago


  • Beth Oral
    Beth Oral 4 months ago

    Gabbie i think you looked great (and still do) in your grad pic, before, you are a cutie and the best part is you really seem genuine, i was lets say popular in H.S. played sports blah blah blah but non popular love handled or not i would have loved to have dated you, every girl i dated even if "hot" was just so fake and self centered, to you younger girls listen to Gabbie don't do anything crazy with operations or whatever just work with what you got try to be healthy and fit and be your self-genuine (i know your still trying to find your self but..) and polite, you do that and a good guy will find you, stay away from the a-holes/bad boys who expect the look of "perfection"

  • Cassandra Cadillo
    Cassandra Cadillo 4 months ago

    I’m obsessed with this video

  • isabella. schneeb
    isabella. schneeb 4 months ago

    11:43 she looks like doofinshmerts (???) from Phineas and ferb lmao

  • Tacogirl
    Tacogirl 4 months ago

    Damn she’s insanely ugly

  • Tsunauticus THE CLOWN III

    You stopped growing... but that beak sure didn’t! Hahahahaaa

  • dbivbi6
    dbivbi6 4 months ago +1

    Why is high school Gabbie kinda cute 💜😂

  • Jennifer McGarigle
    Jennifer McGarigle 4 months ago


  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 4 months ago +3

    You have always been absolutely Beautiful ever since I started following you !! Just thought you should know

  • jenn1232xx
    jenn1232xx 4 months ago

    Screaming😂😂 at the monster thats been here along

  • Orri Greaves
    Orri Greaves 4 months ago

    This is sad. You were a kid...

  • wierd abey
    wierd abey 4 months ago


  • Frank Mardookus
    Frank Mardookus 4 months ago

    You're the best Gabbie!

  • Humaira Iqbal
    Humaira Iqbal 4 months ago +1

    GABBIE : "look at the eyebrow"
    Me: ok
    GABBIE:"look at the eyebrow"
    Me: I'm looking!
    GABBIE:"look at the eyebrow"

  • Teresa Rinaldi
    Teresa Rinaldi 4 months ago

    My god this is so disturbing 😨 poor kids this days, they have to live in a society that is going to make you hate yourself for sure...

  • Pug Lover
    Pug Lover 4 months ago +1

    This video wasnt interesting....

  • Max Ritchie
    Max Ritchie 4 months ago

    I want a part two

  • boosted
    boosted 4 months ago

    14:12 “Ahhh.. scarrrweyy” 🤣

  • Maise haydar
    Maise haydar 4 months ago

    Can you medicate a broken heart? TURN YOUR TRAGEDIES A WORK OF ART !!

  • Apple TVinTheLR
    Apple TVinTheLR 4 months ago

    Jews seem really prone to possession by the demon of mania.

  • Emily Schauman
    Emily Schauman 4 months ago

    Gabbie: says a small speech about beauty standards

    Gabbie not even a second later: I want a sweet potato.....


  • Dillon Emery
    Dillon Emery 4 months ago

    “that’s why facetune is unhealthy”
    as if she doesn’t use it on every single one of her insta posts

  • emma
    emma 4 months ago

    3:52 for the start of the video