• Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • How to quickly and easily make a bright, beautiful and original phone case from cocktail straws? Another idea of using cocktail straws! Fill transparent straws with water tinted with various dyes, but not completely, and seal the ends of the straws. Glue these colorful straws to the phone case.
    How to make a lava lamp? Fill a glass vessel - a bottle, jar, vase or glass - with vegetable oil. Add some water and a drop of dye. Put an aspirin pill into the jar and watch the relaxing spectacle.
    Do you know how to use Coca-Cola in everyday life? Coca-Cola is a great helper in many situations. How to extinguish the fire quickly? Use cola. How to polish car headlights? Use coke. How to reduce itching from insect bites? Treat bite with cola. How to make a trap for insects? Pour some cola into the bowl. How to remove the chewing gum from the hair or from the carpet? Soak it in cola. How to remove scale in the electric kettle? Boil some cola in it.
    I will also show you how to make a camping washbasin, how to lighten hair, how to decorate a notebook, how to decorate pots for plants, how to save a cut finger, and much more.
    1:26 Rainbow phonecase DIY
    4:11 Coca-cola life hacks
    9:55 How to remove permanent marker
    11:22 How to draw with water and ink
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