Watch the full, on-camera shouting match between Trump, Pelosi and Schumer

  • Published on Dec 11, 2018
  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) clashed Dec. 11 with President Trump over border security, during a meeting in the Oval Office. Subscribe to The Washington Post on USclip:
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  • Meli Liu
    Meli Liu 3 hours ago

    President Trump is a true Patriot..!

  • Kathleen Helton
    Kathleen Helton 6 hours ago


    OMGWUNSIU 7 hours ago

    God bless President Trump & screw those slimy, diseased looking, human corpse looking Democunt crooks Pelosi and Schumer! I wouldn't shake their hands without rubber gloves!!!

  • Jason Velasquez
    Jason Velasquez 7 hours ago


  • 26humor26
    26humor26 8 hours ago

    Doesn't Nancy's home have walls around her house?

  • Anthony Workman
    Anthony Workman 8 hours ago

    She said evidence based.....since when does evidence matter to her

  • Anthony Workman
    Anthony Workman 8 hours ago

    Schumer has such a face that you want to knock that smirk off real quick......

  • Jason Ferguson
    Jason Ferguson 10 hours ago

    Pence is dreaming about Trump being impeached!

  • hammer jack
    hammer jack 10 hours ago

    leave the man alone ffs . wether its trump or a perfect human in the white house you all will still be doing what you do daily and getting paid what you get unless you make personal choices. all this trash is like an advertisement to get people views to watch media and people and businesses and companies making money out of the situation.

  • Zen Of Tupac
    Zen Of Tupac 10 hours ago

    Pelosi is a disingenuous old bag.

  • Slate Gray
    Slate Gray 11 hours ago

    Either Pence is trying not to move because he has a case of after lunch bubble guts/pre-toilet explosion 💥 or his battery charge is going dead from the sensors in his ears picking up the location of the sound waves in order to shift his head side to side while appearing as a robot mimicking a human & practicing active listening skills!!

  • Live2win Uncle E.
    Live2win Uncle E. 11 hours ago

    Transparency 🧐

  • Live2win Uncle E.
    Live2win Uncle E. 11 hours ago

    They are all playing well together in the Sand Box

  • The Nonconformist
    The Nonconformist 12 hours ago

    1 year ago today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sana H
    Sana H 12 hours ago


  • Stifler
    Stifler 12 hours ago

    You guys should watch the video by CollegeReform about "educated college students" where they want free tuition for illegal immigrants.
    BUT once the interviewer pull out a can from his pocket asking for donation, suddenly ALL of them have no money.
    Here's another one..
    Every college students agree medicare for all and when the interviewer let them know that they have to pay for it and a tax increase suddenly their eyes goes wide and shout:"I have to pay?!?!?"
    It's pretty hilarious and eye opener video. People will be generous as long as it's not their money and the people (these millennials and college students) who shout tolerance the LOUDEST aren't that tolerance anymore when they realize there's a price and they have to pay for it. .
    These politicians are the same they are so generous and will spend money recklessly as long as it's not theirs...
    It's videos from CollegeReform. Go check them... They're hilarious...
    If you want to vote for leaders, vote businessman they're lying a lot less and managing (your) money better. Politicians are 99% liars it's their habits that's why they're in the office for 20,30,40 years but accomplish nothing.
    If you think Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Bezos, Elon Musk, and other business men are bad... Politicians are a lot worse than them...

  • michael davis
    michael davis 14 hours ago +1

    Mike Pence just can't stop interrupting everyone omg!!😂😹😅🙊🙈🙉

  • Cris Bugatti
    Cris Bugatti 15 hours ago

    I dislike that he talks over them. It's like a kid throwing a fit.

  • Karl-Michael Sala
    Karl-Michael Sala 17 hours ago

    Wapoo? haha. Dems have their facts & Trump has ours. We will use more of the military...

  • jett888
    jett888 17 hours ago

    Nancy P along with so m@ny others in W@shington DC are a bunch of S@tanic pedof!lw ch!ld consuming psycopaths.

  • David Paul
    David Paul 18 hours ago

    BOTH Potus & vice Potus sit like MEN! CHUCKIE SHUMER sits like a girl on a dress!!

  • Tyler
    Tyler 21 hour ago

    lock her up

    ANDHRA & WORLD MVD 21 hour ago

    Wow if they can not talk infront of live camera , about a countries future , what exactly are the Dems want to talk on off camera, that shows their alterior motives , and what kind of people they are. Liers.

  • Alicia Alicia
    Alicia Alicia 21 hour ago

    Im not going VOTE for Trump again. I don't trust him no more.

  • Billy Misir
    Billy Misir 23 hours ago

    Schumer & Peloci.... what a double disaster double act !!!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • John Collins
    John Collins Day ago +1

    Chuck and Nancy are negative skanks

  • Master
    Master Day ago

    i think my dog’s a democrat

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia Day ago

    The pathetic president ...

  • Matthew Seeman
    Matthew Seeman Day ago this point Nancy walked outnumber f this room and said I’m going to get this guy impeached and boom just like that you have it. Even without a crime she is moving forward based on this meeting ...anger anger anger

  • Trini Garza
    Trini Garza Day ago +1

    Pelosi...”evidence based...” She obviously forgets that statement when it comes to impeachment.

  • Trini Garza
    Trini Garza Day ago

    Democrats do not respect the POTUS. Dems are still in denial today. Dems want to tell the POTUS what to do as if they are his advisors. Pelosi is full of herself and lies, blames poor discussion on president when her senate counterpart is taking cheap shots, looking around to see if everyone approves after he says stuff...childish.

  • Lori Basinger
    Lori Basinger Day ago

    Somebody needs to have Trump committed to a psychiatric hospital to be evaluated . This isn't even normal behavior for a child... If he isnt stopped he is going to cause world war 3 due to his impulsivity and black and white thinking . I can't help but feel unsafe each minute this man is president. This is not a mentally fit man. He is such a humiliation to the country.

  • The Thrifty Christian

    I really want to slap that smirk off chuck's face but Pence stepped up and did it for me.

  • Jarrod Anstine
    Jarrod Anstine Day ago

    Mike Pence looking like Christopher Reeves without his wheelchair and his mouth piece...

  • Jarrod Anstine
    Jarrod Anstine Day ago +1

    Pence looks like my dog when im talking to the cat about getting into the dog food...

  • noble money music

    Mike Pence, face look like someone who mistakenly jumped into a robbery Van.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • American Veteran

    We caught 0 terrorists...he is lying..he is the BIGGEST TERRORIST..

  • Ben Purdy
    Ben Purdy Day ago

    Is that a pence wax statue there?

  • sjoerd meijer
    sjoerd meijer Day ago

    Trump is the boss

  • sjoerd meijer
    sjoerd meijer Day ago

    Trump is the boss

  • Bruno Esposito
    Bruno Esposito Day ago

    Children..... liiiitle children

  • Diana Adams
    Diana Adams Day ago

    I'm just here for the comments🤷😂🤷😂🤷😂🤷😂

  • Today I Got Time Cuz

    Who in the hell forgot to hook Pence into the charger last night??!! They hooked him up and put him in airplane mode 30 minutes ago. To attempt a quick charge. Well damn it! It didn't work. So now he's at 2% and somebody forgot to disable the airplane mode. So he didn't get the updates he needed and is clearly not running at full capacity. Oh Vice President Pence they doing you dirty kid.😩 Chin up you'll get them next time.

  • Nacube Technology
    Nacube Technology Day ago +3

    Who wants Trump in reelect 2020?
    Pls yes for like or No for comment

  • D Joe
    D Joe Day ago

    You cannot get rational answers from someone who is irrational. Like trying to put lipstick on a pig,.. it’s futile and only pisses off the pig.
    “The Trumpet is hiding his madness”..

  • K W
    K W Day ago

    If the wall is not important then why do they all live behind one?????

  • Sheila Marie
    Sheila Marie Day ago +1

    Pelosi and Schumer deserve Congressional Awards for handling a KKK Dementia Dotard Trump‼️

    • Kirk Gundle
      Kirk Gundle 11 hours ago

      I see a sheep has joined the commenting. Nice, giving urself the one like.

  • Jim myz
    Jim myz Day ago

    Reporters asked Trump if he'd ever grabbed Pelosi's crotch...he just smirked...the reporter trying to get a soundbyte asked what it smelled like and he said, 'Well....depends'

  • Natalie Gomez
    Natalie Gomez 2 days ago +1

    He’s starting to resemble Cartman

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 2 days ago

    Bunch of old people, they all need to be in a retirement home

  • crsl111 c
    crsl111 c 2 days ago +3

    she's demented 80 year oldr, her SF district is filth infested. Term limits.

  • Tien pham van
    Tien pham van 2 days ago

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  • Omg Aunty Suzanne
    Omg Aunty Suzanne 2 days ago

    What is wrong with Pence! This post needs 64 million views

  • Batman DKN
    Batman DKN 2 days ago

    Pence is the teacher having to monitor babies in detention

  • Izzy Bella
    Izzy Bella 2 days ago +1

    Nancy and chuck are complete buffoons

  • Reggie Goorahoo
    Reggie Goorahoo 2 days ago

    The trump man good job

  • Ezel Grier
    Ezel Grier 2 days ago +2

    They cut through your wall..

  • Brian Meyer
    Brian Meyer 2 days ago

    Chuck and Nancy Your stupid

  • Huz Ib.
    Huz Ib. 2 days ago

    Shutting down the government will cripple the country. Is that the best solutions he can think of!. Such stupidity being a leader.