YouTubers React To Girl Who Lives In A Van - Van Life (Jennelle Eliana)

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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    UScliprs React To Girl Who Lives In A Van, Jennelle Eliana. Watch to see their reactions.
    Content Featured:
    Van Tour
    How I Shower Living In A Van
    Why Do I live In A van
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    Jenelle Eliana
    Jordan Maron
    Daisy Marquez
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    Veronica & Vanessa Merrell
    Molly Burke
    SungWon Cho
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    UScliprs React To Girl Who Lives In A Van - Van Life (Jennelle Eliana)
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Comments • 2 721

  • FBE
    FBE  5 days ago +586

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    • Bony- B
      Bony- B Day ago

      She was modell before famous get famous

    • Jesse Hatred
      Jesse Hatred 3 days ago

      why not ask about mah boi Philly D being the shadowy mastermind haha

  • suineg1
    suineg1 Day ago +5

    Jennelle: My van is so great I got this I got that.
    Steve-O: hold my pee.

  • 1stfeburary
    1stfeburary Day ago +47

    These yters were so fuckingn pressed💀 she’s cute, has a great personality and a cute pet she got lucky and got famous, just bc other people are doing other things, doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve her subscribers

  • TheContentConnoisseur

    She's just another Liza Koshey

  • Alyssajo343
    Alyssajo343 Day ago +26

    so many people live in vans why does this seem abnormal

  • BriBri Dances
    BriBri Dances Day ago +19

    Has 3 videos and 1.7 million subscribers

  • Colby Broccoli
    Colby Broccoli Day ago +7


  • Crowned Shorty
    Crowned Shorty Day ago +43

    Molly is blind why is she looking at the screen lmfao

    • Lauren L
      Lauren L Day ago

      Crowned Shorty and I think she can see shapes and shades, I don’t really know I haven’t seen a lot of her videos but I know that she can see outlines if the background is bright so maybe the screen is really bright and she can see an outline

    • Rhiannon Sikand
      Rhiannon Sikand Day ago +13

      she does it so her videos look more normal and less awkward.

  • mckinzee m. e.
    mckinzee m. e. Day ago +7

    wait she's so pretty tho

  • Ana Pahno
    Ana Pahno Day ago +21

    isn’t molly burk blind...?

  • Noel Cromer
    Noel Cromer Day ago +26

    3:11 is it just me who thought that comment was pretty rude? 🤨

  • Lena G
    Lena G Day ago +10

    Sam and Colby🥰🥵

  • Wailuanui Riley
    Wailuanui Riley Day ago +25

    “I wanna subscribe and keep *watching* her videos”
    H-how does that work for you Molly?

    • Lauren L
      Lauren L Day ago

      She can listen, she probably says watches cause everyone says that, if you watch some of her videos you’d know how she uses technology

    • Emmy Pete
      Emmy Pete Day ago

      My EXACT thoughts

  • Reese Douglas
    Reese Douglas Day ago +21

    I see Sam and Colby. I click :)

  • Mini #Dumbsquad
    Mini #Dumbsquad Day ago +10

    Jenelle might be the next Joana Ceddia but with Alfredo and a van

  • ayamshii A
    ayamshii A Day ago +2

    Been waiting for thissss

  • Adrianna Guzman
    Adrianna Guzman Day ago +23

    I thought Molly Burke was blind.

    • S User
      S User Day ago

      Adrianna Guzman she is?

    • Oh Yeah Yeah
      Oh Yeah Yeah Day ago +2

      @HeyItsDuniya that's not watching, I believe that is listening.

    • Emmy Pete
      Emmy Pete Day ago +2

      HeyItsDuniya where are the hears located exactly?

    • Rhiannon Sikand
      Rhiannon Sikand Day ago +1

      @1967 Chevy Impala 🙄

  • brissallie
    brissallie Day ago +12

    Honestly, I neither get why she's so popular? I mean good for her, but there are other people living in vans or tiny houses.

  • Dario Duque
    Dario Duque Day ago +36

    Lol the white guy with the striped shirt was pressed about her being so popular

  • Fall Of An Empire
    Fall Of An Empire Day ago +42

    these hatin ass youtubers who wont be relevant in 5 years lol

    • emma
      emma Day ago +2

      some of them are already irrelevant lmao

  • Max and Natalie
    Max and Natalie Day ago +33

    How did Molly know that shes comftorable around the camera?
    She cant see...

    • Ida Melien
      Ida Melien Day ago +1

      But she can hear tf?

    • Matilda Osborne
      Matilda Osborne Day ago +4

      Max and Natalie you can hear the confidence in her voice

  • Spectra Nyte
    Spectra Nyte Day ago +2

    Alright FBE, now do some REAL nomads who aren't obviously just posing for the youtube camera...
    There are a ton on YT that vlog their adventures, give tips and tricks, etc.

  • MagicalWingLT
    MagicalWingLT Day ago +18

    Just letting everyone know that there are other Tiny House UScliprs that are more famous and been doing this for years....

    • MagicalWingLT
      MagicalWingLT Day ago

      @jen hehe no you mean you didn't ask. Know the difference.

    • jen hehe
      jen hehe Day ago

      we didnt ask

  • Cunko Ekoshima
    Cunko Ekoshima Day ago +21

    Jennelle: **says Hydroflask**


  • Summer Rivera
    Summer Rivera Day ago +27

    I thought Molly was blind whatttt I am so confused

    • Ashley Mufasa
      Ashley Mufasa Day ago

      @Penelko The Neko actually technically she can only see light but yeah lol

    • Bailey Marie
      Bailey Marie Day ago +1

      She is but she can still hear and give her opinions based on hearing so 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • mckinzee m. e.
      mckinzee m. e. Day ago

      She is.

    • Penelko The Neko
      Penelko The Neko Day ago

      She is blind, its a particullar type that i cant remember but she can only see shadows

    • Baylee Tourscher
      Baylee Tourscher Day ago +1

      She is

  • Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher Day ago +15


  • Ellie McGuire
    Ellie McGuire Day ago +7

    Woah her last name is my full name Eliana

    • SimplyDafDaf21
      SimplyDafDaf21 Day ago

      actually her middle name. her last name is Long

  • Rosanna Zelaya
    Rosanna Zelaya Day ago +14

    Lol she has 1.7 million subs. Congratsss.

  • Pawp Zicle
    Pawp Zicle Day ago +9

    Sam and Colby!!!!!!

  • Christine Richards
    Christine Richards Day ago +16

    Omg Sam and Colby!!!!!!😭😍😝

  • Sarah Basha
    Sarah Basha Day ago +31

    “2 weeks later I’m at 1.4 million”

    The merrel twins: 😧😧

  • Angelica Martinez
    Angelica Martinez Day ago +4


  • Sam And Colby #1 Fan

    isn’t Molly Burke blind...?

  • shanice braxton vlogs

    Yay I love jennelle

  • Avril Ramos
    Avril Ramos Day ago +18

    Edit: and the Merrell twinssssss!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kay Azmin Akhiruddin

    When the merrell twins was shocked at 7.13 it got me lauphing so hard🤣

  • RGN
    RGN Day ago +5

    Awww all those bot views getting validation

  • Nusaibah Kabir
    Nusaibah Kabir Day ago +28

    I feel sad bc molly cant see :(

  • Cassie Lynne
    Cassie Lynne Day ago +30

    I watched her vids when they came out right away ahhh I love her

  • Brooke Salomone
    Brooke Salomone Day ago +30

    I see Colby and click instantly lol

  • Thicky Nicky
    Thicky Nicky Day ago +22

    She’s a queen

  • sagel
    sagel Day ago +16

    i love her . periodt 💓💗💞🥰💞💖😍💕💝🤩

  • ashton art
    ashton art Day ago +5


  • Marina Lopez
    Marina Lopez Day ago +26

    Her snake is so cute 🥺🥺

  • Nice Superwoman
    Nice Superwoman Day ago +30

    She has over 1.7million in less than one month wow.

  • irrelevant thot
    irrelevant thot Day ago +21

    I hate those guys, you know what guys I’m talking about

  • irrelevant thot
    irrelevant thot Day ago +27

    look at my baby Jennelle she growing so much stop. I subscribed when she had 3k something .
    “I have not watched the video” I thought she was blind 😶

    • p o o p
      p o o p Day ago

      a b b y. isn’t that kind of everyone

    • Snsv Taplop
      Snsv Taplop Day ago +4

      She sees lights/shadows blind doesn't mean your vision is pure darkness

  • your_ instincts
    your_ instincts Day ago +9

    Hopefully someone hasn't found were she lives, and she changes her cooler of her van and never shows it again.

  • SimplyxMia_ 123
    SimplyxMia_ 123 Day ago +32

    If I see Colby,I click 💀

  • Erian Drabous
    Erian Drabous Day ago +30

    6:25 : You are just jealous


    Omfg just because Molly is blind doesn't mean she can't **hear** 🙄

    she can also still see outlines of ppl/objects and can tell the difference between colors (warm tone colors/cold tone colors)

  • Erica Xo
    Erica Xo Day ago +44

    Am I the only one who hasn’t watched the van video💀?

  • Snoopster25
    Snoopster25 Day ago +15

    I’ve been subbed since 200k even tho thats not special but still I hope she makes more videos 🥳

  • ☆ S C O R P I O N ☆

    clicked for colby

  • Girly No
    Girly No Day ago +9

    I’ve been subscribed sense 800 subcribers😎

  • Bangtan Bois
    Bangtan Bois Day ago +39

    When she said "just send it" I thought of Elton. Anyone else?

  • Sidney
    Sidney Day ago +30

    I clicked on this video just bc Sam and Colby on here❤️

  • Diyah Ambi
    Diyah Ambi Day ago +42

    Bugs and pets are different... I'm scared of bugs🤦😕😩 but snakes are cool ❤️😘😎

  • G M
    G M Day ago +67

    If she’s is she watching the video lol?

      SUB TO ME FOR NO REASON Day ago +1

      Omfg ppl who said she can't **HEAR** 🙄🙄

      Plus she can still see outlines of ppl/objects and can tell the difference between colors (warm tone colors/cold tone colors) smfh

    • Angelika Lebiecka
      Angelika Lebiecka Day ago

      @Danny Quang so she isn't watching but listening

    • trinityplayz
      trinityplayz Day ago


    • G M
      G M Day ago +1

      Danny Quang hahaha OOOkay

  • LunaWolfie
    LunaWolfie Day ago +50


  • K-pop fan
    K-pop fan Day ago +44

    I'm a simple person. When I see Colby *I click fast*

  • Sophia Meeink
    Sophia Meeink Day ago +36

    Only came here for sam and colby ♥️

  • charlie two
    charlie two Day ago +8


  • Zombie Games 522


  • •Nebula Spiral•
    •Nebula Spiral• Day ago +66

    Molly :i have never watched the video ..'re blind

    • Snsv Taplop
      Snsv Taplop Day ago +3

      Blind doesn't mean you necessarily see pure darkness. She can see light and shadows even notice if a color is a warm or cool tone vs seeing the color in it's complete form

  • Inferno Ace
    Inferno Ace Day ago +1

    Y'all should of done a meet and greet with the OGs

  • Some Edgy Thirteen Year Old

    I haven't seen cupquake in years!

  • Oceanic Singing
    Oceanic Singing Day ago +40

    I see Colby, I click

  • Isis Pannekeet
    Isis Pannekeet Day ago +6

    i love her video’s so much🥺🥺

  • SouRi1Two3
    SouRi1Two3 Day ago +8

    doesn't feel real...

  • Cass _rose
    Cass _rose Day ago +8


  • JstephTheRockThatSugaReincarnatesAs InHisNextLife

    OMG I LOVE HER ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sophia Fuentes
    Sophia Fuentes Day ago +65

    the amount of jealousy in this video is unreal lmao

  • Lord Dark Trix
    Lord Dark Trix Day ago +31

    When she said "just send it" I internally screamed UNCLE ELTON!

  • Shahnara Begum
    Shahnara Begum Day ago +2