Gwen Stefani (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 6, 2017
  • Gwen Stefani on her new Christmas album and life on the ranch with Blake Shelton.
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    Gwen Stefani (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix
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Comments • 456

  • MMaya
    MMaya 3 days ago

    Gwen my beautiful badass rockin queen from the 90's and today she is still as beautiful as then if not even more!

  • Lorin Mihai Landscapes Art

    That lady there is really harsh. By the way Jesus has resurrected! :)

  • katy
    katy 10 days ago


  • Victoria Green
    Victoria Green 11 days ago

    Bring chelsea lately show back plzzzzzz!!!

  • Sarah Dotson
    Sarah Dotson 14 days ago

    Why would you go on Chelsea eww just lost all respect

  • Ode Smythe
    Ode Smythe 16 days ago

    I love ya Chelsea ur awesome!
    Keep doin what ur doin u keep me smilin and laughin and that’s a great thing! 👍🏽
    And ur also a babe 😉

  • Wilma Edwards
    Wilma Edwards 17 days ago

    I love Guen's latest Video of you make it feel like Christmas herself and Blake are. So happy together. and in love

  • Karina Irmer
    Karina Irmer 17 days ago

    Gwen's perfect revenge, she's so happy and in love with a man that adores her. Too bad Gavin ruined it for himself.

  • Eva Wagner
    Eva Wagner 21 day ago

    Plastic surgery , look years back not pretty at all , now beautiful , fellers , surgery etc .

  • Jeanil Johnson
    Jeanil Johnson 21 day ago

    Well if you had all the money Gwen had you could look like that to whoever said it she's nothing but fake

  • Jeannie Miller
    Jeannie Miller 22 days ago

    She needs to shut her big Libtard face and let Gwen talk!

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 22 days ago +4

    I met Gwen when I was on leave in late 93. I was in LA and at a Starbucks at 5am. I was first in line and some lady bumped me. She apologized and I said no problem. She said she was at a gig all nite and wanted coffee. I asked her if she wanted to share a French press with me. We sat down and we chatted for an hour. She told me she was in a band and told me about her family. About a year later when Tragic Kingdom came out I was like holy shit! I had coffee with Gwen from No doubt! She was really nice.

    • Marley Pup
      Marley Pup 2 days ago

      Mike Miller holy shit! Great story

  • jamaican wash
    jamaican wash 26 days ago

    Chelsea Handler is another additional MILF who I admire and who also shames all the losing fox news anchors who majority of them bellied up.

  • jamaican wash
    jamaican wash 26 days ago

    Gwen Stephanie is another celebrity super duper MILF! Wow mama! She reminds me alot of the Telemundo anchors wwho are normally this unusually hot! Gwen Stephanie ought to come to Fox and Friends and come as a substitute anchor to raise fox's ailing ratings!

  • BoxingHacker
    BoxingHacker 27 days ago

    Gwen looks amazing.

  • Niki
    Niki 29 days ago

    Chelsea handler is 42 here and Gwen 48, but Gwen looks 35 and Chelsea looks 50.

  • Theresa Toomer
    Theresa Toomer Month ago

    That explains why she had Chesley on her Christmas show.

  • Amanie Tingle
    Amanie Tingle Month ago

    this Gwen Stefani interview was cultural it definitely was.

  • Kathy Ford
    Kathy Ford Month ago

    I love her and Blake!!

  • Kathy Ford
    Kathy Ford Month ago

    She’s stunning!

  • 50hellkat2
    50hellkat2 Month ago

    The jews killed Jesus did they not?

  • Diana Moore
    Diana Moore Month ago +1

    She looks so young, because she really takes care of herself. I think she is vegan and she wears sunscreen when outside. Gwen works out a lot also. Of course she has access to all of the best skin care products and she was blessed with good genes ...beautiful lady

  • andekay
    andekay Month ago

    Chelsea, it would be nice if you had a more pleasant speaking voice. Ouch!

  • Carl Of The Wild
    Carl Of The Wild Month ago

    Gwen’s arms are so glossy!

  • Paddy
    Paddy Month ago're scary because you r loud, obnoxious AND you know shit !!

  • Eva Martinez
    Eva Martinez Month ago

    Gwen is gorgeous!!!

  • Shenaz Patel
    Shenaz Patel Month ago +2

    Gwen is lovely!
    Chelsea is awesome!!

  • Aaron Ladner
    Aaron Ladner Month ago

    I Love Gwen's Kissable Lips!

  • MrMotherfuck123
    MrMotherfuck123 2 months ago

    But the consistent fake shit talking bums me out...

  • MrMotherfuck123
    MrMotherfuck123 2 months ago

    I don´t understand how that Fucker Gavin made out w this German whore...

    NATURAL LAW 2 months ago

    Oh wow how original, another celebrity puppet doing the one eye symbolism

  • Marvin Jacobs
    Marvin Jacobs 2 months ago

    gwen is soo hot

  • Tim Mcdonald
    Tim Mcdonald 3 months ago

    that gwen thing should just show her pussy instead of wearing clothes. what a slut.

  • DamirDelic1995
    DamirDelic1995 3 months ago +1

    Love Gwen Stefani! But never looks as nearly 50 she's just looks way too younger, however she's always the prettiest. 😍 Love her dress and her blonde hair, just like I'm blonde too. 😉

  • Margarita Bernal Cabas
    Margarita Bernal Cabas 3 months ago

    omg.. she looks so platic:( she can't barely move her face

  • Dean M
    Dean M 4 months ago

    Gwen is twice my age but I'd still hit that

  • dd dd
    dd dd 5 months ago

    Racist cunt

  • markyncole
    markyncole 5 months ago

    She looks very shiny and plastic

  • rockyljp
    rockyljp 6 months ago

    Chelsea looks like Gwen's mother.

  • bellmeisterful
    bellmeisterful 6 months ago

    Sucks that I had to click on a C Handler video but I have to see Gwen Stefani!

  • BigBirdYellow Films
    BigBirdYellow Films 6 months ago +2

    This interviewer sucks shes so cold

  • puff
    puff 7 months ago

    ill never forget when i was in 2nd grade and rich girl was on he radio 24/7! i went on wiki to search gwen and i was shocked to see she was 36! i aspire to look that amazing when im that age ❤️

  • Suzie Park
    Suzie Park 7 months ago

    I hear a new country twang in gwen's speech

  • relativelyquiet
    relativelyquiet 7 months ago

    Please don't make another christmas album ever again. It was horrible.

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 7 months ago

    nice butt grab by chelsea

  • IsisWinter Magick
    IsisWinter Magick 7 months ago

    I feel like Gwen could be speaking gibberish and the audience would yell and applaud

  • V J Min
    V J Min 8 months ago

    Love Gwen, who doesn't. Her & Blake make a great couple. Gonna change my name to Blake. Maybe she'll come home to me one night. Lol

  • SophieSophs
    SophieSophs 8 months ago

    1:50 had me dying with Chelsea’s reply hahha

  • Mom•Ovary•Acting
    Mom•Ovary•Acting 8 months ago

    Did Chelsea just man handle her booty when she walked in...& Gwen let her...guess they must be close😏

  • martin martin
    martin martin 8 months ago

    Gwen is amazing, never knew shes so great

  • Tatanka
    Tatanka 8 months ago

    Gwen is come she looks so young for her age? She looks 30!

  • Sandra Tustin
    Sandra Tustin 8 months ago

    Gwen is so lovely and easy to get along with,i love the colour of her hair,no wonder Blake loves her so much,love when she was in No doubt, Favourite song is "don,t speak" and you are a funny lady chelseaxxx

  • JohnDaWhale3
    JohnDaWhale3 8 months ago

    Gwen Stefani is a total hypocrite.....she used to claim to be an animal rights activist then she got together with a guy who hunts animals.
    I hate hypocrites...

  • Albert Dsouza
    Albert Dsouza 8 months ago

    Chelsea is so boring and a horrible host...... how does she think she is entertaning....... come on. Some emotions or is the Botox to strong

  • Kevin Torres
    Kevin Torres 8 months ago

    that armpit tho. looks so old

    • AuroraRose
      AuroraRose 28 days ago

      Kevin Torres she’s 48 you idiot

  • TeamSerena
    TeamSerena 8 months ago

    Im living

  • Kyle Kennah
    Kyle Kennah 8 months ago

    I beat off to this clip. Cummed at 1:09 ....sorry Blake, I envy she gets to sit on your face tho.

  • Yasmine Lopez
    Yasmine Lopez 9 months ago

    I love this so much I love gwen this is so funnyyyyyyy

  • Larisa Madolimov
    Larisa Madolimov 9 months ago


  • Nau S
    Nau S 9 months ago

    Chelsea looks like she wanna makeout with Gwen 😂

  • ss RR
    ss RR 9 months ago

    Her looking young is because of botox, fillers + she's always been taking care of herself so that helps. Wish she and other celebs would be open about their use of botox and not talk crap like "I drink water and exercise".

  • Annie Nguyen
    Annie Nguyen 9 months ago

    My comment ruined the comment count that had the amount of the days of the year

    CHILL AF 9 months ago

    Cringe at chelsea singing

  • rusty goldfinch
    rusty goldfinch 9 months ago

    I would lick her booty hole

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 9 months ago +2

    youre not trying to be a bitch but you are!!!! Gwen is a talented music artist and model and youre nothing but a gossiping bitch with no soul!!!!

  • Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith 9 months ago

    Gwen is always the most boring interview ever. It's like she has a team of media training people always telling her what to say, which is basically nothing except promoting albums.

  • Liz Vega
    Liz Vega 9 months ago

    Agelessness redefined. She literally is selling her soul to the devil to age as gracefully as she has. I have accepted the differences in her face as positive aging that I find empowering. It can be sexy to look a little more predictable and to try t stay fresh no matter what’s going on.

  • jnyfumare
    jnyfumare 9 months ago +1

    Plastic surgery Botox mishap.

  • 24SparrowJack
    24SparrowJack 9 months ago

    i used to have so much respect for her and no doubt but she sold it all out for mainstream fame with this pop and rap crap, over rock music

  • Vampe
    Vampe 10 months ago

    0:23 that assgrab....

  • Fnaf _cat
    Fnaf _cat 10 months ago

    Kazahrs or Isaac... None of them is The SEED of Abraham 😀H:Ishmael

  • cristybello
    cristybello 10 months ago +1

    Gwen’s spirits is as young as Chelsea’s but Gwen is from 1969 wheres Chelsea from 1975! Gwen is 6 years older than Chelsea and yet looks younger! How come? 🤨🤔

  • Brandy Cerny
    Brandy Cerny 10 months ago

    I love Blake and Miranda

  • Yasmine Dockx
    Yasmine Dockx 10 months ago

    0:23 chelsea is feeling the booty

  • MilliganX
    MilliganX 10 months ago

    Chelsea is a schlep and a bitch.

  • Sylvia T.
    Sylvia T. 10 months ago

    She Looks Like the Polish flag:p

  • Rachel McAlpine
    Rachel McAlpine 10 months ago

    Is Gwen wearing a wig?

  • Jasmine Gifford
    Jasmine Gifford 10 months ago

    How is Gwen stefani is 6 years older than Chelsea?!

  • kyle
    kyle 10 months ago

    Any one else notice she grabbed her ass when they hugged

  • Veronica Matchett
    Veronica Matchett 10 months ago +2

    Gwen is lovely, as always but my comment is about Chelsea - she's incredible, I just crack up listening to her, she's so real. I love Gwen's Christmas album and she's beautiful, love Blake too, he's a wonderful singer and I like the fact that he's so good to her three boys - that guy separates the men from the boys.

  • Heath Brown
    Heath Brown 11 months ago +3

    Gorgeous Gwen at any age.

  • Rokas Juozapavičius
    Rokas Juozapavičius 11 months ago

    They talk about thanks giving day which is interesting =}

  • Mike Sal
    Mike Sal 11 months ago

    Wow ... am not a Christmas fan ( Am Jewish ) , tf if a Muslim say that on a live tv show ....he will be on Fox News being asked why he hate America but being a Jewish you can get away with any shit they say ,

  • Bobby
    Bobby 11 months ago

    I’ve been wanting to lay pipe to this woman since 1996. I’m sure a lot of other black men and other men agree with me lol. Still beautiful still can get it. 😍

  • scott b
    scott b 11 months ago +14

    Dayum!!! She's hotter than some 20 year olds at 48!!!

  • teoff16
    teoff16 11 months ago

    Chelsa is such a ugly whore.

  • benny robinson
    benny robinson 11 months ago

    red lipstick and red nail polish is so unattractive

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B Year ago

    Looks like Chelsea Handler goaded Gwen to come onto her terrible show nobody watches.

  • Thomas B
    Thomas B Year ago

    Gwen is wonderful and charming, Chelsea Handler is the same complete idiot as always.

  • Stephen Michalski
    Stephen Michalski Year ago +7

    Two of the hottest women in the world.

  • Hassan Durrani
    Hassan Durrani Year ago

    Some how i have a feeling this anchor is a very pissed off woman

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B Year ago

      Chelsea Handler is an unhinged moron who thinks she has a god given right to browbeat everyone with her obnoxious political views.

  • 1204nedes
    1204nedes Year ago

    I used to love Gwen back in the No Doubt days,she was so fierce,original,gorgeous and grunge. Now she's so fluffy and Hollywood ugh.

  • Darcy Marie TCB
    Darcy Marie TCB Year ago +2

    My God Gwen is gorgeous!! People always tell me I look like her. I take that as a HUGE compliment. ❤❄⛄🎄

  • letty77007
    letty77007 Year ago

    Why did Chelsea grab ass? Hope Gwen sues her

  • GRE
    GRE Year ago

    this fuucking slut needs 2 ride my dick

  • Char Williams
    Char Williams Year ago +2

    Thank You Chelsea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Char Williams
    Char Williams Year ago +2

    Iv'e adored Gwen since I was a teen. But she did steal a married man and HollyWood makes it look so GOOD! Wow

  • Michael Langley
    Michael Langley Year ago +3

    She doesn't age.

  • Fikri London
    Fikri London Year ago +10

    Gwen is a real life doll just stunning.

  • Russel Mack
    Russel Mack Year ago +1

    A bimbo and a plain jane ... yawn