Maybe VR isn't dead after all... - Valve Index Review

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
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    We had almost completely lost faith in the progress of consumer VR products... until the Valve Index arrived at our office.
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Comments • 5 774

  • Phillipe
    Phillipe 4 days ago +2187

    Oculus Rift S, anyone? Linus forgot to mention it entirely!!!!!!! No need for extra cameras at all, for $ 400, it’s a good VR headset...

    • Juan Fran
      Juan Fran Day ago

      @The Authentic Steve You are wrong, but hey, if you like the rift s that much be my guest.

    • The Authentic Steve
      The Authentic Steve Day ago

      60Hz is not a valid refresh rate. It is extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant and not suitable for VR so that argument is invalid.
      The Rift S does not sacrifice resolution. To say so demonstrates ignorance on the topic. The only resolution that matters is pixels per degree. When I discussed resolution earlier I mentioned render resolution. You do not need to render as big an image with the Rift S to get optimal visual quality. This is why it is easier to run. For example to get optimal visual quality with the Lenovo you need to render the same resolution as the Reverb so at that point you would be better off using the Reverb which actually supports the higher resolution. Most headsets require the image to be rendered at a higher than native resolution and this is what increases the requirements. The Rift S and Reverb achieve great visual quality at their native resolution so they are more efficient headsets.
      The use of one screen is not an issue. It is a design choice that has no impact on the user. You can have displays on the side of your head and it would not make a difference if you used the right mirrors and lenses you would never be able to tell what display or displays are in the device or where they are located.
      I think the Rift S is the best value headset on the market and keep in mind I bought my Lenovo new for less than half the price of the Rift S. It is the complete experience that makes the Rift S better value. The Lenovo has poor quality control with a lot of variation in manufactured IPD and therefore FOV. For example other users have measured their headsets FOV at 102 degrees putting it half way between an Index and CV1 but my headset was manufactured with only a IPD of 62mm and as a result on my head I see less than 90 degrees maximum FOV and only 85 degrees comfortably. Oculus provides the best user experience. They make a quality headset at an affordable price.
      As for the lot of people who can't use the Rift S. BS. Some people can't use it. Not a lot. The number of people who fall outside of the software adjustment range is statistically small.
      The Odyssey + does not offer a very similar experience. It uses a pentile display. It sacrifices one area of visual quality for another. It has better blacks, so does the PSVR but they are both gen 1 headsets and not comparable to gen 1.5 headsets. And this is a stupid sacrifice to make because the colour difference can be compensated for in the graphics driver by creating a custom colour profile for your headset as I have done for my Lenovo. For the low resolution all these headsets have )except for the Reverb) they are not good devices to watch movies in which is the only valid use case for an OLED display. For gaming an OLED display is inferior in every regard.
      You keep saying WMR tracking is bad. I do not have any tracking issues in WMR. Their is nothing bad about WMR tracking for me. And I'm specifically talking about headset tracking because we are comparing headsets not controllers. Controllers are optional, many headsets do not come with controllers so you can buy the controller option that suits you best. Not all WMR controllers are equal.
      And as I said originally. There isn't a king. But if there was it is most likely the Reverb being the only headset on the market with gen 2 visual quality.
      I already answered your last question.

    • Juan Fran
      Juan Fran Day ago

      @Vision The consumer and the pro versions are pretty much the same, but it doesn't matter it has been out of stock since may.

    • The Authentic Steve
      The Authentic Steve Day ago

      @Vision They are very close in price as the difference is the insert. The point is "consumer". Earlier you said you are not interested in spec only experience. Now you want to compare specs when it suits you. It wasn't on your list at all, you haven't tried it. Owners who have it and others say it is next level. Every headset on the market is a compromise. Every one has pros and cons. At the point you seem to be grasping at straws with reasons you don't think the Reverb is worth considering.

    • Juan Fran
      Juan Fran Day ago

      @The Authentic Steve Care to tell us what the difference is between the two?. I already know the answer. But go ahead.

  • Lemystere Man Carlo c

    Linus cat tips

  • BloodyIron
    BloodyIron Day ago

    Loving the kitty in the box bit! Not even reacting to it. Solid!

  • GSqD-Canoe
    GSqD-Canoe Day ago

    "its like deep inside that hole there"

  • Grant Donnelly
    Grant Donnelly Day ago

    I want to get that but the Vive is cheaper and we know it's reliable

    DJHNZ Day ago

    3:32 Haha you got a free Valve Puss! Bonus!

  • Savin Wangtal
    Savin Wangtal Day ago

    Can you do the spock hand?

  • TheTuxpeng
    TheTuxpeng Day ago

    That's where you keep your cat?

  • Aioxz
    Aioxz Day ago

  • ImagiTrax
    ImagiTrax Day ago

    3:32 Dude, you got a free cat with your Valve Index dude

  • Ignacio Anduaga
    Ignacio Anduaga Day ago

    SINGS "WE ARE... WE ARE... VR"

    R3VO7UTION Day ago

    Dead? wait until BONEWORKS drops... google it. it's kinda like halflife for VR with crazy physics. setting the bar HIGH for future VR titles

  • Max S
    Max S Day ago

    What mouse/keyboard is that?

  • JanSGNm
    JanSGNm Day ago

    Free cat with every order.

  • Matt Green
    Matt Green Day ago

    Lol, love the cat

  • lachiu
    lachiu Day ago

    Let Linus do a 24hr VR only "livethrough". Would be an interesting challenge.

  • Shokuji Akai
    Shokuji Akai Day ago

    12:00 "I wish it was more of a strap-on experience" XD

  • iComment87
    iComment87 Day ago

    "This is a shoes off house, David!"

  • Neill Smith
    Neill Smith Day ago

    1950 - In the future we'll have flying cars and moon colonies and every will have their own rocket ship to commute to their jobs on mars.
    2019 - We can use full individual finger control to flip the bird in VR.

  • Iain Whitehead
    Iain Whitehead Day ago

    Your ear canals actually point BACKWARDS rather than forwards. It’s an evolutionary thing. Yours eyes see forwards because as a primate they are on the front rather than the side of your head. So the ears point backwards for security from behind.

  • mustard roshi
    mustard roshi Day ago

    that sofa tho

  • Hexatope
    Hexatope Day ago

    12:59 is the real reason we all came here.

  • Hmm
    Hmm Day ago

    i really hope that the price gets decreased once it becomes more common.
    1000 US dollars is like 3000 in my state.
    there is no way in any type of hell that my parents are ever, EVER going to purchase this.
    its not even available here yet and you know amazon and ebay already.. checked both, the price there is literally 5000 cash

  • Tristen Jaan Kontson

    Why did you think vr is dead it never died

  • mateus pollonio
    mateus pollonio Day ago

    play no mans sky!

  • xAsmir
    xAsmir Day ago

    no man sky vr ?

  • Brian Taylor
    Brian Taylor Day ago

    If Schrödinger and his cat weren't already techies, this vid would have won them over, LOL! That's two virtual "Subscribes and notifies" generated by the virtual reality video... Makes sense...

  • Steven Bartels
    Steven Bartels Day ago

    Thanks for the great cat video Linus!
    The VR review was appreciated too.

  • KazzArie
    KazzArie Day ago

    I guess one thing I’ll start needing to consider is how long to wait for wireless and is it worth it to begin with. I already don’t play as much as I used to because I’m getting older, obligations, etc. might just be one of those things I never get into 😑

  • Matthew Hoffman
    Matthew Hoffman Day ago

    but is it worth double the amount of the Oculus Rift S

  • Lou Berry
    Lou Berry Day ago

    Yo I dont know if you watch anime but Doctor Stone reminds me of you. Like if you were to get your own anime I could see it being just like Doctor Stone!

  • Lil Ali A Ninja 69

    I thought he might go full alinity on that cat

  • Justin Pickette
    Justin Pickette Day ago

    3:31 now with preorder or valve index, FREE CAT

  • Justin Pickette
    Justin Pickette Day ago

    Cutie shadow kitty^^

  • sirenia
    sirenia Day ago

    1:39 it look stupid, a guy standing waving his hands around with a visor strapped to his head, buy a xbox-360 controller and play a game, vr games don't work, do you know what, you have just wasted $1000 on a vr system that will never catch on, just like the 3d glasses and 3d pics on comics that was the thing in those day, now you don't see them anymore, vr system will go the same way, lol.

  • Scott Fields
    Scott Fields Day ago

    Did not expect the VR Troopers gag...well played, Linus.

  • foxfff123123
    foxfff123123 Day ago

    Valve index! Comes with a cat inside!

  • The Dude
    The Dude Day ago

    Who ever said VR was dead? It's the biggest potential game changer for gaming, productivity and entertainment. Oh, clickbait right?

  • Tab
    Tab Day ago

    Do the screens have freesync? x)

  • HardRocker919
    HardRocker919 Day ago

    12:48 lol

  • substrate001
    substrate001 Day ago +1

    Interesting points about the "VR" experience: Linus is holding on to "meat handles" while preferring more of a "strap-on experience". Erm, uh; think I'll stick with Oculus, LOL!!! And *_THE CAT_* was the only one that knocked anything to the floor! :-^

  • Sheey
    Sheey Day ago

    Where can I buy a Valve Index with a cat inside?

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl Day ago

    Came to watch the review, stayed for the free cat with the headset.

  • Punch 3n3ergy
    Punch 3n3ergy Day ago

    Man i would totally buy this if it would not be so damn expensive...

  • Frank Ivens
    Frank Ivens Day ago

    After seeing your "custom" cpu coolers, I had an idea. Since graphite has a high thermal conduction, why not try taking a heat pipe, and replacing the internal liquid with colloidial graphite?

  • Taylor Fenoglio
    Taylor Fenoglio Day ago

    U look like a sloth in the thumbnail

  • Eli
    Eli Day ago

    Holy cow, Linus is using an SG13B in 2019, nice to see another user of a cheaper ITX case WOOT

  • dark2deeds
    dark2deeds Day ago

    I want to play gorn so bad but I only for quest and pace dout it will happen

  • Thibaut Prigent
    Thibaut Prigent Day ago

    i might sold some cs skins to get this baby

  • teo's other account, dont look

    Its pretty dead overall because of the lack of good games. There's a lot of games, sure, but all of them are either very short and lack replayability or just boring. I bought an oculus rift and the headset is great, but I am so disappointed by the lack of games. Or, well, at the very least, I struggle to find games I actually find interesting on VR.

  • a
    a Day ago

    Just cut ya eye lashes so you get a better FOV. Bring that sucker in all the way.. :)

  • David Michael
    David Michael Day ago

    What did I learn watching this video? A cat is going to cat.

  • Alexandre Esquenet

    Nice tech


    Vr in twenty years will be insane

  • MrFlo87
    MrFlo87 Day ago

    Wearing glasses anyone?
    Eyes are not equally bad so pushing both lenses in the same distance is useless.

  • Rebecca Moore
    Rebecca Moore Day ago

    your awesome

  • Spinks
    Spinks Day ago

    For hells sake try the Ballistic kit..Probably ok. Pretty sure something wrong with this one.

  • Allan Clayton
    Allan Clayton Day ago

    New LTT unboxing supervisor at 3:33?

  • Alex Manoila
    Alex Manoila Day ago

    Where did you buy the kit? I can't find a deal that has a cat included.....

  • .hack//Balmung
    .hack//Balmung Day ago

    That info about less Motion Sickness from your wife sounds pretty good for me. I'm also a bit more sensitive and have problems with my Oculus Rift. Need to save money for an update.

  • Kyle
    Kyle Day ago

    Came to watch the review, stayed for the free cat with the headset.

  • asdaffewwerqa asafdaqwrad

    PC Master Race Cat doesn't like peasant crap.

  • Leopard Bra Brado

    14:48 Linus do the magic guysss!!

  • Arse Blaster
    Arse Blaster 2 days ago

    Strap on experience huh
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Edit:I scroll down twice and bam this comment was already taken

    • Leopard Bra Brado
      Leopard Bra Brado Day ago

      I'm glad you blurred out the middle finger as I'd have likely had a heart attack seeing a finger on your video. Phew.

  • Random Roleplays
    Random Roleplays 2 days ago

    Linus, you're an IDIOT for even assuming VR is dead wtf? You shouldn't say things like that. You have a very influential channel (and you know that). So why are you trying to impede the progress of VR? There's nothing at all wrong with VR and there are many companies developing state of the art systems. AND YOU KNOW THIS!!! So why the stupid title? VR never was dead or dying, instead it is growing. Besides, everyone knows the Valve knuckles controllers have some serious problems. Especially for their price point of $300+. Valve is looking quite greedy for what is offered.

  • Nazo
    Nazo 2 days ago

    1:13 who else understood that reference because of jontron

  • Lazaro Hernandez
    Lazaro Hernandez 2 days ago

    I promise I didnt give a like because of the kitties.

  • NUKE
    NUKE 2 days ago

    Hopefully the more companies get into the VR game, the faster prices of these VR headsets will start to drop.
    No, I won't buy a VR untill it costs 200 euro or something. 1,000 is a ridiculus price for something that's probably only worth like 100 euro. And that goes for all VR headsets.

  • Ellipsis
    Ellipsis 2 days ago

    I'm sorry, but is no one going to acknowledge the cat at 03:33? ..... Anyone?....

    BIG FOE 2 days ago

    Linus you should review the Oculus Quest its a great VR headset!

  • Joanna
    Joanna 2 days ago

    attached the battery for the wireless adapter on the back of the DAS to balance the weight.

  • michael jeacock
    michael jeacock 2 days ago

    f i fits i sits.

  • matthew chang
    matthew chang 2 days ago

    linus cat review please

    • Joanna
      Joanna 2 days ago

      I'm on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to comfort. The original elastic strap for the Vive is horrible for me and the DAS is a minimum for me to even use it. I've eve

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg 2 days ago