Terrell Owens confronts Stephen A. over Colin Kaepernick criticisms | First Take

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Watch Part 2 Here: usclip.net/video/y8WzVJ11C0I/video.html
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    Watch the video that sparked the debate: usclip.net/video/_y7fzEHKI9Y/video.html
    Stephen A. Smith and Terrell Owens debate Colin Kaepernick's efforts to return to the NFL following Kap's private workout.
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Comments • 18 185

  • Jessie Ray Keaton
    Jessie Ray Keaton 41 minute ago

    Race hustlers

  • Michael Milman
    Michael Milman 44 minutes ago

    4.3k people crossed the line

  • Peter Miranda
    Peter Miranda 2 hours ago

    Stephen A is an expert at making things about himself

  • Timothy Morgan
    Timothy Morgan 3 hours ago

    U cross the line
    Now i have to cut you

  • Steve S
    Steve S 4 hours ago

    Exactly Stephen a Smith ain't no Street gangster please. He's in the streets. Lol. 😂😂😂

  • TrapppBabyy Mexico
    TrapppBabyy Mexico 4 hours ago

    Stephen on mess😂😂😂

  • H Lott
    H Lott 4 hours ago

    Good convo, I appreciate TO's grammar correction.

  • The Captain
    The Captain 5 hours ago

    Max black

  • Rudy Gonzalez
    Rudy Gonzalez 5 hours ago


  • Dan Kasper
    Dan Kasper 8 hours ago

    Fighting over who’s opinions are “black enough” Is the most egregious, and glaring example of self cultural sabotage I can possibly think of. Not only are they hypocritically competing over “who’s more righteous” , but at the same time disregarding the very ideal of what truly makes us equal as human beings, regardless of race, and that’s free thought. The most basic form of being an individual thinker, and not being judged or grouped by the color of your skin..... the very definition of racism itself. WE ARE NOT ON DIFFERENT TEAMS, THIS ISNT THE NFL, THIS IS REAL LIFE..... Regardless of how hard the mass media try’s to divide everyone.

  • Rimaren BlanC
    Rimaren BlanC 12 hours ago

    4:25 i thought stephen would choke 😂

  • otroman5
    otroman5 12 hours ago

    It’s hard to take TO seriously when he cry all the time on his show. Fool you ain’t street you cry baby

  • countrykid_20
    countrykid_20 14 hours ago

    That's like saying a ghost is more black than Stephan A I'm not saying he's very black but he's black.

  • Amazing Creation
    Amazing Creation 15 hours ago

    I think TO is done! Might see him on vlad tv now! LOL! That was waaay out of order to say on national TV! As much as Stephen spoke up for TO when him and Skip would debate over TO. I would make TO apologize for that remark! That is the truth! Way is Kap not speaking up!? Why is TO speaking for KAP!? Careful when stepping up for anyone that will not speak up for themselves(Especially when they have support)! Kap's parents are different ethnicities! Do we really think Kap does not have some biases!?

  • MrBrocephus
    MrBrocephus 15 hours ago

    Pop tarts anyone ?

  • Fony Terguson
    Fony Terguson 16 hours ago

    THE SREETS.I’m guessing? path the golf carts use? S’gottabe right? Be’n black?skin color not a mind set T.O AND MAX IS A DORK that has way to much spit in his mouth.

  • LaKey H.
    LaKey H. 17 hours ago

    Last time I checked...IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU Stephen A. Are you trying to be Al Sharpton or something??? Lower your voice😂😂🤔

  • Gabe Randall
    Gabe Randall 17 hours ago

    Did you guys know Stephen A is black?

  • Chris Wyatt
    Chris Wyatt 18 hours ago

    Steven and skip is going to get hurt real bad by somebody one day.

    EDDAY 318 LOUISIANIMAL 19 hours ago


  • Dakota Clarke
    Dakota Clarke 21 hour ago

    Black Privilege

  • Dean Keaton
    Dean Keaton 21 hour ago

    Stephen A on the *streets* is going to a coffee/hot dog vendor during lunch.

  • Eddie Bautista Jr
    Eddie Bautista Jr 22 hours ago

    Stephen A. YOU THE MAN.

  • Greek Baptist
    Greek Baptist 23 hours ago

    2 black millionaire's argue about oppression over a half black millionaire. What a joke!

  • mac mac
    mac mac 23 hours ago

    All you sports fanatics stay home on sundays to watch men in tighty whitey's run around on a field. You have all their stats memorized & cant even memorize 2 scriptures from the Holy Bible. Some luke warm Christian's give God 1 hour a week if that. Jesus will say I dont even know you away from me ye workers of iniquity. REPENT OF YOUR SINS.

  • Harry Caray
    Harry Caray Day ago +1

    I wonder if black america realizes how much Stephen A hurts their cause.

  • Luke Senegal
    Luke Senegal Day ago

    But god be with you both

  • Luke Senegal
    Luke Senegal Day ago

    Stephen a Smith you got put in check simple

  • Luke Senegal
    Luke Senegal Day ago

    To you not from the hood stop capping Beverly hill boy

  • Brenton Richards

    Some one roll a basket ball in middle of this group an just stop all this garbage

  • David Linihan
    David Linihan Day ago

    Terrell Owens? Matters how?

  • Long Beach Anonymous

    Max got an erection after Terrell Owens said that 😂😂😂😂

  • John D
    John D Day ago

    Ewwwww. Stephen whatever is gross

  • Derrick Hubbard
    Derrick Hubbard Day ago

    Stephen A is the Man.... He is as Black as they come!!!!!!

  • Terry Diaz
    Terry Diaz Day ago

    Wow TO you used that. And I'm a big fan. You've lost it

  • yomom bish
    yomom bish Day ago

    😂 well someone got ticked off for being called out

  • George Russell
    George Russell Day ago

    "I'm in the streets!"
    ....of Malibu

  • 5020maine
    5020maine Day ago

    Stephen A didnt like that blacker than you comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • keepnitreel 4me
    keepnitreel 4me Day ago

    What! Disagreement among blacks, who both spend time in the streets? Say it ain't so!

  • j szczur42
    j szczur42 Day ago

    ESPN is so obsessed with race. Why are we arguing how black everyone is? Can't we just act normal and treat each other like, ya know, other human beings??

  • David RealtorCT
    David RealtorCT Day ago

    T.O. got schooled by Stephen A.

  • Venom 1
    Venom 1 Day ago

    my first thought after that statement by T.O was "he gonna cry in the car"

  • Zwagger 19
    Zwagger 19 Day ago

    Max: can I get in on this?
    TO: max seems blacker than you Stephen A.
    Max: 😐 go ahead Stephen A...

  • Pelom Pelon
    Pelom Pelon Day ago

    Doesn't TO date only whilte women samn hypocrites

  • Alan Growlin McBride

    Black Millionaires on TV speaking out about how terrible this country is for them to live in.
    Only in America, y’all.

  • xXCisco1981Xx
    xXCisco1981Xx Day ago

    SAS makes 10 figures and says he's, "in the streets."

  • The guardian
    The guardian Day ago

    The only streets their in is Wall Street

  • Amigo Kandu
    Amigo Kandu Day ago

    @4:54 "What's the definition of *Blackness*?"

  • Phat Smith
    Phat Smith Day ago

    This dude is a sell out and he know it

  • Zechariah Cameron

    Stephen A. shut T.O. up.

  • Dj Tzonev
    Dj Tzonev Day ago

    What is best for black people? Definitely not what you're selling Stephen.

  • Dennis Beacham
    Dennis Beacham Day ago +1

    Steven A definition of being in the streets is going to pick up a cup of Starbucks tea!

  • Reba Henderson
    Reba Henderson Day ago

    Stephan A is the biggest bootlicker in sports. Just ignorant.

  • silver soulja
    silver soulja Day ago

    Two white men over here.... White people everywhere....all these people see is race. When white people do it it's racist. It's disgusting. I'm so sick of it and black folks need to get over the victim hood mentality. Us against them, them against us. America would suck without white people.

  • Mark Midkiff
    Mark Midkiff Day ago

    Good lord!!! Move on!!! And why does we always overlook the obvious? HE'S JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE NFL!!! I'm 52, all the throws I've seen posted of his "Workout" could do at 52!! With a tighter spiral! It's a joke!!

  • Mike Petell
    Mike Petell Day ago

    Good job Stephen A for putting T.O. in his place for playing the race card saying basically hes not "black" enough for not marching lock step with Colin K

    THE JACK HQ Day ago

    This....was....AWESOME. 😂

  • Irvin WC
    Irvin WC Day ago

    Both those guys are millionairs. They ain't been "from the streets" in a long time.

  • mike becker
    mike becker Day ago

    Police brutality and racial discrimination is bullshit. Quit selling drugs and shooting each other.

  • Bill Farrow
    Bill Farrow Day ago

    M. M