People Guess Who is White In a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
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    People Guess Who is White In a Group of People | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 24 028

  • April Villanueva
    April Villanueva 11 hours ago +1

    Can someone find Wyatt’s @ 😩

  • NattyTys
    NattyTys 11 hours ago

    Omg Moldova hey! 🇲🇩

  • julia
    julia 13 hours ago

    who is the guy third from the left?? fine as heeeelllll.

  • Zek
    Zek 23 hours ago

    It's fascinating seeing all the confused Europeans in the comments.

  • Ervin Ascencio
    Ervin Ascencio Day ago

    I also dont like when people try to say they have native american in themselves just so they seperate themselves from what their actual race is to make themselves sound more special. If your skin looks somehow like sunkissed copper congrads, but if your skin looks as pale as snow or as rich as cocoa sorry...your not native

  • Ervin Ascencio
    Ervin Ascencio Day ago

    Nationalities are not races! The most largest and common race groups would be white/european, native american(americas), Sub saharan african, south & east asian, and pacific islander. If you dont identify with one specifically... your mixed. One shouldnt racially define themseleves with a country

  • Samantha Parker
    Samantha Parker Day ago

    Huh? I dont get it they are all white it's a skin colour not an ethnicity

  • Leonardo Villa
    Leonardo Villa Day ago

    Americans are literally the most ignorant breed of people when it comes to knowledge about race.

  • John Yoo
    John Yoo Day ago +1

    Imagine a white person said "that's so black" or "that's the blackest thing ever"

    • KiWi
      KiWi 18 hours ago

      They say “that’s so ratchet” “that’s so ghetto” instead so 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Cendella
    Cendella Day ago +2

    Ok so I thought whether you’re black or white was depending on your skincolor

  • m g
    m g Day ago

    I like how these videos usually are intended to promote healthy conversations about identity or whatever and everyone in the comments is losing their god damn minds lol

  • Lexi Castelli
    Lexi Castelli Day ago

    why did she have to keep her sweater on? lol

  • Fireoncityy
    Fireoncityy Day ago

    The giant black chick talking about beef with white people even though she's white and then says some rude ass jewish shit. Quite typical of a feminist in 2019.

  • Kate Jane
    Kate Jane Day ago

    Lol Americans just create their own rules

  • Xqc’s shnoze
    Xqc’s shnoze Day ago

    4:10 in what world does this behemoth get to judge a fairly cute girls appearance? Lol.

  • DeathlyDiJ
    DeathlyDiJ 2 days ago

    wait what?? having white skin doesnt make you white?? i call people white if they are white, brown if they are brown and black if they are black. am i wrong in doing that?

  • Sobaka
    Sobaka 2 days ago

    Dumbest video you've actually made sorry to say.

  • MsDinosaurr
    MsDinosaurr 2 days ago

    "Right off the bat I'm going to say your white"
    "Because of the eyebrows"
    Me: What about the color of their skin?

  • caycay
    caycay 3 days ago

    "I got ongoing beef with white people" girl same and I'm white 😂

  • Kiara Jackson
    Kiara Jackson 3 days ago

    Why do they make it sound like being “white” is so bad?? “White never even crossed my mind” “I’m so glad you said that” “oh you’re not really white, don’t mark that box”

  • Bee Read
    Bee Read 3 days ago

    Everyone in the comment upset that Americans are “obsessed with race” completely missed the point that all of these people have mixed ancestry but don’t get to talk about it much bc people just assumed their white European

  • Bee Read
    Bee Read 3 days ago

    All the Europeans in these comments like “sTuPiD AmErIcAnS!” Meanwhile, I have to google which places my black ass can go to on your continent.
    Americans may not get it right always but this country is ever changing unlike other places in the world.

  • Dawn of The walkers
    Dawn of The walkers 3 days ago

    I get a slight hate towards white people, it’s fucked up.

  • Beatrice
    Beatrice 3 days ago

    Man... they’re all white. What’s the point of this?

  • Lars Van Den Broek
    Lars Van Den Broek 3 days ago

    American "white people" are descendants of German, British, Polish, Italian immigrants. But no, Italians aren't white but sometimes they are depending on numerous factors?

  • FurkanAbi
    FurkanAbi 3 days ago

    Guys i am from Germany, i dont understand for real whats going on? Can somebody explain it please?

  • Gina Atkins
    Gina Atkins 3 days ago

    What does ‘white’ mean? I’m now confused

  • Introvert Sally
    Introvert Sally 4 days ago

    I think people should learn about where they come from. I’m German and Native American and I love that. I love to know about my lineage and where my families are from and how the converged into me.

  • Mae Holiday
    Mae Holiday 4 days ago

    Humans...stop looking at color and look at character.

  • ChaikaFace
    ChaikaFace 4 days ago

    What is white anyway? What is black? I'm from Asia but everyone thinks I'm Hispanic. Do the color of your skin even matter? We are all human beings.

  • f e e l i n q g a y
    f e e l i n q g a y 4 days ago

    natives identifying themselves as white? hm- im more of a rez type of native. where we don’t even say native- we say neechie XD

  • steppy ;3
    steppy ;3 4 days ago

    bro the third guy... could really get it

  • Lightning bolt
    Lightning bolt 4 days ago

    10:05 bruh FUCK NOOOOO natives are VERY different from white people and they are nowhere near similar and she’s insane to think that they classify as white like what the HELL man

  • Angela Poulin
    Angela Poulin 4 days ago +2

    I'm mixed race and white passing, this video felt like being seen. thank you

  • jayco 15
    jayco 15 4 days ago +1

    So is there even any such thing as a “white” person? I used to think if u was white, u was white. But apparently if u r white, u r black, Asian, or anything else. And if ur any other color, ur everything but white. Huh...

  • hanna nous
    hanna nous 4 days ago

    Isn't that a little bit racist?

  • kokayin
    kokayin 5 days ago

    so can that second guy say the n-word?

  • Lucinda Koulaouzos
    Lucinda Koulaouzos 5 days ago

    blue beanie guy: WOOOAAAAHHHH

  • Lucinda Koulaouzos
    Lucinda Koulaouzos 5 days ago


  • AtomicSuperMe
    AtomicSuperMe 5 days ago +4

    Everyone freaked out cause he started speaking Spanish.... which originated from Spain... a White European Country

  • n a
    n a 5 days ago

    my takeaway is biracial people are so damn beautiful

  • Marc Kokaram
    Marc Kokaram 5 days ago

    Big up Trinidad

  • The Boxing Corner
    The Boxing Corner 6 days ago

    That white girl is native like Elizabeth Warren is native... Nah

  • gangsta weeb
    gangsta weeb 6 days ago +8

    Thank God I live in Europe where people don't refer to themselves or others by their race/ethnicity and let that play a part in your judgement of a person you just met. It blows my mind.

  • falaina
    falaina 6 days ago

    Mah nigga they all white

  • Nugget
    Nugget 6 days ago

    When they forget to upload. Lol.

  • Olly Owens
    Olly Owens 6 days ago +1

    Some y'all didn't understand the video 🧐 yup there they are...

  • xXLimaXx
    xXLimaXx 6 days ago

    Is it just me or the fact that they say it "identify as" for race is weird asf. Like, you don't "identify" as a race, you're just fucking born like that. And jewish isn't a race, it's a religion, isn't it? Am I just dumb or..?

  • Aleena Kay
    Aleena Kay 6 days ago

    I don’t want to be rude or anything but you can’t identify as a race you are born a certain race and you can’t change what race that is, it’s that simple.

  • Ash tash
    Ash tash 6 days ago

    Americans are so fucking dumb as hell.

  • some human
    some human 6 days ago

    last guy seemed so nervous.. :( it's so precious.

  • Glittergirl Glittergirl


  • Owen Bailey
    Owen Bailey 6 days ago +1

    I don't understand this video. Pretty much every single one of them is white.

    Even though I'm not European, I'm Canadian, I still don't understand this despite living so close to America and being in a country so heavily influenced by them.

  • Lia
    Lia 6 days ago

    girl in the purple looks like Gal Godot

  • zeroandzero
    zeroandzero 7 days ago

    all these comments about "racism against whites" i feel like im in a simulation

  • smyrna osae
    smyrna osae 7 days ago

    * American slowly exits comment section *

  • yair edrei
    yair edrei 7 days ago

    i dont get it. if your kin color is white then you are white. and seriously, do people identify by their skin color? wtf?

  • Zach Fertas
    Zach Fertas 7 days ago

    Honestly i dont understand thr concept of this video, if you have white skin you are white, i dont think its the same thing as gender.

  • Jayson Hahn
    Jayson Hahn 7 days ago

    This is stupid as fuck. When will you dumb fucks realize there is no such thing as white people. Not one of these people have the skin color of the background of this website. Not a single human being has white skin. What all these people in the lineup DO HAVE in common is that they are mostly Caucasian. Fuck, it's so painful living on the same planet as you imbeciles.

  • Night Prowler
    Night Prowler 7 days ago


  • Eirikr Hoeg
    Eirikr Hoeg 7 days ago

    But everyone there is white 🤔

  • Roque Iglesias
    Roque Iglesias 7 days ago

    the black-latino-asian-native girl doesnt even understand that the gguy identifies as moroccan and not asss black lol she is confused

  • Roque Iglesias
    Roque Iglesias 7 days ago

    you americans with your race thingy, so ignorant

  • Chat Blog
    Chat Blog 7 days ago +1

    7:14 that woman is getting on my nerve, the poor dude🤦🏻‍♀️ what’s up with Jews and noses? He looks like a normal person to me

  • Kamo Klutch
    Kamo Klutch 7 days ago

    Ethnicity is more religious traditions. Nationality is obvious your geographic. (Greek, Italian, mexican, Japanese, etc) and race is more skin tone. White, Asian, black. (Some Hispanics are white and others are black)

  • FemBot
    FemBot 7 days ago

    Privileges of passing as white? WTF brainwashing is going on? Be proud to be white, Jesus! I am a proud white person. I have portuguese ancestry and I am fucking WHITE!

  • ProfessorKumquat
    ProfessorKumquat 7 days ago

    yall look white. yall white passing. don't act like you don't have white privilege from that. just because you have dna in you that's not 'white' doesn't make you less white. this is so weird.

  • Balkaran Singh
    Balkaran Singh 8 days ago +5

    I don't like how the Black woman is talking as if being white is a bad thing

    • Bee Read
      Bee Read 3 days ago

      This video was made shortly after Trump was in office. It was/is a strange time in America.

    • charles kidney
      charles kidney 3 days ago

      Yeah, what a bitch

  • Solara
    Solara 8 days ago

    if your skin white: you’re white
    if your skin is not white: you’re not white
    i guess that’s hard for people to get?

  • Adam_Roman
    Adam_Roman 8 days ago

    I called it on that one biracial guy because he looks just like Logic

  • Naganachiketh Chinnamuttevi

    i identify as a you tube comment

  • Turbobuttes
    Turbobuttes 8 days ago

    Americans: We need to leave categorization based on race and ethnicity behind!

  • ????????????????
    ???????????????? 8 days ago

    Just tell them to jump over a fence

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus 8 days ago

    I'm pretty sure white takes on the definition of Caucasian and/or European descent, in America.

  • Ring Eyes
    Ring Eyes 8 days ago

    The 2nd guy has a long neck so I can kinda see how he's not white