People Guess Who is White In a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut


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  • Keely Taylor
    Keely Taylor 20 minutes ago

    bro that black woman is racist. we all know that if a white person said the things that she said to someone of her race, it would be considered a hate crime and extremely racist. fuck her.

  • mafalda
    mafalda 26 minutes ago

    4:55 LMAO SHE AINT WHITE? bro... this is mad dumb, they are all white you cant identify as a race lmao humanity is doomed...

  • mafalda
    mafalda 31 minute ago

    LMAOOOOO MOST OF THEM ARE WHITE, we talking about race not ethnicity or nationality... bro this is identity issues i swear to god, if u have white skin u white period

  • Kitura
    Kitura 3 hours ago

    Curry?????? That guy looked either Hispanic or a bit Asian. She mean thai curry??? Damn does she not know what Indians look like?

  • Kitura
    Kitura 3 hours ago +1

    She basically just said outright that she's racist and everyone laughed. That woman was an asshole.

  • Lisa Muthini
    Lisa Muthini 5 hours ago

    White is a race not ethnicity!!am confused

  • Grace Heckenlively
    Grace Heckenlively 7 hours ago

    Is Jewish white?

  • Boss Entertainments
    Boss Entertainments 7 hours ago

    I see a sea of white... What do I KNOW THOUGH.

  • Reid Young
    Reid Young 7 hours ago

    I bet that Native American/Mexican girls shit gets crazy w hahahahahahahaha

  • Chloe Sedon
    Chloe Sedon 8 hours ago

    Tf "identify as" if you're white u white, Hispanic u Hispanic, etc

  • menna hassan
    menna hassan 8 hours ago

    i wanna share and find out if any one can guess what am i lol it's so fun

  • Valerie Pritt
    Valerie Pritt 8 hours ago

    I'm half Korean half white. I'd proudly boast both sides. It's okay to be proud of your white side.

  • triple terrific
    triple terrific 9 hours ago +2

    *KKK has left the chat....*

    and the planet Earth

  • Lizzie _
    Lizzie _ 10 hours ago

    Any other white people here who aren't allergic to jelly beans?

  • Janinna Maynz
    Janinna Maynz 11 hours ago

    I identify as white, largely because I look white and everybody thinks I'm white, but technically, I'm a bit of a 'mutt'. I am: English, Irish, Dutch, Scottish, Italian, German, Cherokee, Sioux, and Navajo. I have some irish on my dad's side, and everything on my mom's side, with the Navajo coming from my Grandpa, and the Cherokee and Sioux... my Grandma is 1/4 cherokee and 1/4 sioux. Her grandmothers were each. So, yeah. I'm white as white, and even though my Grandma is half native, she looks whiter than *me*, and so did both her parents! It's weird. My family is weird.

  • Call_Me_Love
    Call_Me_Love 12 hours ago

    "Ya'll are all just different colours of beige..." I M D Y I N G S K S K S K L M A O
    "If you're alergic to Jelly Beans then you're white"
    Edit: Also, "White people eyebrows??"
    "Hes like Aladdin" "Whats Aladdin?" "He flies on carpets and hangs out with--" "No but... whats his ethnicity??" "hEs BRoWn ALadDin iS bRowN"

  • GoldenWolf248
    GoldenWolf248 13 hours ago

    *language warning*

  • Nicole Masen
    Nicole Masen 13 hours ago

    Hmmm. This one is interesting. But I still love it.

  • urmarco86
    urmarco86 13 hours ago

    The thing he said about sicilian is not true

  • taelor.swift
    taelor.swift 14 hours ago

    The guy with the black hat is beautiful

  • Refke van Lavieren
    Refke van Lavieren 14 hours ago

    Americans still have to write their race on a form. To a European this is very racist. Why does an organisation need to know peoples races, if not to discriminate them? If a school in the Netherlands would ask about the racial background of their students in an application form, someone would make the school explain their decision in front of a judge.

  • Abbie Louise
    Abbie Louise 14 hours ago

    Here's a good question, what is white

  • James Silly
    James Silly 15 hours ago +1

    Man that black girl was definitely funny but also a little rude/racist off the bat lol
    Edit: man that black girl really has it out for whites, to ignore part of your heritage and push others to abandon their's because of a personal issue is pretty messed up.

  • Desiree Grant
    Desiree Grant 15 hours ago

    All my trinbagonians way u at🙋‍♀️

  • kaylee M
    kaylee M 15 hours ago

    I'm allergic to jelly beans but I'm Latina

  • Whistling Banshee
    Whistling Banshee 15 hours ago

    Wow this was such a learning curve, they were all white to me at first but now i get it

  • TheCubanMafia97
    TheCubanMafia97 15 hours ago

    *Yall.... they’re only ONE race, and multiple ethnicities...* Wether you believe in God, or the Big Bang theory; we all have ONE beginning....

  • queen Queen
    queen Queen 16 hours ago +1

    That black woman is SO racist

  • queen Queen
    queen Queen 16 hours ago +1

    America's are racist towards whites

  • Noa Yudkin
    Noa Yudkin 16 hours ago

    First that guys continuously said "identify as white" there's no such thing! Its not like sexual orientation or gender, your skin color or ethnicity is not something you can change or look different at. Second their's a difference between race and ethnicity!

  • Kenna Lime
    Kenna Lime 17 hours ago

    I really don´t understand what you mean when saying "white"...

  • zoe. esp
    zoe. esp 18 hours ago

    and they made it seem that when they thought someone was white it was offensive or considered a bad thing? idk kinda hurt about that sometimes

  • zoe. esp
    zoe. esp 18 hours ago

    lol white is a skin color😂 i feel like people think that if someone is from say mexico or italy they “aren’t white”. but what does white mean? english, european? white is not a nationality it’s a race🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Harley Renae
    Harley Renae 19 hours ago

    white people eyebrows

  • Nora L
    Nora L 19 hours ago +1

    Out of all the offensive remarks in this video, which there are oh, so many of, no one in the comments has at all mentioned or been bothered by the antisemitic ones for the last guy. Ok.

  • Wander to Wonderland
    Wander to Wonderland 19 hours ago

    The African American woman has even said in a video in the past that she’s had on and off beef with white people so why is everyone surprised on her bluntness? She just doesn’t give a fuck and says what she’s thinking

  • Lauren S
    Lauren S 19 hours ago

    I dont even know what i am because like all 4 of my grandparents are colombian. My dad was born in the US and so was I, and my mom was born in colombia and people always think im white because im pale

  • 4evermerle
    4evermerle 20 hours ago +1

    I really want to give the last guy a hug

  • Novux
    Novux 20 hours ago +1

    The black girl is so disrespectful. If they would have a white person saying shit like: that''s some black people shit, people would freak out.

  • Jey Perez
    Jey Perez 21 hour ago

    This is so stupid. Americans ignorantly divide the world into white or nonwhite...and attribute qualities and intentions to people accordingly. A person can have mostly European ancestors but if he or she immigrated to Latin American...they automatically force this person into the nonwhite category....and push qualities such as “victim” unto him. 🤦🏻‍♀️
    They also apply this nonwhite vs white to the rest of the world...and there’s always a “verses.” They always push the idea of white vs nonwhite. It’s a social media pushed world view...
    If you plan on coming to the USA, be ready to be labeled “oppressor” if you come from Europe. If you come from any other country regardless of ethnicity or language, be ready to labeled “victim” and “oppressed.”
    This culture is so toxic and dysfunctional. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
    I personally can’t wait to move overseas and escape this toxicity.

    • Chief Rogue
      Chief Rogue 16 hours ago

      I have a question, I'm Argentine but my ancestors are European (Not my grandpa, not even my grand-grandpa, like 6 generations before), am I classified as white? I mean my skin tone is really white, but am I white because of my skin color or because of my race? Or am I not white? I don't even know at this point.

  • Atomz1125
    Atomz1125 21 hour ago

    Mothers be having affairs like...

  • Parris Summers
    Parris Summers 21 hour ago +1

    A mutt? So racist

  • Elianys Perez
    Elianys Perez 21 hour ago

    Um white is a skin color so they’re all white. 😒

  • Lauren Kahre
    Lauren Kahre 21 hour ago

    Just because someone is Latino, doesn’t mean that they are not white 🙄 issues with color are rampant in the Latino world, and those people of color in the Latin world are subject to discrimination just as much in the US. I guarantee the guy who is Mexican and Nicaraguan is majority European descent...and therefore white.

  • im tired
    im tired 21 hour ago

    "identify as white" lmao what a joke. race is not something you "identify" as. youre either white or youre not.

  • samara ronda
    samara ronda 21 hour ago

    would forsure get w all these ppl

  • Jackie
    Jackie 22 hours ago

    Im half white but i dont look like it. Noone believes but mofo i dont care lol

  • T Brownpixles
    T Brownpixles 22 hours ago +1

    That black woman was super offensive and rude for no reason like wtf!

  • Jovee Gillen
    Jovee Gillen 23 hours ago

    How come the half-Caucasian people don't call themselves white???

  • James Cazel
    James Cazel 23 hours ago

    the male ballet danseur is

  • Alexa Bordeaux
    Alexa Bordeaux 23 hours ago

    nobody else noticed hed armpit sweat at 3:27 ? like there isn't nothing wrong wrong with that just how hot is that room?

  • Talia Peccon
    Talia Peccon Day ago

    Is the jelly bean thing a white stereotype? I've never heard of that

  • Rachel Shaag
    Rachel Shaag Day ago

    06:48 liza manelli lies !

  • Dave WA
    Dave WA Day ago

    A white looking person doesn't define white. There's no such thing as pure race.

  • Sofie Rasmussen
    Sofie Rasmussen Day ago +3

    This video is problematic in so many ways.

  • Funny Green Man
    Funny Green Man Day ago

    Haha nice rude black lady shes so buzz factor epic !
    Break out the suprised emojis shes a loose cannon of judgmental humor wow !

    MaRTHaTaLKS Day ago

    just say you dont like black women with personality. 🙄

    MaRTHaTaLKS Day ago

    Oh stfu with all the racist complaints the whole point of this is to profile, not everyone has to walk on egg shells when asked about their opinions

  • Suraj Singh
    Suraj Singh Day ago

    After watching this I got stage 4 ass cancer

  • Amazing Supergirl

    That black woman is a total bitch. Those two said they identified as white then she told them not to. It’s not her place. She admitted at the beginning she “has a beef with white people” so having a racist do this was inappropriate. Everyone was respectful except her

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young Day ago

    Wonder why she has on going beef with white people? You think it's because she's kind of an asshole?

  • Sophie Connor
    Sophie Connor Day ago

    The fuck is wrong w being white?

  • Lea Brown
    Lea Brown Day ago

    "whats aladdin?"
    "he flys around on carpets, and-"
    "no, whats his ethnicity"

  • abigurll
    abigurll Day ago

    Omg my ancestors are from sicily and i never knew that the culture is so different

  • Hannah Latham
    Hannah Latham Day ago

    I feel like the vibe of this video is screaming “Don’t be white”. It’s kinda fucked.

  • popdiva3001
    popdiva3001 Day ago

    Lol, What does half Trinidadian even mean?

  • Leah Ludwig
    Leah Ludwig Day ago

    Damn I could throw these people off so bad. I have like 3c hair and an ass and darker skin but I am 100% white and of mostly Dutch descent. Like it’s dang impossible to actually pinpoint whether people are white or not. What even is white?

    • Leah Ludwig
      Leah Ludwig Day ago

      Also why does that one chick just wanna ordain people as pocs? The last dude is COMPLETELY European?!?

  • Lady kawaii
    Lady kawaii Day ago

    Yaaassssssssss I knew he was moroccan. Morocco 4 life bish 😎

  • lesbeancult
    lesbeancult Day ago

    the white people getting offended in the comments lmao

  • loltaelyn uwu
    loltaelyn uwu Day ago

    "I'm biracial, but I personally identify as white" that's not how race works. You can't say youre a different race when you're not

  • Zachary Graffius

    The only thing I got from this is you should not identify as white if you are mixed. Prove me wrong.

    HIIIPOWER 000 Day ago

    All these people are idiots there confusing ethnicity with race and with nationality

    HIIIPOWER 000 Day ago

    Why guess who’s white what’s the obsession with white skin

  • Beverly Ruiz
    Beverly Ruiz Day ago +1

    wait... I'm so confused aren't they all white ? bc race and ethnicity are not the same and I thought race classifies as skin tone? 🤨

  • Nichole Snyder
    Nichole Snyder Day ago

    That black girl making the guesses it funny as hell...I she seriously needs to be a stand up comedian or actor!

  • Ana Stival
    Ana Stival Day ago +1

    what IS the definition of POC anyways...?

  • Nerdy Animations
    Nerdy Animations Day ago +1

    Imagine a white person saying to a biracial person who said they were black, “Don’t check that box check the other box.”

  • Nerdy Animations

    Lele Pons is Latina

  • Nerdy Animations

    I am a straight white cis gender male who identifies as a strong independent lgbt black woman

  • soccerchamp0511
    soccerchamp0511 Day ago

    Y'all really need to have a conversation about the difference between skin color and ethnicity.

  • Aqua 23
    Aqua 23 Day ago

    2:20 SAMEEEE brighter than my future

  • TitaniumTurtle
    TitaniumTurtle Day ago +1

    For those people freaking out about the political correctness of this video, the point is to make it clear that race is an entirely engineered social construct that actually means very little. It is hard to tell the difference because there isn't one. People are not their skin color. People are not their heritage. People are people.

  • Ateez Stan
    Ateez Stan Day ago +1

    The black woman got mad that someone identifies as white? Uh? She was really annoying.

  • Z
    Z Day ago

    someone , i need the first mans number his smile isnso beautiful wtf

  • Shelby Gage
    Shelby Gage Day ago

    Dude if i was in this i'd be so obvious XD I'm completely white i will blind everyone if light hits me hahaha

  • Sarah
    Sarah Day ago

    Am i missing something or are Americans just stupid?


    How is a mixed Italian, Latvian, not white? Here in Europe these guys would be identified as white.

  • sara
    sara Day ago +1

    Woahhhh...she wasnt kidding ! Those pit stains gurl

  • Jessica Bushell-Hale

    For the first dude I would have guessed Korean Caucasian just because I've watched so much Markiplier and his eyes, cheeks, and jaw looks similar. Actually, he looks like a short Markiplier with good vision.

  • LaVioletaAmatista
    LaVioletaAmatista 2 days ago +1

    All the white People in the comments are so mad

  • LaVioletaAmatista
    LaVioletaAmatista 2 days ago +1

    The last guy seemed very uncomfortable I wonder why?

  • Marwa M
    Marwa M 2 days ago

    So white is your skin color ,so yes they are all white

  • thezionzion
    thezionzion 2 days ago

    I’m in love with the half white-half black video gamer

  • dumb Hoe
    dumb Hoe 2 days ago

    every one think I’m white or Arabic but I’m just a light skin Mexican

  • Nathan Hernandez
    Nathan Hernandez 2 days ago

    Anyone know the Latino guys who spoke Spanish social media ? Link it

  • T S
    T S 2 days ago

    Acting like being white is a bad thing 🤦‍♂️

  • Mya N
    Mya N 2 days ago

    Damn what’s that Hispanic models @ ?? 👀😍

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith 2 days ago

    They all look like a bunch of whitey's to me

  • bethel seleshi
    bethel seleshi 2 days ago

    My favorite actor is Jim Carrey too. like first he’s so funny and second his personality is so amazing idk 😍

  • samantha Moore
    samantha Moore 2 days ago

    What is wrong with being white????