People Guess Who is White In a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
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    People Guess Who is White In a Group of People | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 23 494

  • jayyg17
    jayyg17 3 hours ago

    that black girl is so fucking annoying i cant stand her

  • kay
    kay 8 hours ago

    race and ethnicity are not the same, these people are all white. in this video, "white" means European, which is an ignorant and limited way of looking at the Caucasian race. disappointing, racist video.

  • Samuel M.E
    Samuel M.E 12 hours ago

    This video is uneducational in so many ways

  • crownedone200
    crownedone200 12 hours ago

    I couldn’t even finish the video because I couldn’t stand that black girl she made that video not fun

  • Gen Speaking
    Gen Speaking 13 hours ago +1

    I've noticed that nearly every one of these videos where white people are involved no 1 really compliments them whatsoever it's always anyone else who gets a compliment. Before anyone has an aneurism I do not identify as white.

  • A narwhal, i am not.
    A narwhal, i am not. 15 hours ago

    i can tell by your eyebrows that you are white.

  • Contributron
    Contributron Day ago

    This shit is pretty stupid. I’m part Sicilian, but I don’t go around telling people I’m not white just because some of my older relatives had a darker skin tone. If you look white and people treat you like a white person, you’re white. That’s pretty much the definition of being white.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis Day ago

    Do they literally mean a person from West European lineage when they say white? Like you can only be British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, German or scandanavian or something...... I am so confused as to what white is in this scenario.

  • Malika
    Malika Day ago

    i just wanna know how i can get in touch with homeboy in the dark blue top with the nice long curly hair lmfaoo

  • Z Null
    Z Null Day ago

    What the fuuuuck did I just watch. I don't think that black girl realizes what a piece of shit she sounds like lmaooo.

  • Godzz Plan
    Godzz Plan Day ago

    This is annoying because wether or not they have like 2% black or Latino or whatever in them they are white the police would see them as white so they are white

  • Jessica Jeffers
    Jessica Jeffers Day ago

    How did they not get the Half Asian guy in the beginning!

  • Ariel Valenzuela

    I hate the black woman, she is so annoying

  • vikuux
    vikuux Day ago

    Latvian!! Woop

  • Layla Monahan
    Layla Monahan Day ago

    RACE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT!!!!!! I think what this video show is that people need to stop judging other people by the shade and color of their skin!!!! That means everyone. This video has really good things in it but there are also some horrible stereotypes being used here.

  • Andrew Cutajar
    Andrew Cutajar Day ago

    Do Americans know that most south Americans come from Spain😂

    • Gen Speaking
      Gen Speaking 13 hours ago

      That is extremely wrong. The vast majority of South Americans all came from Asia and were Native American.

  • jordi
    jordi 2 days ago +1

    Love how when the tables are flipped, it’s okay to racist. 🙄

  • JayColette Herald-Gordon

    i want to know what nations the native girls are. i got those two right, we have a lot of variation that I've seen girls like them before plus the voices gave it away.

  • Zoe's Reborns 101
    Zoe's Reborns 101 2 days ago

    That’s offensive I do ballet and I am not white

  • vanessa norton
    vanessa norton 2 days ago


    how is the blonde girl with blue eyes half fully Native American blue eyes are a recessive trait and you need to have the gene on both sides of your family from someone one or two generations before you to inherit it and blue eyes are not present in fully native Americans as all people with blue eyes have a common ancestor from the Middle East because they where the first person to have the gene mutation that causes blue eyes with then spread throughout Europe and Asia but is not present in people native to the americas because it was not introduced into their gene pool until the eurepian settlers arrived with was not far back enough to become a part of the Native American genome.


  • Asura rain
    Asura rain 2 days ago

    i'm from multiculture country, so i don't get it why american people always bother to categorize ppl and mantion ppl everytime in their conversation such as you're Asian, she's white, he's black, he's middle eastern etc. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Zecory 3
    Zecory 3 3 days ago

    As soon as the first guy walked up I said " come here Markiplier I could tell that he was White and Asian"

  • Jordi
    Jordi 3 days ago

    I’m a New Zealander. This was WEIRD AF!
    I agree with all comments “white” is so weird to be identifying people. What am I when I have olive skin and have English Irish Scottish African and Chinese in my genetics ?!?

  • Jasper Karpfen
    Jasper Karpfen 3 days ago

    How the fuck do you define white?

  • UNC3345
    UNC3345 3 days ago

    Can we give up on the whole race thing? What does "white" even mean?

  • UNC3345
    UNC3345 3 days ago

    I feel like Americans wrap so much of their identity in race. Here in Turkey no one really thinks about race... Ethnicity and nationality are more important.

  • Tori Gavina
    Tori Gavina 3 days ago +1

    The titles of the video is GUESS WHOS WHITE not guessing race, ethnicity or anything else lmao It’s just people assuming who’s a person of color and who’s white 🤷🏼‍♀️ being Mexican isn’t considered a “race” but it’s for sure not considered WHITE. At the end of the day I think we’re ALLL Americans no matter where or who we come from because We all live in the U.S and we should be proud that we have soooo many colors 💕

  • LeonardoDiSnaprio
    LeonardoDiSnaprio 3 days ago

    Morrocan. Black? Is this lady high?

  • LeonardoDiSnaprio
    LeonardoDiSnaprio 3 days ago +1

    This is hard to do without a set of definitions beforehand. Is the skin color enough? Or do you have to be only of 100% european descent? How many % of something other than European is okay?. Some countries are kinda weird, such as countries around the caucasus, where some might identify as white and others would not. Where would these people be on this?

  • Cassandra Cruz
    Cassandra Cruz 3 days ago

    “You look like a black man but like somebody photo shopped you white.” BITCH LMAO

  • Spongebob Squarepants

    I thought race doesn't exist.

  • Kelyn Hallman
    Kelyn Hallman 3 days ago

    ✊🏽 no ka Hawaiʻi ✊🏽

  • Maria Gee
    Maria Gee 4 days ago

    To be clear, i am not an ounce white.... but why did this video make me feel like most of them didnt wanna be white at all? Like being white was something bad? Its probably just me... but i just hope the last guy in the lineup, the one that actually identified as "white" didn't feel bad 😶😶😶

  • Topea Vey
    Topea Vey 4 days ago

    I’m only a quarter native, the rest is German-Scottish, but the native shines through. I grew up in the middle of tight Christian-republican Kansas town, pretty much all white except a small lot. I grew up with dark hair, middle tone olive skin and dark eyes. By all means, I fit into the white catalog fine, except when I was little apparently I was pretty annoying because they always made fun of the way I looked. They made fun of the usual, long face, big nose, small eyes, you know the drill. I’m talking a lot, thank god I was so dumb.
    I still have problems with my looks now, I don’t know if I’ll get over it soon or never, but I truly hope it’s the former.

  • Jake The Muss
    Jake The Muss 4 days ago

    They're ALL white fucking fight me...

  • O G
    O G 4 days ago

    Where can i find that black guys pants

  • Daniella Violet
    Daniella Violet 4 days ago +1

    I'm always so curious to ask what people think I am, my grandparents born and raised in Greece with their families having immigrated there from the middle east and Italy and my dad being American with my grandparents family's immigrated from Norwayway and Germany and France and I was born and raised in Australia, I don't really look like 'anything'

  • Shazia Khan
    Shazia Khan 4 days ago +1

    When that girl said she was Trinidadian and Puerto Rican I was like omg one other person in the wolrld is trini like meeeeeee.

  • Motshan Ridge
    Motshan Ridge 4 days ago

    This doesn't make any sense to me. I'm Italian and in Italy we do not make such a distinction, probably because there are very few "non-white" people, but at this point I don't even know if I would be considered white in the US. I mean, homo sapiens originated in Africa, we all have black ancestors. I'm not trying to be cliche, I genuinely don't get it. How far back in time and in generations do you have to go to know if a person is white or not? To me these people are all white, just because their skin is white. This is what I can see with my eyes. Everything else may be interesting, but it is just your ethnicity, your nationality or the history of your family. I don't think a colour is something you can identify with.

  • DeathMayBeTheBiggestBlessing x

    The black woman is racist toward white people. I fuckin hate people like her. She needs to get over herself.

  • nemesis
    nemesis 5 days ago

    nbd kinda in love with wyatt

  • Camila Denleschi
    Camila Denleschi 5 days ago

    9:55 The fuck... :(

  • iamplor
    iamplor 5 days ago

    The first guy, Mike shinoda looking ass. I knew he had some Japanese in him

  • TBA
    TBA 5 days ago

    They are all white. White is only as real as what the majority of the culture would perceive them as based on appearance alone. The people who say they aren't white keep resorting to discussing nationalities.

  • Makayla  Orr
    Makayla Orr 5 days ago

    Why is it wrong to mark the white box? She’s both, she’s equally both, and aren’t we trying to fight for equality? So why put down someone for identifying white as if it’s a sin?

  • cOmInO
    cOmInO 5 days ago +1

    Cut what type of question is that? HOW DO YOU IDENTIFY? dude if i am white and say i identify as fucking black that would be so disrespectful and offensive its like the transtrendy crap going on where a man can identify himself as a female which is literally impossible equally like being black and identifying yourself as white THAT'S NOT HOW SHIT WORKS.
    Ps: i have 4 cousins who are black because their parents are half white half black and i am white as milk so obviously i can't identify as anything else my skin is white how can you deny what your skin looks like? Equally with my cousins they identify as black they can't deny that obvious part of them no matter if one of their parents is fully white as milk, people need to stop this identifying crap its not how you identify its how you were born accept yourselves period.
    Ps2: I'm disturbed by the fact most of these white people said they are not white, now lets bring 15 black people and see what they say, fucking white people in america have issues.

  • Lorenzo Tobin
    Lorenzo Tobin 5 days ago +1

    Despite being full of liberals and Democrats IMO this channel is quite racist and stereotyping.

  • Ma L
    Ma L 5 days ago

    They choose some of the worst representatives of black people for this show

  • SixGunShooterCB
    SixGunShooterCB 6 days ago

    So I'm technically mixed. My dad is Guatemalan and my mom is white. I look white base on two things. My skin is pale white and I was raised a country kid in rural Indiana so I dress like a country guy. My dad's dad was from Italy. My dad is also darker than my grandpa and grandma too. He got his color from his maternal grandfather. Personally I dont understand racial Identity.

  • Eagles_Eye
    Eagles_Eye 6 days ago

    “ noooo you shouldn’t identify as white”. “ I’m so happy I’m not white “.
    I had some weird vibes from this one, it’s like it’s bad to be white.

  • That øne pig Is emo
    That øne pig Is emo 6 days ago +1

    According to this video I’m not white because I like jelly beans...what

  • Raditya Dion Mahendra

    "What's your name?" "Wyatt" I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS BUT IT IS ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY FUNNY 😂 I mean they are laughing, it makes me laugh so it's good

  • MusicLover 2019
    MusicLover 2019 6 days ago

    Everything about this video is fucked up

  • Kayleana Adapon
    Kayleana Adapon 6 days ago

    Yo white isnt a race... Is european and Caucasian...

  • SergejMeister
    SergejMeister 6 days ago

    I’m Scandinavian, does that make me not white? No it’s my ethnicity you retarded Americans.

  • oheverglow
    oheverglow 6 days ago

    I hate that us Sicilians never get acknowledged when we look so distinctly Sicilian!! I would have never said that guy was Jewish!

    • cOmInO
      cOmInO 5 days ago

      Lol but he does look jewish in fact he looks more jewish arab or persian than he might look sicilian and i have so many sicilian friends to prove you wrong. He could look like a litle tiny little mix of normal italian with jewish or arabic lol but not fully italian and less italian sicilian.

  • Wander with Jon
    Wander with Jon 6 days ago


  • Gae Elle
    Gae Elle 6 days ago

    Unpopular opinion: the black woman cracked me up 😂😂😂

  • DoctorShroom
    DoctorShroom 7 days ago

    Ok, so like-...
    What does it take to "identify" as "white" though...?
    Why wouldn't some of these people be considered as white?
    Just because it's ethnic white doesn't mean it's not white.

    • STOIB IT
      STOIB IT 7 days ago

      It's like if your American but your not Asian or Black or Mexican your White

  • Huevito
    Huevito 7 days ago +2

    the only race is human race.. says the dude with name Huevito

  • The Saviour Reigns
    The Saviour Reigns 7 days ago

    They all look white to me

  • Ted Huang
    Ted Huang 7 days ago


  • AnnaSwate
    AnnaSwate 7 days ago

    Wtf is white for u guys...
    Im from Germany I have no clue

  • edboss
    edboss 8 days ago

    I hate that fat black woman

  • Kristine Gonzales
    Kristine Gonzales 8 days ago

    the first looks like Atom Araullo what is his name?

  • shittyyy dork
    shittyyy dork 8 days ago

    "You look like a black man but someone photoshopped you white...." 😂😂😂😂😂 agreed* 😅
    *edited* - this video is made for fun people.... why you all are so serious i dont understand.... *enjoy it like them* ✌

  • ManRom
    ManRom 8 days ago +2

    I don't understand this one..... isn't white a colour? they all white!

  • Italo Lopez
    Italo Lopez 8 days ago +2

    wow, how much melanin in this video, it's like halsey doing school

  • RusiTonkkari77
    RusiTonkkari77 8 days ago

    11:31 I know answer to that question as I have seen True Romance. Dennis Hopper made it quite clear.

  • Killer0Succubus
    Killer0Succubus 8 days ago

    Nicaraguan! Yesss!!! I'm half as well ^.^

  • Luana Ferrari
    Luana Ferrari 8 days ago +2

    Race, ethnicity and cultural heritage are different things!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf is wrong with the US lmao

  • Alzio
    Alzio 8 days ago

    to everybody talking about the black girl being rude:

    yea she was being a little disrespectful and taking her jokes a little too far but yall in the comment section need to calm down. im sure she didnt INTENTIONALLY try to make people feel bad. she was just being stereotypical, and honest. yes being too honest is such a thing and some things need to be kept to yourself, but you cant view someone a specific way because of things they said. you need to get to know that person first, and im sure none of yall niggas have EVER met her, so calm down. clearly her type of humor is the offensive kind, and clearly you guys cant deal with offensive humor, so watch another video, and move on.

    thank you xx

  • Ritchie V
    Ritchie V 8 days ago

    I’m white and I’m a proud white male.
    This video makes it look like a bad thing to be white, I didn’t choose that so don’t judge others for being “too white” or “oh no you should identify as POC”.

  • Sophia ela
    Sophia ela 8 days ago

    Yea for the moroccan guy he's either arab or berber . Or both so ...

  • Fly Beep
    Fly Beep 8 days ago

    Americans and people are way too concerned about it, very unhealthy. And the way you link identity to skin color?? No wonder you people are so fuckin obsessed with it, that explains a lot. And it all seems you people have no clue what race really is. Btw, white is how you look and nothing more but to an american it seems to mean much more which is kinda silly. Btw, ALL THOSE PEOPLE ARE WHITE. This is ethnicity they are talking about...they identify to a certain ethnicity. Seriously stupid shit this is, you could have a person who's more white than someone who identifies as "white" and then goes on to not identify as "white", it's fuckin dumb.
    I bet if Americans try to apply their color logic to countries such as Brazil they probably couldn't make any sense of it. Or a country like India, not white, not black, totally different from asian but they are asian.

  • Sophia Writes
    Sophia Writes 8 days ago

    Stupid video

  • CrimWolf
    CrimWolf 8 days ago

    I’m multiracial

  • CrimWolf
    CrimWolf 8 days ago

    Why do you speak Spanish

  • Nav
    Nav 9 days ago

    There are ALL white.

  • Namonesu
    Namonesu 9 days ago

    i hate evriting about this shit

  • viviane sousa
    viviane sousa 9 days ago

    A maioria e branco

  • Luis Donado
    Luis Donado 9 days ago

    They are all humans!

  • Akshay Kanth
    Akshay Kanth 9 days ago

    Something I've increasingly noticed in these (and a lot of other similar) videos is that Black people are way too blunt and borderline rude. If a white person were to say the exact same thing, people would lose their shit over it.
    Also, 4:08 - Does she really feel qualified to comment on another's girl's lack of a booty simply because hers is an overblown sack of potato?

  • zoha deeba Khan
    zoha deeba Khan 9 days ago

    Wait, what?
    What does "white" mean??

  • Callie Pinto
    Callie Pinto 9 days ago

    This video is wrong, its making being caucasian a bad thing, like being boring and what even is white? Are Italian white? My heritage is Irish and we have a deep culture, am i white? Our skin colour is borderline clear we are so pale but we habe a culture

  • Klein Guychen
    Klein Guychen 9 days ago

    People guess who wears real glasses in a group

  • Vega Aries Flnch
    Vega Aries Flnch 10 days ago


  • Charles winsdor.
    Charles winsdor. 10 days ago

    11:42 “no,no,hhhh,motherfucker”😂😂😂

  • Rowdy Proudy
    Rowdy Proudy 10 days ago

    Scraping the barrel of the internet today.

  • Dannie Diamond
    Dannie Diamond 10 days ago

    Awkwardly funny

  • The God of Hellfire
    The God of Hellfire 10 days ago

    11:29 "sizilians differentiate themselfs from the rest of italy"
    - because muslims fucked the original sicilians out of existence in the age of the muslim slave trade , where europe got terrorised by islam for hundreds of years.

  • Rodrigo Moura
    Rodrigo Moura 10 days ago

    0:55 yes... this is called HUMAN!
    this race thing makes NO SENSE for me... I have very little melanin, but I'm from Brazil... what the heck does "white" means! no human is "white"... we are all shades of beige.

  • .
    . 10 days ago

    Idk who that woman actually thinks she is...🤮

  • Eric Claeyborn
    Eric Claeyborn 10 days ago

    White is a color... not a nationality or ethnicity. Nothing like a confusing video to make people more confused. It'd be nice if people would stop looking at color, all-together... and look at character instead.

  • You think i'm funny?
    You think i'm funny? 10 days ago

    being white is about the colour of your skin, what the fuck does religion like judaism have to do whit your skin colour, or the fact that you're from mexico, there is white mexicans.

  • Luis
    Luis 11 days ago

    I still DONT understand why we all have to categorize, and stereotype people as a certain race. everyone has a cultural background, ethnicity and it sucks that we profile and assume someone for their features and skin complexion, like i understand its in our human nature but like its really unnecessary, we are all people i mean shit either good or bad. We are all individuals its 2019 shit😂. Tbh i don't think there has ever been a full breed of any race lol

  • Francisco P.
    Francisco P. 11 days ago

    I'm going to make this easier for everyone. If your skin is white, you are white.

    FRS JAKE 11 days ago

    White is all of their skin colors. Their ethnicities/nationalities are not white. No one has the ethnicity or nationality of white. Stupid video.

  • Kiki Kolodziejczyk
    Kiki Kolodziejczyk 11 days ago +8

    1:47 - 1:50 kind of rude calling white people boiled water

  • Lima Begum
    Lima Begum 11 days ago +2

    That black lady is rude