ECO Survival - Part 1: There's a Meteor Coming! (Open World Survival, Crafting, Building Gameplay!)

  • Published on Feb 14, 2018
  • More ECO:
    Welcome to the wonderful world of ECO! Eco gameplay is very similar to many different games but has it's own twists.
    What is "Eco"?
    Eco is an online game where players must collaborate to build a civilization in a world where everything they do affects the environment. All resources come from a simulated ecosystem, with thousands of plants and animals simulating 24/7. Work together through the player-run government and economy to build the technology to stop a meteor on a collision course with the planet, without polluting the world and killing it off in the process before
    that even happens.
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    Prob will bring watched if I like the first ep
    My favorite snack is prob anything sweet and vaping

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    Is this game on steam?

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    I wish this game was on console..better than Minecraft

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    When is this game on console

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  • Jäger
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    is it on steam?

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    A lot of people say it is just minecraft but honestly this game looks like a ton of fun!

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    that would be a shitty mod to have things craft instantly, being that it's a time based game.

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    Video starts 2:02

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    is this guy Scottish ?

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    Minecraft 4K

  • David Hytha
    David Hytha 2 months ago

    So got a question, if you wana play on desolated world, in enclosed man made ecosystem on dead planet... you can get it in ECO ? or is it game over if you do it

  • Angelo Cavar
    Angelo Cavar 2 months ago

    favorite snack is Lucky Strike

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    GhostGamer96 2 months ago

    "Stockplile mist be used for storage" Me: USE IT FOR YOUR STACKS

  • Tetsuo Arakawa
    Tetsuo Arakawa 2 months ago

    "Very original-styled game" from my perspective, it's basically minecraft except with built-in shaders.

    • Tetsuo Arakawa
      Tetsuo Arakawa 2 months ago

      +Ryan Trevett mate, you really should stop taking things seriously. This was obviously a joke, though satire, it's a joke.

    • Ryan Trevett
      Ryan Trevett 2 months ago

      Mods might cover those differences, but I doubt it. Check out Eco's game play before making that call.

    • Tetsuo Arakawa
      Tetsuo Arakawa 2 months ago

      +Ryan Trevett *cough cough* minecraft mods *cough cough*

    • Ryan Trevett
      Ryan Trevett 2 months ago

      Yup, the voxel based world isn't exactly original. What is original however is how your actions impact the environment.

  • •Your•Casual•Hollander •

    Minecraft 2.0

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    People actually play this shit?

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    Stopped watching 2 minutes in. Stop begging for likes and comments. You couldn't care less what we were eating.

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    Chips and popcorn

  • Hamish Gardner
    Hamish Gardner 3 months ago

    Is there multiplayer? And is there a mod of sorts that adds npcs or towns

    • Ryan Trevett
      Ryan Trevett 2 months ago

      And yes, it supports mods. Not many exist atm thanks to the game being so new.

    • Ryan Trevett
      Ryan Trevett 2 months ago

      Eco is built from the ground up to be a multilayer game. You get much more from it playing with other people than by yourself.

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    liquidcactus 3 months ago

    wow def next gen minecraft looks great

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    my favorite snack is a good vape flavor or coffee

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    It looks NEXT GEN MINECRAFT, not bad

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    This is not original but fun

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    White cheddar popcorn

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    i kinda wonder if the trees if given time will regrow or reseed them selfs?

    • Ryan Trevett
      Ryan Trevett 2 months ago

      Yes and yes. Trees take 5 real life days to fully mature.

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    I find myself enjoying a bag of Doritos while watching vids

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    is there a demo of this game i could play?

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    “This is pretty much an ocean” - Royal, 2018

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    Reece’s is my favorite snack

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    I was eating sunflower seeds. I'm a Slav, so yeah.

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    I love the videos so far and love your vids :) :>

  • Matthew Ives
    Matthew Ives 4 months ago

    Really small planet, are there any plans to make it larger in later versions?

    • Ryan Trevett
      Ryan Trevett 2 months ago

      When creating a world, you can make it as large as you like. They can actually be pretty huge. However, unless you intend to play with a large number of people, you'll probably find the game more enjoyable on a smaller world.

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  • Antonio Pigafetta
    Antonio Pigafetta 5 months ago

    Warning: game is a scam and heaven for griefers
    don't take my word for it just ask anyone who can see the list of available game servers for Eco how many people are actually online compared to how many "citizens" who've already left. good luck trying to play the game as advertised, especially if you're a second class Mac user. Eco has no intention of ever letting Mac users run their own servers so you'll be at the mercy of others, including those who run the game for Eco. one of the few active servers is called Pams Big World, and is run by someone selling dedicated servers for 20-30 bucks a month. of course there's no refunds for all the time you're unable to play the game at all, or have to play with ridiculous workarounds and all the buggy problems.
    I tried for months, and played for well over a thousand hours, and never once managed to stay in a world for over 2 weeks. the number of people who quit playing this game is astounding. awol admins, players quitting, and the devs just keep trying to make the game worse by adding more and more ways for griefers to wreck the worlds.
    the recently added garbage feature serves no purpose whatsoever other than as a griefers paradise. there really is no need to dispose of anything in garbage as almost everything is useable. so, the purpose of garbage is only to allow griefers a way to wreck your experience. wait until you see what griefers like doing with tailings. and..... burning coal, so all your hard work making food crops are ruined within 100 meters of these griefers and irresponsible players. Eco devs have openly admitted that their intention is to make more and more metal toys and other ways to make the environment worse (and supposedly improve the game play this way.)
    good luck trying to find a server. good luck dealing with all the down time because of Early Access bugs and glitches. good luck getting a refund for your dedicated server when you can't play the game for days or weeks because of new update bugs and glitches. there's always something wrong with the game. just wait until the next update and you'll see for yourself. it's like they don't test the game themselves, make the players report all the problems, and then do updates on a Friday so nobody fixes the problems until the next week.
    the last straw for me was being banned from Pams Big World recently. I had become friendly with Pam as the game requires hours and hours of your time requesting info and help, and Pam is the top mod for Eco (and profits from selling those dedicated servers that charge you the price of the game every month just to play.) I had even been offered an Eco Discord forum moderator position by Shayden herself, so it's not like I was the problem, I respectfully and apologetically declined saying the game had yet again become unplayable due to another update and I'd had enough after months of the same.
    after 4 days of grinding and grinding and grinding away on Pams Big World to make my house and grow all my crops I actually got banned by Pam. I had a griefer who had crossed an ocean and made a beeline to my solo little remote property and just wouldn't leave me alone. initially he tried stealing anything he could from the edges of all my farmland ( but luckily I had barely enough claim flags to protect my stuff at this point, in the first few days you won't have enough claim flags to protect all the goodies surrounding your property, so others can clean you out easily, and quite permissably according to Pam.)
    this griefer literally got up into my face with his avatar, jumped up and down, pushed my avatar around, and checked all my chests and stockpiles to see if he could get anything. he didn't seem to like me watching him when he was on or around my property. he spent at least 30 minutes griefing me until I finally had enough and resorted to using the rep feature so others might know he tried to "poach" anything he could, I thought he might've been the guy chopping all the tree leaves near other players properties or the guy who dumped tailings in the ocean, or the guy who left garbage throughout the world. who knows? so I watched, used the rep feature, and yes, I got a little miffed about my time being wasted by yet another of the many griefers in this game.
    after seeing his name changed color from my neg repping, my little griefer ran off to Pam to complain about me picking on a newbie like him boo hoo. Pam lectures me first about the definition of the word "poacher" and details over and over how public property no matter how close to your own, is open for everyone to do whatever they want to do unless a law is made to stop it. next, Pam tells me to go play on a single player server if I can't get along with others. (Mac users cannot do this but I didn't argue with her.) next, she orders me to remove the negative rep pts or else. I say I have the right to use the rep feature and tell her to "do her worst" so of course, she does, and bans me.
    in case you're wondering..... Pam didn't know who I was initially, as I was using a different name than the one she knew me by. I was so surprised to see how accusing she was, calling ME a troublemaker. when mostly, all I said was "just leave" to this griefer and really didn't want the drama, just an end to the griefing.
    if you think this was long..... my convo with my son and his best friend went on for hours. they work for BroadBand TV and EA Games respectively. just thought you might want to know they've heard all about this game from me now too. I'll be badmouthing your game and your company to everyone I can from now on. congratulations to Pam and Shay..... you've managed to turn a potential partner into an actual troublemaker now. well done.
    and by the way, if you're wondering what happened to that griefer..... he obviously thought Pam's handling of the matter was way overhanded as he never returned to play again either. he actually asked Pam not to ban me, as I suspect he eventually had a conscience afterall. so, Pam lost both customers and Eco keeps losing players because they already got your money and now it's all about getting more of your money from the dedicated server people trying to sell you more of this scam.

    • Don-Of-On Rice
      Don-Of-On Rice 3 months ago

      You should print this out and make a USclip video of you reading it. Then shred it and consider how you could have made it more concise. Also.. who is going to read your text wall?

  • Nat Rose
    Nat Rose 5 months ago

    Crackers and dip