Doctor Strange's First Appearance in 1963! | Today in Marvel History

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • On April 9th, 1963, Doctor Stephen Strange transports himself to the Marvel Universe in "Strange Tales" #110.
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Comments • 222

  • Dean Maynard
    Dean Maynard Month ago

    I was a year old

  • Lim Ming Yah Annabelle

    Dormammu, i have come to bargain to give Dr strange a nice cake and a present... It's his birthday

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan Month ago +1

    When Dr Strange 2 trailer is coming??

    ÁNGEL CTM Month ago


  • Autumn
    Autumn Month ago

    How come this video uploaded 1 hr ago but the comments are 6 days ago?
    Thanos! Stay away from youtube! USclip is my only life!

  • I do Stupid Stuff
    I do Stupid Stuff Month ago +1

    This was on my birthday! :)

  • Obviously
    Obviously Month ago +1

    Nightmare, I've come to bargain

  • Dr Strange
    Dr Strange Month ago


  • Happy Soul
    Happy Soul Month ago

    Whats the point here? I guess the answer to everything lies in the past..

    WORLD of FILMS Month ago


  • Kadeem Chen
    Kadeem Chen Month ago

    Can you guys do one for Scarlet Witch as well! :)

  • keju banana
    keju banana Month ago +2


  • Thales Cardoso
    Thales Cardoso Month ago

    I want more MARVEL TL;DR

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex Month ago

    Stranger things happened before

  • Nerd And Geek
    Nerd And Geek Month ago

    RIP Stan Lee

  • Kalai Selvan
    Kalai Selvan Month ago

    We need old tamil dubbing artists

  • Vision for games
    Vision for games Month ago

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  • Muhammad Aji Seto
    Muhammad Aji Seto Month ago +1

    Doctor Strange Can see the future Avenger Title

  • Akash Gupta
    Akash Gupta Month ago +1

    love dr. starnge🥰🥰🥰

  • Doctor Stephen Strange

    Message me for Endgame spoilers...I’ve seen it like 14 million times

  • AmirTheStrange
    AmirTheStrange Month ago +1

    Whoever who loves Doctor Strange it!//:

  • Vimal Vimalan
    Vimal Vimalan Month ago

    India marvel tamil dubbing issue We want old dubbing team in tamil

    THUNDING PRO GAMER Month ago +2

    Marvel please order of Indian marvel
    CHANGED iron man Tamil voice
    the IORN MAN Tamil new voice is not suitable.
    Iornman tamil fans hate the new voice. Please changed the voice. Please please 😢

  • Preetam Das
    Preetam Das Month ago

    Watever it takes... We all gonna watch Avengers Endgame ..even if our headaches....

  • Earth
    Earth Month ago +1

    Please change Tamil dupping

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago +1

    Dream dimension??

  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata Month ago +1

    My most iconic and amazing superpowers of Doctor Strange is astral projection because he can sleep while reading and fight an enemy who had the same powers.

  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata Month ago +2

    I love Doctor Strange because he can manipulate timepiece that rewind the tragedy from happening. Wooohooooo!! Yeeeeeessssss!! I'm really excited for Avengers: Endgame since Avengers: Infinity War.

  • karan srinivasan
    karan srinivasan Month ago +1

    One of the powerful hero in mcu,come back from the ash strange

  • Spirit Gaming
    Spirit Gaming Month ago


  • Renato Costa
    Renato Costa Month ago +2

    Stephen Strange is truly one of the greatest creations that Stan could ever come up with along as being one of Marvel’s best classic characters that still dominate pop culture five decades after his first appearance.

  • H R
    H R Month ago

    Fun fact: he was Asian. Then they made him white.

    COMMANDER VLOGS Month ago +2

    Dr. Strange is awesome. 😎

  • neversmile
    neversmile Month ago

    that voice over was hard to hear

  • Spawn3X5
    Spawn3X5 Month ago

    So whens tldr back?

  • Akshay Shah
    Akshay Shah Month ago

    Please, make more tldr videos.

  • Diamond Sun Phoenix
    Diamond Sun Phoenix Month ago +3

    Happy Birthday Doctor Strange!!
    I'm so excited to see Avengers The Endgame. Also, Doctor Strange is my firts favorite hero

  • Brandon Reillo
    Brandon Reillo Month ago

    Really? It even says on the cover mockup used in the video that Strange Tales #110 was published on July 10, 1963. Not April 9.This video is 3 months too early for Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange's 56th anniversary.

  • inter watcharakomonphan

    Thanos I come to bargain

  • D e q a
    D e q a Month ago

    Happy birthday Dr Strange!

  • Angel May
    Angel May Month ago +1

    No se ingles ni si quiere se lo que dicen jajajjja

  • nicole almazan
    nicole almazan Month ago


  • Ddullie Dduddongie
    Ddullie Dduddongie Month ago

    Strange! ❤️

  • Maissa Star
    Maissa Star Month ago +1

    I hope there's a second part of the movie Dr strange!!!! he's amazing!!

  • GBF freeloader
    GBF freeloader Month ago +1

    He invented Endgame

  • Trade Winds Seahorse
    Trade Winds Seahorse Month ago +2

    Finally someone acknowledges Ditko

  • Knight of Arkronia
    Knight of Arkronia Month ago +2

    Happy birthday, Dr. Strange!

  • Raul Matta
    Raul Matta Month ago

    Fyd comics y cine

  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva Month ago

    O thanos têm que ser derrotado da Batalha final do filme vingadores endgame

  • ShadowBladeX
    ShadowBladeX Month ago

    Happy birthday

  • Coconut Pal
    Coconut Pal Month ago +2

    This is so cool! Dr. Strange came out on the same day as my birthday April 9! I’m 16 today!

  • Doctor Stephen Strange


  • Cartoon Trash Productions

    One of my favorite Marvel heroes

  • SuperMario 67432
    SuperMario 67432 Month ago


  • satish venkata
    satish venkata Month ago

    Miss u stan lee

  • Reptiiles
    Reptiiles Month ago +1

    Ant man is freaky

  • Bava Ams
    Bava Ams Month ago +2

    Dr strange power wowowowowowow😍😍😍😍😍

  • Kashan SR
    Kashan SR Month ago +1

    Please bring Dr strange,s sequel

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Month ago +2

    The best hero

  • Kalyan Roy
    Kalyan Roy Month ago

    Like those who want dr strange in the avengers team

  • ConServ
    ConServ Month ago

    Well that was a tease.

  • gisselle !
    gisselle ! Month ago +1


  • Meu Meu
    Meu Meu Month ago

    Someone give me the time stone as a gift so that i can go to the past and read more to pass exams. Thanks in advance.
    Address: 40,Park street,London

    IRON YOUTUBER Month ago +1

    LEGEND SAYS he seen the endgame movie first

  • Dinesh Saravanan A
    Dinesh Saravanan A Month ago +3

    We want Iron man old dubbing artist in Tamil language for END GAME

  • Eric Falcon
    Eric Falcon Month ago

    I swear if Marvel ever plans a Dr. Strange animated series they need to get Aurelio Voltaire to voice him

  • Dinesh Saravanan A
    Dinesh Saravanan A Month ago +3

    We want Iron man old dubbing artist in Tamil language for END GAME

  • Dinesh Saravanan A
    Dinesh Saravanan A Month ago +3

    We want Iron man old dubbing artist in Tamil language for END GAME

  • Jon Readman
    Jon Readman Month ago

    DORMAMMU! I've come to Bargain!

  • Dinesh Saravanan A
    Dinesh Saravanan A Month ago +3

    We want Iron man old dubbing artist in Tamil language for END GAME

  • Dhruv Dave
    Dhruv Dave Month ago

    Happy Birthday doctor Strange !

  • Samu Vel
    Samu Vel Month ago

    Plssss....Tamil(language)dupping new team totaly damaged tha movie..
    Please all people need old dupping team....

  • ImmaChiaotzu1
    ImmaChiaotzu1 Month ago

    I hope the second Doctor Strange movie looks at something like Shazam and includes more horror elements. You kinda need it for the foes Strange faces?

    DHRUV'S TEC&HEX Month ago +2

    I am excited for ENDGAME..

    ZATT OX Month ago +3

    DOCTOR STARNGE already watched ENDGAME the time we were watching infinity war

  • Swastikano
    Swastikano Month ago

    Dormammu I've come to bargain.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight Month ago

    he was a creation of stanlee, miss u stanlee,, so much😢

  • Azoz Azoz
    Azoz Azoz Month ago +2

    The animation looks amazing, well done Noah and team!

  • Harry Foster Video
    Harry Foster Video Month ago

    Kinda strange

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford Month ago +1

    dr strange is a great character.

  • Patryk!
    Patryk! Month ago +1

    I love this character and yet the movie was so characterless.

  • Ybn Goku
    Ybn Goku Month ago

    It's my birthday!!!

  • Ramón Machado
    Ramón Machado Month ago +1


  • Prem Raj Khare
    Prem Raj Khare Month ago +1

    My favorite character of The Marvel.

  • Carreion Baker
    Carreion Baker Month ago


  • Creat Awesome
    Creat Awesome Month ago +1

    Fans of doctor strange 🔮 +1

  • jimmy just jeremy
    jimmy just jeremy Month ago +10

    Dr. Strange the badass is gonna rock the next chapter of the MCU

  • Sameer sarova
    Sameer sarova Month ago

    The master of mystic arts

  • mmadhibalan
    mmadhibalan Month ago

    Or pls stop movie releas in tollywood

  • mmadhibalan
    mmadhibalan Month ago

    Hello marvel please change new dubbing to old dubbing in tollywood worst Tamil dubbing we want old iron man voice

  • Saptarshi Banik
    Saptarshi Banik Month ago

    My 2nd most fav charecter ever after ironman

  • Mohal Singhabahu
    Mohal Singhabahu Month ago +1


  • Xaa Lang
    Xaa Lang Month ago

  • Viraj Nandurkar
    Viraj Nandurkar Month ago

    126th comment

  • Valentino Tamborelli

    Happy birthday Doctor Strange

  • Johnny Martinez
    Johnny Martinez Month ago


  • stylus850
    stylus850 Month ago

    Dormammu I’ve come to bargain
    What did you do to me? What was in that tea?
    Pain is an old friend
    Try me Beyonce
    Protecting your reality....douche bag!
    We’re in the Endgame now.
    Such a short time he has given us some of the best lines in the MCU.
    Happy Birthday Doctor Strange!

  • DarkFocus Gt
    DarkFocus Gt Month ago

    Dr strangeeeeee 💘💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💟 my best herooo

  • Pushkar Kulkarni
    Pushkar Kulkarni Month ago +1

    Love that character

  • Havish Arora
    Havish Arora Month ago

    1 view 40 likes....... doctor strange