4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of French toast. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which French toast was the best?

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    4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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  • Šimon Očkáš
    Šimon Očkáš 37 minutes ago +1

    In defense of Emily, in some European countries, traditional french toast is a savory food, not a dessert, and therefore can be served with ketchup.

  • Morgan Green
    Morgan Green Hour ago

    Level 2 looks the best, as always

  • Sebby GR
    Sebby GR 2 hours ago

    Hello to all the people who puts ketchup in every food they eat (depends or not all)

  • Ryan Rodrigues
    Ryan Rodrigues 5 hours ago

    Level two is always on point. Level three always adds a bunch of random crap that shouldn't be there (croutons really?) and level one is just there for comparison's sake. Level 4 always look like they'd be freaks in bed.

  • Chelsea F
    Chelsea F 5 hours ago

    I've always eaten french toast savoury since I can remember, it was always made for me that way, all i'd put on it after it was cooked was salt and pepper. My grandparents do it that way too, and i've seen my grandad have ketchup with it haha. I'm in Scotland. The batter would be egg, milk, salt and pepper and that was it.

  • The Mars Bar Vampire
    The Mars Bar Vampire 5 hours ago

    Why is everyone so anti all the level 3 chef recipes like damn. They're professional chefs of course they're extra. They cook/bake for a living

  • Feelosophy
    Feelosophy 6 hours ago

    Am I the only person that noticed Emily doesn't really want to taste it?

  • Interlabz
    Interlabz 6 hours ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Emily: *K e t c h u p*

  • Jacob Hendrickson
    Jacob Hendrickson 6 hours ago

    I didn't know Amy Schumer's sister was a chef! Neat

  • FrogsGaming
    FrogsGaming 7 hours ago

    I’m going to kill Emily

  • Joseph
    Joseph 8 hours ago

    3 lvl three chefs go at it.

  • Wild Baby goat
    Wild Baby goat 8 hours ago

    Level 1 chef is a whole mood😂

  • revelatedsouls
    revelatedsouls 9 hours ago

    lorenzo's looks great, i would eat that

  • Oilyoli AJ
    Oilyoli AJ 9 hours ago +1

    Lorenzo: I’m gonna use a little bit of maple syrup
    Also Lorenzo: *pours half the bottle of maple syrup on*

  • Becky Star
    Becky Star 9 hours ago

    Did Emily make... a savory French toast..?

  • SkyMushrooms
    SkyMushrooms 10 hours ago

    Penny: “I’m going to make a babka”
    The entirety of Eastern Europe: *slavic music*

  • Anonymou s
    Anonymou s 11 hours ago


  • Jiru Candy
    Jiru Candy 11 hours ago

    "I don't have a dishwasher and I don't wanna wash a whisk"
    Finally someone says it!

    SOULKING AIZEN 12 hours ago

    Emily just ruin that master piece with ketchup.

  • mackenzie 123
    mackenzie 123 12 hours ago

    If y'all didn't notice Emily only used eggs and milk in her egg mixture so it's ok if she eats it with ketchup. Eggs and ketchup taste pretty good together

  • ItsMichaelBrogan
    ItsMichaelBrogan 13 hours ago

    I use brioche too

  • AestheticAva yes
    AestheticAva yes 13 hours ago

    I'm hungry...

  • Love Willy
    Love Willy 13 hours ago

    lorenzo is the perfect husband. dont at me

  • xSenpaix
    xSenpaix 14 hours ago +1

    Pro chef: "I'm gonna do a braid.."

  • SenZen Inspired
    SenZen Inspired 15 hours ago

    "You actually want stale bread"
    *Makes fresh bread*
    "I'm gonna make a braid"
    *Twists the bread*

  • Ambyr Paul
    Ambyr Paul 15 hours ago

    Lorenzo’s French Toast looks AMAZING and he put Nutella on it. I feel like he’s the real pro chef

  • Christina Shakya
    Christina Shakya 16 hours ago

    I am level 1

  • like for taco
    like for taco 16 hours ago

    Am I the only on that uses a toaster and butter to make toast.... No... Ok

  • SohLoh
    SohLoh 17 hours ago

    The only explanation for why level 1 would do such a horrid thing for putting ketchup on her french toast is cause she dipped it in so much egg that she basically made egg bread. Apparently it's common for some people to ketchup on their eggs and I don't even understand people who do that

    INFINITY_MØDESTO 17 hours ago

    This girl is so dumb

  • mythical_ beast_YT
    mythical_ beast_YT 18 hours ago

    Literally no one :
    Level 3 chef : I start 2 days early to grow my own pans

  • Can we get to 1000 subscribers without a video?

    The level 2 chef is always so cocky sounding.

  • life with sydney
    life with sydney 19 hours ago

    Emily is a mood "ill eat this in the dark alone maybe..."

  • Ty-Ty Ty-Ty
    Ty-Ty Ty-Ty 19 hours ago

    Level 3 looks like a kid made it

  • Beeg Yoshi
    Beeg Yoshi 19 hours ago +1

    emily - level one chef

    ketchup: am i a joke to you?

  • Miss Ren
    Miss Ren 20 hours ago

    Emily made eggy bread, not French toast

  • ellie winters
    ellie winters 20 hours ago

    As a French I remember my grandma making me this every time I visited- pure childhood bliss

  • Breanna Brenko
    Breanna Brenko 21 hour ago

    okay not gonna lie I tried emily (the amateurs) recipe and it was delicious WITH ketchup. 😉

  • Infirna
    Infirna 22 hours ago

    How is it 4 levels if the level 4 dosen't even make anything

  • purple lace
    purple lace 22 hours ago

    Lorenzo toast yum

  • Anh Minh
    Anh Minh 23 hours ago +2

    Beat me, punch me, kill me what ever you want.
    But I tried French toast with ketchup and I tasted annoyingly amazing.

  • Aidid Azman
    Aidid Azman 23 hours ago

    Yum yummy tum tum

  • nictan
    nictan 23 hours ago

    lorenzo is always the best

  • ꧁ღPєяѕσиღ꧂

    Oh I thought Penny said vodka 😂

  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey Day ago

    Why does the pro chef never look the best and the home chef always look the best

  • FadeYT_
    FadeYT_ Day ago

    food: “Thanks for drowning me Lorenzo!”

  • Umut Mesci
    Umut Mesci Day ago

    Everyones just making fun of emily but she’s honestly just mood.

  • Nechea Kriska Navarro

    Emily is my chef spirit😂 😅

  • Zu Animation
    Zu Animation Day ago

    I put ketchup sauce on my french toast. It’s good.

  • Vali Virlan
    Vali Virlan Day ago

    Lorenzo is the best

  • John Vincent Pangilinan

    Emily would have made ice cream with ketchup...

    ._. This ruined my ice cream day .-.

  • Beaver Jtech
    Beaver Jtech Day ago

    God I love how happy Lorenzo is. he makes me look depressed 😂

  • Kimberley
    Kimberley Day ago

    Why do they say 4 levels, but only 3 levels of cooks?

  • Reinaldo Morales

    Penny is back!!!

  • Raj Kishore
    Raj Kishore Day ago

    The question is when is Lorenzo going to evolve to his pro level.

  • nya uwu
    nya uwu Day ago

    i wish lorenzo was my dad. i feel like he's the kind of parent who'd attend to all parent-teacher and PTA meetings on time and support all my dreams and aspirations.

  • nya uwu
    nya uwu Day ago

    the level 1 girl is honestly a big mood.
    "i would eat this alone in the dark maybe"
    like a gremlin yeah basically me

  • TheBlondegedu
    TheBlondegedu Day ago

    Where my peanut butter people at?

  • Sydney Schapel
    Sydney Schapel Day ago

    Emily is my spirit animal

  • Tierzah Pipkin
    Tierzah Pipkin Day ago

    Emily is a whole mood
    Emily:I’m using a fork instead of a whisk because I don’t have a dishwasher and I don’t want to was a whisk
    Me:Haha she’s awesome

  • Oldspice2468
    Oldspice2468 Day ago

    Amateur looks like Layla london

  • Matthew Kreimer
    Matthew Kreimer Day ago

    Mmm, yes, eat the toast in the dark

  • Evetchen Brown
    Evetchen Brown Day ago

    My French toast is better than theirs😎. (Just kidding)

  • Peep the Peep
    Peep the Peep Day ago

    *I like to put ketchup on, because I’m a monster.* RIGHT YOU ARE.

  • Isabella W
    Isabella W Day ago

    Ketchup on French Toast? You are a monster. You better eat that in the dark. No one wants to see that.

  • nthnmc
    nthnmc Day ago

    If you ever put ketchup on your French toast in front of me, we're never speaking again!
    I was really looking forward to the commentary on that disgusting ketchup choice!

  • Ness
    Ness Day ago

    i live for bougie penny

  • Bi And ready to cry

    Emily is literally the biggest mood. Which I find funnier than it is because my name is also Emily. 😂

  • Denzel Agura
    Denzel Agura Day ago +1

    I don’t care if Lorenzo’s a Level 2 Chef. He’s a cool dude. I’ll eat his French Toast anytime.

  • Marcelino Dreams

    Does anyone have the recipes for 2 and 3. But sorry Emily no.

  • Lugubrio MD
    Lugubrio MD Day ago

    Amateur or not, Emily is pretty dreamy......

  • Jay coólie
    Jay coólie Day ago

    emily is a mood

  • ThatOneSaltyBean

    I want to eat all of these. Without the ketchup. That ketchup better go back to scrambled eggs where it belongs.

  • Techno Pup
    Techno Pup Day ago

    "a liiiittle bit of maple syrup" *proceeds to soak it with syrup*

  • Paulie Jaramillo

    Ketchup Emily? Wtf!!!🤢

  • Ash Ketchup
    Ash Ketchup Day ago

    Every episode:
    Hi im Lara and im a level 1 chef.
    Hello i amJjason and im a level 2 chef
    Hi. I'm Mary and *zoom in* I have been a chef for 2000 and got 70 records on my name.

  • Carlos Gavin 392

    Lorenzo’s French toast is better than Emily

  • Striker42Six
    Striker42Six Day ago

    I want Lorenzo's French Toast with Penny's bananas added to it. Am I the only one who thinks Lorenzo kills it every time? Everything he makes looks fantastic.

  • Oliver White
    Oliver White Day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that the food scientist is a babe? 😍😊

  • Clara Zabik
    Clara Zabik Day ago +5

    Emily: *I like to put ketchup on my French toast*
    Literally everyone on USclip: **dies**

  • slorp slurp
    slorp slurp Day ago

    I actually like it with ketchup.

  • Infxt Official
    Infxt Official Day ago

    3:42 *dead*

  • Dr. Dolphin
    Dr. Dolphin Day ago

    Me: Emily is such a horrible cook
    Also me: Burns Ramen Noodles

  • Jonathan Casais
    Jonathan Casais Day ago


  • Justė Stulgaitė

    So yeah my family eats the 1.5 feench toast 😤👌
    But yall know mama's homemade french toast is still da best 😂😁👌

  • the action director who is aaryan

    Could I have a French toast please?
    Level 1:Sure.
    Level 2:It’ll take time,probably 15 minutes.
    Level 3:Well which toppings do you want?xyz,abc,zyx,cba?and also the crumb topping is complimentary,the bread is made in house it contains alcohol and it would take around an hour.

  • Pinabble
    Pinabble Day ago

    Lorenzo’s always looks delicious 🤤

  • Solo Star
    Solo Star 2 days ago


  • Placido Aguilar
    Placido Aguilar 2 days ago

    I like everything that Lorenzo made, cause that's how I cook, level 2 chef

  • ALDC Breeze
    ALDC Breeze 2 days ago +3

    I can't be the only one who thought Penny was saying vodka

    • Pigeon 24601
      Pigeon 24601 Day ago

      ALDC Breeze ur not. I did too for legit nearly the whole vid

  • Kerona Griffith
    Kerona Griffith 2 days ago

    day old 1 inch homemade bread

  • TheLol79414
    TheLol79414 2 days ago +3

    Emily : *I want to put ketchup on it*

    USclip : *_DEMONETIZED_* Reason : French toast abuse

  • KAI
    KAI 2 days ago

    its not ketchup, its red food coloured maple syrup

  • Claudia Pavon
    Claudia Pavon 2 days ago +1

    Emily is a god

  • Eduardo Yamakawa
    Eduardo Yamakawa 2 days ago

    I like Lorenzo he has some cooking knowledge,but not like a professional

  • William
    William 2 days ago

    20 seconds in and level 3 was all she had to say, but no she's gotta flex

  • OverRun Hun Msp X
    OverRun Hun Msp X 2 days ago +1

    Lorenzo is always my favourite I love him

  • Giannis Targontsidis

    This looks absolutely disgusting

  • sil '
    sil ' 2 days ago

    I love how the food scientist didn't even comment on the ketchup

  • Lori Levis
    Lori Levis 2 days ago