4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of French toast. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which French toast was the best?

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    4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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  • dustin
    dustin Day ago

    Emily may not have made the best french toast, but that cheerful nihilism is on point.

  • an extremely unnecessary long name

    Level 1: Hello i’m a level 1 chef
    Level 2: Hey I’m a level 2 chef
    Level 3: *I’ve been a professional chef for 15 years*

  • Tunaep
    Tunaep Day ago

    oh my god the basic chef either has the most boring husband ever or she has the nicest husband ever and is too nice to tell her her cooking is bad

  • Lucia Thomas
    Lucia Thomas Day ago

    WTF is French toast, it's just called eggy bread and it is a English-camping classic!

  • Filip Firulovic
    Filip Firulovic Day ago

    Lorenzo's personality is infectious.

  • Dana Rivera
    Dana Rivera Day ago

    we need the recipes!!!!!

  • Dana Rivera
    Dana Rivera Day ago

    i want the other level 1 chef back she was so funny and sweet!

  • Rol Cabs
    Rol Cabs Day ago

    Is it just me? But Epicurious deserves more subscribers for its great content.

  • PokerFavor
    PokerFavor Day ago


  • Waylander huehue

    How to make a cake. Watch this video.

  • Waylander huehue

    They should all get the same ingredients and make us see what really is the difference. Or is no difference at all....

  • Elvin Chu
    Elvin Chu Day ago

    Just find someone to taste it, I always skipped the food scientist part

  • Ben Beardwood
    Ben Beardwood Day ago

    that guys laugh is more of an inserted killer clown laugh 2:26 seconds

  • Sandra Wiersma
    Sandra Wiersma Day ago

    I really like a white rye with raisins, and soak it good. The toasty raisins add an extra dimension of crispy carameliness.

  • Dario Karnincic
    Dario Karnincic Day ago

    With all due respect, what the lvl3 chef made is not really french toast.

  • BeanbagGreen
    BeanbagGreen Day ago

    Every video with Lorenzo is a blessing

  • Wolly Ram
    Wolly Ram Day ago

    You monsters!
    Every one of the chefs desecrated the holy sacrament of french toast.

  • Galactic Wolf
    Galactic Wolf Day ago

    I may not eat Lorenzo's dish, I can't eat too much sweet stuff at once or I feel sick, but he is my favourite by far. He's so happy and enthusiastic about his food, and he just makes me smile! I hope to see Lorenzo as the regular level 2 chef in 4 levels!

  • Christopher Olson

    Where did they dig up the level 1? KETCHUP?!! I bet she eats her cereal with orange juice and her mash potatoes with stray cats

  • Emily TestAccount

    what the hell
    i'm changing my name

  • Charlotte Philliskirk

    In England: That’s eggy bread.
    In America: That’s french toast.

  • Romane
    Romane Day ago

    in France we don’t use brioche but stale baguette instead !

  • Michael Offner
    Michael Offner Day ago

    So when is stick lady gonna actually cook something to prove she knows what she's talking about?

  • Jada McMann
    Jada McMann Day ago

    1 Fucks up every time

  • zakuga
    zakuga Day ago

    The beginner chief is my favorite. I don’t care if I’d starve with her cooking. She funny. Make her official lvl 1

  • Taylor Schroeder

    Love that the food scientist just shaded the hell out of the lvl 1 chef.

  • icy cherly.
    icy cherly. Day ago

    Lorenzo, you own my heart !! 🥰🥰

  • Taylor Schroeder


  • Josh the bro
    Josh the bro Day ago

    okay, but nutella and syrup together? idk about that. and yes clearly i know ketchup is weirder i just think thats a weird combo

  • Don’t touch my phone Gamer

    Level 3 chef: so I had these bananas through generations and the are fried medium heat salted and dipped In milk

  • Marksman_ Airsoft

    Yes yes you are a monster

  • m
    m Day ago

    ketchup? i hate americans

    • Rayan K.
      Rayan K. Day ago

      Hey hey, we're not all that weird

  • Kate Walton
    Kate Walton Day ago

    Level 1 girl is my spirit animal

  • Laura
    Laura Day ago

    I would eat Lorenzos

  • Neverland
    Neverland Day ago

    Lol why does she use white bread my mom uses wheat bread with eggs and its sooo good and btw why tf does she use ketchup and i like lorenzo bc hes so freaking funny he cracks me up all the time he shows up on here

  • Baby unicorn Plays


  • Luna Toriyama
    Luna Toriyama Day ago

    Emily is funny

  • lukefuzzy
    lukefuzzy Day ago

    Challah bread is the best for french toast

  • Victor Jason Yeung
    Victor Jason Yeung Day ago +1

    Poor Emily...."I would eat this alone in the dark maybe" jeez

  • #lifeasenny
    #lifeasenny Day ago


    Bruh..I thought she was saying vodka. 😂🥰

  • #lifeasenny
    #lifeasenny Day ago


    Bruh..I thought she was saying vodka. 😂🥰

  • CaesarSeige
    CaesarSeige Day ago

    Ketchup what the hell you nasty

  • M3RCFusion 11
    M3RCFusion 11 Day ago

    emily legit just made egg bread with ketchup

  • Kris H
    Kris H Day ago

    Lorenzo saying he'd eat his take on French toast for dinner tho? Oof

  • Potato
    Potato Day ago +2

    I like Emily, she's just an example of an average person, she's not supposed to be a professional or hobbyist, she deserves love and support not horrible comments, people's attitudes towards her are unsavoury and unnecessary.

  • QuietStorm26
    QuietStorm26 Day ago

    the level one should never be allow to make french toast again.

  • HaunterPlayz
    HaunterPlayz Day ago +3

    Lorenzo looked the best he is a good cook but they way the penny made her was also a good design....


  • Therealbaddude
    Therealbaddude Day ago

    I made this with my dad and used store bread. The bread didn’t fall apart :)

  • theo willis
    theo willis Day ago

    Breadi is called badka

  • Grell Sutcliff
    Grell Sutcliff Day ago

    guys. guys. french toast. is a savory food. you eat it. with. tomato. sauce. who looks at fried eggy bread and goes "i am going to eat this with ice cream now"

  • Dawid W
    Dawid W Day ago

    It always make me wonder whether their Level 1 is really that stupid and ignorant, or they just make them act like this...

  • Ava XO
    Ava XO Day ago

    I straight up like Lorenzo’s the best

  • Charles Hollingsworth

    My problem is; there is supposed to be 4 levels... Where is the Food Scientist's submission? Don't talk about it, be about it.

  • Valentine Lissar

    Can we get rid of Emily the amateur? She's got a bad attitude and it seems like she's not even trying. Can we get someone who isn't a caricature who would take this series seriously?

  • Carlos Vids
    Carlos Vids Day ago

    For the nasty mf who put ketchup on the side, yea I hope you never work at a restaurant let alone cook for anyone

  • John Roche
    John Roche Day ago

    What kind of monster puts ketchup on french toast? I wanted to vomit.

  • Haley
    Haley Day ago

    KETCHUP????????? OMG.......-_-

  • Philip Kargut
    Philip Kargut Day ago

    Please do 4 levels of CHILI!!!! there is a competition coming up in Fall that I want to win

  • Priscila Sierra
    Priscila Sierra Day ago

    I HATE Emily...or whatever her name is, level 1... she didnt even efford

  • mweb1
    mweb1 Day ago

    Toast is not good for the body...white or wheat flour.

  • kl meyer
    kl meyer Day ago

    all sound crappy

  • Pao Cam
    Pao Cam Day ago +6

    Lorenzo should open a channel, I'd watch all his videos

  • Markus Andersen
    Markus Andersen Day ago

    Ketchup though? KETCHUP?

  • Bruno Costa
    Bruno Costa Day ago

    Hey, to everyone who is discussing chefs choices. This is clearly scripted, they use what the HR tells them to add, for the show. Their skill may be true, but not the ingredients (well, except for the addicional stuff like the toppings, that they probably recommend something to the chefs but let them have a choice on that).
    You can even see the insecure lines of "script" in chef 1 throghout the video, aswell as the "food scientist"

  • Recon
    Recon Day ago +2

    I'm pretty sure the amateur girl made grilled cheese.

  • Pro Meliora
    Pro Meliora Day ago +2

    >Ketchup on french toast
    I'm calling the police.

  • frank!E
    frank!E Day ago

    I'd go with Level 1.

  • bakasheru
    bakasheru Day ago

    Emily is my kinda girl tho.... bit sloppy but gets the job done

  • drink15
    drink15 Day ago +8

    Level 4 talks a big game. I want to see her cooking skills!!!!!

  • FexerRexer
    FexerRexer Day ago

    The best bread for a French toast is

    French bread

  • Brack.P
    Brack.P Day ago

    100 people try to make a paper airplane

  • service dogs gone wild

    who else got mad when emily put ketchup lol!!!

  • Lana
    Lana Day ago

    I would literally eat ANYTHING Lorenzo would cook for me

  • Ho Qui
    Ho Qui Day ago

    I thought they said 4 levels ? but only 3 ?

  • stacram87
    stacram87 Day ago

    Lorenzo is awesome!

  • Andrew Wang
    Andrew Wang Day ago

    How to be Level 4:
    Agree with level 3 and hold a stick

  • Dan B
    Dan B Day ago

    Lorenzo is Level One Obnoxious

  • ccsecond
    ccsecond Day ago

    Ummm Ketchup? Is that a real topping for this ? I thought it was going to be a joke.

  • KZN
    KZN Day ago

    I thougt level 3 chef said vodka.

  • Jay Edward
    Jay Edward Day ago

    I don't know why I love this series so much. It's amazing!!! 🙌🏾

  • Ahmed Khilji
    Ahmed Khilji Day ago

    Amauter rules!!!

  • Ramona Barge
    Ramona Barge Day ago

    No wonder level one puts ketchup on her French toast! It’s just eggs!

  • FataLityShotz 050

    always in the thumbnail looks the home cook the best

  • tia poonia
    tia poonia Day ago

    French toast is basically eggy bread ??

  • Farty Person
    Farty Person Day ago

    You call any of that french toast? pathetic.

  • Mary -Lane
    Mary -Lane Day ago

    Sorry but i threw up a lil in my mouth when she said ketchup!!!

  • emjackson81989
    emjackson81989 Day ago

    The professional chef is so EXTRA! "I'm going to make my own babka." I LOVE IT! XD

  • Hannah Mobbs
    Hannah Mobbs Day ago +1

    But... but its eggy bread😢😢

    • Hannah Mobbs
      Hannah Mobbs Day ago +1

      And french toast is really crispy bread...

  • mrpaddyr
    mrpaddyr Day ago

    The level one cook may have got the proportions wrong, but her style especially the tomato sauce is how I’ve had it. Eggy bread was made by my grandad as a low effort treat and always has a special place in my heart honestly. 😊

  • Booth
    Booth Day ago +2

    1. Trash french toast.
    2. Degenerate socialite french toast.
    3. Degenerate pretentious french toast.

    Here is the best french toast
    2 eggs to 1 milk ratio
    Beat until incredibly well mixed, if you wish add some basic spices like pepper, or if you're going for sweet french bread (american style) add a touch of powdered sugar and/or cinnamon.
    Soak bread of choice to desired amount (Really dense sourdough and a 30sec soak is best)
    Heat non stick pan fairly hot, drop in your butter or oil, put the bread in the pan, take it off the heat, flip it over and apply heat again.

    Apply salt (or maple syrup if you're a degenerate)

  • Mr Magic
    Mr Magic Day ago

    Me: dislikes because of ketchup on french toast

  • Smiltės Vlogs
    Smiltės Vlogs Day ago

    Savage level of mixing egg with one hand...

  • Emmanuel Sebastiao

    That was so well done ... amazing ... and funny to see the comparison simultaneously

  • Sauce
    Sauce Day ago

    Nutella and maple syrup sounds weird, but KETCHUP?! EW

  • BillyNeverDies
    BillyNeverDies Day ago

    That telescoping pointer is silly. Ditch it.

  • U Gey U vagene
    U Gey U vagene Day ago

    2:52 oh you dippin?
    Ai me too!

  • Fred Zeppelin
    Fred Zeppelin Day ago

    Emilys looked best tbh, get rid of the ketchup though wtf


    Was asked to make toast....This bih just made A DAMN CAKE

  • FannniePac BlasteR

    I have absolutely no idea why, but I’d smash that food Scientist lady at the end 😂

  • MPiraKa
    MPiraKa Day ago +1

    Call me weird but i want the Level 1 french toast the most