5 As Seen on TV Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test


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  • Kory Guidry
    Kory Guidry 50 minutes ago

    Lets see how it’s puts together this gadgik

  • Kory Guidry
    Kory Guidry Hour ago

    Gadgiks are cool

  • Satya Rathore
    Satya Rathore 7 hours ago

    Gooodd boooiiiiiii your dogs are love the end of this video cheered me up

  • jamie Robertshaw

    Cool video

  • Daniel Latreille
    Daniel Latreille 3 days ago

    I used the crisper tray for my bacon in the BBQ and it works like a charm.

  • air strike55
    air strike55 3 days ago

    I like how when he's cutting the cucumbers when he's kind them and self he says it's too small but then yet. Machines making them even smaller Cuts LOL what do you mean bro

  • Zoltán Marosi
    Zoltán Marosi 7 days ago

    I wonder how this would work in Soviet Russia

  • blue copper
    blue copper 7 days ago

    Your parrot is so gentle and sweet!

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King 8 days ago

    12:57 That chicken looks so DRY

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King 8 days ago

    9:45 It would helped the slicer, if it had a suction cup bottom to help stabilize it.

  • Kshitish Kargudri
    Kshitish Kargudri 9 days ago

    I love his line "saftey is no1 priority" standard in all his videos

    DAT NGUYEN 9 days ago

    i wonder if he eats all the food he makes lol

  • Kosmo Kt
    Kosmo Kt 10 days ago

    I love your videos & that glove looks great! What did u have in your oven to catch drippings?! Love your Dogs too, absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Dennis Johnson
    Dennis Johnson 12 days ago

    I want bacon now, thanks for making me hungry Taras.

  • Ryuki Arisagawa
    Ryuki Arisagawa 14 days ago


  • Aleks Farringer
    Aleks Farringer 22 days ago

    do an air fryer

  • BackWithTheBoom
    BackWithTheBoom 23 days ago

    are you kidding me ??? GREASE.... FREE.... BACON which one isnt compatible in the sentence ?? lololol

  • Ray Rodriguez
    Ray Rodriguez 23 days ago +1

    This guy has more commercials and fox

  • TheShinoboCat
    TheShinoboCat 23 days ago


  • Ian Douglas
    Ian Douglas 24 days ago


  • Horia infinite
    Horia infinite 25 days ago

    What will You do with this hundreds of gadgets?

  • Alan Yew
    Alan Yew 25 days ago

    Waiting for him to say just kidding I made up this accent

  • paris papadopoulos
    paris papadopoulos 26 days ago

    i love your videos man XD

  • michael watkin
    michael watkin 28 days ago

    To put egg in hot water use spoon

  • Troy
    Troy 29 days ago

    No way Americans actually eat that as bacon, its like 70% fat 30% meat

  • A.S.M.R Foods
    A.S.M.R Foods Month ago

    "Oh good boy your sitting"

  • قناة كيف؟
    قناة كيف؟ Month ago

    13:49 that laughter

  • Eetu Kaakinen
    Eetu Kaakinen Month ago

    Awww little puppy is so cute :D That was the point of the video? :D

  • jimmy martin
    jimmy martin Month ago

    I love your dogs...they are so cute😍

  • Zeeshan Patras
    Zeeshan Patras Month ago

    Can this gloves can hold lava

  • kevin najera
    kevin najera Month ago

    You guys ever wonder where he stores all these gadgets ?

  • HD
    HD Month ago


  • B.H
    B.H Month ago +1

    You overcooked your eggs

  • Nothing Nothing
    Nothing Nothing Month ago

    His shirt is a replica

  • kevdm TDM
    kevdm TDM Month ago

    lol koocamber… good vid

  • Roger Gommert
    Roger Gommert Month ago

    I like Gus.

  • Shirtless wonder
    Shirtless wonder Month ago

    "I gots the gus ooven" Taras 2018

  • Keriks
    Keriks Month ago

    At 6:15 I go on a limb and will assume that it tastes like bacon :D

  • Jhonny Gutierrez Villa

    1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

  • Armand Esterhuizen
    Armand Esterhuizen Month ago

    i love u man... you must be the coolest guy on youtube

  • Armand Esterhuizen
    Armand Esterhuizen Month ago

    comes with two gloves boom

  • Mike Boehm
    Mike Boehm Month ago

    That bacon was way too soggy. Need it to get crispy. ;)

  • volcano27
    volcano27 Month ago


  • Wheresmy240
    Wheresmy240 Month ago

    You seem like a really nice, easy going guy. I''m glad we have some UScliprs who aren't complete douche bags with inflated egos. Here's to many more years of successful advertising! Cheers

  • Micro Wave
    Micro Wave Month ago


  • Getting high with Isaac

    Those gloves just thick rubber with a designed grip

  • Virginia McCormick
    Virginia McCormick Month ago

    I love when he’s pointing his finger saying he would be very careful

  • Walter Holland
    Walter Holland Month ago

    Wonderful job, sir.

  • Completely in the Moment

    The glove didnt fit

  • james puckey
    james puckey Month ago +2

    Just think what would happen if the glove didn’t work. I think he would say,”With Russian power I repel the heat.”

  • Ted Zhang
    Ted Zhang Month ago

    holy cow, how many pets does he have

  • Jeffey Perea
    Jeffey Perea Month ago

    13:50 heha


    Crazy rusian egg

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack Month ago

    What brand is that bacon

    ПОВАР ДЕДА Month ago +2

    рыли рыли куул гаджек. тумбс ап фор ме!

  • toxic wolf
    toxic wolf Month ago


  • Shariq Mirzaa
    Shariq Mirzaa Month ago


  • dk uld
    dk uld Month ago

    Better as seen on the tv

  • Kevin Perez
    Kevin Perez Month ago


  • Fishsticks 5211
    Fishsticks 5211 Month ago

    “Soggy!”-Tarus, 2018

  • Emilio Sison
    Emilio Sison Month ago


  • DerpplayzYT
    DerpplayzYT Month ago


  • Karina Ortiz
    Karina Ortiz Month ago

    BOOM 💥

  • Nia Daily
    Nia Daily Month ago


    KOMI CHILD Month ago

    This is the possibly the happiest and most positive man on the planet earth. I love watching his videos he makes me so happy

  • changlboom
    changlboom Month ago

    Have you ever done culinary work? I just noticed your cutting technique was pretty nice lol

  • kota 1225
    kota 1225 Month ago

    I need that shredder where do i find it

  • alfonso cernas
    alfonso cernas Month ago

    cucumbors ,,sunwiches

  • Erik Cabrera
    Erik Cabrera Month ago

    I think you should do some videos with your pets that would be cute

  • xPoiler
    xPoiler Month ago

    Kitch and gadgicks

  • 吴Cherry
    吴Cherry Month ago

    Like your 2 dogs lol

  • shawn ward
    shawn ward Month ago


  • Nigga Waffles
    Nigga Waffles 2 months ago

    Why does he say boom is he gona launch a ussr missle 😮

  • Gary Whites
    Gary Whites 2 months ago

    You know that is really hard on a bow to leave it strung. I SEE THAT YOUR BOW IS STRUNG HANGING ON THE WALL

  • Brandon Moen
    Brandon Moen 2 months ago

    How many pets do you have?

  • ReviewStream
    ReviewStream 2 months ago

    Good vide, good chanel

  • Avg. Joe Watch Reviews
    Avg. Joe Watch Reviews 2 months ago

    The dogs made the video that much better for me. Awesome videos though. Keep it up.

  • dov man
    dov man 2 months ago

    Got here coocumber

  • KingBallerYT
    KingBallerYT 2 months ago


  • Phil Sim
    Phil Sim 2 months ago +1

    Anyone else hungry?

  • Vishal Sinha
    Vishal Sinha 2 months ago

    Taras is the only youtuber that didn't change with fame

  • My Cleft Adventures
    My Cleft Adventures 2 months ago


  • Ryan Davison
    Ryan Davison 2 months ago

    That accent gets thicker every day😂 (coo-cum-ber)

  • Elzo Kerstjens
    Elzo Kerstjens 2 months ago


  • Jennifer Larntz
    Jennifer Larntz 2 months ago

    I love the shredder. I want one now lol.

  • Beautiful Angels
    Beautiful Angels 2 months ago

    Your dogs are beautiful

  • Beautiful Angels
    Beautiful Angels 2 months ago

    I bought so many gadgets after you use them for us

  • Madiel Quinones
    Madiel Quinones 2 months ago

    Thats what she said😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael 2 months ago

    BoOm WoW

  • Arnes b
    Arnes b 2 months ago

    BOOM (ಠ_ಠ)

  • Hector Guillen Piceno
    Hector Guillen Piceno 2 months ago

    Awesome dude 👌

  • Kayla Washington
    Kayla Washington 2 months ago

    So the glove is just a regular rubber gloves wowww

  • Subscribe for no Reason

    Boom! (>*.*)>

  • Luis Escobedo
    Luis Escobedo 2 months ago


  • Henry Alfaro
    Henry Alfaro 2 months ago

    Kuk baykon

  • Mini Boss
    Mini Boss 2 months ago


  • Rachie Rooroo
    Rachie Rooroo 2 months ago

    2nd gadget

  • Rachie Rooroo
    Rachie Rooroo 2 months ago

    the first gadget was kinda a troll.

  • Beep
    Beep 2 months ago

    some of these products can be very useful to me, especially the hot hands.

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    Drāno drain cleaner 2 months ago

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