iMac Pro Setup Tour 2018!

  • Published on Jan 4, 2018
  • Video editing desk setup tour for early 2018!
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    Phillips Hue light strip:
    Yamaha HS8:
    Auralex Isolation pad:
    Promise Pegasus 3 80TB:
    Twelve South HiRise Pro:
    Sennheiser HD800:
    Apollo Twin MKII Duo:
    Herman Miller Embody:
    Hasselblad X1D:
    Logitech MX Master 2S:
    Aluminum mousepad:
    Google Pixel 2 XL:
    Apple iPhone X:
    OnePlus 5T:
    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:
    Intro Track: Zebulon by Alltta
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  • Ultima893
    Ultima893 2 days ago

    Pretty much my dream setup. Almost exactly what I plan to fill my studio with once I land my dream job. iMac Pro fully specced, Macbook Pro fully specced, a Hasselblad cameras for photography, RED Helium 8K video camera. iPad Pro for chillin', Now get some Kii Audio Three / Snell / meyer sound speakers (maybe even Devialet Phantoms) and Audeze LCD4/STAX009/Focal Utopia headphones with a Woo Audio amp and you're 100%

  • Ultima893
    Ultima893 2 days ago

    Jesus christ your setup is amazing. Can I just say THANK YOU for actually spending money on audio. There's nothing worse for me than seeing geeks who spend $10k on their "ULTIMATE GAMING SETUP" and then they have a Steelseries headset and some 50 dollar Logitech 5.1. The sennheiser HD800s is an excellent choice! Though I MUCH prefer the sound of either STAX L700 or Audeze LCD-X. They cost about $2000 each and require the same amount spent on an amp. Best I've ever heard are STAX SR-009 and Focal Utopia (about $5000 each) give em a try!

  • Kodiak and Grizzly Bears

    I like the red pillow 'subscribe'!!

  • Kodiak and Grizzly Bears

    Do you need this equipment to write e-mails?

  • Gabriel Jablonsky
    Gabriel Jablonsky 10 days ago

    16:9 feels so outdated... :D

  • happy30yrs
    happy30yrs 17 days ago

    'Oh fuck off!' Is what I thought when watching this, again.

  • Liam Bushrod
    Liam Bushrod 21 day ago

    You talked about how there are two ways to watch setup your videos and one of those ways is "gathering inspiration from different parts" of it and adapting your own setup. Well, I took inspiration in a slightly different way and made a video tour of my own editing setup on my channel... because it's so terrible and causes maximum friction in turning footage into videos. Call it a parody if you like but it was fun to make 😂😂

  • Khamaruddin Daruji
    Khamaruddin Daruji 23 days ago


  • Umji’s Aegyo
    Umji’s Aegyo 25 days ago +1

    That cable management though, *c'mon Linus* 😂😂😂 Leave a like if you can relate.

  • Scott Suiter
    Scott Suiter 27 days ago

    Any desk updates sense posting the video

  • Helin Wang
    Helin Wang Month ago

    Could you do a setup tour for the camera set (e.g., camera body, lens, gimbal...)

  • Frederick Richardson

    Hey Marques, what camera are you using to shoot this video?

  • NWindfeldt
    NWindfeldt Month ago

    Where are these acoustic panels from?

  • Kervin Mc Kelllar
    Kervin Mc Kelllar Month ago

    You look like you repping T&T 🇹🇹

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    Which cable do you use for connecting Apollo to the iMac USB-C?

  • Cliff Gamer
    Cliff Gamer 2 months ago

    B u t c an y o u d o t h i s ?

  • John Williams
    John Williams 2 months ago

    Stack of hard drives sitting next to such a big studio monitor with huge magnets.

  • Posu
    Posu 2 months ago

    Why u stuck to mac when you got a maingear pc

  • HumanBeing
    HumanBeing 2 months ago +1

    Dark skin Andre Roberson

  • Amoledgamer 8
    Amoledgamer 8 2 months ago

    2:19 "perfectly" aligned

  • Amoledgamer 8
    Amoledgamer 8 2 months ago


  • Gordon Cyrus
    Gordon Cyrus 2 months ago

    make sure you use a grounded mouse pad. good for your health, especially around all that EHF and WiFI signals. It makes your red blood cells move up to 15 times faster and therefor your body's own natural healing process. they actually move 15 times slower when not grounded which is humans normal state in nature. keep up the good work.

  • Hailey Hunt
    Hailey Hunt 2 months ago

    His imac RAM is than my phone's ROM

  • Jerad Berry
    Jerad Berry 2 months ago

    "perfectly aligned"

  • MrDeepVoice
    MrDeepVoice 2 months ago +1

    2:12 I want to get those exact pads. Or at least comparable in shapes and colors :D does anybody know where to get them from with decent quality?

  • JellyBean xo
    JellyBean xo 3 months ago

    I'm a huge fan of Marques! :D Very humble and doesn't come off as a showoff!

  • Anthony
    Anthony 3 months ago

    How do the HS8's sound for casual music listening (mostly electro/idm/edm, jazz, classical) ?

  • Braja sundar Rout
    Braja sundar Rout 3 months ago

    no doubt u r rich..!

  • Ben-kitty Jones:
    Ben-kitty Jones: 3 months ago +1

    I wish that I was able to go and then do something have an iMac Pro that ran Windows. Just have the iMac run just as fast in Windows as it does in Mac OS!

  • Elmer Jimenez
    Elmer Jimenez 3 months ago

    What’s that thunderbolt adapter that he use to use the raid? On the Mac Pro

  • Nidhi Srivastava
    Nidhi Srivastava 3 months ago

    2:15 he needs to say perfectly aligned because of Linus

  • Dylan Newmons
    Dylan Newmons 3 months ago

    There is a third reason to watching setup tours- to gawk at technology you want, and to possibly drool over that tech 💀😂 which is one of the reasons I watch videos about things like the iPhone X and MacBook Pros and such 😂

  • Amanjot Gill
    Amanjot Gill 3 months ago

    Can we expect iMac 2018 refresh with new intel processors.? If not why and when ?

  • Bouncer YT
    Bouncer YT 3 months ago

    perfectly aligned my ass

  • Leyner Mendoza
    Leyner Mendoza 3 months ago

    Can anyone tell me where i can buy the triangles on the wall???

  • NothingButTech88
    NothingButTech88 3 months ago

    Link to the wallpaper?

  • TXRaised512
    TXRaised512 3 months ago

    I work for XDesk as a Sales Rep. Thanks for the shout out!!

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 4 months ago

    Sennheiser HD800 flat? Sort of. Those in NO WAY compare to Beryerdynamic DT880. The reason why people get the 800's are because the look pretty, it shows off that you can afford the, and yes, they do sound good...BUT for mixing and mastering and simple video editing audio...dude, the ugly ass DT880s are what million dollar recording studios use. Every huge recording studio uses them. This dude...

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 4 months ago

    Those look like HS5s rather than HS8s. I guess it'the wide anlge lens you're using really makes them look small?

  • Golem
    Golem 4 months ago

    128gb of RAM? damnnnn

  • MusicFilmArtLover
    MusicFilmArtLover 4 months ago


  • Mireya Sims Play
    Mireya Sims Play 4 months ago

    this was boring I thought this video was how to setup your iMac and how to use it

  • :D
    :D 4 months ago

    What is your wall paper I love it

  • Soundar_ n
    Soundar_ n 4 months ago

    What about jbl lsr 308!!! Anyone.

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 4 months ago

    Nice setup bro

  • Andrew Reid
    Andrew Reid 4 months ago

    Mouse pad?

  • Markus Williams
    Markus Williams 4 months ago

    Nice! I especially like the way you cleared everything towards the end. It was like food for thought 💭 for me

    WORLD DRONE FLIGHTS 4 months ago

    You have to walk a little bit during a minute to complete the standing up ring in your Apple Watch.

  • TechFit360
    TechFit360 4 months ago

    I absolutely Love this Setup!! One Day....I'll get there One Day!!!!!! Nice and it really gives me a lot of ideas for my own desk tour! Thanks!!!

  • Steven
    Steven 4 months ago

    Don’t know why but the black piece of foam on the wall at the far right is bothering me so much as it doesn’t seem aligned well with other pieces..

  • H series
    H series 4 months ago

    I didn't find the link of Crustic foam fiber glass array that color full thing on your wall

  • Bunny Bloods
    Bunny Bloods 4 months ago

    Keyboard link please.I like it.

  • José Manuel Trejo
    José Manuel Trejo 5 months ago

    Awesome setup, congrats!

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P 5 months ago

    Are you building some kind of nuclear power rocket or something? Why the hell do you need 128gb ram? Hahaha doesn't make sense to have that much ram

  • DarkOverFlow Overflow
    DarkOverFlow Overflow 5 months ago

    What do you do? I mean what type of job or ?? Are you doing and you get iphone x ,imac pro 5k 2018 ?

  • FM S
    FM S 5 months ago

    like your studio, is it commercial, residential, and what state are you located in?

  • Rishab Bhansali
    Rishab Bhansali 5 months ago

    Can anyone tell me which keyborad is that?

  • Robert Clevinger
    Robert Clevinger 5 months ago

    Does anyone know what kind of studio foam that is?? I googled what he called it and can’t find it at all.

  • Abinash Pathak
    Abinash Pathak 5 months ago +2

    come on linus😂😂

  • Seth Woods
    Seth Woods 5 months ago

    Got hyped to buy the desk for my iMac, $3,000+ *tears* :/

    JOEL YEOMANS ALEGRIA 5 months ago

    The acoustic foam panel is not perfectly aligned, if you see, the corner of the black panels are not aligned one to the other, is not a perfect line.

  • River Zane
    River Zane 6 months ago

    Can i ask where did you gey your wallpapers? You used it in your mac and s8 reviews... Thank you!

  • TheLegendaryPaps
    TheLegendaryPaps 6 months ago

    Hi I was wondering what kind of xdesk pro air you got like what did you get jet black gloss or matte? Also what size is the desk? And awesome videos

  • mehdi yakouti
    mehdi yakouti 6 months ago

    1200$ for a chair??? seriously !!!!

  • Owl Creations
    Owl Creations 6 months ago

    Great setup man! Do you think Apple will introduce a new iMac any soon this year? I kind of fired the GPU of my MacBook and desperately need a new iMac but worried if apple release a new version as soon as I buy one.

  • Vincent Brunet
    Vincent Brunet 6 months ago

    I have the iMac Pro too !! hahaha :)

  • Vilho Laine
    Vilho Laine 6 months ago

    separate hint grant above distance controversial frequency victory volume bottom expectation.

  • iTechSavvy
    iTechSavvy 6 months ago

    What is the wallpaper 😀

  • The Medium-Sized Lebowski
    The Medium-Sized Lebowski 6 months ago +1

    What level of RAID?

  • MoesHonestReviews
    MoesHonestReviews 6 months ago

    Nice video but not for beginners lol 10,000000equipment

  • absar althaf
    absar althaf 7 months ago

    What about live-streaming. Can’t you do that?

  • Jordy G
    Jordy G 7 months ago

    windows manda peerrro

  • Jordy G
    Jordy G 7 months ago

    k tranza perroz los saluda piudipai

  • Taylor Sherwood
    Taylor Sherwood 7 months ago

    The iMac stand is SO ugly. The iMac on it's own is beautiful, don't ruin it.

  • Techno Rajical
    Techno Rajical 7 months ago

    Help me bro :(

  • xl
    xl 7 months ago

    Ads are getting smarter..

  • zumzar one
    zumzar one 7 months ago

    Not god attal

  • Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz

    That chair should be able to give me a massage.

  • Mike Kimball
    Mike Kimball 7 months ago

    How could he have any dislikes for this video when he’s just showing you “HIS” setup? Has to be HATERS!!!!!!

    • Daniel P
      Daniel P 5 months ago +1

      Mike Kimball or people who can't afford something like this and get jealous

  • Justin Namuco
    Justin Namuco 8 months ago

    128 GB RAM? Bruh...

  • Justin Namuco
    Justin Namuco 8 months ago

    80 TB? Dude...

  • Kalpak Shah
    Kalpak Shah 8 months ago

    What Camera do you use for videos?

  • George Enis
    George Enis 8 months ago

    wow I'm jealous!

  • Lol no
    Lol no 8 months ago


  • Yoni Caragay
    Yoni Caragay 8 months ago

    Hi! do you think a new macbook pro will be announced this upcoming WWDC? And will it have a major spec upgrade?
    I currently have no laptop at my disposal and I am itching to get either MBP 13 *no touch* or 15 *with touch*. I am unsure whether wait for June or simply buy a 13'' temporarily

  • Berritxu keko
    Berritxu keko 8 months ago

    What is your desktop background image? It looks beautiful!

  • mohsen fathollahi
    mohsen fathollahi 8 months ago

    could you tweet the full res wallpaper you're using on this Mac Pro in this video
    thanks a lot🙏🏼

  • Luke BS
    Luke BS 8 months ago

    whay is everything like a grannd in ur setup holy shit

  • siddhant kawji
    siddhant kawji 8 months ago

    Bro MKBHD please give me one Google pixel 2xl for free please..😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 plzzzz

    • Daniel P
      Daniel P 5 months ago

      siddhant kawji go buy one yourself lazy ass

  • Monokl
    Monokl 8 months ago

    Hey Marques!
    I've watch your iMac Pro introduction and you got me sold there!
    However I am struglling with the right configuration and since it is big chunk of my money, I wanted to ask you for an advice.
    I am about to invest into iMac Pro and I would be super grateful for your insight / help as I am strugling little bit.
    I am definitely buying iMac Pro with better GPU (Pro Vega 64), but I can't decide if the next and only upgrade should be 10core CPU or 64GB RAM? I am worried that CPU is not later upgradeable but also I am not planing, nor can I afford to do another upgrade in about 5 years and I am worried 32GB RAM won't be enough, especially for Fusion.
    The use of this computer is mainly DaVinci Resolve (both editing and CC), which would mean the 10core CPU.
    But I am beginner in DaVinci Fusion and starting 2018 I really want to push this skill. Thats where I thought that upgrading RAM might be smarter then upgrading CPU.
    Other uses are Lightroom and Photoshop, but I am 100% sure that even the basic config is enough for that.
    But the Fusion is where it is messing me up.
    Please would you share your opinion?
    I am lost where else to study on this topic and due to long delivery dates I need to make this decission asap so I have this machine for my next planned job.
    Thanks in advance!
    All the best from Prague
    ps.: pardon my english. It's not my first language.

  • Blazed One
    Blazed One 8 months ago

    $30,000 setup for video editing.
    Okay. That's fine. $10,000 camera. ~$3,000 desk
    $1,250 chair. $850 volume controller...

  • Josh perez
    Josh perez 8 months ago

    I never thought of using the trackpad with the other hand, seem more efficient since you don't have to let go of the mouse.

  • Napoleon Legenda
    Napoleon Legenda 9 months ago

    Review your business card please

  • KDrop
    KDrop 9 months ago

    I just subbed to your channel. I like your videos. Very informative and fun to watch. Good job!

  • Grzebcio 86
    Grzebcio 86 9 months ago

    Kto z Polski ???

    DARTH PHINOX 9 months ago

    What wall paper is that

  • Profmarcelo moreno
    Profmarcelo moreno 9 months ago

    The best. congratulations my friend. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

  • Matt Sangoi
    Matt Sangoi 9 months ago

    "Who doesn't love huge volume knob?" hahaha so good

  • waipahutube
    waipahutube 9 months ago

    Great video. You said your raid is for archiving only. Where do u actually store your videos for the project you are working on? What’s your work flow like???

  • Gavin Worch
    Gavin Worch 9 months ago

    lies watch linus tech tips for the truth