Ubisoft’s Accessible Design Workshop | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • In November 2018, Ubisoft organized an Accessible Design Workshop in Montreal. Here is why we did it and what we learned from this experience!
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    Ubisoft’s Accessible Design Workshop | Ubisoft [NA
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    BEST STUDIO Month ago

    Best ubisoft i love

  • Saku Haapakka
    Saku Haapakka Month ago

    Of all the big game companies, Ubisoft's my favourite. I mean, they are doing stuff like this AND making Beyond Good & Evil 2!!!

  • KennyKyle
    KennyKyle Month ago


  • aver803bath261
    aver803bath261 Month ago

    This video is so awesome to see they actually make a lot of progress to help the disabilities able to enjoy playing video games.

  • Matty
    Matty Month ago +1

    Ubisoft, you are doing everything that other companies doesn't do, listening to the community and helping others. If a community manager reads this, keep up the good work!

  • Oscar Cook
    Oscar Cook Month ago +1

    this is awesome, ubi is realllllly been trying hard recently and its showing

  • Blurry
    Blurry Month ago +3

    nice. I'm Deaf. Ubisoft helpfull

  • I'm Negan
    I'm Negan Month ago +1

    Where do i sign up? I have some ideas for a new ac game and i want to shake hands with Ashraf Ismail and get his signature. I want an ac in the first civilization (ISU) times.

  • Jesse Terrell
    Jesse Terrell Month ago +5

    Not only did Ubisoft donate to the rebuilding of the Notre Dame Cathedral but they're helping disabled people enjoy the games even more. You have to respect what they're doing, even if you aren't a fan of their games they are helping people with REAL issues.

  • Un Known
    Un Known Month ago +2

    I hope you come up with a better designed skins in rainbow six siege and delete the skins that look like pajamas.

    • Un Known
      Un Known Month ago

      @R3KTL3SS I care the least for the skins...
      But,as you can see the game is going through serious @&$&#* right now 3 glitches in one week?
      Servers down for some players
      And last but not least cheating is still going on while it was the primary problem in siege now other problems came to join the chat.

    • R3KTL3SS
      R3KTL3SS Month ago

      Man I just want them to rework tachanka or something. I could care less about the skins

  • R3KTL3SS
    R3KTL3SS Month ago +7

    Ubisoft being one of the few gaming company's I still respect. This doesn't surprise me

  • hockeynut178
    hockeynut178 Month ago +4

    this makes me unbelievably happy

  • thomas rizas
    thomas rizas Month ago +7

    Ubisoft your awesome good job you have my respect and not only mine but from everyone

  • Ross
    Ross Month ago +16

    Tearing eyes here. Great example to follow. Congrats Ubisoft for this amazing work.

  • The Red Frag
    The Red Frag Month ago +19

    And yet people still say Ubisoft is a bad video game company because they downgrade their games. But do you know they listen to their community or fans as well

    • The Red Frag
      The Red Frag Month ago

      @Tom G check the gameplay of Tom Clancy's ghost recon breakpoint and then go to the comments then talk

    • Tom G
      Tom G Month ago

      Doge who says ubisoft is a bad company?

  • VaSyL04
    VaSyL04 Month ago +1

    Where is my warden trailer?

  • Daniil Dovban
    Daniil Dovban Month ago +2

    Thx Ubi for Steep :3

  • etchasketch222
    etchasketch222 Month ago +5

    Ubisoft is CRUSHING IT. AND they just released STEEP for free for a few days recently and Assassins Creed: Unity for free a while back to comrenorate the Notre Dame cathedral. I am looking forward to Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Breakpoint. This is good work guys! I just hope you are doing it out of the good of your hearts and not just so you can get more sales (which admittedly would be a bonus in all this accessibility work). Keep it up Ubisoft!

    • etchasketch222
      etchasketch222 Month ago +1

      @Steve Saylor - BLIND GAMER That's awesome man! Glad to hear it was genuine. Also good job for helping guide them on what needs to be done to make games accessible!

    • Steve Saylor - BLIND GAMER
      Steve Saylor - BLIND GAMER Month ago +3

      Hello! I was one of the accessibility gamers in the video and I can reassure you this was 100% genuine. The conversations we had with developers from different projects for the entire workshop always led with "How can we help you?" They were sincere, honest and open for feedback. We helped shape some solutions that I hope get further developed in the future for their games. Sure yes this will ultimately help sell more games, however their approach was wanting to make gaming available to everyone including people with disabilities like myself. Hope that helps!

  • Paradoxed
    Paradoxed Month ago +5

    Thanks Ubisoft you are awesome!

  • ツLUKA
    ツLUKA Month ago


  • Paradoxed
    Paradoxed Month ago +22

    Ubisoft are a great company, EA take notes.

    • Paradoxed
      Paradoxed Month ago +3

      @The Red Frag And they don't overcharge the consumer with microtransactions or loot boxes which give over powered items.

    • The Red Frag
      The Red Frag Month ago +6

      Also another note for EA


  • The Gacha Furry
    The Gacha Furry Month ago +10

    This is cool for people with disabilities

  • JelleJ
    JelleJ Month ago +2