Tattoo Dos and Don'ts With Ryan Ashley and Arlo | INKED


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  • Amber Green
    Amber Green 21 hour ago

    Hes clearly ADD just gotta say what comes to mind. If she cared shed call him out, so stop complaining bout him.

  • melancholy. sorta
    melancholy. sorta 23 hours ago


  • Owen Holdaway
    Owen Holdaway Day ago

    This is so pretentious. Seriously no appreciation for the client and the importance of customer service. The client gives meaning to the tattoo - especially if it for a traumatic reason - wears it for life and pays for it, if the tattooer does not like it they just don't post it on their Istragram account.
    Give me an enthauastic, techincally proficient tattooer any day, over some so called tattoo artist who just wants to use my skin as a way to self express themselves.

  • Umang Rai
    Umang Rai Day ago

    The guy needs to seriously to shut the fuck up

  • joshua osas
    joshua osas Day ago

    comparing tattoos to paintings, do tattoos have a resale value? shut up my man.

  • Erin L English
    Erin L English Day ago

    The whole video can be summed up by her face at 12:29

  • Erik Mileski
    Erik Mileski 2 days ago

    The guy is so annoying

  • David Narvaez
    David Narvaez 2 days ago

    This nigga keeps talking over her 😂😂😂

  • Zofia Gostańska
    Zofia Gostańska 2 days ago

    In all of the interviews all i can hear about prices is: just agree to whatever they want you to pay them. Can you explain what to do if you really admire tattooers art but you're not really wealthy so you for ex. just want to know what size you can afford or which details or whatever is important for you in theirs work and not start a conversation by makin them angry?

    • Uh-Uh Claireski
      Uh-Uh Claireski Day ago

      I've wondered the same thing. For me, I just need a guesstimate so I roughly know what money I need to save. I think if you explain the tattoo: size, detail, etc. there *shouldn't* be a problem. I think it's people that shop prices or act like price is most important that bother them. Then again, what do I know :) I could be wrong.

  • Issy Valle
    Issy Valle 2 days ago

    It’s more like, “Name your price + interest (not tip).”
    Waiters don’t name their price or make a commission aside from already getting paid minimum hourly wage if not below. Waiters primarily focus on experience not cooking you an expensive piece of art. If you wanna buy me lunch or coffee that’s nice... just put it on my bill if not I’ll buy my it myself. You want to add extra hours? Charge me for it. Did a great job? Well GOOD because I’m paying a hell of a lot for it. Anything extra money I “give” which is clearly additional is called a gift some call it a tip, originally being a generous act. If you expect tip regularly on top of charging me what you deserve is entitlement. Going above and beyond is a courtesy not business, if so then charge me for it since you want to get paid extra for your “courtesy.” I work in Food & Beverage industry and in the hair industry, tip is the talk of the town in both towns. Remember tip is a generosity not a requirement. One last thing, above and beyond service is something that should aimed for at all time, it’s how you get really known for (word of mouth is the best marketing)... then again that’s of course of to the worker lol.

  • Ghani Bai
    Ghani Bai 2 days ago

    Are they a couple they cute together

  • Erin Vaughn
    Erin Vaughn 3 days ago

    Ryan is one of the most Beautiful Women I have ever seen ... Inside and Out ... Such Incredible Talent !
    Bucket List ... Have Ryan do a Tattoo for me !

  • Gabriel Johannson
    Gabriel Johannson 3 days ago

    who the fuck is this guy?

  • Evol
    Evol 3 days ago

    Little do some people know is there dating

  • Danielle and Mia
    Danielle and Mia 3 days ago

    I don't think he really wants to be there lol..

  • Colin Hosman
    Colin Hosman 3 days ago

    He's the type of guy, that the second he opens his mouth, you wanna cut your dick off. I can't imagine sitting through a whole appointment with this guy, I’d probably grab the tattoo gun out of his hand and scribble all over his face.

  • 1killacane
    1killacane 4 days ago

    Ryan is so off putting. Arlo seems cool

  • Teinysha Patterson
    Teinysha Patterson 4 days ago

    I sweat a lot when I’m getting tattooed.

  • Drew
    Drew 4 days ago

    The fucking guy is so out of it

  • Obyone Kanoby
    Obyone Kanoby 5 days ago

    He is high ass fack

  • Halo K
    Halo K 5 days ago

    That guy had no clue what he was saying

  • Steve
    Steve 5 days ago

    Tattoo Do's and Don'ts...JUST DON'T DO IT!!!

  • amber ech
    amber ech 6 days ago

    i wanted to deck him in the nose every time he talked over her

  • Jaclyn Childs
    Jaclyn Childs 7 days ago

    I actually want to punch this Arlo guy out, like dude STOP TALKING OVER HER.

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo Garcia 7 days ago

    I would love to get a tattoo from ashley she seems like she covers every base, from what they like to what they dont

  • baby Gase
    baby Gase 7 days ago

    thats a dude

  • Ellie c
    Ellie c 7 days ago +2

    Omg is he annoying anyone else by talking over her ? Like LET THIS ANGEL LIKE WOMAN SPEAK !

  • Nick Guinn
    Nick Guinn 8 days ago

    get rid of this guy. I just want to sit and watch her talk.

  • Dao Records
    Dao Records 8 days ago

    That guy is so high or whatever he’s on I could tell in the first 5 seconds also he won’t shut up

  • David Gregory Cox
    David Gregory Cox 8 days ago

    Get to know the tattooist by sitting through a consultation with them.
    After all, the goal is to find common ground in the collaboration.
    I have ten tats from nine different artists. Seven of the nine artists were women.

  • No thanks B
    No thanks B 8 days ago +1

    She’s like a more badass Joey King

  • idontcareaboutlamps
    idontcareaboutlamps 8 days ago

    Take a shot everytime he interrupts 😂

  • Luka Tadej
    Luka Tadej 8 days ago

    This should be a 4 min video

  • danniel alcaraz
    danniel alcaraz 10 days ago

    Hes lost .. i dont think he remembered what he was doing there .. please only interview the beautiful lady

    • danniel alcaraz
      danniel alcaraz 4 days ago

      baby Gase damn i am mad at myself that i didnt notice this earlier

    • baby Gase
      baby Gase 7 days ago

      thats a dude,biology dont lie,look at that jaw line bro

  • Maressa
    Maressa 10 days ago

    Take a shot every time he interrupts

  • Paolo Scaramuzzino
    Paolo Scaramuzzino 10 days ago


  • WanderOver 64
    WanderOver 64 10 days ago

    That girl had her phone in he leg Crack thing oof sorry

  • Mexii
    Mexii 10 days ago

    He cuts her off so many times I literally can’t finish this

  • Mira Brocco
    Mira Brocco 10 days ago


  • Mayu Fellegiová
    Mayu Fellegiová 11 days ago

    What really gets me, is the guy talking about tattooing being a fine art and so, and i get that and i agree that it is. But what he doesnt seem to realize is that even fine arts are still bussinesses, even best known artists, like actors painters, sculpturers (is that a word in english?) are still trying to SELL their thing, or making it because it was asked of them. So you can have the muse and whatever, but it has to line up with your clients. And thats why i loved the way the girl talked and how she talked wt the customers (tell me what you do/dont like and so)

  • Kookiie T.O.P
    Kookiie T.O.P 11 days ago

    She is beautiful, smart, has amazing tattoos.

  • Whitney Hamer
    Whitney Hamer 12 days ago

    Jesus??? Could he stop interrupting her??

  • Frank Lerma
    Frank Lerma 12 days ago

    I smell the pheromones all over this video

  • jaemin is whipped for renjun

    *_this guy tatooing me_*
    Me:ok so can I ha-
    This guy: so what do you want to have
    Me:oh um so I was thinking a rose on my wr-
    Guy: where do you want it
    Me:..the wrist but a little on the le-
    Guy:which side of the wrist

  • Baby Noot
    Baby Noot 13 days ago

    Ryan is amazing, I love her 😍😍

    ITZ SHADOWZ 13 days ago

    How fucking cool is she though

    YDM MDY 13 days ago

    No, some ppl just don't wash. I get folks who give me a hard way when getting a shot or blood draw, but have a full or half sleeve or multiple tats--😲

  • Aliicide
    Aliicide 13 days ago

    This guy was so annoying and boring to listen to, had to skip all his parts to get through the video.

  • Ge Ga
    Ge Ga 13 days ago

    This girl is a bombshell my god 🤤

  • H Mel
    H Mel 14 days ago

    She is so hot

  • christiansniper2
    christiansniper2 14 days ago

    Arlo does cut over Ryan but Ryan just doesn't stop talking

  • zoie lemons
    zoie lemons 15 days ago

    dude shut up and let ryan fucking TALK BRO DAMN

  • 1GoldRunner
    1GoldRunner 15 days ago

    I'm sure he's a great guy but Arlo seems like he'll "hear you out" but will actually just be waiting to put his word in as soon as possible. At 6:22 , observe his mannerism, he's letting her talk but it's clear he already made up his mind and is waiting for an opportunity to interrupt. You can even see his mouth trying to move subtly constantly while Ryan is sharing her opinions.
    At 12:12 and 15:02 I'm pretty sure that's Ryan's discreet "I'm so f*cking done" face.

  • Skey
    Skey 15 days ago

    u guys doesnt realize he speaks over her for fun

  • Vaughn
    Vaughn 15 days ago

    She looks so done with him

  • xxxPlebacion
    xxxPlebacion 15 days ago

    That guy is severely autistic.

  • Savvy Marion
    Savvy Marion 15 days ago +2

    Stop talking over her

  • TrapCuzz
    TrapCuzz 15 days ago

    He talk trash

  • Rosy Geist
    Rosy Geist 15 days ago

    I got a lot from Ryan Ashley. I agreed a lot with the content, but some of it was convoluted because of the chemistry between them.

  • Emma Candland
    Emma Candland 15 days ago

    Collusion. Bro its called collusion.

  • Joseph Siciliano
    Joseph Siciliano 16 days ago

    looking at the work of artists from Europe compared to US, if I had to choose,I'd fly to Europe, get tattooed by an amazing artist, and have a vacation.

  • xTenshiko
    xTenshiko 16 days ago

    wow I got literally 1 minute in before I had to turn it off, I got SO irritated at this man interrupting and talking over Ryan. Did nobody on this set think to stop them and tell him to just let her speak??

  • Toxic_ Love
    Toxic_ Love 16 days ago

    Duck tap his mouth shut.

  • Ella Camville
    Ella Camville 16 days ago

    Also, re: this guy...

  • Ella Camville
    Ella Camville 16 days ago +1

    He only tips the server in a restaurant when they go above and beyond???? Bro, the server doesn't get to name their price the way an artist does. The server gets paid hourly, and most restaurants (at least in the US) pay UNDER MINIMUM WAGE because they assume EVERYONE tips. They literally pay like $6-$7/hour OR LESS assuming that you get the difference in tips. You don't just tip when the server goes above and beyond. Sure, you tip the bare minimum for bare minimum service and you tip really well for really good service, but when employers are robbing their workers like that, can you...maybe be less of a dick? Again, to reiterate: SERVERS DO NOT GET TO NAME THEIR WAGE THE WAY ARTISTS DO.

    • Issy Valle
      Issy Valle 2 days ago +1

      Ella Camville Finally!!!! Someone said it!!!! I’m a server, 5.50p/h + tips- ohhh please don’t forget it ALL gets taxed lol we serve and focus on experience only. We don’t cook your entree and serve it... we don’t even make commission/percentage off our “sales.” It’s solely gratuity. That’s it.

  • Rebecca Torgerson
    Rebecca Torgerson 16 days ago

    Jesus Christ.

  • Tarah Michelle
    Tarah Michelle 16 days ago

    my artist literally always HATES getting tips. she will bitch you out if you give her a tip because she believes that she loves what she does and she doesn’t need tips to show that. and i love her! she has done all of my tattoo’s and i’ve never felt so happy having someone feel so excited to tattoo.

  • TheGerman Polo
    TheGerman Polo 16 days ago

    Wtf why is this dude talking so much shit?

  • Professed MC
    Professed MC 16 days ago

    She picked her nose tho...

    • Professed MC
      Professed MC 13 days ago

      +Topaz Brown she did it as she was speaking about hygiene tho...

    • Topaz Brown
      Topaz Brown 13 days ago

      Who hasn't

  • Cheyenne Butler
    Cheyenne Butler 17 days ago

    He’s High

  • Boo Barth
    Boo Barth 17 days ago

    I think they both are stoned and drunk. Not worthy of my money.

  • Mr McG
    Mr McG 17 days ago

    This guy is total dick!! Can't even watch him interrupt and talk over her. Only made it through a few minutes and can't go on! Props to her for NOT punching him in his damn mouth!!! I would have!

  • Heaux
    Heaux 17 days ago

    My mans had to be high or buzzed. Between him constantly interrupting and rambling I barely understood what he was trying to get across

  • Von Bullfrog
    Von Bullfrog 17 days ago

    Totally agree on the tipping

  • Random Geek
    Random Geek 17 days ago

    I would love her as a tattoo artist

  • Marshall Finberg
    Marshall Finberg 18 days ago

    Dude. This guy will NOT shut up.

  • Karoline Pagan
    Karoline Pagan 18 days ago

    You should prob let the chick talk bruh. So annoying. You two are just blathering anyway.

  • Sausas
    Sausas 18 days ago

    Her jaw freaks me out

  • Samantha Brown
    Samantha Brown 18 days ago

    This dude is a fucking dick, and seems shallow as a shower. He is driving me crazy. Form your sentences big boy

  • Tavros Nitram
    Tavros Nitram 19 days ago

    this is the kind of shit feminists talk about when they say "mansplaining" holy fuck, interview them both separately but put the guy on a script. he babbles on forever but only gives out half a point each time

  • Brandon Turner
    Brandon Turner 19 days ago

    Next time just get rid of the dude. He contributed nothing

  • Emery Valextine Oscar Lane

    Is that dude fucking high or drunk

  • truthshit
    truthshit 19 days ago

    Yup. He's definitely high

  • adjfsk
    adjfsk 20 days ago

    What are the dos and donts? lol There's honestly nothing but them chatting about their random experiences.

  • Sophie McHugh
    Sophie McHugh 20 days ago

    While tattooing is certainly an art form the distinction i would make between the price of paintings and tattoos is that a painting is an asset which exists as a commodity. It can be bought, sold, and it can increase in value. That's what drives up the price. Crazy art prices are mostly in the secondary market at auction houses, the artist isn't necessarily seeing those kind of prices. A tattoo i's solely for you, there is only the primary sale to determine value.

    GAME_ GIRL 20 days ago

    Will you people stop attacking him over talking!!😂 yes he may talk over her but everyone does it not just him!!! She’s done it many times in the video. But the how people are treating other people now a days are fucking stupid cause u can’t say one thing without getting attacked!!😂😭😂😭

  • Lita Ann
    Lita Ann 21 day ago

    Low key think this guy is high. He can’t sit still, can’t concentrate for more than a second, won’t stop talking....clear signs of something like Meth, Coke or Speed. awks

  • Mats Asminn
    Mats Asminn 21 day ago

    God this guy is so awkward. How did he ever end up with her

  • Paul F.
    Paul F. 22 days ago

    7:08 - Price fixing?

  • ImExtremelyB0red
    ImExtremelyB0red 22 days ago

    Dayum, the guy Arlo is absolutely obnoxious to listen to. His thoughts are super incoherent and its so painful that he keeps interrupting Ryan, who actually has meaningful things to say.

  • Mads Is a person
    Mads Is a person 23 days ago

    Am I the only one that isn’t hating on the dude? I see that their just talking, and interrupting is normal in a conversation. Their having a conversation. Idk

  • Gerrit De slak
    Gerrit De slak 23 days ago

    He is hot when he is not speaking... please shut up and just look good

  • Anthony Harasimowicz
    Anthony Harasimowicz 23 days ago

    Ryan Ashley, I would pay much more for your work because I have seen how intricate your work is ! Plus I am a sucker for a beautiful woman tattooing me, so I would absolutely put my body in your hands for as long as you would let me.....mmmm definitely seductive and well knowledge for guys and girls to take away from ! MWAH !

  • Anthony Harasimowicz
    Anthony Harasimowicz 23 days ago

    All this dude is doing is talking over Ryan Ashley which is stupid to watch !

  • Sean Ward
    Sean Ward 23 days ago

    Damn she fucking gorgeous

  • Rita Balbo
    Rita Balbo 24 days ago

    Dude. That guy is just too obnoxious.

  • James Crutchfield
    James Crutchfield 25 days ago

    Are they dating cause they argue like they are. He’s a dick. 😂

  • LJ the snail boy
    LJ the snail boy 25 days ago

    her hair is so gorgeous, i just kept staring at it thee entire time lmao

  • Andy K
    Andy K 25 days ago

    Sometimes when he's talking but not saying anything i feel like i'm listening andy dwyer from parks and rec 😂

  • Savannah Vannah
    Savannah Vannah 25 days ago

    i would’ve been like stfu. well, if I could get that far in my sentence.