Fortnite X NFL

  • Published on Nov 5, 2018
  • We're excited to announce that Fortnite and the NFL are teaming up for the ultimate football face-off. Starting November 9 at 7PM ET you'll be able to purchase NFL themed Outfits from the Fortnite Item Shop.
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  • Sharkz1192
    Sharkz1192 7 hours ago +1

    Epic how come you don’t sell umbrellas in the shop or music or pets or spray or stickers? HOW COME YOU DONT SELL CHALLANGES

  • manolo y hania
    manolo y hania 7 hours ago

    Plis soccer

  • Caleb konopko
    Caleb konopko 7 hours ago

    SHARE THIS MESSAGE!!! - Please add a reconnection option where if you disconnect from a battle royale game you have a minute to 5 minutes to reconnect. And add an option where you can spectate your friend during their match so you don't have to just wait in the lobby when you are waiting on your friend. - SHARE THIS MESSAGE!!!

  • The Gamer Dragon
    The Gamer Dragon 8 hours ago

    Boombastic is an upcoming dance you can see it in the trailer at player 45

  • LPSPeriwinkleTV Official

    I've never seen animation so smooth

  • Carlos Nunez
    Carlos Nunez 9 hours ago

    and the Philadelphia player was doing the eagle

  • Carlos Nunez
    Carlos Nunez 9 hours ago

    one of the football players in the background was dabbing and it was from the panthers team

  • No Feels
    No Feels 10 hours ago


  • scary green grandpa alien is sugoi

    Nr 45 doing a new dance?

  • ZappE3Vixon - Roblox and More!

    Guys there is a football skin that is number 45 what dance is that??

  • 10,000 Subscribers with no videos challenge

    there’s a leaked dance behind the robot on the left hand side

  • bestMEME forEver
    bestMEME forEver 12 hours ago


  • Geen Verslaafd
    Geen Verslaafd 13 hours ago

    Evryone want gliderdeploy back !!!!

  • Youssef Elaraby XD
    Youssef Elaraby XD 14 hours ago

    Please Download Fortnite in PC 32 bit becouse I love Epic Games and fortnite Please Please And thank you

  • IOS Gaming YT
    IOS Gaming YT 14 hours ago +1

    The Emote was finally leaked

  • Benjemen butler King
    Benjemen butler King 14 hours ago

    Fortnite XS NFL
    More skins, more money

  • Cupboss _07
    Cupboss _07 14 hours ago

    I want tiempo back!!!

  • xBooMz TrinkzY
    xBooMz TrinkzY 15 hours ago

    Everydaypotato Stupid I know what the floss is I got it to that dance i mean the one behind de purple guy

  • Yin Domacinovic
    Yin Domacinovic 18 hours ago

    this new update ruined the game

  • Yin Domacinovic
    Yin Domacinovic 18 hours ago

    fort nite sucks

  • unknown player
    unknown player 18 hours ago +1

    *T H I C C*

  • Ian Tube
    Ian Tube 18 hours ago

    Please do that to the nba to🙏

  • Meatball & Spaghetti
    Meatball & Spaghetti 18 hours ago

    Hold on look in the back

  • iTzJavierTM
    iTzJavierTM 18 hours ago

    Epic desbaneale la primera cuenta a tfue

  • svilson muqa
    svilson muqa 18 hours ago

    Who else noticed that the man in the back left with black shirt did a not released dance?

  • xdTom Brereton
    xdTom Brereton 19 hours ago

    What game is this

  • Christian Villareal
    Christian Villareal 19 hours ago

    I hope Richard Sherman does the floss!

  • King Doge
    King Doge 20 hours ago

    Hello, Fortnite.
    Please make a PewDiePie skin. And the only way to get the skin is by subscribing to PewDiePie...

    I saw someone said this on the newest of pewds videos.... I just want to see if they could make a skin which is PewDiePie

  • optimuz O1
    optimuz O1 20 hours ago

    How can i submit fan art

  • Gaming Brothers MO
    Gaming Brothers MO 20 hours ago +1

    Hello Epic Games its a text :fortnite is not cruntley to play!

    TURBO- EXTREM 20 hours ago +1

    Sorry epicgames my no ban

  • Zoltan Karolyi
    Zoltan Karolyi 20 hours ago

    Im buy starter pack and you don t giv my my mamy his si two times i give you mani and no starter pack do you wana to giv my back many or starter pack

  • Clumppyrabbit 101
    Clumppyrabbit 101 20 hours ago

    Bring back the alpine aces please epic

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 23 hours ago

    Epic games why are you doing this why are you removing glider re deploy

    GABRIGAMES YT BERNARDI 23 hours ago +1

    Plz ranger in The shopppppll

  • V0RT3X_MUS1C
    V0RT3X_MUS1C Day ago

    Fortnite you should do an update to honour Stan lee the legend that past away

  • Jigna Udani
    Jigna Udani Day ago

    Please can you put electro swing back in the item shop please please please please please please please please😊

  • Daniel Pieri
    Daniel Pieri Day ago

    The shot guns in this game are trash your game was really good but the shot guns are just so bad pleaee fix them its making the game horrible to play

  • Mr.DuckStien
    Mr.DuckStien Day ago

    Bring BACK THE OG SONG AS MAIN MUSIC AGAIN!!!! Like so fortnite will here, I want the good ol' days back

  • Jason Espino
    Jason Espino Day ago

    Hey fortnite I want to ask something can you get gifting system out on the next update for all your people that play fortnite for us I will pay $45 dollars if you do this it’s a great deal for me and you

  • Matthew 76899
    Matthew 76899 Day ago

    Fortnite can you add a turkey pet as a back bling for Thanksgiving as challenges 4 Thanksgiving

  • papasouce
    papasouce Day ago

    For the Christmas skins for the OG owners rap the skins in Christmas lights like the bunny moon skin

  • PickleYT
    PickleYT Day ago

    who else post a comment before watching the video?

    MARKIE JR Day ago

    Hey epic i have a suggestion that you should do to playground. You should have a setting to have which map from each season

  • goten black
    goten black Day ago

    can we have thans back again becuse i never got to play w/ him ever so i started fortnite at the end of season4

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez Day ago

    Can u epic games make Kevin the cube set pleaaase

  • Pheminon
    Pheminon Day ago

    Why did I click this link?
    Chris Hanson is going to be knocking on my door with all these 9 year olds around me

  • RegentSum
    RegentSum Day ago

    Hay fortnite well xbox one players are a little upset that they cant get a celabraition pack for free so please make one

  • noob kid
    noob kid Day ago

    Add LG fortune 2 to fortnite please i really want to play. All my friends have fortnite but I dont

  • xxxSinister
    xxxSinister Day ago

    I need Season 7 to have the song
    COOPER - This Year (Fox Stevenson Remix)

  • bradley Yang
    bradley Yang Day ago

    Hey there this kid he called me gay and said bad words and left to me we shoud vote for people the, bully ,hacking banned for good i hate this pls fix this keep doing what your doing 👍👍👍

  • Armando Velazquez

    cool skins epic

  • Armando Velazquez

    I have so many skins

  • Mechanized battle toaster

    Dear, Fortnite please stop rereleasing skins in the item shop and gets rid of the uniqueness to the player and the skin. Rereleasing emotes and pickaxes are fine but, when you buy a skin its a skin that will represent you. If this action is repeated the skin will lose its value in the players heart. So epic games I’m asking you as a player to listen to my comment.
    Sincerely, Mr. Toaster

    • wizofhell
      wizofhell Day ago

      Mechanized battle toaster go die in a fire

  • ethan mclean
    ethan mclean Day ago

    collab with pewdiepie @epic

  • Miky Gaming
    Miky Gaming Day ago

    I liked how they made an eagles player do the eagle emote

  • thebeastboy49
    thebeastboy49 Day ago

    Can you add snipers only back please plz fortnight

  • Toxicboyplayzroblox Ken

    Have a great day epic

  • Toxicboyplayzroblox Ken

    Hey epic I am a mobile player and I have sum thoughts for you lately after I get done playing a match it makes me leave the hole game I’m like I have to restart fortnite it kinda makes me made

  • Wendy Broussard
    Wendy Broussard Day ago

    Epic games can you please make footage of the new gun coming to fortnite

  • Random Dalek
    Random Dalek Day ago

    Is there male Redskins skin?

    DJ LLAMA Day ago

    I got spike

  • Willve
    Willve Day ago

    Epic is so greedy I have the legendary edition of fortnite and they don’t give me the deep freeze

  • Extreme tech boys

    Do something for Android!!!!!

    JAMES SAUL Day ago

    Thrash for removing glider redeploy

  • Andrew Roberts
    Andrew Roberts Day ago

    Can you PLEASE put fortnite on the Samsung Galaxy j7 aura 2018 phone. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • pro1133demolisher

    Optomize the gameeeeeeeee

  • pro1133demolisher

    Can you just turn the hp in 200 lifes in fortnite plis beacause 100 lives nah beacause in dis game you die so fast and ist not fair please turn 200 hp plis

  • Spider man
    Spider man Day ago

    Can you bring back the emote freestylin I really want it

  • Luis Alonso
    Luis Alonso Day ago

    I want save the world my name is Samuelamonta and I want 1,000 bucks

  • GeorgeTV207
    GeorgeTV207 Day ago

    Fort nite don’t take out redeploy gliders pls

  • Chris Videos
    Chris Videos Day ago

    El personaje con el número 45 en la camiseta hace un baile que nunca ha salido en la tienda de objetos

    • Chris Videos
      Chris Videos Day ago

      con el traje todo negro, en la parte de atras

  • Colby Duvall
    Colby Duvall Day ago

    Everyone should get a football skin.

  • steve
    steve Day ago

    of course the orange one does the orange justice.

  • Smart Cat Gamer
    Smart Cat Gamer Day ago

    Please make the new deep freeze skin bundle at least 20 dollars

  • Kenneth Quiroga Arteaga

    Ay dog um yo what’s up like my Fortinite account doesn’t Work help me

  • The Ghost
    The Ghost Day ago

    Why did you guess remove the glider redplay

  • Xtreme Galaxy
    Xtreme Galaxy Day ago

    Twitch Prime Pack #3?

  • Fabian G.G
    Fabian G.G Day ago


  • MyLyfeIsA Meme
    MyLyfeIsA Meme Day ago

    made my day

  • fb smg
    fb smg Day ago +1

    You need to do baseball skin

  • العاب متنوعه

    Samsung Galaxy J4 and 8.1.0 I can download Fort Knight

  • Duncan Farmer
    Duncan Farmer Day ago

    Bruvh just vault glider re-deploy would you?

  • LoBoFaiL -_-
    LoBoFaiL -_- Day ago


  • Eslot The Destroyer

    Now we need Football toy items

  • Someone 5173
    Someone 5173 Day ago +1

    When is one shotgun delay going to he fixed. I mean that the delay for DOUBLE shotgun can also happen for ONE shotgun, for example. Let’s say we have the pump sub setup, and we shoot the pump, decide to switch to sub, but decide to switch to pump again, THE DELAY IS STILL THERE.
    It’s a pretty heavy issue but it’s not a heavy issue to fix, so pls fix this as soon as possible.

  • Daniel Fiskerstrand

    Make pewdiepew skin

  • Liston Powell
    Liston Powell Day ago

    Can you please make fortnite for Xbox 360

  • Alberto Medrano
    Alberto Medrano Day ago

    Epic we want the drumgun back everybody does

  • IG: Steeve101
    IG: Steeve101 Day ago

    I don't wanna pay for Xbox live gold to play a f2p game 🤦♂

  • AkiTheKing HD
    AkiTheKing HD Day ago

    You is not fair please my device is Huawei p smart please to download fortnite please 😟😔

  • Jack and Daniel-Roblox and more!

    I see the chicken emote and boneless together

  • The Battle Kid
    The Battle Kid Day ago +1

    Bring the cube back

  • RINZL3R_ 104
    RINZL3R_ 104 Day ago

    C'mon epic.. all these new guns and utilities are shit. *Be reasonable...* I as well as some - others, have spent over a grand on v - bucks (not in total, it's a - lot more than that).
    At the very least. Actually - vault the weapons that get vaulted. Don't just half do it and dump vaulted guns in playgrounds.
    " You're pissing everyone off. "
    Please, please, pleeease bring back the silenced smg, grey pump, tactical smg and " earn your way to buy skins. "
    Actually vault, the sawn off, normal smg (un - supressed mp5) and get rid of glider re - deploy.. only enable it for baloons, bring back fall damage vault the grappler. (trust me these are good ideas I should be head director.)
    Considering all these ideas (or most) will nerf defensive building and reduce increased lag in pro scrims.
    Please stop making Fortnite noob friendly. " The only way for the noobs to get better is for them to put in the hours. Practice, and play the game. "
    *Milk the cash cow all you want*... in the long run you'll lose more revenue at the rate you're going..
    then eventually your life investments a.k.a all the pro's/streamers, content creators etc. are all gonna leave.

    *:Edit: Earn your way to buy skins just for legendary ranked skins.*

  • kostas katsiakis

    I want the Ghoul Trooper in the item shop please

  • jamila Badar
    jamila Badar Day ago

    Rack for boom because its fack glitch nnnnnnnnn

  • Pelit 123
    Pelit 123 Day ago

    Please add all vaulted items on pkayground😉

  • Niki Nikolov
    Niki Nikolov Day ago

    Bring back the soccer skins

  • Mr-BBQ
    Mr-BBQ Day ago

    dieses spiel ist absoluter müll! ich habe keine Ahnung was bei euch schief gelaufen ist?? ich hoffe das PUBG euch wieder verklagt und ihr dieses Drecks Game vom markt nehmen müsst!!! ich wünsche Fortnite den Untergang! bevor ihr irgendwas neues in Fortnite macht solltet ihr mal das komplette Game überarbeiten! und vielleicht mal etwas an dem Schusssystem ändern!!! es kann nicht sein das ich mit der heavy shotgun 7 schaden mache wenn ich vor dem Gegner stehe egal wo ich ihn treffe sollte der schaden mindestens um die 30 herum sein und keine 7!!!! ich werde dieses Game nicht mehr zocken und werde so viele wie möglich überzeugen das sie das Game nicht mehr spielen! @

  • GameProPie Lord64

    The number 45 at the back is doing a unofficial dance!