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  • Tostito was here
    Tostito was here 9 months ago

    It's been seven months come backkkk

  • Yoby Light
    Yoby Light 9 months ago


  • Sierra Doriety
    Sierra Doriety 10 months ago +2

    I will refuse to live in a world without dark five bring it back

  • Ami TheRobyn
    Ami TheRobyn 10 months ago +1

    Man where did Rachel go

  • Nia Abdul Hameed Madison
    Nia Abdul Hameed Madison 10 months ago +1

    Where have u gone Rachel where have u goneeee😭😭😭

  • nightcore fantasy
    nightcore fantasy 11 months ago

    Rachel question pls awnsere if u can..i think i sawu at oxzzu osbourne conset not sure tho it looked like you i tried to go over but my dadpulled me away..if t was then HOLY MUTHA

  • Kira Guski
    Kira Guski 11 months ago

    Rachel I responded to your answer on p.t. On the vid

  • Zangetsu
    Zangetsu Year ago

    i love sapphire

  • H H
    H H Year ago +1

    Like I loved something scary but the other things where amazing too

  • H H
    H H Year ago +3

    What happened to this channel

  • MRS. A.
    MRS. A. Year ago +10

    Why isn’t Rachel on snarled anymore?

  • Fresh Potato
    Fresh Potato Year ago +1

    What happened to dark 5 :(

  • Relevant Existential

    Dark 5 comeback please

  • Issy
    Issy Year ago +16

    I miss you Rachel and dark 5

  • FluffyPinkChaos
    FluffyPinkChaos Year ago +16

    Rachel, do you have your own channel?

  • Samantha Darling
    Samantha Darling Year ago +4

    Guys...what happened to the snarled channel? Why is Rachel gone?

  • Unicorn 4504 Unicorn 4504

    Are you in marvels runaways ?

  • Cristal Morales-Leon

    I’m soo sorry I’m going to say but I wish you guys posted scary stories instead but this is ok

  • Earth to Crescentia


  • Kittyplaz 56
    Kittyplaz 56 Year ago

    I love you guys so much! I first found out about you on one of your old vids top ten creepiest calls! I hope one I could meet you!

  • #roblox #mad city
    #roblox #mad city Year ago +1

    Hi can l plz be your deiens

  • Christen Storla
    Christen Storla Year ago +21

    Rachel! Do more dark 5 vids!

  • Feck Boi
    Feck Boi Year ago

    Found this channel through Passepartout and I'm glad. Awesome and entertaining 😊 Liked and subbed for more good content and videos. Keep up the great work, wish you only the best and Peace! ✌👍

  • HarryDaniel Playz

    Where is Sapphire

  • steven NGUYEN
    steven NGUYEN Year ago +1

    why isn't sapphire there =c

    • Yara Khalil
      Yara Khalil Year ago +1

      steven NGUYEN cause it’s not only her Channel


    I'm super late😭😭😭

  • Noggots Galore
    Noggots Galore Year ago


  • Love Art
    Love Art Year ago +2

    I have a true story.... Its called "room 10" me and my mom where on the hospital bcause my grandpa had cancer,i was 6 or 7 in that time....i was on floor 3 with my mum i asked my mum "whats that room thats been blocked with wood mum?" my mom answered "ohh..thats room 10 patients die in that room they say theres a shadow of a man with red eyes after that...... the patient died"my mom saw the patients it turned into a purplish color the mouth had blood all over i was shocked

    • Moni Oni
      Moni Oni 10 months ago

      Love Art why would a mother tell that to a 6 or 7 year old lol makes no sense like this story

  • Rhi Campbell
    Rhi Campbell Year ago

    What up

  • Melanie Khoun
    Melanie Khoun Year ago

    When you can’t relate

  • EeeTtt333 Eric
    EeeTtt333 Eric Year ago


  • Mariyah Zmanay
    Mariyah Zmanay Year ago +1


  • Simo Ninkovic
    Simo Ninkovic Year ago

    One night me and my Dad went down this creepy road and a creepy voice whisper saying Simo Simo And Simo I was scared and my dad say did u hear that? And I said: Yeah dad and we was still walking and we knew this was a creepy road me and my dad saw a snake with red eyes and I said see dad this is haunted and that SNAKE IS A DEVIL!!! I screamed in a load voice and me and my dad run there was my grandfather in my lambogini and I drop off my grandfather then I returned my dad was posses and I called 911 said need ambulance my dad caught the devil soul then my dad was better and I keep on seeing that snake I went to the church and tell the priest he said you're are contacting the devil he is then he took the Orthodox cross and said Jesus and god will destroy you devil I never saw the devil and it was so cool I was eating with my father when I saw a woman says can I eat and I said: NO . In a deep load voice and my dad say the something we knew we did the same thing at church and we never saw the devil again that's a creepy story

  • Simo Ninkovic
    Simo Ninkovic Year ago

    Please share this

  • Simo Ninkovic
    Simo Ninkovic Year ago

    Snarled I need to tell you a creepy story

  • Randy Gaming
    Randy Gaming Year ago

    her :- hello its rachel
    me :- wheres sapphire
    her :its Anthony


  • Gacha GlitZ
    Gacha GlitZ Year ago

    She didn't notice my reply..:(
    But its OK :) least I didn't miss the stream

  • • frostedjosieos

    Wow Anthony is great with his MJ shirt and popped collar. His bucket hat was flipped up in the back and it looked like a fedora.

  • Brooke Thurman
    Brooke Thurman Year ago

    Really I do love you hair

  • Brooke Thurman
    Brooke Thurman Year ago

    I love your hair

  • hi itsmeh
    hi itsmeh Year ago

    Omg i luv your hair it's my fav colour

  • Mathew Mimbs
    Mathew Mimbs Year ago


  • Margaret LaCroix
    Margaret LaCroix Year ago


  • PainfulPrayers TwT

    She responded to two of my questions yay!

  • Ms. Midnight Pastel Light

    How's the voice acting for school spirit?

  • Yum Yibs
    Yum Yibs Year ago

    I'm here very early yay!!

  • Naomi And Emily
    Naomi And Emily Year ago


  • Lady_Mimi_Bird
    Lady_Mimi_Bird Year ago


  • Malice
    Malice Year ago +7

    For something scary:

    Me and my 2 brothers were walking down the road and we heard something whisper my name in a quiet deep voice. “Alice, Alice” we didn’t think much of it. After 10minutes of walking we saw someone staring at us through a window with bright red eyes and black hair drizzling down their face, we started to get worried so we started heading home, we turned around and a figure was there
    Eyes bright red, blood dripping from teeth, black long hair and a 1600’s night gown, me and my 2 brothers ran, soon after a man got hit by a car, we was really scared. When we got home my grandfather told us that our grandmother was hit by a train and discribed her just as we saw the figure.

  • Jack 123
    Jack 123 Year ago


  • berenice time
    berenice time Year ago

    Aww I missed it

  • marrinett and nothing

    Hey I love your channel

  • Sarah Crankypants
    Sarah Crankypants Year ago +1

    Did I just imagine that one blonde girl that worked here and did the show about the dead girl?

  • Melody the dog
    Melody the dog Year ago



  • Melody the dog
    Melody the dog Year ago


  • lester aviles
    lester aviles Year ago


  • Papa Scrubby
    Papa Scrubby Year ago


  • pixiesticksanddirtykicks

    Ive missed you!!!!!

  • Jasmine Colin
    Jasmine Colin Year ago

    I care about u guys u guys make my life even better

  • Mya England-Lehari