What Can You Do With a 3D Printer?


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  • Haslina Ibrahim
    Haslina Ibrahim 6 hours ago

    I have one,but it's a pen version you have to use your hand to make it 3D,and I suck so I try and try and I am getting along with it

  • Amber Miller
    Amber Miller 21 hour ago

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  • INSomnia XL
    INSomnia XL Day ago

    3:45 the struggle is real 😂

  • Jrkilla08 Gaming

    My science teacher use the same ones that

  • LJ Animations
    LJ Animations 3 days ago

    Did you just say oh my GLOB.... Adventure time squad where you at

  • LJ Animations
    LJ Animations 3 days ago

    Did you just say oh my GLOB.... Adventure time squad where you at

  • LJ Animations
    LJ Animations 3 days ago

    Did you just say oh my GLOB.... Adventure time squad where you at

  • Niño Yray
    Niño Yray 3 days ago

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  • The Kid Constructor
    The Kid Constructor 3 days ago

    It's not hard it's cause you bought a $140 printer

  • Eddie Moser
    Eddie Moser 4 days ago

    you dont print on paper....

  • Lightning Wolf
    Lightning Wolf 4 days ago


  • jannet lopez
    jannet lopez 5 days ago

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  • Fjsjvmfj Mgidjgjckd
    Fjsjvmfj Mgidjgjckd 6 days ago

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  • Xgamer 267
    Xgamer 267 6 days ago

    2:00 I wanted a relaxing video not a science lesson

  • Brandi Shepherd
    Brandi Shepherd 6 days ago +1

    Does anybody see that board in the back? 1 like=1 name for him.

  • Megan Ward
    Megan Ward 6 days ago

    Make a bunny

  • KenwolfMC
    KenwolfMC 6 days ago

    Good Printing Tips:
    Ok, you did some things wrong. First, use masking tape not paper. Second, the filament should never be let loose (unless it's in the printer) because it causes jams.
    Edit: Third, make sure to level your build plate and fourth, slice the print properly in Cura or other slicers.

  • Allison Diaz
    Allison Diaz 7 days ago

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  • Leaking Lotad
    Leaking Lotad 7 days ago +1

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  • Unown Gamer555
    Unown Gamer555 8 days ago

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  • Debbie Rearden
    Debbie Rearden 8 days ago


  • krystal reynolds
    krystal reynolds 8 days ago

    You should make a phone or shoes with the printer😁

  • TananjanTubeHd
    TananjanTubeHd 8 days ago

    I used to have the same 3d printer but my usb broke, I had to refund it

  • Niyah Palmer
    Niyah Palmer 9 days ago


  • Milk Duds Succ
    Milk Duds Succ 9 days ago

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  • aswxyv 6
    aswxyv 6 9 days ago

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  • Pitchperfect Camping

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  • Amaar Yusuf
    Amaar Yusuf 9 days ago


  • Markess A. Wilder
    Markess A. Wilder 9 days ago

    Once you figure out what you're doing you're going to have a great time you're just not doing anything right right now well good luck do some research you will figure it out real quick.

  • Huma Tariq Masood
    Huma Tariq Masood 9 days ago

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  • Rita Ventura
    Rita Ventura 10 days ago

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  • BretD-T.V.
    BretD-T.V. 10 days ago

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  • Kristina alivio
    Kristina alivio 11 days ago

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  • Brock Carter
    Brock Carter 11 days ago

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  • Kookie
    Kookie 11 days ago

    Im moving my legs with the printer lol

  • Kai Fagan
    Kai Fagan 12 days ago

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  • Marianna Gloriani
    Marianna Gloriani 12 days ago

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  • Apolinar Villatoro
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  • Apolinar Villatoro
    Apolinar Villatoro 12 days ago

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  • Gamer Mil
    Gamer Mil 13 days ago

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  • Gamer Mil
    Gamer Mil 13 days ago


  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 13 days ago +1

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    Jayden FALZON-TABONE 14 days ago +1

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    Kathy Guillory 14 days ago

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  • BRGamingKing
    BRGamingKing 14 days ago

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  • Julian Charles
    Julian Charles 15 days ago +2

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  • che Alcantara
    che Alcantara 16 days ago

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    LPSCutie Paw Does DIY 17 days ago

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  • Soh Shao Wei
    Soh Shao Wei 18 days ago

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  • Rodel Jamero
    Rodel Jamero 18 days ago

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  • Rosie Alolon
    Rosie Alolon 18 days ago

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  • Korneliusz4
    Korneliusz4 18 days ago

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  • Hanna-lee McNamara
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  • Mary Carlisle
    Mary Carlisle 19 days ago

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  • Noemi Doce
    Noemi Doce 19 days ago

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  • Karl Malaga
    Karl Malaga 19 days ago

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  • Dani Cirlanaru
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  • Mon Ster
    Mon Ster 20 days ago

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  • koolynate29
    koolynate29 20 days ago

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  • Chris Mullins
    Chris Mullins 20 days ago

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  • Lucas Reimer
    Lucas Reimer 20 days ago

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  • Mason Parisi
    Mason Parisi 20 days ago

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  • Adam Productions
    Adam Productions 21 day ago

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  • MixedContent!! lol
    MixedContent!! lol 21 day ago

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    Gabriella Nunez 21 day ago

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    Willoughby Wiggins 23 days ago

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  • Boots Boots
    Boots Boots 23 days ago

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  • Holly Beach
    Holly Beach 23 days ago

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  • Jad Hamati - EIS Grade 4

    My dad use the 3D printer for jewelry

  • Cadence Marchant
    Cadence Marchant 24 days ago

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  • Mark Scruggs
    Mark Scruggs 24 days ago

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    XxGamingWithMexX 1 25 days ago

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    jed Ramos 26 days ago

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  • Derry Harrington
    Derry Harrington 28 days ago

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