British Stars on Which American Accent Is Hardest to Do | Vanity Fair

  • Published on Feb 10, 2015
  • We quiz the stars of our British Portfolio on their favorite royals, American accents, and which English traditions need to finally cross the pond. Featuring Tom Hiddleston, James McAvoy, Judi Dench, Emily Blunt, Matthew Goode, Felicity Jones and more.
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    British Stars on Which American Accent Is Hardest to Do | Vanity Fair
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  • Ruben6981
    Ruben6981 Day ago

    Worst English accent by an American actor....Kevin fuckin Costner Robin Hood

  • AviGaming
    AviGaming Day ago

    The British have such a colorful, diverse assortment of dialects. I wish I could learn most of them! Also Tom is an accent wizard. Look up his video on the topic, you won’t regret it.

  • Misstraw
    Misstraw Day ago

    James McAvoy is British???? 3 of these people I thought for sure they were American

  • Michelle Espino
    Michelle Espino Day ago

    0:28 who is this I’m wrecking my brain 🧠?????

  • annalee & katie
    annalee & katie Day ago

    who is at 1:00

  • Emmaly
    Emmaly Day ago

    Richard Madden 😍😍

  • Britne Phillips
    Britne Phillips Day ago

    Wow this made me realize how much I love British actors/actresses. I belong there as a Londoner.

  • Lanky J
    Lanky J Day ago

    is there anyone who's not posh in this video?

  • Lanky J
    Lanky J Day ago


  • Julia Huynh
    Julia Huynh Day ago

    0:11 There's more than one? lmao

  • Josie Abate
    Josie Abate Day ago

    “Pippa Middleton, is she royal, she will be”

  • Bri Collins
    Bri Collins Day ago

    I need a list of names for every celebrity featured in this video. first to do it gets $5

  • Lucy Fitzpatrick
    Lucy Fitzpatrick Day ago +1

    not to be THAT person but y’all know Jamie identifies as Irish yeah

  • Jillian Elise
    Jillian Elise Day ago +1

    I just want to marry an English man is that too much to ask

  • Deborah L
    Deborah L Day ago

    Orlando Bloom is British????

  • Deborah L
    Deborah L Day ago

    All these people are so pious

  • Loving Heart
    Loving Heart Day ago

    My heart melted when I saw James McAvoy.😨😨😨😨😨😨🙈🙈

  • Elise
    Elise Day ago

    who is the guy on 0.21?

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Day ago +1

    Quick note to anyone not British: this video does not represent British people, we're not well spoken en masse and we don't dress like that routinely

  • Draugyr
    Draugyr Day ago

    We have Yorkshire puddings, we just call them popovers

  • Rajesh V
    Rajesh V Day ago

    Wow, are there any American actors anymore?😉

  • Lara M
    Lara M Day ago +2

    Emily blunt casually behind the hollywood sign in a super fancy dress with a string in her hand

  • Ashley Madison
    Ashley Madison Day ago

    2:27 that was real right there.

  • Vicky
    Vicky Day ago +1

    I really loved diana

  • shinny eyes
    shinny eyes Day ago

    How to perform the best english accent? Just speak normal english but be as arrogant, big-headed, petulant and full of yourself as you can possibly imagine and you'll sound just like a londoner.

  • Dora Happy Chez Moi Vlog

    charm, class and wit.

  • Ash W.
    Ash W. 2 days ago

    The only Royal Ik about that they said was "the queen" 😆

  • Dimitri Rodriguez
    Dimitri Rodriguez 2 days ago

    I like how they said all American accents are the same then were offended by Mary poppies 😂

  • Covers by Annabeth
    Covers by Annabeth 2 days ago

    so happy cookie is in this!!
    if ya don’t get it, ya don’t get it

  • Shannon Suo
    Shannon Suo 2 days ago

    Brits give me wood.

  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park 2 days ago

    I didn’t realize they were all British! I knew a lot of them but some of them were a surprise

  • mcintoka
    mcintoka 2 days ago

    No Idris Elba? I’m sure he would say Bmore.

  • BlueFire Cheetah
    BlueFire Cheetah 2 days ago

    Hold on..... Was that Tom Hiddleston ❤❤ or is it just me?

  • Allthingshanani
    Allthingshanani 2 days ago +1

    “I think they’ve caught up with our drinking” 😂

  • Angelica C.
    Angelica C. 2 days ago

    Someone please remind me of the actor's name who shows up at 1:09 and 2:07? What a stud. His name slipped my mind!! 😩

  • Gilayah McIntosh
    Gilayah McIntosh 2 days ago

    @1:01 OMG she looks like Kerry Washington 🤭

  • Valentina Chappell
    Valentina Chappell 2 days ago

    Lol no one said prince William

  • Darryn Smith
    Darryn Smith 2 days ago

    The title of this video though...

  • Vas Happenin?
    Vas Happenin? 2 days ago

    2:20 I love how every video I watch someone always says something about one direction and it brings me so much joy!!

  • Hannah Margaret
    Hannah Margaret 2 days ago +1

    Should’ve put the names of each actor, some of them i recognize but can’t put a name on them

  • xoxo Ugo
    xoxo Ugo 2 days ago

    S/o to the man who said Diana, a real one

  • Felicity Herion
    Felicity Herion 2 days ago

    a true respectable British actor

  • Barbie's Back
    Barbie's Back 2 days ago

    No Emilia Clarke? Dislike

  • sydney luevano
    sydney luevano 2 days ago

    2:20 ((((((one direction))))))😂😍

  • Brett Parsons
    Brett Parsons 2 days ago

    1:11 Respect

  • Kira K
    Kira K 2 days ago

    who's the guy at 2:16

  • adreain sykes
    adreain sykes 2 days ago

    who is the guy in the thumbnail?

  • Carysiola
    Carysiola 2 days ago

    As a British person, I’ve always found the New York/ Boston accent the hardest... At least to do accurately. Easiest is probably Texan or something.

  • bixby canyon bridge 1983

    living for the day, the world quits mocking southern american accent, relating it to ignorance and lack of education, class, and status of character.

  • Diamondheart
    Diamondheart 2 days ago

    I just googled Yorkshire pudding and I need one so bad now

  • Emily Cuba
    Emily Cuba 2 days ago

    who else got this recommended this 4 years too late

  • bella C
    bella C 2 days ago

    Y’all did hear one direction is now apart of the royal family and harry styles is the king

  • Marina Gonçalves
    Marina Gonçalves 2 days ago +7

    I missed Benedict Cumberbatch in this video.

  • Josh Barela
    Josh Barela 2 days ago

    How hard can an American accent be? You just have to speak normally

  • Akshata Sawant
    Akshata Sawant 2 days ago +2

    Why is Jamie Dornan even in this video? He's Irish!

  • Amy Theo
    Amy Theo 2 days ago


  • Lina La
    Lina La 2 days ago


  • calikitten25
    calikitten25 3 days ago

    Kiera Knightly 💓

  • oo F
    oo F 3 days ago +1

    The king in the north

  • R. DaNell
    R. DaNell 3 days ago

    We won the war, though. So...

  • Penny Dreadful
    Penny Dreadful 3 days ago +6

    Aww, I love this. They’re all so honest and sweet 🥰

  • missymotors
    missymotors 3 days ago

    YEE! British Invasion! 😍🥰😘😍🥰😘LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  • Pippetandpossum
    Pippetandpossum 3 days ago

    Southern. Y’all never do it right lol

  • J D
    J D 3 days ago


  • AfrocentricGeek
    AfrocentricGeek 3 days ago

    I guess just f*ck William?

  • Savannah Velez
    Savannah Velez 3 days ago

    I previously thought that many of these people were American actors.........

    • imbecile
      imbecile 3 days ago

      Savannah Velez lol they look brutish to me for some reason

  • Lorena Miss Ozuna
    Lorena Miss Ozuna 3 days ago +37

    “i’ll be damned if i stand here and snag off another actor...cheers”
    wow what a cutie

  • Ariane Andrade
    Ariane Andrade 3 days ago

    One direction I agree! 😂😂😂😂

  • Grant Ramey
    Grant Ramey 3 days ago

    everyone of these actors need to be in a movie together

  • Brandon Phelon
    Brandon Phelon 3 days ago

    Do British people think Americans need to catch up on swearing, sarcasm and pessimism? Whoever thinks that needs to catch up on American culture.

  • D E V I N A XOXO
    D E V I N A XOXO 3 days ago +1

    God I love being British 🇬🇧

  • Erin Curley
    Erin Curley 3 days ago +18

    As an American, I can ASSURE you it's the Baltimore (Bawldimer) accent. It sounds so strange!

  • odessa
    odessa 3 days ago

    sam claflin

  • TheBlueGirl18
    TheBlueGirl18 3 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston 😍🥰🥺💙

  • Katie Rivera
    Katie Rivera 3 days ago

    Ugh brits 💖 love em

  • Kat Sasko
    Kat Sasko 3 days ago +2

    These are not all British stars....
    You should know better than to call an Irishman or Scot British.
    Fail lol

    • Aliciá Greaves
      Aliciá Greaves 3 days ago

      Kat Sasko yes they are all british. To be british you are English, Northern Irish which we class as British, the Scottish and Welsh which make up Britain!

  • Michael Juliano
    Michael Juliano 3 days ago

    Tom Hanks had a pretty rubbish Irish accent in Cloud Atlas.

  • Girl Fieri
    Girl Fieri 3 days ago

    I love Emily Blunt

  • Ruby Small
    Ruby Small 3 days ago

    Love Ruth Wilson actress

  • mr.nachoman96
    mr.nachoman96 3 days ago +1

    Worst British accent by American actor.... I choose Lindsay Lohan in The Parent trap.

  • Marinaa Camaj
    Marinaa Camaj 3 days ago

    i loved this

  • raina mackensi
    raina mackensi 3 days ago

    Who is at :40 ?

  • Magdalie Mexile
    Magdalie Mexile 3 days ago +20

    Alternative title: People finding out a bunch of actors and actresses are British (aka me because I didn’t know half these people were British)

  • lawl law
    lawl law 3 days ago


  • Brionna chantel
    Brionna chantel 3 days ago

    “It makes me happy cos I’m taking an americans job” why are you so bitter lmao

  • Wise Woman of the Woods

    Matthew Goode 😍

  • Wise Woman of the Woods

    James Mcevoy 😍

  • Anni Psy
    Anni Psy 3 days ago +2

    yes i clicked for James Mcavoy.

  • La RaPi
    La RaPi 4 days ago

    Love this ♥

  • Sophie Comrie
    Sophie Comrie 4 days ago

    I'm so grateful that my family has English roots and I got to grow up knowing just how good roast dinners, the proper English breakfast, YORKSHIRE PUDDING, meat pies and more, are. Oh and a healthy dose of sarcasm and quick wit.

  • Super Batchie
    Super Batchie 4 days ago

    1:14 ever since die hard, that's still the sexiest voice for me.

  • Living with TBP
    Living with TBP 4 days ago

    I had no idea these actors and actresses were British

  • Lost
    Lost 4 days ago +4

    Clearly these people never really met an everyday regular American. Pessimism and cursing is a daily habit in my life

  • hibikime7021
    hibikime7021 4 days ago +67

    I’m a simple girl, I see James McAvoy I click

  • hibikime7021
    hibikime7021 4 days ago +227

    The way the guy @2:00 said “her majesty the queen” was so cute

  • Nicole E
    Nicole E 4 days ago +8

    Tom Hiddleston laugh is so cute 2:32

  • Shaquando Biggums
    Shaquando Biggums 4 days ago

    who is @2:43????????

  • Shaquando Biggums
    Shaquando Biggums 4 days ago

    ello m8 wewd yew loiiiik som tea aund crompets

  • ladyesther
    ladyesther 4 days ago

    So is that why he didn’t do an accent in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

  • Blossoming Faith
    Blossoming Faith 4 days ago

    And British accents are so easy 😂