Guess Which Drugs I Use | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Jun 20, 2018
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    Guess Which Drugs I Use | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 7 062

  • martin tanley
    martin tanley 4 hours ago

    I accidentally did meth but I did crack on purpose 😂💀

  • Lil Bitch
    Lil Bitch Day ago

    The last woman is a older version of me.

  • ItsJustCrash
    ItsJustCrash Day ago

    He sounded so disappointed when he found out how many members his cult had

  • it's me
    it's me Day ago

    This glorifies drugs in a uncomfortable way

  • theDeLaSoul • Deja Kentle

    Plz pray for the cult guy.

  • Wasted Robux
    Wasted Robux 2 days ago

    First 6 seconds: IM A CULT LEADER B**CH

  • clmbheat.322
    clmbheat.322 2 days ago +1

    Im open to people doing what they want but this kind of hurts to see.

  • Marius Pintea
    Marius Pintea 2 days ago

    6:30 THIS IDIOT was playing bdo online as an awakened striker then took some mushrooms and created a fucking cult...LMAO

  • Jeremiah Taylor
    Jeremiah Taylor 2 days ago +1

    Moly is ecstasy

  • Nando Ball
    Nando Ball 3 days ago

    The guy in the pink is a bitch no cap

  • Jillybean Kerr
    Jillybean Kerr 3 days ago

    the asian lady is so sweet it cracked me up

  • Ladele
    Ladele 3 days ago +1

    Wtf why is this so lighthearted and positive, why would you want to embrace drugs like this??

  • Detroit's Reaper
    Detroit's Reaper 3 days ago +2

    Yea cult leaders arent supposed to admit its a cult lmao

  • dopelichious h
    dopelichious h 3 days ago

    I didn’t know he was a guy till he talked the trans dude ewwwww

  • Frederick Freer
    Frederick Freer 4 days ago +1

    lol the most laid back girl had done like all of them

  • Luciano Bruna
    Luciano Bruna 4 days ago

    Qué fuerte esta weá. Dios bendiga a la asiática. Todo lo que necesitamos es amor :(

  • Eric Binney
    Eric Binney 4 days ago +1

    7:50 damn shes a walking drug store and encyclopedia lol

  • Asher Mckinly
    Asher Mckinly 4 days ago

    8:55 is such a touching scene. Just to see how that young women’s perspective on life and drugs changed and the way she connected with the woman who asked her such an impactful question was really beautiful and heartbreaking.

  • orange circle
    orange circle 4 days ago

    I hope the last girl gets some professional help.

  • Aaliyah Segrest
    Aaliyah Segrest 4 days ago

    Not gonna lie the David Bowie church cult thing sounds kinda fun

  • the whatever channel
    the whatever channel 4 days ago +1

    "See you look like you huff paint or somthi g xs all over your face"

  • Divergent.Samurai
    Divergent.Samurai 5 days ago

    2:17 What the hell is that?

  • dat shii hurted
    dat shii hurted 5 days ago

    5:48 that disappointed“oh”😂

  • Triton Geeves
    Triton Geeves 6 days ago +3

    My guesses:
    1. Weed
    2. Glue
    3. Cocaine
    4. Alcohol
    5. Crack
    6. Xanax

  • Jahmmeer Boi
    Jahmmeer Boi 6 days ago

    oh hell no what the hell are all these gay people doing

  • Isa
    Isa 6 days ago

    8:18 this girl is very attractive

    TAMADUKZ 6 days ago +6

    2:17 i legittt genuinely thought that waz a just a girl with no tittiez 😂😂😂

  • Rota_ Lunatik
    Rota_ Lunatik 6 days ago

    I've done Molly I've done extacy wait what??? It's the same thing...

  • Eh
    Eh 6 days ago


  • Tresten Turriff
    Tresten Turriff 6 days ago

    I hate when people say they take drugs because they had a ruff life bitch it feels good that's why u do it

  • Gray Wolf
    Gray Wolf 6 days ago +1

    “Are opioids addicting” 🤔 hmm no shit dumbass why do you think there is so many heroin users and why it’s hard to quit #shitforbrains

  • Bosque Harris
    Bosque Harris 7 days ago

    Wtf i always using poppers with my partner i didnt know it was a drug tho

  • Brianna Stuart
    Brianna Stuart 7 days ago

    “Are opiates addictive?” Uhh tf?

  • bgtechno93
    bgtechno93 8 days ago

    Your good... your fun to look at 😂😂😂😂

  • fasepalm 0
    fasepalm 0 8 days ago

    drugs are bad

  • Christian Mcgregor
    Christian Mcgregor 8 days ago

    Horse trankalizer - kettimine

  • Cadence Robinson
    Cadence Robinson 8 days ago

    Next thing you know their all in jail because of this video.....(what a shame) smh

  • iammari
    iammari 8 days ago +4

    stick to weed and psychedelics kids

  • luise -chan
    luise -chan 8 days ago


  • B Taylor
    B Taylor 8 days ago

    Bro that last girl really almost made me tear up

  • sheisgroot
    sheisgroot 8 days ago

    "are opiates addicting?" more drug education is needed if people don't know the answer to that one...

  • Trizzy Locked&onTop
    Trizzy Locked&onTop 9 days ago +1


  • Jayla Thornton
    Jayla Thornton 9 days ago +3

    Did he say a cult leader!??????? Ummmmmmmmmmm I would b scared to b in the same room my heart would drop oof

  • Eddy Rod
    Eddy Rod 9 days ago +1

    you know when your comment was cringy AF after you see this faces 3:35

  • Peger Pup
    Peger Pup 9 days ago

    So what's next? Guess how I was abused?

  • ysn pooh
    ysn pooh 9 days ago

    where are these niggas at? how you accidentally do meth

  • Mokiiyu
    Mokiiyu 9 days ago

    'drug virgin' I died XD

  • Jhymani Joseph
    Jhymani Joseph 9 days ago

    Omg that last girl 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • lean machine
    lean machine 10 days ago

    4:10 LMAOO

  • Ocular
    Ocular 10 days ago +1

    I hope this didn't normalize drugs for people ♥️

  • Twitch_LtMotto
    Twitch_LtMotto 10 days ago

    I wanna beat the fuck out of all of these people, these are the people that make psychedelics look bad.

  • Ravi Palat
    Ravi Palat 10 days ago +1

    “Are opiates addicting?” Man people are wack.

  • Connor Schwindeler
    Connor Schwindeler 10 days ago

    2:44 disgusting

  • Jerry Smbxworld™
    Jerry Smbxworld™ 10 days ago

    What if I family member of these people saw this video?

  • 6lackTheCreator
    6lackTheCreator 10 days ago

    Don't do drugs kids

  • Abigail West
    Abigail West 11 days ago

    So me💨💨 ↓↓

  • Abigail West
    Abigail West 11 days ago

    I'm going to smoke a blunt and call it a day💨💨🤤🤣🤣

  • Holly Taylor
    Holly Taylor 11 days ago

    Raines my daughters name!

  • kaeza
    kaeza 11 days ago

    idont get why ppl do drugs to mask emotions.. like is your life that miserable? we all go thru shit, ppl are just weak minded. there’s so many things you can do to deal w life

  • Quibble S
    Quibble S 11 days ago

    I need that asian woman as my therapist like YESTERDAY

  • lily hearn
    lily hearn 12 days ago

    im suprised none were on flakka

  • Gary Garrison
    Gary Garrison 12 days ago

    Holy shit this video scares me

  • Ermengarde McAllister
    Ermengarde McAllister 12 days ago

    the first seven seconds, I had to go back from the beginning

  • Hacked Meme
    Hacked Meme 12 days ago

    2:14 what the hell is that

  • Sketch 675
    Sketch 675 12 days ago

    Ket man yopa

  • chris vega
    chris vega 13 days ago

    fucking tweakers

  • Leopard 2A6
    Leopard 2A6 13 days ago +2

    Why is their a man wearing a bra with no shirt??? Someone explain

    • Leopard 2A6
      Leopard 2A6 7 days ago +1

      +Yaritza Guzman Because I was not thinking? But still if your thinking then why wear a bra as a man to a shoot?

    • Yaritza Guzman
      Yaritza Guzman 7 days ago

      Leopard 2A6 Same reason why you don’t know the difference between their and there.🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Vivian Smith-Hess
    Vivian Smith-Hess 13 days ago

    Great opening 😂"I have a cult" 😂

  • Bryn The Phoenix
    Bryn The Phoenix 13 days ago

    “How many drugs have you done?
    “oH mY gOd, like, not much! I’m lIkE a DrUg ViRgIn!”

  • AGJ714
    AGJ714 15 days ago

    This was cringe inducing and just made me feel bad for them. Especially the guy who said he uses opiates it sounds so fucking stupid hearing other people say it out loud and too think I used gloat about my heroin use.. my god how embarrassing.

  • Hepo Slis
    Hepo Slis 15 days ago

    2:15 her IG must be crazy

  • Marina Diaz
    Marina Diaz 16 days ago

    I knew that blond girl did weed. I have another friend who has the same type of hair and style

  • Aya Fares
    Aya Fares 16 days ago

    you guys should make a lineup where you match the art with the artist

  • monicawxxx
    monicawxxx 16 days ago +1

    i want the post interview

  • Aubrey Benjamin
    Aubrey Benjamin 17 days ago

    Listening to these people makes me lose faith in humanity it’s so angering to see so so many people ruining their lives with addiction to drugs when they could be involving themselves in real world jobs and issues. What’s worse is that they’ll blame it on having a rough childhood or life and use that as the excuse to give up. Americans are so disappointing.

  • CyanFlake
    CyanFlake 18 days ago

    how are none of these arrested?

  • Lindsay James
    Lindsay James 18 days ago

    It was funny til the last girl broke down 😥

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 18 days ago

    why the fuck do people do this to themselves that fucking guy with x’s on him makes me hate the world

  • Crystal McCoy
    Crystal McCoy 18 days ago

    Love the connection with the last woman and the stripped dress, I cried

  • Sam Barnes
    Sam Barnes 18 days ago

    Poppers guy 😍🐻

  • blake duffy
    blake duffy 18 days ago

    The last girl didnt want to cry at all

  • blake duffy
    blake duffy 18 days ago

    5:35 this guy hundred percent does shrooms

  • blake duffy
    blake duffy 18 days ago

    does weed even really count

  • blake duffy
    blake duffy 18 days ago

    that big black lady is funny as hell

  • blake duffy
    blake duffy 18 days ago

    what if someone said like Fentanyl

  • blake duffy
    blake duffy 18 days ago

    I dont use drugs, stick to straight gas🍁🔥💨🤷‍♂️🐲

  • Kaitlyn Mannor
    Kaitlyn Mannor 18 days ago


  • Jerry N.
    Jerry N. 18 days ago +1

    "Are opioids addicting? Like chemically addicting" omg

  • Maria Luiza
    Maria Luiza 19 days ago

    alcohol is not a drug

  • notfeliciana
    notfeliciana 19 days ago

    They really running out of video ideas

  • megamind
    megamind 19 days ago

    i wont lie the cult leader is kinda hot

  • aniil winkle
    aniil winkle 19 days ago

    What kinda fucked up video is this lmao?

  • Belle Lange
    Belle Lange 19 days ago

    How can I join the first church of David Bowie ? I would so join he’s a music god

  • Cayla Cohen
    Cayla Cohen 19 days ago

    These people need Jesus!

  • Valentine Campbell
    Valentine Campbell 19 days ago +3

    That sweet lady in the striped outfit is honestly a therapist!❤️

  • Kurootet 2000
    Kurootet 2000 19 days ago +17

    I'm a cult leader.
    The first church of David bowie.
    No way, How many members??
    4 or 5.
    *lowkey disappointed* oh

  • Alva Pherson
    Alva Pherson 20 days ago

    id really wanna fuck that cult leader and join his cult

  • Dakota Hammer
    Dakota Hammer 20 days ago

    the girl in the blue jumpsuit seems genuinely concerned about these people. I love it

  • Eric Hueller
    Eric Hueller 21 day ago +1

    Cogbujan?? Lol that’s Brazilian....

  • Hannah Skye
    Hannah Skye 21 day ago

    hey, where can i get the info to join that david bowie cult ?? i have a tattoo of the king himself, does that qualify me ??