Top 5 New Dinosaurs In Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom!

  • Published on Apr 14, 2018
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    Hey guys! In this video, I go over the Top 5 New Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! Technically there are 6 new confirmed dinos, so I included an honorable mention as well! Dinosaurs like the Carnotaurus, Baryonyx, Allosaurus, Stygimoloch, Indoraptor and Sinoceratops just might be in this video...or will they???? (whistles X Files theme)
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  • Taylor Murphy
    Taylor Murphy Year ago +338

    Can I get a pin

  • Julien Newborg
    Julien Newborg 4 days ago +1

    I have onerible menchens of what could be in jurassic world 3.
    . Pachycephalosaurus
    .Tyrannosaurus Rex
    . Suchomimus
    . Argentinosaurus
    . Apatosaurus
    . Stegosaurus
    . Ankylosaurus
    . Baryonyx
    . Carnotaurus
    . Mosasaurus
    . Giganotosaurus
    . Allosaurus
    . Stygimoloch
    . Velociraptor blue
    . Parasaurolophus
    . Corythosaurus
    . Dromaeosaurus

  • Taran Alvi
    Taran Alvi 10 days ago


  • RandomKid 394
    RandomKid 394 25 days ago

    In Jurassic world 3, I desire...

  • Chanjuan Zhao
    Chanjuan Zhao Month ago

    I have more
    l. indoraptor
    now here that made it in Jurasic world 2(fallen kingdom )
    1. blue
    2 . rexy

  • Chris Dawson
    Chris Dawson Month ago +1

    My girlfriend and I saw this film at the cinema and we loved it well I sure did

  • shivam A.K
    shivam A.K 2 months ago

    spinosaurus was big than i rex ,

  • sergio hernandez Lopez 200007

    Jurassic park 1 1993
    Where is carnotaurus in movie
    Where is allosaurus in movie
    Where is stygimoloch in movie
    Where is giganotosaurus in movie
    Jurassic park 2 1997
    Where is baryonyx in movie
    Where is carnotaurus in movie
    Where is allosaurus in movie
    Jurassic park 3 2001
    Where is baryonyx in movie
    Where is carnotaurus in movie
    Where is allosaurus in movie
    Jurassic world 2015
    Where is baryonyx in movie
    Where is carnotaurus in movie
    Where is allosaurus in movie

  • sergio hernandez Lopez 200007

    Where is teratophoneus in movie
    Where is peloroplites in movie
    Where is concavenator
    Where is mononykus in movie

  • Tony StormTrooper
    Tony StormTrooper 2 months ago

    Baryonyx was in the spinosaurus evolution

  • carlos's gamehub
    carlos's gamehub 2 months ago


  • B R 13
    B R 13 2 months ago

    Give me a flip in pin🦖

  • JadeSaiyo
    JadeSaiyo 3 months ago

    The Carno got whooped

  • yahtzee 007
    yahtzee 007 3 months ago

    Absoluteley love it, but theres one thing, indoraptor aint really classed as a dino, but if you do thats fine.

  • Bot tv 22
    Bot tv 22 3 months ago

    Sinoceratops is good

  • Baby Luma Productions
    Baby Luma Productions 3 months ago

    Allosaurus was one of the dinosaurs that were sold

  • Nursanti Lim
    Nursanti Lim 3 months ago

    I though Stygemoloph was Pachy

  • Jill LeCount
    Jill LeCount 3 months ago +1

    still alive yay carno i hope you watch the full movie

  • Jill LeCount
    Jill LeCount 3 months ago +1

    yeah sorry dude i saw the movie and carno cant camouflage you do realize the indoraptor is male sorry i saw the behind the scenes

  • Otto Von Bismarck - uh oh,

    Some say s/he will be a very important character, all we know is, it’s called Styggi.

  • Deepak Bharne
    Deepak Bharne 4 months ago


  • animatronic scinsero
    animatronic scinsero 4 months ago

    1:37 dracorex no sthigmolog

  • Marco Fernandez
    Marco Fernandez 4 months ago +1

    C'mon we saw Sinoceratops battle the Carnotaurus. Don't think we never saw it.

  • solpark1226
    solpark1226 4 months ago

    i like dilophosaurus

  • solpark1226
    solpark1226 4 months ago

    i like the carnotaurus so don't be mean, the carnotaurus is named toast (name is made up by me) (toast is a made up name for the carnotaurus)

  • France Galaxy City
    France Galaxy City 4 months ago +1

    Hey i khnow 6 dino and it is
    Indo raptor

  • feline leader
    feline leader 4 months ago

    Argentinosaurus, Iguanodon and Dilophosaurus that I want in jurassic world. And I forgot to ask Troodon too

  • Night raptor fury
    Night raptor fury 4 months ago +1

    I guess you never seen me nobody had seen me unless u saw the movie

  • mmmmmishell
    mmmmmishell 4 months ago

    If tyfyftgyfyrrerdtfrtb

  • Maytei GreenBeauty
    Maytei GreenBeauty 4 months ago

    I❤️ tost (carnotorus)

  • edcel agton
    edcel agton 4 months ago

    I hope in Jurassic world have a dilociraptor

  • aayan chaudhry
    aayan chaudhry 4 months ago


  • Bryan’s Channel
    Bryan’s Channel 5 months ago


  • Alejandra Madland
    Alejandra Madland 5 months ago

    Well the sinoceratops did fight the carno(he won)

  • GodMode _Guy
    GodMode _Guy 5 months ago +1

    I wish giganotosaurus was here

  • Tyler Basore
    Tyler Basore 5 months ago


  • Steve Sargeant
    Steve Sargeant 6 months ago


  • Maythansin Cho
    Maythansin Cho 6 months ago

    Utahraptor is my favorite dinosaur.

  • Funmaker Studios
    Funmaker Studios 6 months ago

    allosaurus is the best

  • nikorn kireechai
    nikorn kireechai 6 months ago

    JP and JW are not the same!!

    • Jeebus23
      Jeebus23 5 months ago

      They're...literally apart of the same franchise. Your comment makes no sense.

  • Jill Landis
    Jill Landis 6 months ago

    Can I get a pin two and I agery

  • Toy Bonnie
    Toy Bonnie 6 months ago

    Dilophosaurus i miss it

  • Steven Solis
    Steven Solis 6 months ago

    ok odd question what happened to all of the dinosaurs that jumped in the water? Did they drown? Maybe make it to another island?

  • Paul McNamara
    Paul McNamara 6 months ago

    I've watched Jrassic park-Fallen kingdom

  • GXS 123
    GXS 123 6 months ago


  • Matthew poke
    Matthew poke 6 months ago

    The sinocreotops fought carnotosaurs just to say and I love the sinocrotops very much

  • Tau Morwe
    Tau Morwe 7 months ago


  • Dulasha Dissanayake
    Dulasha Dissanayake 7 months ago

    I wish giganotosaurus was here it would kill everything even mosasaur

  • Raig Grenades
    Raig Grenades 7 months ago


  • Roxana Struss
    Roxana Struss 7 months ago

    I agree

  • Stellar Belt
    Stellar Belt 7 months ago

    I thought the barnax was the spinosorus from Jurassic park 3/III

  • Nikola Vladimir
    Nikola Vladimir 7 months ago


  • Nikola Vladimir
    Nikola Vladimir 7 months ago


    KAY GAMING] 7 months ago

    5:15 the person:we have not really see the sinoceratops do anything yet
    Me:did you even watch the other trailer where it fights the carnotaurus!

  • Aaron's Films
    Aaron's Films 7 months ago

    Carnotaurous have been appeared in Jurrasic park 3

    • Jeebus23
      Jeebus23 7 months ago

      *sigh* That was ceratosaurus...

  • Raig Grenades
    Raig Grenades 7 months ago


  • Raig Grenades
    Raig Grenades 7 months ago

    I saw the honorable

  • Raig Grenades
    Raig Grenades 7 months ago

    Saw it

  • Raig Grenades
    Raig Grenades 7 months ago

    Saw it

  • Raig Grenades
    Raig Grenades 7 months ago

    Saw it

  • Raig Grenades
    Raig Grenades 7 months ago

    Allo wasn't in it

    • Jeebus23
      Jeebus23 7 months ago

      Yes, it was. Literally appears multiple times throughout the movie, one of which they refer to it *by name* as a juvenile allosaurus.

  • Neon Coyote
    Neon Coyote 7 months ago

    Yea boiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  • Top5 and life of Ricky
    Top5 and life of Ricky 7 months ago

    What are you talking about the sinocertops save clarie,Owen,and Franklin by flipping the car not carnoture

  • Gilzen Belleza
    Gilzen Belleza 7 months ago

    How about suchamimus

    • Jeebus23
      Jeebus23 7 months ago

      Wasn't in the movie.

  • Harry Hale
    Harry Hale 7 months ago

    Allosaurus should be in 1st place

  • Ana Chavez
    Ana Chavez 7 months ago


  • Josiah Hardcastle
    Josiah Hardcastle 7 months ago

    I don't want to be rude, but the Carnotaurus was in the third Jurassic Park, when they were digging in the spinosaurus poop, they were confronted by a Carnotaurus that didn't like the smell of the poop, so it walked away.

    • Josiah Hardcastle
      Josiah Hardcastle 7 months ago

      I know, I figured that out just after I posted the comment.

    • Jeebus23
      Jeebus23 7 months ago

      *sigh* As I've said god knows how many times, that was *NOT* carnotaurus. It was ceratosaurus.

  • Dank Pyroraptor
    Dank Pyroraptor 7 months ago

    TheGamingBeaver is watch this now

  • Ivan Arceo
    Ivan Arceo 7 months ago

    I want the indoraptor

  • Jake Cadacio
    Jake Cadacio 7 months ago

    My fav is carno

  • Herbert Rossman
    Herbert Rossman 7 months ago

    Dinosaurs and more dinosaurs poor old Blu can't fight all of these dinosaurs thank God the t rex is there to help here fight off all of the bad dinosaurs

  • Lizz Donaldson
    Lizz Donaldson 7 months ago

    You are correct

  • Larry Sullwold
    Larry Sullwold 7 months ago

    Caro/toast is a lot better it should be #1 not undo

  • Darcy Richards
    Darcy Richards 7 months ago +1

    Can I have a pin

  • Taralyn Tapaha
    Taralyn Tapaha 7 months ago

    There is 8 of them

  • Charm Charms
    Charm Charms 7 months ago +2

    My list

  • Melissa Pigg
    Melissa Pigg 7 months ago

    U already saw that movie

  • Awesomenes Jurassic 2019

    Where will it take place in jurassic world 3 if isla nublar was destroyed by the volcano in jurassic world 2 fallen kingdom???

  • Luis Deluna
    Luis Deluna 8 months ago

    It's not a carno it's toast🍞🍞

  • Cocododo9999 Hu
    Cocododo9999 Hu 8 months ago

    It's already out now

    • Cocododo9999 Hu
      Cocododo9999 Hu 8 months ago

      Jacob Geshel I just wanted to say what's your point

    • Jeebus23
      Jeebus23 8 months ago

      And...? This video was made before the movie came out. Whats your point?

  • Marisela Arvizu
    Marisela Arvizu 8 months ago


    • Jeebus23
      Jeebus23 8 months ago

      No, it wasn't. That was pachycephalosaurus. And yes, I know technically speaking its believed that they're the same animal, but in reference to the JP/JW universe, they're considered separate species.

  • Paul M
    Paul M 8 months ago

    Gaming beaver:THATS TOAST

  • Salem Bawaaneh
    Salem Bawaaneh 8 months ago

    6:07 ooooh im sooo scared

  • Flood Pro
    Flood Pro 8 months ago

    Can I get a pin? Also I agree with your list

  • Luis E Morales Falcon
    Luis E Morales Falcon 8 months ago

    Carnotaurous and Barionyx are great followed by Stygimoloch, Allosaurous and Sinoceraptops.

  • Marc_ BLaze
    Marc_ BLaze 8 months ago

    im mean stygimoloch

  • Marc_ BLaze
    Marc_ BLaze 8 months ago

    stigimoloch is realesed in jurrasic park II

  • funtime springbonnie
    funtime springbonnie 8 months ago

    when u realize sinoceratops does more than the allosaurous.

    god my laptop says i can't spell dino names, EVER

  • Great_Jay YT
    Great_Jay YT 8 months ago

    In a new movie they should add a suchomimus

  • Marisela Arvizu
    Marisela Arvizu 8 months ago

    Not liying

  • Marisela Arvizu
    Marisela Arvizu 8 months ago

    The indoraptor is a boy

  • iiSenpxi
    iiSenpxi 8 months ago

    Cool The Indoraptor

  • Liamearnshaw 03
    Liamearnshaw 03 8 months ago

    does anyone wonder what the indoraptor would have been like when finished, as in film WU said that it was only a prototype

  • the player
    the player 9 months ago

    Woooooo indo raptor rocks🥇

  • the roblox minecraft club


  • AbdullahCheema Vlogs
    AbdullahCheema Vlogs 9 months ago

    I agree

  • Elєmєntαl Bσч
    Elєmєntαl Bσч 9 months ago +1

    My no.1 is carno a.k.a. TOAST

  • Extreme World
    Extreme World 9 months ago

    The Carnotaurus was in Jurassic Park 3 when they were at the poop

    • Jeebus23
      Jeebus23 9 months ago

      *sigh* That was ceratosaurus.

    Luca HAMBLETON 9 months ago

    I don't like where Jurassic World is going with Genetically Modified Dinosaurs, I just want some normal ones killing people. THat's it.

    MISCHA SCHEINERT 9 months ago

    #4 I have a toy of that dino