James Monroe Iglehart Wants Cyclops to Relax for Once | Marvel’s Voices

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Tony Award-winner James Monroe Iglehart joins Marvel’s Voices host Angélique Roché to talk about his passion for X-Men comics, and his strong feelings on Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops. Check out James’ Spider-Man story in MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #3!
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Comments • 110

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez Month ago


  • Mr. Mogan
    Mr. Mogan Month ago +1

    When did he ever complain about Jean being attracted to Logan?
    Did this guy even bother to read anything after HoM?

  • E. S.
    E. S. Month ago

    ahahah thank you! I agree wholeheartedly!

  • Cam M
    Cam M Month ago

    avx was bendis attempt to perhaps one up claremont and he failed miserably......claremont stuff is legendary bendis anything but especially his xmen stuff.......he was okay on daredevil tho.

  • HotCheetos1995
    HotCheetos1995 Month ago

    Y'all best leave my boi Scott Summers alone

  • Gopi Gopudance
    Gopi Gopudance Month ago

    😭😭😭HI SIR, Avengers Endgame INDIA TAMIL Dubbing version very worst TRANSLATED. Every TAMIL MARVEL FANS VERY Disappointed.
    Plz change the IRON man voice and translate original content plz.
    All TAMIL MARVEL Fans very disappointed😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • zeroi777
    zeroi777 Month ago

    This guy is amazing.

  • saran raj
    saran raj Month ago

    Plz change old voice in Tamil dub

  • john bailey
    john bailey Month ago

    Yessir give my fav cyclops the respect he deserves

  • Zed Sled
    Zed Sled Month ago

    Sweet christmas I hope he writes a Scott Summers story.

  • Jesus Quispe
    Jesus Quispe Month ago

    bring the latest and best trawlers to thrill me more and have more desire to see avergers end game and at the same time suffer to have to wait, I want to see the most powerful and great trailer at once👌👌👌

  • Jesus Quispe
    Jesus Quispe Month ago

    bring the latest and best trawlers to thrill me more and have more desire to see avergers end game and at the same time suffer to have to wait, I want to see the most powerful and great trailer at once👌👌👌

  • Kea Cluster
    Kea Cluster Month ago +1

    Did he really ignore that Scott wasn't really Scott when Emma Frost was around?
    Chill fam.
    Scott did nothing wrong

  • Nishanth Nishanth
    Nishanth Nishanth Month ago

    Hi MCU i am a tamilan. I don't know whether you know about the biggest problem in tamil nadu. And that is the tamil dubbing issue. The man who dubbed for iron man is a big guy in tamil nadu. His voice really doesn't match with iron man. I am requesting you to take a look at the tamil dubbing. I am abig fan of Captain America & Thor & Iron Man. Can you please check that please?

  • Dante Chu
    Dante Chu Month ago

    In x men series Scott always mine favorite character but I just don't know why he's more into antihero type of character

  • Elijah Glover
    Elijah Glover Month ago

    I need more episodes like this 💯😂

  • xFantaa
    xFantaa Month ago +1

    Who expected another Endgame Trailer?

  • harish hariharan
    harish hariharan Month ago

    Plzzz.... Plzzz.. we need avengers old dubbing team in Tamil...

  • Julio figo
    Julio figo Month ago


  • Mrtll
    Mrtll Month ago +1

    Being one of there best characters yes let scott chilll for once

  • sai nova tron5
    sai nova tron5 Month ago

    put about enchantress

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    Too many minorities on this channel, I'm unsubscribing.

  • What’s it Called
    What’s it Called Month ago +1

    Genie in marvel

  • MfM CrEaTeR
    MfM CrEaTeR Month ago +2

    Avenger Endgame Tamil dubbing voice totally disappointed please we need old Avenger Tamil dubbing artists

  • Ram kumar
    Ram kumar Month ago +3

    Plz response me sir all over Tamil people requested

  • Ram kumar
    Ram kumar Month ago

    Hello marvel plz Tamil dubbing voice old is good Vijay sethupathi voice not interested on Tamil people plz change old voice you not change I not show in Tamil

  • Bryant Hudson
    Bryant Hudson Month ago

    Scrolling down my feed thought this was uncle Phil

  • Sophie Isabelle
    Sophie Isabelle Month ago +1


  • yaro ki vines
    yaro ki vines Month ago +1


  • Braxton Bobo
    Braxton Bobo Month ago

    Who knew the genie could write?

  • Jeffery Rosario
    Jeffery Rosario Month ago

    Deep feelings

  • Hoo Hah
    Hoo Hah Month ago


  • Johnny Perozo
    Johnny Perozo Month ago

    Ok, he got me wanting a sassy, black Scott Summers.

  • Truth seeker
    Truth seeker Month ago +1


  • mmadhibalan
    mmadhibalan Month ago

    Hello marvel please change new dubbing to old dubbing in tollywood worst Tamil dubbing we want old iron man voice

  • Pooja Singh
    Pooja Singh Month ago +1

    Love you Marwel

  • Sufi Mehram Ali official

    What is reason people like these videos ?

  • BlackPantherN7
    BlackPantherN7 Month ago +6

    Hell no. Scott has not been relaxed since X-Men the Twelve. Keep it up, Cyclops was right.

  • BlackPantherN7
    BlackPantherN7 Month ago +1

    Hell no. Scott has not been relaxed since X-Men the Twelve. Keep it up, Cyclops was right.

  • Josh D
    Josh D Month ago

    Some good points being made. Cyclops gets the shaft, well he made the shaft he gets.

  • Steve Justinien
    Steve Justinien Month ago +6

    Isn't this the guy who was the genie in Aladdin on Broadway 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Spider-Man Noir
    Spider-Man Noir Month ago

    To hell with Cyclops. Wolverine had great character growth than the eye beams.

  • Ragged Company Recordings

    1000% agree hahah

  • Robert White
    Robert White Month ago

    Okkkkkkkk 😂

  • Darren Sok
    Darren Sok Month ago +3

    Scott summers deserve respect.

  • MovieBlocks Productions A.K.


  • SticcyStaton
    SticcyStaton Month ago +1

    I love this guy

  • MG16NCP
    MG16NCP Month ago


  • LovelyLizzie1996
    LovelyLizzie1996 Month ago +1

    I miss him playing "genie"on Broadway.

  • Jordache Jordan
    Jordache Jordan Month ago

    Isn't this Titus' arch nemesis?

  • Oscar Ramo
    Oscar Ramo Month ago +10

    C'mon AvsX long story short, x-men did what the avengers couldn't in decades and they got jealous so they screw everything up

    • Oscar Ramo
      Oscar Ramo Month ago

      +MovieBlocks Productions A.K. 👏👏👏👌

    • MovieBlocks Productions A.K.
      MovieBlocks Productions A.K. Month ago +5

      Oscar Ramo point made. The avengers were SOOOOO INCOMPETENT, they blasted the Phoenix force into a million pieces, and then let it posses more people. The x men are just the ones taking the blame, because the avengers are more popular. Scott summers was Possessed, he wasn’t acting on his own will.

  • MrFuriousX
    MrFuriousX Month ago +1

    HAHA Cyclops! He really is a one of a kind!

    PHXNTXM Month ago +20

    I’ve always loved Cyclops/Scott Summers. However, his insecurities are the biggest crux of his character, when they could really serve to develop his strengths.

  • Oscar Ramo
    Oscar Ramo Month ago +11

    1:45 ohhh hell yeah, Cyclops is the best mutant/leader/hero ever

    • Oscar Ramo
      Oscar Ramo Month ago +4

      +marvelousdcgeek 97 Sorry bro but Capitan America is a hypocrite, Cyclops would do anything to save his people

    • marvelousdcgeek 97
      marvelousdcgeek 97 Month ago +4

      He's the Captain America of the mutant community.

  • Eric Mata
    Eric Mata Month ago +40

    Someone needs to relax but it aint Scott. lol

  • Kevin Collazo
    Kevin Collazo Month ago +16

    Can't be hating on Cyclops. That dude has been through it all, and everyone expected him to just be perfectly fine, suck it up and deal with the cards dealt to him, and take it some more. Those stories, good or bad, altered him little by little over decades. Of course that pushed him over the edge when unlimited power in the Phoenix Force was imbued upon him.
    He has been my favorite X-Man for over 30 years. He is a great story of the good guy always trying to do right, the leader constantly getting overlooked, disrespected, cheated on, still travels through space and time to ensure his son is brought up knowing he was loved, and yet he continues to get shat upon. Good isn't good enough for some readers/writers, because they feel that good doesn't sell.
    Well I say, he is the culmination of the best and worst of every man, and far more relatable than what the majority of the comic loving world has ever given him credit for.

    • Vydta
      Vydta Month ago

      Even Stan lee says he is his favourite her because he loves "broken heroes" I think comicbookgirl19 did a really great job explaing why Scott Summers is Scott summers

  • Ike Moore
    Ike Moore Month ago

    Genie knows his comics

    • BlackPantherN7
      BlackPantherN7 Month ago

      No he does not, not really. There was no beef between Scott and Wolverine really in the 90s and they shook hands and squashed it I THINK X-Men #70. Remember Scott and Jean got married in the barly 90s and Wolverine left the team after the adamantium was ripped out in X-Men #25.
      Later in Wolverine #100 Genesis tries to put the adamantium back in and makes him the ugly feral looking Logan during the mid 90s.
      As for the 80s remember Scott left the team after the Phoenxi Saga and when he came back for a short while, he left again after Storm beat him for leadership of the X-Men. When Jean came back, Scott returned to the superhero life in X-Factor but they kept Jean's return a secret until the end of Inferno I think it was. Logan did know she was back because he caught her scent during the mutant massacre.
      In the 2000s the Scott had an mental affair with Emma and that was when Jean and Logan kissed but Jean died in the next issue I recall and has been dead until recently.
      Scott and Wolverine fought during schism but that nothing to do with Jean. Scott was going too far and Logan should know, he was the leader of Scott human kill squad X-Force before Scott went full militant.

  • April Rose
    April Rose Month ago +1

    Costume of logan is so badass

  • Dwayne Ceasar Jr.
    Dwayne Ceasar Jr. Month ago +15

    James Igleheart is that guy who sings the song “silent e” from the electric company!

  • Italo Online
    Italo Online Month ago

    Brasileiros deixam like

  • Richter Sokea
    Richter Sokea Month ago +1

    His reaction about Cyclops is literally me.

    • MD Akhjar
      MD Akhjar Month ago

      +Wolfgang 644 No it's not.

    • Wolfgang 644
      Wolfgang 644 Month ago +1

      I'm actually glad he called Scott out on that cause if you think about it most xmen stories I read or seen are usually him complaining that oh Logan is with his girl jean

  • Eli
    Eli Month ago +1

    Endgame in 2 weeks

    ΛĐΔMATIONS 2.O Month ago


  • Juan Leiva
    Juan Leiva Month ago +2


  • k R
    k R Month ago +17

    the mn is right thats why ''evil'' but not really cyclops is best, cycllops did nothing wrong

  • Abdullah Abdulaziz
    Abdullah Abdulaziz Month ago


  • Ben Wyness
    Ben Wyness Month ago


  • Joris Carter
    Joris Carter Month ago +10

    I'm one among the first ones to comment! Yay! 😂I love Cyclops too.I think I'm gonna cosplay him.

  • Johnny Martinez
    Johnny Martinez Month ago


  • KAGE Spider
    KAGE Spider Month ago

    CM2 will be AMAZIN

  • Omalley Caboose5
    Omalley Caboose5 Month ago +14

    Scott is a boy scout. Scott wants and believes In Xaviors dream. Scott is not what this man described him as.

  • Omalley Caboose5
    Omalley Caboose5 Month ago +2

    Also does he not understand that the Phoenix thing was a writers decision that altered the character... does he not understand that writers can be to blame for stuff. The characters don't have free will when bendis says... let's make Scott summers a bad guy now har de har

  • Anna dah cookie .?.


  • X-Itz Zay-X
    X-Itz Zay-X Month ago +2

    Why is everyone so excited to see these video???

  • Thomas Shelby
    Thomas Shelby Month ago


  • AUTISM101
    AUTISM101 Month ago

    Oof me

  • Hi Bitch
    Hi Bitch Month ago


  • Mirna Ronquillo
    Mirna Ronquillo Month ago

    Good video

  • Pale Ami
    Pale Ami Month ago


  • PVP
    PVP Month ago


    • PVP
      PVP Month ago


  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum Month ago

    Going hard...Thanos

  • Avi Maheshwari
    Avi Maheshwari Month ago +1

    Pretty early here.

  • Omalley Caboose5
    Omalley Caboose5 Month ago +2

    I hate this argument entirely. Is the argument that we should take human emotions out of characters. What is it wrong for him to be upset that his girlfriend is hooking with some hairy short drunk guy. Or potentially. Is a world leader not allowed to be upset if there spouse isn't faithful?

  • Stephany Cis
    Stephany Cis Month ago +3

    Amazing 😇❤

  • Estiven EA
    Estiven EA Month ago

    Wolverine !!!

  • Hillary Batjer Johnson

    Sixth xD

  • Hello There
    Hello There Month ago


  • alan
    alan Month ago


  • Hello There
    Hello There Month ago

    Third lol

  • Majd AZ
    Majd AZ Month ago +3


    • Gamecrab101
      Gamecrab101 Month ago

      Majd AZ according to USclip you posted your comment before the video got published

  • Alex 张博文 Flander


  • DerZocker _3
    DerZocker _3 Month ago +3


    • Majd AZ
      Majd AZ Month ago

      DerZocker _3 only just but nice job