#AnythingCanHappen at Viva Movil with Jennifer Lopez (Part 2)

  • Published on Dec 12, 2013
  • Viva Móvil customers thought they were going to pose with a cardboard cutout of Jennifer Lopez, but they were in for a surprise... Watch what happened. #anythingcanhappen
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Comments • 50

  • Unicorn SK
    Unicorn SK 9 months ago

    Jennifer is so nice❤ I really want to meet her she is my IDOL❤

  • Richard Zion
    Richard Zion Year ago

    When is Cell 2 coming out?

  • Naty Lane
    Naty Lane Year ago

    Look at the reaction of the girl when she sees jlo "oh my god" 1:14 hahhahah

  • jlo's number 1 fan
    jlo's number 1 fan 2 years ago +1

    i am almost 13 and i have been waiting since i was 6 , i've always want to meet her 😍

  • Aldo Oyarzun Carvajal
    Aldo Oyarzun Carvajal 4 years ago

    es algo que mucha gente le gustaria que sucediera en CHILE felicitaciones por ser como eres y ojala se te cumplan todos los otros deceos

  • Luis Lopes
    Luis Lopes 4 years ago

    She is The ONE !.

  • Rebeca Rodríguez
    Rebeca Rodríguez 4 years ago

    I'd love be there by her side!!!!!! WHAT a lucky people!!!! OMG

  • Signe Sterner
    Signe Sterner 4 years ago +8

    I cried when I watched this video... I cried very much... because since I was 7 (now I'm 13) I've always want to meet her! :(:(

    • Adan Pena
      Adan Pena 4 years ago +2

      I am 30 been waiting since 15, wait your turn lol

  • suebie
    suebie 4 years ago

    what is with the (unnecessary) sound effects?

  • luisa santos
    luisa santos 4 years ago

    Tan bella quisiera conocerla algun dia. Es mi idola. Es bellaaaaa!!!!

  • ameera14
    ameera14 4 years ago

    me too!!

  • New Reni Rap Reni.G
    New Reni Rap Reni.G 4 years ago

    i whant

  • Caroline Shennett
    Caroline Shennett 4 years ago +1

    J LO I am so happy for u.. when I come again in my next life I would love to be u...U r simply amazing... all u have done all u r doing & all u will do...... Best wishes for continued success.......

  • Jessica Vilchez
    Jessica Vilchez 4 years ago

    i want ahug!!

  • mohammad saidsadghe
    mohammad saidsadghe 5 years ago

    i love you jennifer

  • Chely valencia
    Chely valencia 5 years ago

    Awesome j lo !!!

  • Hochzeitssängerin Isabella SZ-GS-HI-BS-WF

    can anybody tell me where can i find the store in los angeles?

  • bori bx pinero
    bori bx pinero 5 years ago

    How amazing and sweet was this

    DJ UNITE MC 5 years ago

    Wow i Wish i Could Have a Hug. x x x

  • Chami wasantha
    Chami wasantha 5 years ago


  • Saly Niass
    Saly Niass 5 years ago +1

    That's so sweat of JLo

  • franck toreto
    franck toreto 5 years ago +2

    es grandioso jenifer lo que haces siempre the best women on the world loveyou

  • Chami wasantha
    Chami wasantha 5 years ago


  • Ahelynn.O D.A
    Ahelynn.O D.A 5 years ago

    yooooo tambiénn quieroooo :'(

  • romannk
    romannk 5 years ago

    and looks how Britney meet and greets people)))

  • Sharmeta
    Sharmeta 5 years ago


  • beppebisacquino
    beppebisacquino 5 years ago +2

    She is a strong woman that I admire;

  • Tehila Lugasi - תהילה לוגסי

    Omg i wish it was happened to me !!
    It's my dream to meet her !!!!!!!!! ♥

  • angelinajolie Voight
    angelinajolie Voight 5 years ago

    it's my dream to met her

  • angelinajolie Voight
    angelinajolie Voight 5 years ago

    I love her.she's really such a nice person :)

  • julie jloversFil
    julie jloversFil 5 years ago

    so much fun....

  • Sebastián Cruz
    Sebastián Cruz 5 years ago +1

    I want a hug to

  • Mayk Ribeiro
    Mayk Ribeiro 5 years ago

    Is my biggest dream to know u jenny lopez!!! Pleaseeee come to Brasil againnn

  • Antonio Jorge Jaime
    Antonio Jorge Jaime 5 years ago

    Bella mi jl i love

  • Jamillah Uy
    Jamillah Uy 5 years ago

    I wanna be there huhu

  • Sairen Khay
    Sairen Khay 5 years ago +1

    Jennifer!!!!!!!!! you made me crazy!!! hope i can meet u too soon...wait... there's PART 3?? Can't wait...#BestIdol #anythingcanhappen

  • Mega
    Mega 5 years ago

    J.lo Darling.

  • All The Love. Xx
    All The Love. Xx 5 years ago

    I Love You JLO !

  • Fozia Begum
    Fozia Begum 5 years ago +1

    I wish I was there.. I would've fainted though :(

  • Senem Özcan
    Senem Özcan 5 years ago +2

    omg i wantttt hug herrrr :'(

    • Dariana Rodriguez
      Dariana Rodriguez 5 years ago

      V1 b hzHhshhdysh u I A JKoushjsjuydhhsheuHusjJuissJ I uakiaiuu es j he yhuwuhzushuaku de uddhJu a jua3u
      UuauYehyyayuahy esa hh
      hzhhsu s uudududuudjdjjzjsisujjdhy z jzudjsujsujzuzjxjdujxydjdudjudjd

  • MarinnaLovesJLo
    MarinnaLovesJLo 5 years ago


  • Yessie Larios
    Yessie Larios 5 years ago +1


  • haythem elnaghia
    haythem elnaghia 5 years ago

    i want to cry :")

  • Mariposa Doncella
    Mariposa Doncella 5 years ago +4

    you are amazing! I love you! can't wait to meet you one day! :)

  • Arzola Myrna
    Arzola Myrna 5 years ago

    I love her!!! she's so cute and humble!

  • Leila Ostria
    Leila Ostria 5 years ago +4

    omg everyone was so calm i would have fainted!

  • Adithya Das Bidre Shivadas

    Awesome.. Thats really SO cute behaviour !!!! She has beauty in Face and Heart too

  • Christina Chubinidze
    Christina Chubinidze 5 years ago +3

    Jennifer is so cute, beautiful person! love u!