Jason Momoa Spills His Life Secrets!


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  • Alice Trans Queen
    Alice Trans Queen 13 hours ago

    Just now seeing this, now I fucking love the idea of Jason and Jack being bros

  • Daniel s
    Daniel s 22 hours ago

    stargate was so good

  • Chicken nugget nuget

    Jack next time can you interveiw Tom Holland (Spider-MAN 2019)

  • Mini DarthBeat
    Mini DarthBeat Day ago

    4:11 that foot doe

  • Michelle Puna
    Michelle Puna 2 days ago

    Damn i thought this was fake 😂

  • ashleah luth
    ashleah luth 2 days ago

    😂😂😂 aquaman is wearing a scrutchie

  • Zeke Jackson
    Zeke Jackson 2 days ago


  • Subliminal Ent.
    Subliminal Ent. 2 days ago

    Yo why did you rub on your daughters chest?

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 2 days ago

    So before this interview you said this movie was gonna suck and you thing all dc movies are trash etc and now that your meeting him your sucking up saying you loved the movie I personally love all dc movies but stand up for opinions

  • Faith Rota
    Faith Rota 2 days ago

    You could tell jack was nervous

  • maría garcía
    maría garcía 3 days ago

    Jason: Did you watch the movie?
    Jack: Yeah, this morningJason (slightly raising an eyebrow): This morning?Jack (almost sweating): *tries to nervously explain the location and circumstances in which he watched the movie*Jason: Oh, and did you like it?Jack (even more nervous if possible): y-yeah... yeah, I liked it.Meanwhile, in Jack's head: please don't make him mad, please don't hit me, PLEASE MR MOMOA DO NOT HIT ME YOU'RE SO SCARY.

  • JEST7O
    JEST7O 3 days ago

    i didnt know OKC Thunder Center Steven Adams also acted, what a small world huh

  • Earl Jonathan Formacion

    Sean just be yourself we love you no matter what

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex 3 days ago

    He is also in frontier

  • lunerlilly
    lunerlilly 5 days ago

    Ironically Aquaman has always been a strong character, he was just always displayed stupidly lol.

  • Deadpool 495
    Deadpool 495 5 days ago

    Damn first Ryan Renolyds now Aqua man jack is trying to me every body before he dies

  • Cresentheart
    Cresentheart 5 days ago


  • Assassin x Gaming/vlog

    He looks like Roman reigns

  • Matthew Blench
    Matthew Blench 5 days ago

    How did he get those tattoos on him in the movie but not in the interview

  • BillyBox
    BillyBox 5 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds and Jason Momoa ell done jack (sean) nice

  • crazyman 3355
    crazyman 3355 5 days ago

    Jack has to get Chris pratt now

  • Thor Runeking
    Thor Runeking 6 days ago

    Kratos with hair

  • Thor Runeking
    Thor Runeking 6 days ago

    Those eyebrows

  • Ms. Dicarius Gold
    Ms. Dicarius Gold 6 days ago

    Jason sounds like Thor.

  • Ms. Dicarius Gold
    Ms. Dicarius Gold 6 days ago

    The first conversation they had was incredibly awkward.

  • Aquaria
    Aquaria 6 days ago

    I almost met Jason Momoa for the red carpet premiere of Aquaman in the UK in London I won tickets (thanks to the points on my HMVpure points card) but unfortunately the date for the premiere and the fact i had to get a flight from Scotland to London and a hotel being too expensive and it was such short notice i had to give up my prize back to HMV :( but at least it taught me you can win competitions if you keep trying.

  • Eliza B
    Eliza B 7 days ago

    Damn both of them are so hot😂

  • Luna Harp
    Luna Harp 7 days ago

    Just wow!

  • Blue Flame
    Blue Flame 7 days ago

    His cut on his eyebrow makes him look like he would kill someone if they stole his burrito

  • Saman Salamat
    Saman Salamat 7 days ago

    Jason Mamoa almost became Batman. Let that sink in.

  • Debra Washington
    Debra Washington 8 days ago

    ffffffffffffuck you bich

  • Damion Jones
    Damion Jones 8 days ago


  • Nikki Ezzell
    Nikki Ezzell 9 days ago

    He's so gorgeous!

  • thebeastminecraft
    thebeastminecraft 9 days ago

    Jack is so awkward

  • Marcus Mukhtar
    Marcus Mukhtar 9 days ago

    Holy shit man can’t believe this look at your self man that’s how you know you made it fuck

  • Lark Turner
    Lark Turner 9 days ago

    Omg I love him

  • 5peopleprobablyreadthissoitaintworthit soyea

    The movie was SICK

  • Marco Amazo
    Marco Amazo 9 days ago

    Lucky Irish bastard

  • swishychick
    swishychick 9 days ago

    I love that he's just as salty about "not" being recognized from Stargate as I am

  • Kaleigh Sutton
    Kaleigh Sutton 9 days ago

    The love of my life met the love of my life 👀👀

  • TheSkorpionKing
    TheSkorpionKing 9 days ago


  • Daniel Loves Gaming
    Daniel Loves Gaming 10 days ago

    That was cool.

  • Krishab Sati
    Krishab Sati 10 days ago

    Did anyone realize that there was water dripping from the trident in the background?

  • AWild Ging
    AWild Ging 10 days ago

    I think jack felt scared of messing up 🤣

  • Grave Kennet
    Grave Kennet 10 days ago +1

    I like the jacket

  • Skeptics Analysis
    Skeptics Analysis 10 days ago

    he wants that Momoa....

  • Keagan.O
    Keagan.O 10 days ago

    Awesome 👏🏻🤘🏻😎

  • Odin Dumdei
    Odin Dumdei 10 days ago

    Jack, your in the big leagues.

  • Hanni Bunni
    Hanni Bunni 10 days ago

    WTF Ive been missing from the youtube life and when I come back you INTERVIEW JASON MAMOA

  • Lv Kay
    Lv Kay 10 days ago

    Hi jason

  • Tomb Bandit
    Tomb Bandit 11 days ago

    Stargate was the best

  • Natsussj
    Natsussj 11 days ago


  • zZzBIGBOYzZz1998
    zZzBIGBOYzZz1998 11 days ago

    Jack this was awesome! I enjoyed this video, definitely thought I was back a first. So cool!

  • Rizkaa
    Rizkaa 11 days ago

    I was surprised to see Sean doing this. Big step up!

  • Iso Carlander
    Iso Carlander 11 days ago

    amazing! :OO

  • Jonathan Brooks
    Jonathan Brooks 11 days ago

    Jason Momoa would've been amazing as batman, just sayin

  • calvin mcdonald
    calvin mcdonald 11 days ago +1

    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss loved this movie

  • Arturo Jara
    Arturo Jara 11 days ago

    I wanna punch jacksepticeye face after seen this interview

  • McSlrtz Quicklebrym 2nd

    We didnt watch the movie because my brother said its ratings was low like 70% or idk but we watch a good movie that night

  • Just Some Guy With No Mustache

    I don’t like Aquaman...but I LOVE Jason Momoa’s Aquaman

  • Thunder
    Thunder 12 days ago +1

    I've seen this 3 times in cinemas
    I need more😂

  • Yung Nugg
    Yung Nugg 12 days ago

    Two beautiful men in one room

  • Michie fuk Yu
    Michie fuk Yu 12 days ago

    How high could we count? Ill start it, 1

  • Strikethekiller 067
    Strikethekiller 067 12 days ago

    That jason guy looks just like the new aquaman

  • _lost_ demon_
    _lost_ demon_ 12 days ago


  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson 12 days ago

    Wait is this an actual interview

  • Kyria Wolf
    Kyria Wolf 12 days ago

    slowly but surely he will interview himself through all the superheroes

  • WolfiePlaysGamez
    WolfiePlaysGamez 12 days ago


  • morgimoo_tomlinsonxox
    morgimoo_tomlinsonxox 12 days ago

    Khal Drogo what’s DEFINITELY his best role he’s ever done

  • glanknightfalcon
    glanknightfalcon 12 days ago

    I'm so happy for you, Jack-a-Boy!

  • Christopher Wilkman
    Christopher Wilkman 12 days ago

    Jason would make an awesome Kratos too if anyone wants to make a God of War - movie.

  • DjMiBsweden
    DjMiBsweden 12 days ago

    he seems so down to earth... jason i mean =) not Seán haha how come you got do to this interview? so badass =)

  • multi gast
    multi gast 12 days ago

    nice outfit jack

  • Camille Piedad
    Camille Piedad 12 days ago

    *When he wears dark colors and you see that cute pink shiny scrunchy on his arm* uwu


  • Name: Mclovin
    Name: Mclovin 12 days ago +2

    jason mo bamba spills his cup of HHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEESS

  • M B
    M B 12 days ago

    The funniest moments first when Jack felt so odd when he was saying how the movie was and when the actor of aqua man said that he was originally auditioning for Batman

  • Cringery
    Cringery 12 days ago +1

    The voice cracks so many bloody voice cracks

  • DYNO
    DYNO 13 days ago

    Em... i... «chaugh chaugh» kinda liked... em... black maaaeeeeenta... plz dont come after me

  • Endrias Mazengia
    Endrias Mazengia 13 days ago

    September 23 is my birthday

  • Travis Erby
    Travis Erby 13 days ago

    He also did a movie that he didn’t talk about called wolves lol it was horrid

  • atziry xo
    atziry xo 13 days ago

    Shit now I couldn’t decide whether or not flash is still my fave dc hero or aquaman.

    Fav marvel heroes :Spider-Man, Black Panther

    Fave dc hero’s: aquaman and flash

  • Howling BobCat55
    Howling BobCat55 13 days ago

    Why can't Jack be as famous as actors? I mean he should be up there with all the ones who made it big.
    I'd feel like Jack would be fucking awesome acting in a movie.
    If producers hired him for that they'd make so much more profit.
    Cause everyone loves Jack.

  • Sannabon
    Sannabon 13 days ago

    This is such a chill interview. I wish interviews were more like this and not the generic questions everyone asks. Good job Sean! 😊

  • Game Shark
    Game Shark 13 days ago +1

    Ma man

  • Stereo Steve
    Stereo Steve 13 days ago

    Jacks mind: (Is this socializing?)

  • Jayden Alonso
    Jayden Alonso 13 days ago

    Dang Jack meet Aquaman and Deadpool amazing

  • PoliMolly Kari
    PoliMolly Kari 13 days ago

    the way how jason kept mentioning stargate atlantis made me so sad i miss thIS SHOW

  • Keenan Nakogee
    Keenan Nakogee 13 days ago

    If I was an interviewer and if it’s done. I would love to give him couple of gifts which is metal records! Cuz Jason is a metalhead 🤘🏻😎

  • Dandy Sabbath
    Dandy Sabbath 13 days ago

    I fucking love Jason Momoa

  • Mikayla Zwart
    Mikayla Zwart 13 days ago +13

    Jack is me whenever a hot guy breathes the same air as me... 😂😂😂

  • Pinochet
    Pinochet 13 days ago +3

    Brought to you by CBC news

  • Equest3 2
    Equest3 2 13 days ago +3

    Bring back Stargate!!!!!

  • CruelSponge
    CruelSponge 13 days ago

    Good grief. USclip stars is really braching out to a wider audience now. Love how far everyone has come, especially you Jack

  • Bang Tan
    Bang Tan 14 days ago

    This is everything I needed and so much more

  • Kate Nik
    Kate Nik 14 days ago


    (XD jk btw I hate DC

  • Lilah Hamilton-Rana - Centennial Sr PS (1506)

    You felt nervous 😂

  • alviem3
    alviem3 14 days ago +1


  • Anime CauseWhyNot
    Anime CauseWhyNot 14 days ago

    4:10 ??? What was that???

    • Anime CauseWhyNot
      Anime CauseWhyNot 13 days ago

      +TheDCLogical :. Look at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds but don't pause it if ya did

    • TheDCLogical :.
      TheDCLogical :. 13 days ago

      What was what?

  • Foxproductions Gaming
    Foxproductions Gaming 14 days ago