Ear Blood


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  • Becca_ Paints
    Becca_ Paints 2 days ago

    5:41 this is what happens in a pot circle.

  • Iveth Ramirez
    Iveth Ramirez 9 days ago +1

    How come I've never seen this video?! 😨

  • kah0703
    kah0703 9 days ago

    Most underrated video ever.

  • Madeline Berry
    Madeline Berry 16 days ago


  • Laura Ala-Hukkala
    Laura Ala-Hukkala 17 days ago

    I fucking love this😂😂💛

  • Amy Kane
    Amy Kane 19 days ago

    WE NEED EARBLOOD2!!!!! (feat. Dr. Phil remix)

  • Kayleigh Furia
    Kayleigh Furia 20 days ago

    Just a remix of Julien coughing and singing "all around me are familiar faces" PLEASE JENNA

  • Luke Bruton
    Luke Bruton 20 days ago

    oh my GOD that’s fucken FRUITY LOOPS

  • Dazzle369
    Dazzle369 21 day ago

    This is still the best episode!

  • Sxmmy
    Sxmmy 23 days ago

    Comeback to this because I love the positivity

  • Savannah Burnham
    Savannah Burnham 23 days ago

    i love this so much

  • Amanda Joy
    Amanda Joy 25 days ago +1

    Rewatching this 2 years later and honestly I’ve never laughed so hard watching a video for a second time😂😂😂

  • Jamin' Way
    Jamin' Way 28 days ago

    Suddenly, I see the resemblance.

  • Little Saiki
    Little Saiki 29 days ago

    Debby machine X Seinfield remix

  • Jerry Mamet
    Jerry Mamet Month ago

    I didn’t watch this for the longest time bc I thought this was a google dive and they found a gross medical video.
    Not what I expected! Very charming!

  • Meagan Lalonde
    Meagan Lalonde Month ago +1

    Don't watch this if your household is sleeping and you dont want them to wake up every 5 seconds because Julien yells or Jenna goes "HELL YEH". Just.. a word of caution. Also lowering and turning up your volume every 5 seconds is REALLY fuckin annoying LOL

  • Cecilia Gallup
    Cecilia Gallup Month ago

    New machine album soon plz

  • Hannah Montana
    Hannah Montana Month ago +1

    Can you please make a new one

  • Sonya Smith
    Sonya Smith Month ago

    debbie and julien: the ultimate mother/son-in-law duo

  • Aileen Callahan
    Aileen Callahan Month ago

    lol we can clearly see Julien in the backround after u say well since everyones left me :,) LOL

  • Piper Owen
    Piper Owen Month ago

    Ear Blood 2 please

  • Erin Haddon
    Erin Haddon Month ago

    @ Jenna PLEASE do this again sooon but with like kermit crying or just a HELL YEAH compilation

  • Cynoate
    Cynoate Month ago

    I need a part two please and thank you

  • adalie `
    adalie ` 2 months ago

    its.. eAr blood

  • Koposho AJ
    Koposho AJ 2 months ago

    *Hell Yeah*

  • nibs thefrogboy
    nibs thefrogboy 2 months ago

    Death grips new track

  • Amelia Crisp
    Amelia Crisp 2 months ago

    This video needs to be longer

  • Urvi Singh
    Urvi Singh 2 months ago

    Where can I get that sushi tee from? Any idea?

  • Matthew Falls
    Matthew Falls 2 months ago

    The last one cracks mah shit up!!!!!

  • Kate Meara
    Kate Meara 2 months ago

    My family thinks I’m possessed because I laughed so much at this

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago

    More ear blood

  • Marley
    Marley 2 months ago

    Issa no 4 me

  • what hush
    what hush 2 months ago


  • Fanny Jensen
    Fanny Jensen 2 months ago

    I'm dyeing my eyebrows blue

  • Benjamin Brandão
    Benjamin Brandão 2 months ago

    your mom’s laugh is the best thing

  • Nicole Misery
    Nicole Misery 2 months ago

    i need to know the name of that program!

  • Sophia Emond
    Sophia Emond 3 months ago

    But why does this sound kind of like something Ween would make...

  • Tydus Rain
    Tydus Rain 3 months ago

    She kinda reminds me of Phoebe from Friends

  • Annabelle Kephart
    Annabelle Kephart 3 months ago

    Please make another one of these

  • sad but rad
    sad but rad 3 months ago

    just *jerry-ing around*

  • eilafmarvino
    eilafmarvino 3 months ago +1


  • Caramel
    Caramel 3 months ago

    I love your mom!!! She’s so cute!!!

  • aquarium gravel
    aquarium gravel 3 months ago

    this video did not disappoint

  • Tomás Jonson
    Tomás Jonson 3 months ago

    so much happiness

  • Yuh Yes
    Yuh Yes 3 months ago

    What software is this that she is using? Can someone tell me?

  • liss g
    liss g 3 months ago

    i get aries vibes from the debbie machine

  • Megan Hannon
    Megan Hannon 3 months ago

    Sometimes I wonder why Jenna is the way she is then I watch this video and I understand

  • kialiegh jade
    kialiegh jade 3 months ago

    why hasn't the debbie machine been in videos recently? we need more machine

  • Vivian Szostek
    Vivian Szostek 3 months ago

    This is my FAVORITE video of yours

  • Hi I’m trash
    Hi I’m trash 3 months ago

    One time in Digital Tech (a class) we were recording podcasts and we went out and spread out so we could get good sound and me a my friend snuck up on people recording and played the Seinfeld theme song really loud.

  • zoeee
    zoeee 3 months ago

    what is this

    i love it
    (edit) im on my period watching this and its……

  • Olivia Cowles
    Olivia Cowles 3 months ago +1

    your mom is like the female version of julian

  • Tara Bull
    Tara Bull 3 months ago

    This cured a little bit of my depression!

  • m Talan
    m Talan 3 months ago


  • Izzy Powell
    Izzy Powell 3 months ago

    Debbie is amazing 😂

  • Vorekiyo
    Vorekiyo 3 months ago

    This video is so fucking underrated

  • Yung Fleshlight
    Yung Fleshlight 3 months ago

    0:11 Appropriate times to use the slow blink

  • Val Joy
    Val Joy 3 months ago

    This is honestly how you stumble on something truly original and legendary... by not being afraid to try literally anything .

  • Elisheva
    Elisheva 4 months ago

    i could literally watch this anytime

  • Jenny Harrison
    Jenny Harrison 4 months ago

    Your mom is the most adorable person ever, I love her! More Debbie machine in videos!!

  • abby doesart
    abby doesart 4 months ago +1

    All of this sounds like audio art that i had to listen to for my art class last semester

  • Labyrinth Looper
    Labyrinth Looper 4 months ago

    I love your mom and I love her sushi shirt!

  • Alex McInnon
    Alex McInnon 4 months ago

    Dicks out for harambe

  • shane
    shane 4 months ago +1

    What program is this lol I need it

  • Hrithik George
    Hrithik George 4 months ago

    5:20 Jenna tenses up, essentially convulsing before everyone LOSES it!

  • Fandom Obsessionem
    Fandom Obsessionem 4 months ago


  • Summer Evans
    Summer Evans 4 months ago

    Are you sure Debbies not Juliens mom? They're personalities are identical 😂😂😂

  • Sydni McClanahan
    Sydni McClanahan 4 months ago

    Part 2?

  • maddie passett
    maddie passett 4 months ago

    please don this again

  • Monique Lown
    Monique Lown 4 months ago +1

    Need a part 2 !

  • Oi Bruv it’s Ss_SneperCat_sS

    Blood ear

  • finding awesome
    finding awesome 4 months ago

    Part 2???

  • bleaues
    bleaues 4 months ago

    1:23 it sounds like.... debees are coming

  • Lisa Parsons
    Lisa Parsons 4 months ago +1

    Please please please make yourself into a snake person

  • wet socks
    wet socks 4 months ago

    I remember watching this when it came out 😂 I don’t regret it

  • Dana Sofie
    Dana Sofie 5 months ago

    This video deserves so much more love

  • Renee K
    Renee K 5 months ago


  • megroess
    megroess 5 months ago

    the most underrated video ever, I die laughing every fucking time

  • Just Nobody
    Just Nobody 5 months ago

    I'm crying laughing so much. I can't handle it

  • jjproductions
    jjproductions 5 months ago

    Ear blood 2 please!!!

  • daanilion
    daanilion 5 months ago

    such an underrated video

  • Emilia Samson
    Emilia Samson 5 months ago

    I got an ad for a music producing program 😂😂

  • Amy Sharp
    Amy Sharp 5 months ago

    Alright I'll have my dick out for harambe! Lmfao

  • Syrin Heartstring
    Syrin Heartstring 5 months ago

    nasty boy or peanut butter boy

  • Danielle Johnson
    Danielle Johnson 5 months ago

    Jenna please make an Ear Blood 2!!

  • Aly Benjamin
    Aly Benjamin 5 months ago

    The remix sounds like someone choking🤣

  • charleigh carrig
    charleigh carrig 5 months ago +1

    this is one of the most underrated videos on her channel

  • Paristhealien
    Paristhealien 5 months ago

    great early birthday present (my birthday is august 11)

  • jackson flower
    jackson flower 5 months ago

    better than the light is coming!!!!

  • Megan H
    Megan H 5 months ago

    Debbie is so cute someone should get her a sushi dog or sushi cat shirt

  • Ibtisaan
    Ibtisaan 5 months ago

    The Debbie machine is everything

  • Alyssa Evans
    Alyssa Evans 5 months ago

    (Hears explosion 💥) (DABS)

  • Jenaveve Keirstead
    Jenaveve Keirstead 5 months ago

    My favourite part was the sienfeild part

  • Shenbiibi Raumpaul
    Shenbiibi Raumpaul 5 months ago

    The beginning sounds like flight of the Debby machines

  • Abby Borieo
    Abby Borieo 6 months ago +1

    Omg your mom is a legend this was hilarious

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith 6 months ago

    What did the Debbie machine do with her head at 5:31

  • Angela Mathison
    Angela Mathison 6 months ago

    I need that machine right now

  • Kylen
    Kylen 6 months ago

    I come back to this one it's too hilarious

  • Tag Wow m
    Tag Wow m 6 months ago

    This has to be one of Jenna’s funniest videos