• Published on Jun 22, 2019
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  • Leah George
    Leah George 3 days ago

    I've been watching your videos from you starting USclip

  • Leah George
    Leah George 3 days ago +2

    If you think that kendall gray makes the best videos make this blue

  • Rooster Currie
    Rooster Currie 12 days ago

    Hey KG, I’d love to see you do a Catch, Kill, Clean and Cook Turtle 🐢 Video. What do you say???

  • Zachary Taylor
    Zachary Taylor 13 days ago

    I love your vids

  • Turtle Head
    Turtle Head 13 days ago

    Who tossed those turtles? 🐢🐢

  • Zap Glizzy
    Zap Glizzy 13 days ago


  • Tanis Lively
    Tanis Lively 14 days ago

    Look closely at 8:58 around the caught catfish it looks like there is 30 of em

  • Braeden Goemer
    Braeden Goemer 16 days ago +1

    Kendall tie a knot at the base end of the pole,the another one at the end,so that way if it breaks you'll still get the turtle or catfish

  • Gacha Maddie
    Gacha Maddie 16 days ago +1

    *Turtle Has Left The Chat*

  • JAVA Young
    JAVA Young 17 days ago +1

    Just started watching your vids and they funny XD

  • IceBreaker ___
    IceBreaker ___ 18 days ago

    I just caught a snapping turtle today

  • HawkBoyz Outdoors
    HawkBoyz Outdoors 18 days ago

    Ye that's for sure not true the easiest it go in the deaper I knew that pole was gonna come out

  • Bad Artz
    Bad Artz 18 days ago

    About a week ago

  • Nathan Bradford
    Nathan Bradford 18 days ago

    Subscribed notifications on and liked the vid😂💯

  • Richard Martin
    Richard Martin 19 days ago

    Great countin 1-3

  • Boadie Gaza
    Boadie Gaza 19 days ago

    congrats on 1M subs

  • Boadie Gaza
    Boadie Gaza 19 days ago

    dudes sense of humor is off the charts

  • Michael Naz
    Michael Naz 20 days ago

    What happens when you do meth before you record on a phone? This video!

  • Smallbean Minismallbean

    Yeah a turtle!
    And also welcome to one million👍
    I have been waiting

  • Turtle Howard
    Turtle Howard 20 days ago

    Sad to inform you Turtleman died he was my hero

  • DrottsFishingTV
    DrottsFishingTV 20 days ago

    18:24 who else saw the pool pond 2 pool ponds

  • William Lee
    William Lee 20 days ago +2

    Kendall - I enjoy watching your videos with my grandsons... we laugh and talk about the things you do. Keep up the good work son... PawPaw

  • Dark_ _Wolf
    Dark_ _Wolf 20 days ago +1

    Stop saying that he his awesome 👏 props for kendall

  • drake hicks
    drake hicks 20 days ago

    anybody else stumble upon this guy at 1 in the morning 😂😭

  • hansel abreu
    hansel abreu 20 days ago

    Love your videos keep up the work godbless .#jesus

  • Slappuh Tv
    Slappuh Tv 20 days ago

    I thought the wood was a snake lol

  • Dylan Murphy
    Dylan Murphy 21 day ago

    Give away me please #graygang #jesus

  • Shacaria Jones
    Shacaria Jones 21 day ago

    Do u have a girlfriend

  • Nekita Chaney
    Nekita Chaney 21 day ago

    Do u have a girlfriend

  • Nicky Brand
    Nicky Brand 21 day ago

    The catfish has been turtleminated ⚙️

  • Christopher Obenhaus
    Christopher Obenhaus 21 day ago +1

    Wish you could come to my house Kendall

  • Christopher Obenhaus
    Christopher Obenhaus 21 day ago +1

    Kendall Gray is the best

  • Christopher Obenhaus
    Christopher Obenhaus 21 day ago +1

    If you dislike you are not Christian

  • Dawson Edmonds
    Dawson Edmonds 21 day ago

    “lake monster”

  • Shiela Fulton
    Shiela Fulton 21 day ago

    Congrats on 1 mil

  • Peyton Norris123
    Peyton Norris123 21 day ago

    why would you grab the turtle by the tail thats hurting them pls don't do that

  • Peyton Norris123
    Peyton Norris123 21 day ago +1

    why would you grab the turtle by the tail thats hurting them pls don't do that

  • Rated Redneck
    Rated Redneck 21 day ago

    So he walks over to a fig tree and its like...dont have any figs on it so hes like...die had me rollin! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brynden carrier
    Brynden carrier 21 day ago

    KG have a qusetion are you going to get your knife back in stock.

  • MichaelSimpson MSLP
    MichaelSimpson MSLP 21 day ago

    I'd disagree a little about the scripture, what Jesus was saying was that if you are supposed to give fruit and don't fulfill the role that is expected of you, then you are of no use and should just be dead. Fig tree that doesn't give figs; die.

  • Zane Blake
    Zane Blake 21 day ago

    Oh those suckers hurt to be bit by I was fishing I thought I got a fish it was a snapping turtle and I wasn’t paying attention and let’s say I was pissed and I had a gun on me so I got him off and dead and thank god it was small

  • Evan Crockett
    Evan Crockett 22 days ago

    Congratulation on One million subscribers

  • BoYyOuSuCk 69 oof
    BoYyOuSuCk 69 oof 22 days ago

    Save the turtles 🐢

  • Ernie Lopez
    Ernie Lopez 22 days ago

    Keep up the good work dendall gray I love to do all the stuff you from Austin Texas

  • bass master 1346
    bass master 1346 22 days ago

    6:31 is what you came for

  • XxXEnCTintionCorD xxx
    XxXEnCTintionCorD xxx 22 days ago

    He got catfish on his mind aka

  • driftking13 2018
    driftking13 2018 22 days ago

    Congrats you hit 1mil

  • Hunter Reinholtz
    Hunter Reinholtz 22 days ago

    You know nothing about snapping Turtles just leave them alone

  • Shaneom
    Shaneom 22 days ago

    i was his 200,000 view exactly

  • Antonio Pena
    Antonio Pena 22 days ago

    Dammm u hit 1 mill wen u funna get a good a camera

  • Ryder Nation
    Ryder Nation 22 days ago

    How are you so mean! that poor turtle

  • Turtle king
    Turtle king 22 days ago

    Please don't kill turtles unless they are harming you please.

  • Lake Neisen
    Lake Neisen 22 days ago

    Here in Illinois it’s mating season for catfish and we have tried all kinds of bait we have site fished for them and basically put the food in their mouth and they don’t care they don’t want it that’s probably why they’re not eating your dog food because they’re mating

  • Vilfred Heilemann
    Vilfred Heilemann 22 days ago

    Does this guy talk about Jesus every vid?

  • xd_brockman06353 Brockman06353

    He got gnomed

  • Garrett Shick
    Garrett Shick 22 days ago

    You know the turtle man?!?!?!

  • Nathan Fitzpatrick
    Nathan Fitzpatrick 22 days ago

    Your cousin is turtle man😱 u need to do a video with him🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Logan Lewis
    Logan Lewis 22 days ago

    Imagine it was a BlueGill

  • nxtlevelgamer103
    nxtlevelgamer103 22 days ago


  • Logan Glock
    Logan Glock 22 days ago


  • ty the goldfish
    ty the goldfish 22 days ago

    shoot the turtles

  • Minyona Marie
    Minyona Marie 22 days ago

    My son loves KG!! Keep up the good work! IG: @minyona

  • Tanya Dempsey
    Tanya Dempsey 22 days ago

    Hey my name is cain So I'm foumas now that u said my name in your vid love your vids dude

  • Ashley Duckworth
    Ashley Duckworth 22 days ago

    When he showed what the turtle looked like it had me laughing so hard

  • Chandler Highnote
    Chandler Highnote 22 days ago

    Do a catch and cook turtle

  • Holly Worby
    Holly Worby 22 days ago

    Love watching your videos! All the way from london england 😜😜 x x

  • Finn Robertson
    Finn Robertson 22 days ago

    Where are you from btw?

  • Lane Robinson
    Lane Robinson 22 days ago

    To catch a turtle you kill a few sparrows or a small bird and you take a metal rod and line and hook and hook the dead bird through the spine and the birds with float and the turtles see that while they are on bottom and they will come up and eat it

  • Zach Lane
    Zach Lane 22 days ago

    1Mil congrats

  • Cody Tornow
    Cody Tornow 22 days ago

    #warturtlelashon luv these vids