Fallout 3 Is Better Than You Think


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  • Mordirit
    Mordirit Hour ago

    I don't think most of FO3 haters go beyond the sentence "not made by the same guys as the original".

    I *was* gonna play FO3 when it came out. Then it hit me how much of a freaking useless brick my computer was back in the day. I started saving for a new motherboard, pair of RAM sticks and GPU (loved that investment, the gaming PC I put together because of FO3 lasted me a good 7 years of gaming ^^) and, in the meantime, bought FO1 and 2 to play, since I had never played any and was so invested in the franchise just off of the clips my friend had showed me.

    Cut to 5 months later (I was still learning English back then and working a lot to acquire the mentioned new PC, so it took me a loooong time to finish the games), I finish FO2 and about half a month after that I have my new PC and dive into FO3.

    For me it was *perfect* , I felt the transition from isometry and 2d to 3d as a welcome blessing, the atmosphere of struggling to survive and hilarious dark humor mixed with depressing details was still there, while I didn't care much for the main story it didn't take me long to come up with a character to roleplay as that fit into it, then another one, then another one, then another one... From Mister Bomb, a maniac pyromaniac who laughed as he watched Megaton blow up to Polfia, gentle talker who tried (and failed xD) to solve all conflicts of the game without violence, FO3 is a game that I have gone through over and over again so many times...

    It took me nearly a decade to find out it wasn't developed by the same people, which shocked me a lot. By then used to disappointments such as Mass Effect 3, Assassins Creed 3 (holy fuck what was that), I'd grown used to seeing games lose all that was captivating about them as sequels came out, yet Fallout was always to me a bastion of something that knew what it had going for it, and not only kept but expanded masterfully on it. To think that a completely different group of people created a sequel that, to this day, is my standard of how good serializing should be done, was mindblowing.

    I seriously can't believe there are people who hate on this game on the basis of it not being enough Fallout. For me, FO3 will always be paired as the most "fallouty" game in the series with FO2. Sure there are many things to criticize about it, it's far from a perfect game, but to bash on that point seems simply asinine.

  • That_ Fellow
    That_ Fellow 3 hours ago

    this is a great video and I agree with you on everything except on one thing companions

  • Traxly
    Traxly 5 hours ago

    The soundtrack, companions, everything about fo3 is amazing

    I sold it but I bought it again because why not best fallout ever

  • Northern Sentinel
    Northern Sentinel 8 hours ago


  • Rogal Dorn
    Rogal Dorn 9 hours ago

    my two favourite games of Fallout 1 and Fallout 3

  • Joseph Gomez
    Joseph Gomez 11 hours ago

    I can't get into the crappy gunplay in F3 or the crappy dialogue options in F4. They fix one thing and ruin the other.

  • Corbin Evans
    Corbin Evans 11 hours ago

    Haha my first playthrough I beelined straight to megaton. I was only 10 years old lol

  • Mark R
    Mark R 13 hours ago

    I love this game. Lost a lifetime in the Wasteland! Was my first venture into this kind of game, found it difficult, but shit-hot-amazing. Anyway, late to the party.....back to Race Sims!

  • 80 Slim Shady's
    80 Slim Shady's 23 hours ago

    Am i the only one that downloaded my favourite Fallout 3 songs and have listened to them on their ipod for years. My boss used to leave me to work by myself building stone walls and I used to love listening to the old 40's songs thinking about roaming the wasteland by myself while I'm lonely working by myself out in the bush on a property. I cherish those songs, they bring good memories, from working and spending many, many hours playing

  • Dylan Baas
    Dylan Baas 23 hours ago +1

    Ok so i usually try to refrain from commenting on Fallout 3 stuff because its a shitstorm of 2 extremes trying to see who can best make a straw man out of the other, but when he got to the point where he was defending the game for being cinematic with its town gates, i had to to a double take. Then when he criticized other games in the series for not having it I had to take a break to write this. I do this because this video raises some good perspectives and, though some points are subjective, has been informative.
    I'll go on record of being lukewarm on Fallout as a whole. Nothing against it, I just haven't had the time to thoroughly experience it as I have games like Dark Souls (where I have around 800 hours clocked). I'll just point out that this is a rather ridiculous thing to bring up, and gives insight to the creators intention. As I continue to watch the video to the end it will seem less like a perspective of F3 about what good the game has to offer and more like a defence at any cost.

  • 80 Slim Shady's
    80 Slim Shady's Day ago

    I did a lot of roaming around and found a lot of of things and weird quests but i never found the slave camp, I thought that was just in New Vegas. Fallout 3 is so massive man, it has way more stuff than New Vegas

  • Sam Lamprecht
    Sam Lamprecht Day ago

    I agree that 3 is the best

    • Sam Lamprecht
      Sam Lamprecht Day ago

      it was the first one that i played and when I got new vegas I knew I wasn't gunna like it as much as 3

  • filypefx
    filypefx Day ago

    the simple sheer feeling of starting fallout 3 continue to amazing me... I only can take it back if I compare that with fallout 2... and then fnv make you feel you done something important on both (as FNV reflect many things from both of those and FO1)

  • Toriko L
    Toriko L Day ago

    Getting into the national guard armory was another cool unorthodox aspect of this game. You had to stack up barrels to jump onto a secret floor to gain access to a master level armory with a sentry bot there. This game was a pleasure to explore and was the most immersive Fallout game, where the story, world, and characters were the most important part of the game. You could even blow up a whole city..

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan Day ago

    I actually love fallout 76 instead.

  • CormacTreston
    CormacTreston Day ago

    It is because of this video that I decided to order the GOTY edition. I played the hell out of NV, it literally got me through my final year of university.

  • Krzysztof Grabiński

    fantastic material!

  • Silvio Grijalva
    Silvio Grijalva Day ago

    Fallout 4?

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson Day ago

    All of your points are really well made and I actually found myself disliking New Vegas which is weird because I never had a preference. My only criticism is that you portray FO3 as an unpopular, unliked game by a significant number of players while that really doesn't seem to be the case. It feels like you made a two hour video as a rebuttal to a couple people that didn't like FO3. The video was enjoyable so the length isn't really a problem. But you portray FO3 as divisive when it feels like the majority of fallout fans think both games are great.

  • Romario Roberto
    Romario Roberto Day ago

    Fallout? You mean: I don't want set the world on fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei just want to start a flame in your heart.=|?

  • Cat Knight
    Cat Knight Day ago

    I always preferred this game over FONV, but I never really understood why, but this video helped me realize. Unfortunately getting FO3 to work on my PC is a nightmare and that's why I rarely play it, otherwise, I'd be on a lot.

  • Mikhailovick
    Mikhailovick Day ago

    This video and the one made by Harris are both great.

  • Kren
    Kren Day ago

    No matter how much you tell me to like a game, or explain why I should like a game, its not going to make me like it.

  • jackson
    jackson Day ago

    I like them both a lot

  • chinothepony
    chinothepony Day ago

    Megaton and Goodsprings might seem like a good comparison based on both being your first major town you arrive at. But while Megaton was designed to be interesting, Goodsprings was designed to be generic. The devs just wanted you to have introductory interactions and a small hub to work with, while Fallout 3 had accomplished this already within the Vault.

    • chinothepony
      chinothepony Day ago

      +Rex Riply Yeah I agree. The capital wasteland is an incredible map.

    • Rex Riply
      Rex Riply Day ago +1

      +chinothepony and World & Exploration is why fallout 3 excells

    • chinothepony
      chinothepony Day ago

      +Rex Riply You're right, the characters in Megaton were a little bit on the generic side. I think all in all character and storytelling is why NV excels.

    • Rex Riply
      Rex Riply Day ago +1

      Megaton was also made to be disposable, goodsprings might not be as visually or structurally as interesting as megaton but it's character's are much more compelling, which fallout 3 would be able to use the argument that since megaton was made to be destructible that's why it's character weren't given much of a personality if Fallout 3's other characters weren't any better

  • Litch The Shinigami
    Litch The Shinigami 2 days ago

    When you can’t play fallout 3 because your pc denies it blatantly.. telling you to install a program of wich i have a newer version installed wich somehow won’t register as viable so fallout 3 just doesn’t boot past the boot thing where your video settings are set i click on play and it doesn’t do jack.. now i have played it before and it worked then.. and yes i changed compatibility already on both the launcher and the .exe file

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson 2 days ago

    fallout 3 was my first fallout game and it's awesome, i dont understand the complaints?

  • whistle myer
    whistle myer 2 days ago

    I still like New Vegas more for character/story closure. But Fallout 3 had a better map with more places to Explore, and had a Stronger atmosphere with the American apocalypse theme.

  • Lane Bagwell
    Lane Bagwell 2 days ago

    F3 was my first and I loved it. Tbh I explored a lot and loved it and never really had any problem just stumbling into cool things. FNV’s style drew me in and I loved it as well. However I felt like I needed to search up things more because there wasn’t many hints towards places in my playthroughs

  • PonderingLotus
    PonderingLotus 2 days ago

    I have honestly questioned people about fallout 3 Vs 1/2. And I can't tell if most people either haven't played the originals at all, or it's been so long that they don't remember much about them.
    I agree with so much in this video. I still think Fallout 2 is my favorite, but 3 is right up there. And I loved tactics, but I also love those style of games do having a strategy game style fallout was pretty fun.

  • Emil Andersen
    Emil Andersen 2 days ago

    Awesome video my friend, I listened to this while sleeping

  • Zach Piper
    Zach Piper 2 days ago

    This made me play fallout 3 for the first time and I’m hooked

  • Ryu Ranzou
    Ryu Ranzou 2 days ago

    Let me explain why fallout 3 was bad and it won't take me 2 hours because I'm not British. When the game came out people were excited for a elder scrolls game with guns. The vault part of the game is just a tutorial and hardly anyone cared about it and wanted to just start their adventure. Elder scrolls games let you do a lot of side quests and be involved in a world that was alive. Sure it's supposed to be a wasteland, but Fallout 3 had nothing in it aside from the main story and like 10 side quests. People were used to hundreds of side quests. Fallout 3 had only a few towns to interact with and you were practically broke until you were almost done with the game. The whole experience felt like you were waiting for the game to open up to that elder scrolls experience but it never does. Most of the development seemed to have been spent on the tutorial and the end of the game with nothing in between.

  • Adrian Christ
    Adrian Christ 2 days ago

    Although I do prefer NV overall, I strongly agree that Fallout 3 handles exploration so much better than NV. Blindly exploring the wasteland for the first time all those years ago was honestly one of the most interesting experiences I've ever had in a game.

  • Elijah Hawthorne
    Elijah Hawthorne 2 days ago +1

    "I don't need moral lessons from my toaster, you bastards!" xD

  • metalmutherfucker101

    Definitely subing after this thorough work sir damn good watch thank you for defending a game that deserved it

  • ileaddeaths
    ileaddeaths 2 days ago

    not only is it great. But its so much better than fallout 4 and fallout 76 or whatever its called. puts those to shame in a very bad way. fallout 4 is not good

  • multeyemeteor
    multeyemeteor 2 days ago

    Also, I don't think you can make the argument that the karma system makes for a better rpg experience, just because it creates more random nonsense. If anything it's a failure of the game's mechanics that random NPC's or enemies can just magically gauge your "karma" and then decide to attack you on those grounds. The only way to justify the effects of the karma system is if there is some sort of elaborate communications network, where everyone in Fallout 3 except for you is constantly exchanging their opinions about you, or - and this is not in any way better - we're talking about a true sense of karma, where we're not even pretending that the NPC's or enemies have a will of their own, but are just spawned in to react to your karma on the grounds of some divine being's sense of morality. I don't think the overall point is that either 3 or NV is definitively better than the other in this regard, but NV's faction system is more elegant solution to the problem IMO.

  • multeyemeteor
    multeyemeteor 2 days ago

    I think most of your points are really interesting, well thought out, and it's given me a different perspective on 3 vs NV that makes me want to go back and play 3 for the 3rd or 4th time.

    However, I do think you're way off, when it comes to VATS, and it seems that you're falling into the pitfall of looking at what you're familiar with and used to and claiming it to be better on the merits of it being something that's habitual to you or something that used to be more prevalent. It's pure system justification. VATS in the newer Fallout games is for sure still tied to some of the game's mechanics (SOME not ALL), and it's an attempt at accomodating players, who are not that skilled at FPS. However, it's quite a thing to imply that it's less of a Fallout experience to play Fallout 4 or 76 as a shooter, now that the mechanics in the newer games better support this. Unless you're roleplaying an unskilled gunman having to rely on metaphysical oddities or a piece of technology known as VATS, most would probably agree that real time shooting mechanics represent the situation more realistically, or at least more immersive, however, it is a matter of preference. Some prefer real time FPS mechanics and consider them more immersive, while others prefer a more RTS-like approach, and neither is more correct than the other, regardless of what the game mechanics might seem to favor. I use VATS here and there when I play, but mostly when I'm in stealth or have to line up important shots (but far from all the times). However, I feel it's almost like cheating, because VATS was probably never supposed to make shooting overpowered or as advantageous as it can sometimes seem. VATS was more likely meant as a solution to a problem that the games' mechanics otherwise didn't have a proper way of solving, and while it was never elegantly implemented into Fallout 3, NV, 4, or 76, it did help retain a feeling of what makes the Fallout games a distinct experience with certain mechanics and a certain sort of combat aesthetic. Claiming that it is more than that, is - to me - a misrepresentation of the mechanic.

  • Renegade Zero
    Renegade Zero 2 days ago

    Nice video, but I'm curious why this needs to be said for plebs who didn't understand the genius of Fallout 3 writing.

  • Octavio89
    Octavio89 2 days ago

    F3 and NV are both among my top 10 games of all time, insane right?

  • The_Pot_Dragon
    The_Pot_Dragon 3 days ago

    I prefer FO3 over FNV and I played NV first.

  • George Washington
    George Washington 3 days ago

    Man it’s been a decade boys

  • eleveatorbeat
    eleveatorbeat 3 days ago

    I love Fallout 3. I love New Vegas. But this argument strait up gave me a headache. Cherry picked and zealot like. I feel like I just spent two hours with religious solicitors. :P

  • ad orbis non veritas

    you made very good point. and good video.

  • molotov
    molotov 3 days ago

    Hell, you talk too fast. It's not pleasent to hear you.

  • Michael Pelton
    Michael Pelton 3 days ago

    Weirdly enough I could never get into FO3, even without ever playing Vegas. I've really been wanting to try it tho

  • sprinta_mk2
    sprinta_mk2 3 days ago

    People think Fallout 3 is bad because they played Fallout 4 first and they expect all other Fallouts to be like that when they go back. Dont work like that, sugar.

    • Rex Riply
      Rex Riply Day ago

      That's not it at all I've seen plenty of people critique fallout 3 before fallout 4 was ever a thing, in fact aside from gameplay I see people saying fallout 3 is better, and I see more people criticising fallout 3 for no being like the first 2.

  • James Milner
    James Milner 3 days ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched a 2 hour video on USclip before, but dam I can’t stop watching. I have soo many fond memories of Fallout 3, I still think it’s my favourite!!

  • Mr CIA
    Mr CIA 3 days ago

    t.Rodd Boward

  • Tyan Jankowski
    Tyan Jankowski 3 days ago

    I believe if you wear sunglasses when you leave the Vault, the flash isn't as severe

  • irllcd13
    irllcd13 3 days ago

    Video is still wrong, and Fallout 3 is still shit.

  • PaniCcakE
    PaniCcakE 4 days ago

    Brilliant video. Put into words what I've always felt playing fallout 3

  • Canada loves you
    Canada loves you 4 days ago

    if its called fallout whatever i dont care what number is on the end a true fan sucks it up an loves it regeadless loved them all so far even gonna give 76 a chance

  • Spike
    Spike 4 days ago

    Bethesda came out and said broken steal was originaly part of the plan.

  • Rensana Flamdrache
    Rensana Flamdrache 4 days ago

    Only real complaint i have with Fallout3 is the main mission was to short,as for the rest,some sucks and some is fair and even nice,that said i just love all Fallout worlds in general,kinda as a whole and lets face it ALL games are going to have pros and cons,no fight about it

  • Spike
    Spike 4 days ago

    I dont know who your talking about when you say people who liked New Vegas had to hate F3. I personally never saw this, I won't say it didn't happened, just that I didn't see it. I prefer New Vegas, but there are key differences in what I like about each one. What I like about F3 is the things it shares with older Fallout games, Fallout New Vegas happens to be made more like one. Its built to be Fallout, not simpley just what Bethesda wants. In opinion when working on an IP that has a pre established fanbase you need to respect them and the IP they love, they're the ones buying your game. If you prefer F3 thats cool, more power to you.

  • Blxz
    Blxz 4 days ago

    Well, I'm convinced.

  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar 4 days ago

    1:44:31 its. a. MAGAZINE.

  • Unlostmaniac
    Unlostmaniac 4 days ago


  • Anon Anonson
    Anon Anonson 4 days ago

    I always remember the first time I left Vault 101 and was blinded by the sunlight to then see the damaged Washington monument
    3 was limited by being the first 3D 1st person entry but the experience as a story is tip top with a well written map
    3 feels more like the Fallout 2 experience than NV does but perhaps due to NV engine limitations and obvious lack of depth and content due to time restrictions
    I have 500 hours in NV and have done and seen everything
    I have ~450 hours in 3 and still see new random encounters, dialogue trees and quest solutions

  • ThundrKnight
    ThundrKnight 4 days ago

    Whats that old Bethesda saying? "Resist the urge to reload the save and you'll gain an experience where you're a character in this world and your choices give a much more interesting story than the endless line of perfection you would see otherwise" or something like that.
    F3 was my first real dip into that idea, i know people will say theres an "ideal path" and whatnot but i dont see it that way, as the ideal path is only slightly better than the alternative and every ending had a caveat of worry at the end. Hearing the narrator at the end telling my story and how everything i influenced unraveled was beautiful and its an experience ive missed since.

  • Skeleton Slayer
    Skeleton Slayer 4 days ago

    also i have been inspired to play fallout 3 again thank you

  • Skeleton Slayer
    Skeleton Slayer 4 days ago

    OK so LISTEN HERE BETHESTA. we need fallout 3 REMASTERED. better graphics better gun play and maby a few more weapons. THEN WE WILL BE HAPPY

  • thehulkster94
    thehulkster94 4 days ago

    It feels like Fallout 3 had more named characters who weren't directly relevant for quests (or were shopkeepers) than New Vegas. New Vegas had a lot of generically named "settlers" or "gamblers." There aren't a whole lot of people who you can talk to that you wouldn't have a good reason to talk to them at some point. On the other hand I can remember several characters in Fallout 3 where I don't recall there being anything to gain from talking to them at any point while I can only really think of a handful of named characters in New Vegas who didn't have at least an unmarked quest associated with them (or were doctors/shopkeepers).. It made the towns feel more lived in and vibrant in Fallout 3.

  • Justin Hallberg Themajest1cd

    This video deserves all the likes

  • RazzaldG
    RazzaldG 4 days ago

    T dog was the best radio host so far.. It was maddening to me that when I met Travis in 4, he had no real interaction about who I was despite I was the source of 90% of his stories.

  • nccmax
    nccmax 4 days ago


  • TheDeecWun Kush
    TheDeecWun Kush 4 days ago

    The only few things I preferred in New Vegas over 3 was the ADS gunplay, the amount of weapons and ammo and the difficulty at the beginning. The world really does feel shallow in comparison.

  • Diarmuhnd
    Diarmuhnd 4 days ago

    yarp - i liked plating this game and all of the DLC , bugs and all. :)

  • Noah Weiser
    Noah Weiser 4 days ago

    I feel like just from a simple gameplay perspective fo3 is way better just because it grabs your attention like idk bout everyone and their experiences but new Vegas felt really predictable and uninteresting like a roadtrip. Boring, boring, boring ,oh look a landmark ,boring. Fo3 had way more satisfying long haul gameplay whereas new vegas made going from one thing to the next a chore IMO

  • 1.9M views B
    1.9M views B 4 days ago

    You couldn't make this video about fallout 4 where you are literally forced to shoot everything. The biggest disappointment ever.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 4 days ago

      At the end of the day, I try to judge games on whether I had fun, not whether they fit people's opinions of what 'good' is. In that regard, FO4 has done ok for me. (I don't know about such a video, but I often think people are missing the point with games.) But, one thing I haven't encountered is being *literally* forced to shoot everyone, as you claim. Do you know what that word means?

  • Ecclectic Nerd
    Ecclectic Nerd 4 days ago

    Fallout 3 is one of the few games in recent years that I remember really grabbed me and sucked me into its world. Definitely downloading it again to get lost in the wastelands again right now.

  • BryanHD Plays
    BryanHD Plays 4 days ago +1

    I Played Fallout 1 (70 Hours) , Fallout 2 (78 Hours) , Fallout 3 Game of the year edition ( 671 Hours) , Fallout New Vegas Game of the year edition ( 564 Hours) , Fallout 4 ALL DLC's Included ( 243 Hours) , Fallout 76 [ 52 Hours, F 76 is Garbage). Fallout 3 and New Vegas had that Real Nuclear Apocolypse look, It had that typical fallout sky , More Rust and also it had better missions in MY Opinion.

  • jmizz 215
    jmizz 215 4 days ago

    Whoa you did change my mind on fallout 3

  • Maxie Karn
    Maxie Karn 4 days ago

    Fallout 3: Too Many Subways

  • Andrewf5251
    Andrewf5251 4 days ago

    i actually prefer fallout 3 more than fallout new vegas . basically cause of great atmosphere of fallout 3 . fallout 3 locations just are much more atmospheric than new vegas ones .

  • Jacob
    Jacob 4 days ago

    It's partly because I'm a HUGE fan of Bethesda (they're my favorite studio/publisher in the industry) but personally, I consider all of their titles to be SO much better than the originals. I enjoy the entire series but if it weren't for the Bethesda games, I probably wouldn't have ever come to enjoy the series like I have. The originals are great games but Fallout 4 is my favorite game of all time, New Vegas is just a downright enjoyable RPG (yes, I know, different studio but it's built off of Bethesda's designs) and Fallout 3... I'm not kidding when I say that Fallout 3 changed my life. It changed my perspective of gaming and it changed my life.

    It showed me a different type of RPG, as I had only played RuneScape and the Elder Scrolls games up until that point. It showed me more about human nature, how evil and selfish we are but how everyone can overcome that evil and selfish nature if they try. It gave me probably close to 1k hours of escapism, allowing me to get away from my real-world troubles for a few hours and just recenter myself, both emotionally and in terms of my faith. One may find it strange that such a dark, bleak game like Fallout 3 could actually help me feel closer to God but it did. The entire series does that to me (as does The Elder Scrolls, but for different reasons), it helps me see myself in a more honest light so that I can be more honest with Him. But not only that, it's just downright FUN. Seeing places I've visited on vacations now destroyed after a nuclear war, there's just something about that connection which makes a game so special.

    Perhaps that's why I find Bethesda's Fallout games to be better: I've never gone further west than Tennessee when I was young and since I live in Pennsylvania, a lot of the locations BGS uses in their Fallout games end up seeming familiar due to similar locations. This feeling was accentuated even further in Fallout 76, the rural beauty of Appalachia reminds me not only of the area I live in, but it also reminds me of several places I've visited across this state. Fallout 4 gave me this feeling to a somewhat lesser degree (though more than Fallout 3's vanilla game; The Pitt gave me chills since Pittsburgh is my favorite city IRL) because, for some reason, it reminded me of my local area a LOT. Add to that a fantastic story and incredible gameplay and you get what became my favorite game of all time.

    But all-in-all, Fallout 3 will always be the game that changed my life and my perspective on gaming. It gets frustrating hearing all the haters trash Fallout 3, 4 and 76 but they're always going to be some of the greatest games I've ever played.

  • Aperture 4.0
    Aperture 4.0 5 days ago


  • johnny1992black Ra
    johnny1992black Ra 5 days ago

    always loved F3 more then otheres

  • Touching Evil
    Touching Evil 5 days ago

    Fallout 3 is my favorite game

  • Kam Bennett
    Kam Bennett 5 days ago

    Watches whole video.

  • Nodak81
    Nodak81 5 days ago

    I didn't know anything about the Fallout series until the last year or so when I happened to pick up New Vegas for cheap and it blew my mind! Basically, it's Skyrim but with guns and I was hooked. I played Fallout 3 next and thought it was just as good as New Vegas. I've actually had Fallout 4 for months but haven't gotten around to playing it yet.

  • RecceRecon
    RecceRecon 5 days ago

    Wow!! I never knew that if I didn't take the pistol that Amata would use it in self defense. That's incredible. I'm going to try that out in my new playthrough.

  • stoneybridger
    stoneybridger 5 days ago

    In paradise falls I went round pick pocketing all the guns and ammo.....they then just used melee , that was nice lol.

  • stoneybridger
    stoneybridger 5 days ago

    i blew up the bomb ;(

  • AngeredKabar
    AngeredKabar 5 days ago

    A dissertation for the 21st century.
    I didn't have a problem with fallout 3, except that it took me about 40 hours to start having fun in it. New Vegas was fun right off the bat but I could also attribute that to already knowing 90% of the mechanics when I started.
    As far as story goes, I didn't feel like it was bad at all, all the quests seemed to be dripping with that trademark humor and multiple avenues of accomplishment. New Vegas seemed like a story bigger than you on the otherhand, so big you could go down a rabbit hole on the main quest and miss out other story lines that were just as well massive and fleshed out.

  • Robert
    Robert 5 days ago

    Fallout 3 is excellent but NV I had more fun with. NV also has more replay potential.

  • G O D 许愿者男孩

    I could be watching a movie right now that's 1 hour and 50 mins, damn.

  • John Andrew Serrano Garcia

    A lot better than fallout 4 thats for sure.

  • Ye
    Ye 5 days ago

    I love both games but, damn. You definitely cherry picked some arguments to make FO3 look better.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 5 days ago

      I think you're missing his point, entirely. He's not calling FO3 better than FNV in the way you might think. He's illustrating that FO3 is using a decentralized narrative, where interesting stories are located off the beaten path, as a reward for exploring the world. You seem to be looking for a comparison he didn't make.

    • Ye
      Ye 5 days ago

      Annagram Gaming new Vegas he ONLY talks about main quests where FO3 he talks about the main AND side quests. That is not a fair comparison

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 5 days ago

      So you're thinking more an issue of accuracy of comparison, not cherry picking. OK, fine. But I don't see what you mean, he goes through multiple stages of showing how the main quests vs the side quests send you across the map in different ways. I'm not quite sure how this is unfair.

    • Ye
      Ye 5 days ago

      Annagram Gaming I’m more specifically talking about how he talks about the main quests and branching paths with the maps. New Vegas takes you allll over the map and he ignores it. Where FO3 takes you over the map but then he starts talking about optional side quests...which makes no since if you’re comparing the two

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 5 days ago +1

      Be careful before you cry cherry picking. MATN is specifically noting there are *some* good things about FO3, and therefore, the examples reflect that.

  • Cypher
    Cypher 5 days ago

    It's worth than I remember

  • Chaos Zweihander
    Chaos Zweihander 6 days ago

    I’ve always felt the only reason ppl liked nv more than 3 is because they were either genuinely stupid or didn’t play the game outside of the main quest and didn’t even pay attention to that. It’s so obviously a much better game.

  • SongBird
    SongBird 6 days ago

    I'm a die heart Fallout New Vegas fan but I actually like Fallout 3 quite a lot. Maybe its bias considering it was my first Fallout game, but the only big problem I have with it is that the endgame totally falls flat. It would have been nice to see multiple endings but at least have an ending where you can side with the Enclave. I've never liked the Brotherhood and it seems like lazy writing that you are eventually forced to side with them.

  • Dion L
    Dion L 6 days ago

    Love you Many! This is my sixth time watching this.

  • Gary Wray
    Gary Wray 6 days ago +2

    I think the game could be good but I could never get past the first hour it was so boring to the point of mind numbing


    You gotta love Fallout 3

  • swisshakilla™
    swisshakilla™ 6 days ago

    I think it’s the best as well, the despair was real!

  • tsunsu
    tsunsu 6 days ago

    altho it did come out in 2008 it still really good i got the game of the yr edtion on ps3 and xbox360 i even have new vegus but i can't get the dlcs anymore for my ps3 vertion i still enjoy both games regarless more fallout 3 then new vegus mainly for the unable to get dlcs for it. but even i think fallout 3 was a tad better made then the newer ones.

    theres 5 dlcs's for f.o. 3 so ya

  • ShinjiYouFuckker
    ShinjiYouFuckker 6 days ago

    People already know fallout 3 is amazing, just prefer new Vegas.