Fallout 3 Is Better Than You Think


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  • Brian Barr
    Brian Barr Hour ago

    4 is my favorite only because the manual gunplay in 3 is straight cheeks. New Vegas disgusts me.

  • Nuclear The Furfag

    Stick with the classics.

  • Lofty
    Lofty Day ago +1

    Both games are about the same ...because war.....war never changes!

  • Mettaton NEO11
    Mettaton NEO11 Day ago +1

    It’s better then the best 3D Fallout game without Obsidion?

  • Rayyan Khan
    Rayyan Khan 2 days ago

    "Is mass murder okay if the targets are slavers?"
    I'd say so. Especially because they're child slavers.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 2 days ago

    nuke 'em til they glow,then shoot 'em in the dark!

  • mason wade
    mason wade 2 days ago

    I think its funny how his arguments are Fallout 3 isn’t bad because Fallout New Vegas is bad.

  • NoLuckScape
    NoLuckScape 2 days ago

    More 3h30 minutes to get home and watch the whole video before bed thanks for the effort :)

  • Heath Anderson
    Heath Anderson 2 days ago

    Thee will never be a video titled Fallout 4/ 76 is better than you think lol

  • Batman I Am
    Batman I Am 2 days ago

    hands down fallout 3 is one of the best games ever made

  • GamesULove
    GamesULove 3 days ago +1

    I consider fallout 3 to be a tutorial game for new players as well as players of the traditional games. Once you get the mechanics down in fallout 3, the doors open to New Vegas and 4

  • Jon Dough
    Jon Dough 3 days ago

    The existence of Little Lamplight in the main story, and by extension Big Town, makes absolutely no sense in the setting they chose for FO3. The background information provided is written assuming the bombs have dropped within months, not over 100 years. It is one of the more glaring examples of how the game can't decide if it takes place right after the apocalypse or the stated year. I would be fine with it as optional side content, but apparently someone in charge thought it was good enough to part of the main focus for the player. I lost any respect I had for the game's design after being forced to interact with it.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming Day ago

      I personally could not remember any glaring inconsistencies with the story and can't find anything on the Fallout Wiki. There is a voice line where one character quotes the age cutoff as 18, not 16. Are you sure?

  • SpicierEight0
    SpicierEight0 3 days ago

    I want a Fallout 3 with Fallout New Vegas weapons, mechanics, iron sights, weapon modding, and cooking. Oh, and survival mode.

  • Preston Gravy
    Preston Gravy 3 days ago

    New vegas is better because it has *marry robbins.*

  • Daedlus
    Daedlus 3 days ago

    I thought Megaton was made before the bomb?

  • TheLookaas
    TheLookaas 3 days ago +1

    Good video. Love Fo3 and NV

  • Crom Tuise
    Crom Tuise 3 days ago

    The Brotherhood part surprised me seeing how the Mojave chapter is still isolationist and are actively butting heads with NCR

  • OpenYourEyes
    OpenYourEyes 3 days ago

    That's just adding meaning to something that lacks one from the very beginning. First time you deal with Butch is not a lesson on how to handle dialogues, it's just a generic dialogue without an option resulting with combat. Second dialogue with butch is not a dialogue that teaches speach checks, it's just a generic dialogue. Talking about everything having a meaning and "author's intention" reminds me of art critics talking about war and famine while the artist just straight up puked on the canvas. There's no meaning to it, you're the one trying to give it one. Fallout 3 is mediocre at best and that is it.

  • Limitless Range
    Limitless Range 4 days ago

    Morality means nothing to me in a game. It’s all about the loot. Nothing else.

  • Damsen
    Damsen 4 days ago

    1:25 That statement didn't age too well now did it?
    Fallout 3 is garbage man... it's no better than we think it is.

  • TattooJay88
    TattooJay88 4 days ago

    No its not it's exactly as good as I think it is, lol. Great game.

  • Pixelated Ninja
    Pixelated Ninja 4 days ago

    Why argue when things like TTW exist?

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 4 days ago +1

      I don't think people who literally love one game and hate the other would be satisfied with TTW, to be honest. They seem to want to make it a point to tell others what they hate. I like both, though.

  • Dv8_NO
    Dv8_NO 4 days ago +1

    Fallout 3 was my first fallout game, and despite it looking like ass it's probably one of the best games I've played.

  • Mascamuelas Smith
    Mascamuelas Smith 5 days ago +1

    I always felt like NW was a *new* Fallout, so a better one. But I always loved Fallout 3, his darkness and mad max-like world.

    We can discuss if 4 and 76 were an improvement or not but thats another thing

  • Mascamuelas Smith
    Mascamuelas Smith 5 days ago

    18:00 but you can find on moriarty's terminal (anyways I agree, that mission gave you lots of options)

  • Jonathan Fair
    Jonathan Fair 5 days ago

    Your right

  • to stupid for a Name

    Yeah but Vats is also super boring. I hate it

  • to stupid for a Name

    hbomberguy is an idiot

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 4 days ago

      I honestly don't think he's stupid. I do, however, think he makes mistakes, sometimes on a foundational level.

  • ch282
    ch282 5 days ago

    fallout 3 - good or shit?

  • frax MANN
    frax MANN 6 days ago

    Im getting the platinum right now. Thanks PS Now lol

  • Jamie Jack
    Jamie Jack 6 days ago

    My favourite game

  • fraquar werstdr
    fraquar werstdr 6 days ago

    Never played Fallout 3, might have to give it a look. I'll be honest, these "survival" mechanics they add to games really only amount to busywork (i.e, thirst, hunger, sleep). Survival to me is about scarcity of resource which forces you to explore - not something that keeps you from wanting to explore because you don't have a bottle and your thirst and hunger has nerfed your character into an invalid - to the point he can't go get what he needs in the first place.

  • 澤人志Hitoshi Sawa

    I consider it the best

  • CaffeinatedAndYelling

    Most of the people who say "New vegas is better" haven't even played Fallout 3. How do I know? There's a dead giveaway: If they experienced Fallout 3, then "New vegas is better" would not be their choice of words. Fallout 3 is unforgettable.

    Either that, or people are just trolling.

    • chewchewtrain
      chewchewtrain 5 days ago +2

      It's like you think people aren't allowed to have differing opinions from you or something....

  • The Anti-Christ
    The Anti-Christ 7 days ago

    Tale of two wastelands with more quests and fallout 4 graphics and gunplay

  • The Anti-Christ
    The Anti-Christ 7 days ago

    I play tale of two wastelands so I don't have to choose

  • Alan Smithee
    Alan Smithee 7 days ago

    alright ill bite, ill play fallout 3 after all these years

  • Micro Aggressor
    Micro Aggressor 7 days ago

    Fallout 3 is ABSOLUTE dog shit.

  • Gwe123 Gwe123
    Gwe123 Gwe123 7 days ago

    I love 3 and new Vegas and I like 4 but I think 4 is the weakest of the series that is including 1 and 2

  • furman broom
    furman broom 8 days ago

    I didn’t like fallout 3 because the bad graphics make it feel like a horror game which I don’t like

  • Elite Dogg
    Elite Dogg 8 days ago

    I wish I had a pc that could play fallout 3

  • Illydando Manbrando
    Illydando Manbrando 8 days ago

    fallout 1 and 2 are utter classics, as well as fallout new vegas. this game is a blight upon the human scope of creative fiction.

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker 4 days ago

      So tactics and brotherhood aren’t blights and should be canon?
      Mind you, new Vegas did retcon a few things.
      I prefer fallout 1 to fallout 2 for the world setting and state... fallout 2 felt a little more cheesy,I liked fallout brotherhood too, and absolutely loved Atis as a villain Ashe echoed the danger of the super mutants and be Master... new Vegas was... lack luster, probably due to the issues of the night kin which haven’t ever been a focus in game.
      I feel like they should have had them play more of a role such as some cult or something being found or forming around them instead of ‘crazy mutants’ which is cliche, but good.

    • Illydando Manbrando
      Illydando Manbrando 7 days ago

      +Annagram Gaming Nah I just really dislike this game and I'm pretty sure I was shitposting. Also I was awake for 40+ hours yesterday and have no memory of commenting this.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 7 days ago

      Cool story, bro. Almost 2 hours of video commentary, featuring examples and explanations of position, beg to differ with your bald assertions. Were there any points you found wrong?

  • Joe Clark
    Joe Clark 8 days ago +1

    We can all agree that Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4 are all better than Fallout 76

  • Alex SM
    Alex SM 8 days ago

    Does anyone dislike this game?

  • Sedan57Chevy
    Sedan57Chevy 9 days ago

    Fallout 3 would be known as the highlight of the 3d franchise if not for being overshadowed by NV.

  • Товарищ Кристов

    I love both Fallout new Vegas and Fallout 3. Now I do disagree with you opinion of it being the best Fallout 3 though I think it is one of the best.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 7 days ago +2

      He actually gave the 'best Fallout' comment was the qualifier 'in some ways', so perhaps that brings it more into line with the way you feel as well.

  • xbon1
    xbon1 9 days ago

    now u gotta do why a fallout 4 & 76 are better than mofuckas think. 76 has a lot of these random events encountering eachother too, learned from fo3, in addition to the crazy ass shit that go on and the lore n wut not dawg

  • Baron Anoch
    Baron Anoch 9 days ago

    See, there you've used a strawman. The argument isn't "Fallout 3 isn't realistic because I can't do horrible things to children" the argument is "Fallout 3 restricts player agency by forcing them to be nice to the children to progress the game"

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker 4 days ago

      Baron Anoch
      Fallout 2 removes kids, fallout brotherhood had the ability of making kids the goal and actually made it great.
      Fallout new Vegas you can’t do mean things to kids, worse thing is you can rip a teddy bear in half.
      Fallout 3: you can fucking sell a kid into slavery.
      You can’t kill them due to legal issues with that game and the dreaded A rating... seriously, make he A rating a non-problem and able to be on all consoles and there you go, you can now decorate your house with the corpses of dead children.
      Then you have the issues of the game being banned for doing that.

  • xbon1
    xbon1 9 days ago

    Exactly why bethesda fallout games are great, and why fallout 4 and 76 are so amazing, all these extra skill checks and different ways you can tackle each solution.

  • Jason B
    Jason B 9 days ago

    Fallout 3 is my favourite, fallout new Vegas had a bug and I couldn’t go forward so I said fuck it. Going to go back to it one day though. But off what I played fallout 3 was way better, I hated the casinos and load times going in there. Plus the open world sucks!

  • Aqua Owls
    Aqua Owls 9 days ago

    so basically if all the people of tranquilty lane are stuck there forever would that mean they would still be stuck there when the world ends in billions of years?

  • TheMeeDes
    TheMeeDes 9 days ago

    Finally someone who underline FO3 qualities :D as the majority of people FO3 was my introduction to the Fallout universe ten years ago and even if my personal preference goes to NV, 3 will always have a special place in my heart and even after 10 years the FO3 main theme music keep giving me the goosebumps of the unknown (for example). Yes, another comparison could be the music setting: its main theme it's kinda terrifying and overwhelming, on the other hand the following FO themes (NV, FO4 etc) are more "epic" and prepares you to fight (with a plus on the FO4 one that have a kinda melancholic setting bc of the main story plot).
    Thank you for this analysis video on FO3

  • Adrian
    Adrian 10 days ago +3

    No, it's not. It has terrible writing and the world is mostly empty (unless you think random loot drops is actually content, which is sad). The only thing FO3 was good for was to serve as a base for NV.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 2 days ago

      Or OC.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 2 days ago

      Feel free to prove FO3 is crappy.

    • Adrian
      Adrian 2 days ago

      +Annagram Gaming Not as much as your taste in crappy Bethesda games

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 2 days ago

      Agreed. Your comment sucks.

    • Adrian
      Adrian 2 days ago

      +Annagram Gaming You look to my first. It definitely sucks!

  • Ashley Cooper
    Ashley Cooper 10 days ago

    This is true cuz I hate new Vegas but love fallout 3

  • Pleb Obliterator
    Pleb Obliterator 11 days ago


  • The Gamer Version C-137

    Super mutants? We went over that already

  • The Gamer Version C-137

    After fallout 3 I was questioning some choices I made. Admittedly some of it was because I did some things wrong so that I wasn't just a Messiah, but that wasn't it. Pitt DLC made me think. Tranquility Lane made me think. Oasis made me think. New Vegas didn't make me think as much to be honest.

  • ADventuresVDO
    ADventuresVDO 11 days ago

    One thing I liked about Fallout 3 was how you weren't tied down by your family like you were in 4. In 4, you'd obviously be worried about your kid and try to get him back asap. In 3, however, it creates a scenario where either you like your father even after him leaving, or you dislike him and want nothing to do with him. Because there's so much to do in the world, you could very reliably play a story completely separate from the main quest, which is nice. There are even degrees to this; I liked James, but I also felt he was reliable and could handle himself well, so while I was wondering where he was, I knew my main priority was to survive this horrid landscape, and my other priority was to make sure the people within live happier lives to boot. Other people may make saving him a concern, others may not like him but find what he was working on interesting; I feel the open-endedness to their assumptions about the player's reasonings gives so much wiggle room for justifying why you're exploring the wastelands instead of finding your dad.

  • Garrett Glasscock
    Garrett Glasscock 11 days ago

    Overall prefer New Vegas, but couldn't agree more with your point about the unceremonious entrance into major areas in that game. Awesome video, thank yeeeeeeeeeew.

  • Mr. Slayer
    Mr. Slayer 11 days ago

    I still have this game

  • Joshua Dunlap
    Joshua Dunlap 11 days ago

    You mean one of the most beloved games of all time?

  • Nico Campos
    Nico Campos 11 days ago +1

    I think the problem are just some very loud opinions.

    TAR JET 11 days ago

    My question is how obvious was it that the game worked as open endedly as people actually wanted. Seems like half the stuff you talked about is stuff you find when you spam dialouge options on your 12th playthrough for lols

  • HalfPrimeGaming
    HalfPrimeGaming 12 days ago

    You haven't been addicted to this game until every time you hear glass bottles clink together it reminds you of playing this.


  • Gage.Beatty
    Gage.Beatty 12 days ago

    Good TED talk

  • a random frog
    a random frog 12 days ago

    brilliant assessment. very well done.

  • Bryce Krispiez
    Bryce Krispiez 12 days ago

    Fallout 3 is a good game. It’s not awful but it’s definitely not the best Fallout game. Yeah it has branching paths and speech checks but not nearly as many as NV or the originals and not done nearly as well.
    All in all it’s a good game. You should play it. But if you want a very deep Fallout experience where your choices have genuine weight, then look to 1,2, or New Vegas

  • P V
    P V 12 days ago

    New Vegas was made in a year

  • Sean Thompson
    Sean Thompson 12 days ago

    I really liked fallout 3. The only thing I didn't like about it was how much the main story railroads you towards a specific ending. The ending negated a lot of role play elements

  • Falmer warmonger Feral falmer

    Fallout 3 is the best

  • Leonardo Mazza
    Leonardo Mazza 12 days ago

    Was this video necessary how can you think the game that actually brought fallout to the gaming community by popularity could be hated

  • Anji Ryder
    Anji Ryder 12 days ago

    I always found Fallout NewVegas rather boring..too much wondering around in vast landscapes with nothing to do.. also too predictable.. LOVE Fallout 3.. love it!!#$@!!!

  • Etrigan
    Etrigan 12 days ago

    You're just doing this to be a dick aren't you while I do appreciate your pandering. I don't think that you benefit at all my praising one game that everyone hates then bashing the one that everybody likes. The one way to ensure your message is carried in the correct manner is not to bash one game to make the game you like seem better but to try to draw parallels to make them seem equal. I liked Fallout 3 but I liked Fallout New Vegas more it was more expansive feeling I guess because of the desert I don't know. I think the ability to gamble. The crazy cannibals that are apart of high society. Are definitely worth mentioning however if you want to make good headway and to get people to agree with you don't say the game they like sucks. that's kind of like spitting in your coffee in the morning and telling you to drink it. It's a little bit messed up even I have more tact and I'm from Texas the fuck you state.

  • sorina crissn
    sorina crissn 12 days ago

    i play fallout 3 i love it

  • Meme Buster
    Meme Buster 13 days ago +1

    Fallout: New Vegas is way fucking better.

  • Deutsche Hierarchie
    Deutsche Hierarchie 13 days ago

    I'm confused here. Did everyone else play a different version of fallout 3 than me? Because in mine, attacking butch when he demands your sweet roll, was indeed an option..It was to toss the sweet roll in the air, and when he was distracted, punch him in the face.

  • Dave Shakey
    Dave Shakey 13 days ago

    Absolutely outstanding.

  • mr someone
    mr someone 13 days ago +1

    Mass effect is better than any fallout game, except for new vegas, that's a good game

  • Australian Kiwi
    Australian Kiwi 13 days ago

    I love these comments no 1st graders saying your autistic (like I got when I saw hbomberguys videos) just people saying what they like or dislike about the fallout franchise

  • Indal
    Indal 13 days ago

    People are retarded,what did you expect

  • dccooltiger
    dccooltiger 13 days ago

    Brilliant video!

  • ChaosSandwhich
    ChaosSandwhich 13 days ago

    New Vegas had one major story hook problem for me.
    Why should the courier care about the war for New Vegas? After the first major act of the story all the major players if the game will offer you diplomatic immunity, so what's the motivation to pick a side and risk ending up on the loosing team?
    (I know you as a player pick the side who wins but think of it not as a game but a story for a moment)
    The way I see it, they can kick back on the New Vegas Strip, holding the mark of caeser and the platinum chip feeling pretty smug that they can ride out whatever storm is brewing.
    Fallout 3 on the other hand presents the Lone Wanderer with no real choice but to get involved. If you don't act, the Enclave will take over and exterminate all those it sees as mutants, which includes you.

    THE FBI 14 days ago

    Still better than fallout 76

    • chewchewtrain
      chewchewtrain 5 days ago

      +THE FBI Don't worry, this guy hates this game for no apparent reason. He apparently really enjoys Fallout 4, 76, and NV, but not this game. Very strange.

    • THE FBI
      THE FBI 10 days ago +1

      BarrackObamaFTW DonaldTrumpFTL are serious that game is a shitty cash grab

    • BarrackObamaFTW DonaldTrumpFTL TPNG OWN VGCP
  • LoFi Vibe
    LoFi Vibe 14 days ago


  • Bulk Trout
    Bulk Trout 14 days ago

    I fell asleep watching stellaris and woke up half way through this blaring into my ears. 10/10 jon you got me again.

  • 8/10 was an inside job
    8/10 was an inside job 14 days ago +1

    New Vegas doesn't try to trick you into thinking there's countless buildings to explore. 90% of the buildings in FO3&4 are boarded up. When you see something in the distance in the Mojave you know you'll be able to interact with it.

    • chewchewtrain
      chewchewtrain 5 days ago

      Outer New Vegas, Freeside, and the Strip say otherwise.

    • ChaosSandwhich
      ChaosSandwhich 13 days ago

      I'd say in their defense, having all the things be full interiors seems like a good idea at first, but once I think it through it would be a lot of underwhelming generic locations with mundane loot.
      You have to think what's actually explorable has some purpose in the game, for world building lore, quest locations, enemy encounters or valuable resources.
      Would it really have been worth padding out the downtown areas with hundreds of bland interiors just to avoid them being boarded up?

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 14 days ago

      I am not sure this assessment is true, either that the numbers are as high as 90% in FO3 or FO4 or that FNV doesn't do it. I'm pretty sure there are boarded up buildings in FNV, I remember them in the outer Vegas area, amongst others. But the really unsupported assertion is that FO3 and FO4 are trying to 'trick' you into thinking everything is explorable. I'm not sure how you come to that conclusion; assigning intent is a precarious position, to put it nicely.

  • Alex Viars
    Alex Viars 15 days ago

    I’ve always thought fallout 3 was great and challenging too on very hard. Good times

  • Kazuki Katsuhito
    Kazuki Katsuhito 15 days ago

    Fallout 3 has always been my fav, FO4 too

  • Blake Gray
    Blake Gray 15 days ago

    Fallout 4 is the best one

  • matthew byrom
    matthew byrom 15 days ago

    I love all fallouts

  • Three Dog
    Three Dog 16 days ago +8

    Fallout went to hell since I left

  • HTFC fan
    HTFC fan 16 days ago

    Fallout 3 is the best fallout ever made 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 the DLC’s are just amazing and he whole campaign is just magnificently brilliant

  • trey lovato
    trey lovato 16 days ago

    I get new random encounters every time I play and I love how sometimes they can make or break you if you aren't decked out properly. It keeps you humble unlike New Vegas where you become ultra god in like 7 levels. Capable of 100 sneak sniping high level enemies.

  • Javari Williamson
    Javari Williamson 16 days ago

    i got fallout 3 and it is one of my favorite

  • Koen Cagurangan
    Koen Cagurangan 16 days ago

    Cazadore = stingwing

  • Bobby Boucher
    Bobby Boucher 16 days ago +1

    Most people that hate this game 9 times outta 10 swallow salty phlegmy loads

  • Julius C
    Julius C 16 days ago

    I decided to rewatch this to kill time, then I made the mistake of going into the comments. The title of the video never said Fallout 3 was better guys... Read it carefully, "better than you think." I don't see "better than New Vegas." Jon, like many F3 fans, are fed up with the trend to hate on bethesda's Fallout titles from what I see, and he has every right to do so. Some of the complaints are extremely nitpicky or flat out illegitimate. I love both games. I love the gameplay and the ability to have a "Yes Man" ending in New Vegas. BUT I personally love the atmosphere and slight narrative additions (cinematic scenes such as vertibirds or Liberty Prime (when it works)) F3 has. You can have whatever preference, but the sense of elitism some FNV fans reek of is really unwarranted and I'm ashamed of it due to being someone who prefers New Vegas as well. Half the people I spoke to who glorifies New Vegas and looks down on 3 has never played Fallout 3... Um, what? In order to end my tangent, I will end on this: Jon is not saying any game is better than the other so stop saying "New Vegas is better," Because you're just missing the point entirely and making yourself look like a fool... And honestly an ass.

  • Harry Fleck
    Harry Fleck 17 days ago

    I liked fallout 3 over fallout nv the only reason why I think fallout nv was good because it was fallout 3 but with some upgrades I just prefer the fell and the story and the dlc of 3

  • CoolChicken_1213
    CoolChicken_1213 17 days ago

    Fallout 3, New Vegas? Fallout Shelter is where it’s at

  • AniGa
    AniGa 17 days ago +10

    Some of your arguments work, but a lot of them are kind of... excuses. "People say X about FO3 is bad, but see, they also say Y about Z!" isn't a good type of argument. Like how you try and defend the fact that children are immune to being killed by talking about completely unrelated stuff that also has, in some sense, something to do with "realism" in games; that kind of logic achieves nothing.