Fallout 3 Is Better Than You Think


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  • Add Game
    Add Game 5 minutes ago

    Did you uses any mod?

  • Edward Novick
    Edward Novick 2 hours ago

    Fallout New Vegas has WAY more quests and each quest is more interesting while also having multiple ways to complete it

  • BrothersDnJ
    BrothersDnJ 2 hours ago

    Well im sure all most every once will like fallout 76

  • boruto uzumaki
    boruto uzumaki 5 hours ago

    Who got Bor of this

  • Ribbit
    Ribbit 6 hours ago

    3 had the best story, NV had the best game play. Then 4 came along and took good bits of both and put them together.

  • Craftingjunk
    Craftingjunk 7 hours ago

    the only things i dont't like about fallout 3 are no iron sights, and that its really annoying to get it to work on windows 10

  • Spacecore-2020
    Spacecore-2020 8 hours ago

    I forgot how much I liked fallout 3. I played a bit of it a long time ago. Then when I got back into fallout I saw all these people lambasting this game. This video reminded me of how much I enjoyed this game.

  • Roblox Warrior 5
    Roblox Warrior 5 10 hours ago

    In the wasteland survival guide you basically choose how she writes the book and certain skills give you opportunities to answer differentl, for example intelligence will give you and extra answer or perception etc.

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson 12 hours ago

    7:00 except it doesn't work because his mom will die as he is is basically useless with that BB gun. EHH. Try again.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 7 hours ago

      You're misconstruing making a choice with achieving a specific outcome. The overall point there is unchanged, really.

  • Fillup 82
    Fillup 82 13 hours ago

    Let's not forget how good the DLC is too, especially point lookout.

  • Hydrogen One
    Hydrogen One 13 hours ago

    1:50:15 I basically hunted Talon company and Raiders, selling their gear.

  • HammerTime
    HammerTime 21 hour ago

    The problem with fo3 is how black and white it is. The world is completely inorganic, I can't think of one choice you make that seems to be good yet turns out to be really evil or vice versa. If you choose the good option then it's always a good outcome, same for bad. It makes all your choices seem pretty meaningless/thoughtless.
    The grey areas in the game are almost non existent when they should really be dominant or at least a core part.
    Fo4 was even more extreme than fo3 which is why so many people were disappointed in it.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 25 minutes ago

      My point is we have evidence for very little interaction between communities in FO3 past the independent traders. Megaton is actually *different* of the larger towns in that you can actually enter without a major issue, and the sheriff still is right there to check you out. This is evidence of how insular things really are in DC. You can't be in the upper echelon of a minimally-to-non-existent relationship. Whether Tenpenny is hosting the rich, is little more than a glorified slumlord, or something in between (my personal belief), isn't the primary issue here.
      As for the 'diplomatic approach', that is exactly what I've been talking about the whole time. I'm not sure why you asserted I didn't seem to know it existed, when it was the point of discussion the whole time.
      To the point, then, if you want to say the moral grey areas are important to you, or even that there is an audience for it, that's fair. But that's pretty far off from what any specific game 'should be'. One of the things I have driven at in other comments is that preferences are very much a subjective issue, and this really highlights that.
      PS: I'm not sure what you were 'promised' about FO3, so I can't comment on that.

    • HammerTime
      HammerTime 2 hours ago

      Siigh. Fine, Tenpanny owns the tower and rents the rooms at expensive prices. Do you agree? How do the tenants make money? The only way they could afford to live there is provide services inside the tower or own a service/resource outside that generates profit. They don't exactly run DC but they are the upper echelons. It's also not clear on how most of the tenants can afford to live like that. So it can only be assumed.
      Diplomatic approach "Talk to Roy about the possibility of a peaceful negotiation, then bring the proposal to Allistair Tenpenny. He will tell the player that if they can convince tenants Edgar Wellington II, Millicent Wellington, Anthony Ling, Lydia Montenegro and Susan Lancaster to have the ghouls as neighbors, he'll let them move in. One can also get rid of them by murder to accomplish this task." Although Roy still kills everyone in the end.
      "where you can't tell what the result of your actions will be, and should have significant game world/direct gameplay effects" No not always, some could seem like your actions are obvious but ultimately fail for good reasons (pretty sure I said this before). It also doesn't have to have significant game world/direct gameplay effects, although there are a few that are pointed out in the vid, they are mostly obscure/rare.
      I also never said fo3 is a bad game because of this, although it is a far cry from what was promised (like fo4), I was merely criticizing this part of the game which isn't a small part.
      I could also point out witcher 3 has crap combat mechanics, which fo3 blows it out of the water, also not a small part, still a great game tho.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 3 hours ago

      I'm sorry, you're still not very close to showing Tenpenny Tower runs DC. It's not apparent that *anyone* runs DC, the landscape is dotted with a few small towns and villages with zero central authority or control, with limited trade in the form of 3-ish man trader caravans. Nothing in the game tells us otherwise. It's not even clear how wealthy they are, they dress old world (thanks to Ling) and you get the feeling Tenpenny is the center of what wealth there is. We have very little to support your hypothesis, and there should be significant evidence if you were right. There just isn't.
      I'm not sure what 'diplomatic approach' I don't apparently didn't know. Perhaps you could enlighten me. If you convince Tenpenny to let the ghouls in diplomatically, mass murder results. Or are you talking about something else? Let me know.
      Anyway, let me know if I understand: You think a game should have moral grey areas, where you can't tell what the result of your actions will be, and should have significant game world/direct gameplay effects. And your justification for this 'should' is there are people who like games that supposedly do? I'm taken aback with how entirely subjective your 'should' really is. Doesn't the fact that FO3 is fairly well liked show that it has it's own subjective appeal and your rules aren't as pivotal as you think?

    • HammerTime
      HammerTime 3 hours ago

      I was trying to clarify what I meant by black and white. But ok.
      "you're weaving a story that doesn't seem evident" how so? What is Tenpenny tower then? Is it not obviously an abode for the rich and powerful? How are they rich and powerful? They must clearly own/run/maintain key factors for survival for everyone in the wasteland for profit. Such as food production, transport, trading, security, arms/armor/ammo production etc. Consequences could be easily applied, say you side with the tower and kill off the ghouls, now ghoul city is suppressed by tenpenny (seen as a threat) hence worse merchandise there and more ghoul raiders than before in the wasteland. Say you side with the ghouls and they take over those businesses and they suppress human traders/settlement (seen as unworthy) hence worse merchandise etc. Btw seems you didn't know there is a diplomatic approach where one side isn't wiped out and that could have its own consequences.
      In the game though whatever you choose ends up as a completely minor change. Which makes any morally grey choices provided in it pointless.
      The only meaningful choices end up with how much it benefits you.
      "how do you come to the conclusion that moral grey areas with said consequences must be a dominant/core part of the game?" Because many games have achieved this and are lorded for being far better games (in those respects) than fo3 such as Witcher 3.
      You had never shown how choosing differently has any consequences. I think the only difference is you get a mask, your room becomes dirty, and like 1 shop there closes, and everyone is replaced by ghouls. How meaningful...
      P.S there are a few quests that do this well in fo3 but they are few and far between (if they are found at all).
      Edit: This quest could have even indirectly affect the enclave/brotherhood, eg side with tenpenny and now they support enclave more, diplomatic could benefit brotherhood, and ghoul side could benefit both sides like more ghouls fighting enclave but more humans side with them too.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 4 hours ago

      You're moving the goalposts. Your original complaint was regarding being too black and white, and now it's having consequences for actions.
      Regarding the Tenpenny Tower issue, I'm not sure what consequences you think there should be. At the least, you're weaving a story that doesn't seem evident in the game itself: The residents of Tenpenny Tower run DC. How did you come to that conclusion?
      I'm going to mention you've skirted a previous question, and only muddied the water. Now you're not only declared that moral grey areas should be a dominant or core part of the game, but that they should have consequences. OK, so now there are two questions. First, what kind of consequences are you requiring? Second, back to the original, how do you come to the conclusion that moral grey areas with said consequences must be a dominant/core part of the game?
      Regarding your clarification of your moral grey area idea, you still haven't shown that it doesn't apply to Tenpenny Tower. You try to do the right thing, and disaster ensues.

  • SiriusGD
    SiriusGD 22 hours ago

    Oh hell no. I can't listen to this guy's annoying voice for almost two hours. I'm real interested to see what the video has to say but not with this guy talking over it.

  • Taka
    Taka Day ago

    Both FO1 and FO3 were pioneers , while FO2 and FONV were improved titles based on them. FO1 has its own problems, but i think it had plenty more stat checks compared to FO3 while being near 10 years older game, so its laughable to watch you picking "all the solutions you can do here". FO3 was first 3D Fallout game based on pretty shitty TES Oblivion engine and had to somehow apply gunplay and action points in real time (Strongly inspired by universaly disliked FOTactics) and I admire bethesda for being a good sport and try their best. Gunplay out of VATS is horrible, less horrible in NV. I really loved open map in FO3 an went for explorations instead of some "story". It was its biggest advantage compared to previous fallouts (and NV), because my exploration wasnt forced on city interractions. DLCs for FO3 werent bad either. The biggest drawback is the so called story of FO3, which is shit. There is no way around shitty story, characters, companions, gunplay and rabbid supermutants. So yeah, FO3 is pretty bad, but it was necessary starting point for better fallout 3D game/s. Guess what, history repeat itself. FO4 had great gunplay and fights, but lacked very much in dialogs and stat checks/solution department. I just wish theyll learn from their mistakes in future and make the best fallout game for their audience. We deserve the best fallout game, where we can talk,walk,sneak,heal,steal,trap,lockpick,fight,repair and science our way through. We deserve an RPG. Let bethesda try once more.

  • ChillwithChance
    ChillwithChance Day ago

    I knew there was a reason why i loved fallout 3 more and you figured it out for me. I thank you for that. Great video!

  • Joel Heffner
    Joel Heffner Day ago

    Fantastic and compelling video, and the more I think about it the more I agree!

  • Chelle Olsen
    Chelle Olsen Day ago

    This was suuuch a good video!! My only thing, and this is small, when you’re talking about the cinematic moments in Fallout New Vegas. There are a few, and they’re fun. There are more in the DLC, of course, but also, the Mojave is just kind of that way. I lived there for a year, and it’s a pretty uncinematic place. That element of the game actually fits the feel of the place in real life, while also I think adding to a certain charm desert towns have - they aren’t grand, they just exist.

  • Sacrilegium StormClad

    Fallout 3 is still my favorite between 3/NV/4. This video is good work, Jon.

  • Skugga
    Skugga Day ago

    You know what else doesn't change?....war...war never changes.

  • LightningLord The Occult

    i popped megaton everytime, just coz i found it fun. makes me laugh every time.

  • billygowhoop
    billygowhoop Day ago

    I definitely agree with this. I've always thought New Vegas' storyline was a bit weak. I appreciate the fact that you have lots of choices for the ending but once you make that choice, it feels like you do a few missions for one of the factions and you're done. Fallout 3's story feels like it has much more substance and length to it. And the map does feel much more expansive than New Vegas.

  • TheCantolope
    TheCantolope Day ago

    As far as the character arc comments about how much time you get to know your character between the games, I’m here to tell you none of that matters. In the whole of your characters life regardless of how much time you play and how much you think you know, to quote game of thrones “you know nothing, Jon Snow” I like to think of it like I think of “The Shawshank Redemption” you only know the character for 2.5 hours of real time throughout 20 years in prison and the 20-30 years before that. He could literally be a mass murdering rapist and you would literally have no idea.

  • Иван Старыгин

    everything is better than F4

  • favord49
    favord49 Day ago

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and dedication you've put into this, the amount of information in this vid is absolutely astounding and its nice to see somone defending such a iconic game. P.s id love to see you do a vid like this on ES 4 Oblivion

  • Nathan Rogers
    Nathan Rogers 2 days ago

    What we're complaining about with lack of choice is that I can sink my points and time and efforts focusing on a specific style of play, and most times those just don't work because I don't have enough of some other skill that gets me the result that I would like. It's like how in diablo 2 you'll spec into maces as a barbarian, but then the game is only dropping swords and axes, so you respec into axes, but then the game starts dropping only maces. Yes there are multiple choices, but most of them you only see on multiple playthroughs.
    In New Vegas I played a stealth melee dude. I could literally walk up to 90% of enemy times undetected and get a critical strike with a melee weapon. That isn't an option in Fallout 3. We aren't complaining that there aren't enough conversation options, but that there aren't very many ways to play the game. It's the same complaint I have about TES after morrowind. Morrowind you are a reincarnated god, and you have the ability to break the game by playing it. In skyrim? No stats, no min maxing, no built-in exploits.... That's the "choice" we're complaining about.

  • Constantly Confused
    Constantly Confused 2 days ago

    I was a bit wary of watching a 2-hour video as the first by a channel I wasn't familiar with, but I believe it has paid off. You presented your points and arguments in favour of Fallout 3 with logic and proof of your points in the footage shown. This was a highly enjoyable and informative rundown of a game I have interest in playing and I'm happy to say I've subscribed. Keep up the good work.

  • MissCagedDemons
    MissCagedDemons 2 days ago

    Tranquility Lane is like the Trolley Problem

  • Kyle Cherry
    Kyle Cherry 2 days ago

    You're right. 90+% of what you've said is right. These are all very reasonable and logical conclusions you've made, BUT....I still like New Vegas better. And many people like New Vegas better. Why is that? Maybe because subjectively, the story is better? The faction diversity? Or the blank slate you get to be as just a courier, meaning a better role play? The FAR superior DLC's (well two of them at least)? All of the above?
    I'm honestly not sure. I just like it better. I must have played it a dozen times as opposed to F3's 3 times. That's just my opinion.

  • Most Deadest Pool of em All.

    I enjoyed playing 3 and New Vegas. but the world didn't feel post apocalyptic to me. it felt dirty, i mean they had 200 years to get their shit together but nope they waited for me to show up fetch their shit for them. bunch of lazy jokers.

  • drek9k2
    drek9k2 2 days ago

    You already got two things wrong. First of all, Fallout Tactics was a good game. It was only "hated" because of linear railroading of the player without much rpg (it was basically Fallout XCOM) and twisted the Brotherhood into villains you have to fight for, but otherwise it was a more solid tactical game than almost any other even today and was still canon. Two, iirc I'm pretty sure you can actually have a philosophical discussion with the rat if your INT is high enough but point taken (F2 did the same thing, and was one of the most hated opening sequences ever).

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  • zed hunter15
    zed hunter15 2 days ago

    It can't be better than I think because it's my favorite fallout

  • Gamewolf Gamerbyte
    Gamewolf Gamerbyte 3 days ago

    Also I flipping knew it, everyone tells me there was never a fallout: brotherhood of steel, but I knew there was, it's vault tec! Trying to make me forget!

  • Gamewolf Gamerbyte
    Gamewolf Gamerbyte 3 days ago

    This is why I use Tale of Two wastelands, so I can enjoy both

  • Marcus Bergman
    Marcus Bergman 3 days ago

    I'm so happy that Tale of Two Wastelands exist. Without it, I would never be able to play Fallout 3 again.

  • derr :D
    derr :D 3 days ago

    If you prefer 3 over NV, you clearly are a bugman who needs his story fed to him through a straw. You are the same people who call 4 a great game lawl

  • Qwertyuiopkl556
    Qwertyuiopkl556 3 days ago

    One thing you forgot to mention about exploration Fallout 3 is that Reilly's Rangers literally give you an unmarked quest where you just go exploring to discover new locations and they will reward you next time you talk to them.

  • Daniel Wilson
    Daniel Wilson 3 days ago

    You have effectively set the progress of the Fallout Franchise back a dozen years. Congratulations.

  • Jesse Debeer
    Jesse Debeer 3 days ago


  • owen davis
    owen davis 3 days ago

    This game is the greatest ever, it may have needed certain things, but the nostalgia alone gives it the W

  • GalacticKnight
    GalacticKnight 4 days ago


    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 3 days ago

      GalacticKnight Because the game doesn't have Bobbleheads that break character progression

  • Will Teich
    Will Teich 4 days ago

    Bruh you got me shook with that part about the slavers

  • Will Teich
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  • KCN
    KCN 4 days ago

    I dont like the tone of this video. Firstly it is not even really possible for Fallout 3 to be proven better than I think since the only measure of whether something is good or not in the eyes of many is if they enjoyed it. This is a good explanation of why you like it, thats true.
    I am about to say something controversial: Fallout 4 is my favorite 3D Fallout game. Fallout 2 is my favorite Fallout game altogether. Sorry but that is just how it is.
    I like the environments in the Fallout Games, the locations and little details have always been the strongest thing for me and Fallout 4 had a lot to see and do. And I actually enjoyed building settlements, managing supplies and I thought each Faction questline was interesting enough I found myself replaying the whole thing several times.
    I do agree its stupid to imply someone is not a real fan because they do not enjoy or do enjoy a game you did not. Everyone has different things they like in a game.
    One thing I like is that much like Fallout 3, Fallout 4 often receives flak for not being open-ended, when there are in fact so many ways to complete all the various quests if you actually put creativity into them. I like the amount of quests that can be solved with skill checks in Fallout 4 and it was genuinely rewarding to be able to pass some of the higher intelligence or Charisma checks.
    Also, I think NV is the WEAKEST game in the series for the reasons you address in the video. I genuinely could not give less of a shit about exploring any of the locations and any interesting lore can be found and read online without wasting your time playing a game that is not very rewarding with no real sense of actual progress.

  • Right Steve?
    Right Steve? 4 days ago

    i fell so bad now

  • Touka Kirishima
    Touka Kirishima 4 days ago

    But.....i already thought Fallout 3 is a masterpiece

  • RazielTheLost
    RazielTheLost 4 days ago

    the consequences thing i laugh at because new vegas just employs a factions system and its irritating, annoying, and often just shit. you work your ass off to please certain factions, then idiotically one suddenly hates you for completing just one specific quest for someone they hate, giving you no way to get back in their good graces. just dumb and a pain in the ass locking you in and out of different things it shouldnt. becoming a factions golden boy > doing one certain quest for someone they hate > you are now satan to the people that saw you as a golden boy ten minutes ago, just dumb how fleeting that status is when you didnt do much of anything and probably NOTHING against them.

    • SinonMercer
      SinonMercer 4 days ago

      Wow, a game punishing a player for making a choice in an RPG game, fucking awful game design.

    • Lunartic
      Lunartic 4 days ago

      RazielTheLost The point isn't for courier being able to be loved by every major faction. Of course Legion will start disliking you if you help NCR and vice versa.

  • Hector Defendi
    Hector Defendi 4 days ago

    BTW... sub-machineguns don't have *clips*. They have magazines (Just saying)

  • Serenity May
    Serenity May 4 days ago

    I loved fallout 3 so fucking much

  • Derek K.
    Derek K. 4 days ago

    Fallout 3 is my online spiritual home. Highly recommend all "fanatics" download and enjoy living in Dan the Geeks mod "Underground Hideout" - sublime in its own right.

  • mark mcmur
    mark mcmur 4 days ago

    I thoroughly enjoy this video, I also think Jon is a very good USclipr...one of my favourites without a doubt. But this fucking video won’t fuck off? Every single time I watch anything fallout related, this garbage always appears without fail. It will not stop appearing fucking everywhere so fuck you and your shit video Jon I hate you.

  • Hector Defendi
    Hector Defendi 4 days ago

    New Vegas ain't got shit on 3

    • Hector Defendi
      Hector Defendi 4 days ago

      +Doctor IMHO? Not equally, but yes, I like both games

    • Doctor Ryodine
      Doctor Ryodine 4 days ago

      I really enjoyed 3 and New Vegas, they are both vastly different games but equally FANTASTIC

    • Hector Defendi
      Hector Defendi 4 days ago

      I have around 3,000 hours of game play in it since 2010, so... yeah, You could say that

    • SinonMercer
      SinonMercer 4 days ago

      Have you played New Vegas?

    • Hector Defendi
      Hector Defendi 4 days ago

      Many a true nerd explained in this video

  • Karl Quetzacoatl
    Karl Quetzacoatl 5 days ago

    What a stupid comparison between killing children or nuking Megaton. I can go into a killing spree in the real world. But I doubt anyone would be waiting in a corner to ask me to blow up a mall... Just for fun.
    Psss... Hey kid, do you wanna use this recreational nuke?
    That's ABSOLUTELY stupid and UNREAL. Unlike someone snapping and deciding to bring random mayhem randomly on bystanders, people DONT snap and... Ask others to go on a rampage at their behalf
    And much less would someone accept doing this.
    That was some nice strawman thou, Ill give you that

    • Karl Quetzacoatl
      Karl Quetzacoatl 4 days ago

      +Annagram Gaming

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 4 days ago

      This also falls under your assumption that you not knowing a motivation means you get to make up a bad one.

  • Karl Quetzacoatl
    Karl Quetzacoatl 5 days ago

    Megaton would be so easy to fix. Make some children of atom kidnap people in order to force ghoulification in them. Bam, new Quest that makes sense. Shadowy guy says "this religion is dangerous for everybody. If they spread, they'll destroy any attempt of civilization. They must go". Bam, there you go. Kill the guys because they could start a dangerous cult, or spare the innocent at the risk of having those fanaticals running lose.
    That's how you do a REAL RPG. Not making cartonish villains.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 4 days ago

      And that quest sounds fine, too. I just disagree with your 'cartoonish villains' issue.

    DBT FISHING 5 days ago

    Bet it was like fortnite I mean popular

  • Karl Quetzacoatl
    Karl Quetzacoatl 5 days ago

    FO3 is garbage. "Moral choices" lol yeah sure. Should I blow up a city with a nuke and murder countless innocents for no damn reason, or not?
    Oh yes, greaaaaaat moral choices.
    You can see that FO3 is crap from the very beggining. Remember the beggining, at the Vault? Remember that cop? Yeah, the guy who the Lone Wanderer grew up with, the cop that he knew his entire life...
    Well, fuck that guy! You'll have the moral choices of either fucking him up with a club, with a knife or with a gun! Yeah, great moral dilemas indeed!
    Sure, so much better than NV right? After all, after finding Benny, the son of a bitch who shot you in the face, your only options are to let him live, deceave him pretending that you'll help him, you can even seduce him, if you have a female character! You can kill him in his sleep after having sex with him, you can shoot the fucker in the face, or you can let him go, after which you'll find him as a prisoner of Caesar. And, after that, you can let him to be crucified, thus having a slow and painful death, you can execute him fast and clean, you can challenge him at the arena, thus giving him a chance at least, or you can help him escape.
    Yeah, what kind of choices are those right? Murdering someone that you knew your entire life in cold blood with absolutely ZERO possibility of escaping that outcome, now, that's the real thing, that's true RPG. Not New Vegas and all those nonsensical choices right?

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 4 days ago

      You're getting ahead of yourself, here. I noted serious flaws in your two previous arguments. Are you conceding those in your push to move on, or are you trying to Gish me?

    • Karl Quetzacoatl
      Karl Quetzacoatl 4 days ago

      +Annagram Gaming
      His other examples are just as stupid or worse. For example, he compares the beggining at the Vault on FO3 with the beggining of FNV in Goodsprings. Well, the beggining of FNV has more RPG than the entire FO3. The police officer will ALWAYS be hostile towards you, and there's no way to dissuade him. Even if you avoid killing him, this is still stupid. It's a guy who knew you your entire life, and now simply want to murder you at any price.
      The first conflict in NV, you have to solve the problem people the people of the town and the Powder Gang. You can murder the entire gang yourself, you can convince the town's folk to fight, upon which you can let them fend for themselves or you can help them, you can side with the gang and murder the town for selfish reasons (or simple psychopathy), you can do the Gang dirty job and murder the guy they are after, sparing the town at the expense of one innocent, or you can convince the gang to leave those people alone.
      Seriously, no comparison whatesoever.
      Then, you have the optional quest at Primn to restore a new sheriff in town. Again, many moral choices possible and many ways to go along. And most FNV quests have that kind of dept. Just compare with the idiotic quests of FO3

  • Lance Spurlock
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    HELL SPOON 5 days ago +1

    If you want good story and dialogue and have alot of freedom you play new Vegas
    If you want good gun play and building stuff then play fallout 4
    And fallout 3...ehhh
    I guess the local,
    Its very memorable
    Frankly im not sure what fallout 3 is good at sense i never played it.

  • j Dog
    j Dog 5 days ago

    Best fallout game change my mind

  • ArchangelDrake
    ArchangelDrake 5 days ago

    I haven't finished the full video yet and I'm not exactly going to do a point-by-point rebuff of the whole damn thing in an unread youtube comment section, but I do have one major complaint.
    For the most part, every time you bring up a positive point about 3 you then immediately compare it to 4 or NV and then basically say "But I don't like those so it's not the same" even though it usually literally is. Just two examples so I don't waste everybody's time; When talking about the opening of each you mention how you can use speech and skillchecks in 3 but not NV, which is "focused on the gunplay and fine aiming" but the tutorial doesn't end until you 1. can make skillchecks on the citizens 2. stealth with molerats 3. speech checks with Sunny and the goodsprings citizen and finally 4. are able to SKIP THE TUTORIAL AFTER ONLY ONE PART THANK GOD. Secondly, when you mention how "good" the big reveal is after 3's tutorial (which is just nostalgia) you then admit NV and 4 also do it but they're not 3 so you don't like them as much which is clearly just Nostalgia goggles talking, especially since you didn't mention why or why not. Specifically, at least 4 had a bunch of cool moving parts in the environment to show how the wasteland was alive and different from the previous games, and in NV you immediately notice multiple large buildings and landmarkes in the distance just like in 3.
    Anyway, that's all I'm gonna leave because nobody's gonna read this anyway. Just wanted to get it off my chest. Back when I watched Hbomb's video (which this is clearly a direct response to), I really thought Fallout 3 was a genuinely good game until he changed my mind. I still love the game, of course, but recognizing its flaws is important. This video, unlike that one, does not change my mind and only raises questions as it goes.

    • ArchangelDrake
      ArchangelDrake 4 days ago

      +Annagram Gaming Subjective opinions is why video game reviews are so hard to trust. I found fo3 and fo4 clreally fun in the sneaky-and-shooty way but really lacking in meaningful choice or replayability. Some design flaws can't really be ignored, like the game's obsession with having you sit silently in the background while other people do things for you or how the speech checks are just dicerolls everybody can save-load around instead of having to invest in talent.
      And it's fine, so am I apparently!

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 4 days ago

      And that's fine, and thank you for the clarification. I will still maintain, though, the effect of an apparent design flaw on a specific person's enjoyment if the game is almost totally subjective. Some people find a problem and describe it as destroying any possible enjoyment and making the game 'garbage' or some such. That may be true for them (or not, people lie, too), but it doesn't tell us much about the next person, who brings different subjective criteria to the table.
      Anyway, thanks. I'm in a chat mood today. :)

    • ArchangelDrake
      ArchangelDrake 5 days ago

      That's just my own vernacular at play. If I were to try and put it into more easily-qualified words, what I would say is "Fallout 3 is an enjoyable game, but incredibly flawed in design aspects and could have been much *more* enjoyable if it weren't." New Vegas had far fewer flaws in design that made it far more enjoyable.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 5 days ago +1

      I'd like to highlight the end of your post, because it tells me a lot. If I understand it properly, you concurrently think that FO3 is not a genuinely good game, but you still love it. This strikes me as odd, because isn't being a game that is loved pretty much define it as good? People may have reasons to suggest why you might or might not like a game, and you can use those to make an appropriate decision, but your final reaction to the game is the final arbiter, right? And if your final reaction differs from someone else's, does this make the game bad, or, more appropriately, tells us there are factors at work other than those being examined?
      Personally, I love FO3 and FNV. (I don't buy into this craze of having to hate FO3 because I like FNV.) I understand FO3's flaws, but so long as it's still fun to play, I call it a good game. Sure, that's not an objective, applies to everyone, evaluation, but I'm just being honest in my subjective appraisal.

  • Arim Oh
    Arim Oh 5 days ago +2

    Fallout 3 has good writing!? Are you fuckin retarded!? The fact that the Enclave President will commit suicide and self destruct the entire enclave base because you convinced him to!? LMAO just the fact that you can't join the enclave because the game forces you to join the Brotherhood sucks. Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas are far better. Fallout 3 is more like a spin-off than a respectable sequel.

    • Doctor Ryodine
      Doctor Ryodine 4 days ago

      can't you convince Lanius to give up? The guy who's life revolves around this faction?

  • Arim Oh
    Arim Oh 5 days ago

    Naw fallout 3 still really sucks mechanic, writing, and story wise. The fact that you can convince the Enclave President to commit suicide was dumb as hell. Also Fallout 3 didn't touch on racism or any other subjects that existed in the 50s except racism towards Chinese people but it would have been realisitic to see post war records of racism towards blacks and other minorities. Also your dads reaction to you blowing up megaton was underwhelming and shows that liam neeson did not give a shit when he was doing voice work for the game. Fallout 3's opening is long, boring, and dumb making multiple walkthroughs a complete chore unless you mod it but that shows that even fans if the game hated the opening. Also how are there super mutants everywhere!? The master in the first game made it clear that super mutants cannot reproduce. New Vegas is one of the greatest games I've ever played. The dungeons in fallout 3 were very much copy and pasted. Fallout new vegas is much more timeless than fallout 3. Fallout 3's writing and story is like an RPG for children. The Legion alone makes Fallout New Vegas better than 3. Lol its hilarious to see you try to tear down Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas like a Bethesda Fanboy but the positives outweigh the negatives in New Vegas. As soon as you tried to shit on Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas you came off as a limey douche bag prick. Bethesda game design is insulting. Fallout 3 is just an ugly game to look at. Fallout 3 makes it look like a nuclear war happened months ago rather than centuries ago. Look at Chernobyl, there is plants and vegatation growing on buildings now with wild animals and stray feral dogs everywhere! The guns don't work like they're supposed to and there are no ironsights. Vats in fallout 3 is overpowered as hell lol.

  • Unborn Heretic
    Unborn Heretic 5 days ago

    Dang, Amata can dance 6:19

  • Patriotic Arab
    Patriotic Arab 5 days ago +1

    I honestly thought he was joking at the beginning. This is why you never inbreed kids...

  • FlameFireBlast
    FlameFireBlast 5 days ago

    I've always loved fallout 3 more than new vegas... Why? cause I love exploring, that's what I play open world games for, and while I still enjoyed new vegas, god was it's map bland and boring. And that is why fallout 3 has always been my favorite fallout

    • FlameFireBlast
      FlameFireBlast 4 days ago

      The city is only a small corner of the map, and I usually tend to stay out of it, the rest of the map is far more interesting.

    • SinonMercer
      SinonMercer 4 days ago

      But you can't even access most of DC. You always have to go down those dark tunnels with the same loot, same textures, same enemies, and so on.

  • KingDelta306
    KingDelta306 5 days ago

    Nothing like watching a small bit to hear what he says then u realize its been 2 hours and u still want to hear more

  • Snoogen11
    Snoogen11 6 days ago

    Honestly, you say fallout new vegas didn't have good moral choices, I thought the larger question of who you support was a big moral choice. When I was a kid I always sided with the NCR, because I bought their "good guy" routine, but as an adult I realised, they are the exact same as caeser, only they use the pen rather than the collar. A democracy that is corrupt. It's just a hidden dictatorship, or worse, oligarchy.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 5 days ago

      I don't remember him saying FMV lacked good moral choices. Where was that?

  • Colonel__ Klink
    Colonel__ Klink 6 days ago +1

    I liked the video but you spent all that effort to defend the writing in fallout 3 without covering the reason why so many feel that it is bad.
    Main quest. You're in the enclave stronghold confronting the president and the machine says to you "I know that we have tried murdering you the entire game but could you kill every mutant in the world (which would include most humans) for us please? We promise that you'll be our super best friend if you do!"
    It's so unbelievably retarded that it stains the entire rest of the game. It's why despite honestly playing the shit out of the game I say its "awful." Everything ruined by an utterly nonsensical plot.

  • Crackly Bøi
    Crackly Bøi 6 days ago

    It's bet its still gonna be better then fallout 76

  • Hero
    Hero 6 days ago +1

    people are sheep thats why everyone "hates" it. they see one video saying its bad and their testicle sized brain cannot distinguish opinion and fact. so they just believe it

    • SinonMercer
      SinonMercer 4 days ago

      Yeah, but you are lumping up pretty much everyone who hates 3.

    • Hero
      Hero 4 days ago

      obv then this doesnt apply to you chimp

    • SinonMercer
      SinonMercer 4 days ago

      I decided I hated it because of the subways. Speak for everyone else, why don't you?

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 6 days ago +1

      I'm a bit surprised you don't know what it means to paint with broad strokes, but alright. Let me reword it. I don't like to generalize attributes to whole groups of individuals in the manner you did. It's counterproductive and doesn't help very much.

    • Hero
      Hero 6 days ago +1

      fuck does this mean

  • Celtic Fyre
    Celtic Fyre 6 days ago +2

    after playing New Vegas, 1, and 2; Fallout 3 became even more disappointing. Shame 4 was even worse than 3

  • Jul Vas
    Jul Vas 6 days ago

    Falout tactics is a good game ,could be much better without all the unesfull skills ,it suposed to be a tactical shooter but they added special and skills.

  • CrazzyJulzz
    CrazzyJulzz 6 days ago

    Lol fallout 3 is the first game i played when i was 4

  • Shelby Seelbach
    Shelby Seelbach 6 days ago

    Fallout three is the best game of all time. Couldn't be any better than i think it is. Bad title. Haha.

  • Lenie Kotze
    Lenie Kotze 6 days ago

    why dis maulers look like robotech 3 invids in Fallout 3 and 4

  • Vae Victis
    Vae Victis 6 days ago

    I always preferred the 3

  • Lenie Kotze
    Lenie Kotze 6 days ago

    on the ps3 it hangs a bit when a albino scorpion cams or freez up at the nuka cola factory in fallout 3 this is my only problem on fallout 3

  • Niga Bigs
    Niga Bigs 6 days ago +3

    The discussion being caused here through your's and hbomberguy's videos is nothing less of fantastic. So many times I see a video essay end at the video essay and be accepted as fact due to the length and research that goes into it without any doubt or rebuttals. Your response being also in video essay format is nothing short of genius. This is how video essays should be used. To further a discussion and provide points for both sides. I personally still prefer New Vegas to Fallout 3 but the passion that you put into this video shows that there are voices to both sides and that there will never be a consensus with opinionated topics like these, whether it be in the real world or on which game in a series of games is garbage and which one isn't.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 6 days ago

      The two videos, taken together, provide a great learning opportunity.

  • Benjamin Cooper
    Benjamin Cooper 6 days ago

    I absolutely love fallout 3. But I still slightly prefer New Vegas. I don't know that I can justify this preference with evidence. I just like the feel of NV. I like the old western vibe. I like the interesting characters. I like the humor of it. I like the freedom to choose between something other than just good or evil. I think the DLC is better. I think the gunplay and the variety of weapons is better. I like that you're not locked into a single character motivation and are free to choose your own. I like rhat my actions actually feel like they have an impact on the game world.

  • Zech Evans
    Zech Evans 6 days ago

    Even though this guy only mentions a part of it, it’s obvious this entire video is just a response to hbomber’s.

  • Zech Evans
    Zech Evans 6 days ago +1

    It’s not wrong that you enjoy this game, but basically everything else you say is completely wrong

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 4 days ago

      Zech, did you have any specifics or just generalizations? Because, I don't share your generalizations so it's hard to talk at that level.

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 6 days ago

      Was there something else you wanted to say, Zech? Your post ended abruptly and I don't want to jump the gun on you.

    • Zech Evans
      Zech Evans 6 days ago +1

      Annagram Gaming it was somewhat hyperbolic. There are some things he said that makes sense, but really anything that isn’t just blatant fact or requires interpretation is all just theorizing on his part, or sticking in related lore that isn’t apparent unless you dig as deep as you can for justification on a certain issue. He also seems to completely miss the point of many arguments against the game, and miss the point of a lot of examples he uses to compare 3 and NV. Also, Zech*

    • Roman Sharenda
      Roman Sharenda 6 days ago


  • theglasskat
    theglasskat 6 days ago

    So yeah, after spending several hours watching this and hbombers video a couple times each I think what is very clear is that Fallout 3 and New Vegas are both really awesome.... and sort of awful. Thanks for clearing that up guys. Appreciate ya!
    Well... I appreciate MaTN anyway. Hbomber can honestly just disappear for all I care.

  • Vim -Tan
    Vim -Tan 6 days ago

    Ha, yes. Thank you, I always tell people that every Fallout has their strong point and none are particularly the “best”. But personally I’ve always loved Fo3 specifically for everything you mentioned, especially the atmospheric storytelling and exploration. It just has that “feel” y’know?

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    fallout 3 is a buggy piece of shit and it cannot be redeemed.

  • Floyd Pinkerton
    Floyd Pinkerton 7 days ago

    No it's not lol

  • Dizzy Reblexx
    Dizzy Reblexx 7 days ago

    Fallout 3 is a great game despite what most say if it was garbage Bethesda would not have continued making 3D games they would have stuck with birds eye view

  • Spencer XD
    Spencer XD 7 days ago

    so should i buy fallout 3 or 4, i really think im gonna go with 3 but i would like your opinion (i dont have time to watch the full video)

    • Spencer XD
      Spencer XD 7 days ago

      +Annagram Gaming i was planning on getting it on steam

    • Annagram Gaming
      Annagram Gaming 7 days ago

      Fallout 3, regardless of which version you buy, should at least work out of the box in Win 7. However, you'll still probably want to give it more memory to play with (4 GB patch) if your system has it to spare, enable 2 processor cores and install NVAC (New Vegas Anticrash, which works on FO3 because it's the same engine.)
      PS: One of the resellers of FO3 is "Great Old Games", I said it wrong in the comment above.

    • Spencer XD
      Spencer XD 7 days ago

      +Annagram Gaming i use windows 7

    • Spencer XD
      Spencer XD 7 days ago

      +Annagram Gaming what?

  • Sazaberu
    Sazaberu 7 days ago

    it was utterly heartbreaking to learn that the NV studio was a single metacritic point away from getting a massive bonus from bethesda. that couldve been a chance at another fallout from them but thats just wishful thinking

  • Mr .Fantasticgamer 04

    Thank god, someone actually understands the greatness of Fallout 3.

  • Jack O'neill
    Jack O'neill 7 days ago

    Maybe they should play Fallout 3 game of the year edition at the end of that one you can do what you want and explore the wasteland

  • Jack O'neill
    Jack O'neill 7 days ago

    People are never satisfied they got what they wanted and still complain this is why some girls today are crap because people are not satisfied they want a rubbish crap game LOL

  • Kevin Red
    Kevin Red 7 days ago

    Everyone needs to play Tale of Two Wastelands.

  • Rey Man
    Rey Man 7 days ago

    love fallout 3. loved new vegas. thought 4 was an absolute piece of trash. not even gonna bother with 76. why would the series marginalize the majority of their demographic - true rpg enthusiasts that play games for themselves and Not to compete..?
    because they want to compete with EA's captive market strategy. absolute horrible on their part. I'll even go as far to say I won't buy any new consoles/ perhaps even sell the one and ps4. all the good rpgs are on older systems!

  • Morris
    Morris 7 days ago

    is this modded? better graphics than I remember fallout 3 having

  • Derp Cat
    Derp Cat 7 days ago

    Fallout NV is definitely the best 👌

  • Dead Poet
    Dead Poet 8 days ago

    Can't wait for Fallout 4 is Better than You Think!
    Also, this video has way too many dislikes.

  • desmond boyce
    desmond boyce 8 days ago +1


  • JustBeCreative
    JustBeCreative 8 days ago

    i mean, I love it as well, BUT IT KEEPS CRASHING D:

  • Chrisfragger1
    Chrisfragger1 8 days ago

    Building a town around an unexploded nuclear bomb is sort of like building a town around an active volcano...

    • Chrisfragger1
      Chrisfragger1 8 days ago

      It's easy to kill ghouls, they are ugly as fuck after all...

    • Chrisfragger1
      Chrisfragger1 8 days ago

      Entering Diamond City for the first time in FO4 SUCKS ASS!!!!

    • Chrisfragger1
      Chrisfragger1 8 days ago

      I wish there were more smart Super Mutants in FO4... Not counting Virgil, there are none.

    • Chrisfragger1
      Chrisfragger1 8 days ago

      I bought FO3 on steam and it would not run on my PC... It crashed every time I hit Start New Game. It was the first and so far last game I refunded on Steam

    • Chrisfragger1
      Chrisfragger1 8 days ago

      Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

  • DakalaShade
    DakalaShade 8 days ago

    My feelings on Fallout 3 vs Fallout New Vegas are as follows: Tale of Two Wastelands is the best way to enjoy both games. This way, you get 9 story-based DLC, 1 weapons pack (Gun Runners' Arsenal), two epically awesome main quests to do, and you play your character from the very minute of their birth through until their final decisions at Hoover Dam.
    Plus, you get to feel more like a bad-ass adventurer/courier in New Vegas if you've already got a few perks and a couple good levels under your belt... And you get New Vegas Hardcore Mode in Fallout 3.
    And when the two combine, well, let's just say there's a reason I've never been interested in Fallout 4. It's because I've been exploding mutants in DC, or sniping Deathclaws in the Mojave, starting out trying to find my Dad, eventually defeating the Enclave, and taking myself West to forget the pain of the Past. Plus, you can always take the train East and go back to DC for a good laugh.
    Previous to TTW, I used to praise New Vegas to no end, but I never put Fallout 3 down as a bad game. Always second-fiddle to New Vegas, but a good game overall. The best thing that happened to Fallout 3 is Tale of Two Wastelands, letting me play one character through both games. Plus, it gives you a unique look at some of New Vegas' factions coming from the East Coast. I... May have shot all of the Enclave Remnants in the face... For reasons.
    Plus, there's always some wacky fun to be had with some of Fallout 3's weapons, or 3-DLC weapons, in New Vegas. And all of those extra perks to pick from...
    I loved Fallout 3 for what it was. It was a good game with a lot of fun to be had, an okay main quest, and fun - if a little wacky - DLC's. I love New Vegas for what it is. It is a good game, with tons of fun to be had, an okay main quest, and story carried in the DLC's. When the two are combined, you have an excellent game with a pair of main quests that push the story along, 9 DLCs with story content, 1 DLC with lots of awesome guns, two wastelands to shoot everything in, and getting to experience it all without having to exit Fallout 3 and launch New Vegas, or exit New Vegas and launch Fallout 3.
    Plus, we know there's no way Fallout 4 can match up, even with all of its DLC's, against Fallout 3 + Fallout New Vegas, and adding in Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Point Lookout, Mothership Zeta, Broken Steel, Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road. Oh, and to match the Creation Club, Gun Runners' Arsenal.
    Yeah, you have to own both games, but they go cheap on Steam Sales (It's how I picked up Fallout 3's Game Of The Year Edition, after all.) and you have to be willing to use mods (but it's a Bethesda game, you'd be crazy to NOT want to throw a few mods in), but TTW is a lot of fun.
    That said, Fallout 3 on its own is still a lot of fun.