A Classic Case of Winter Face - Makeup and Chat with Alexa Chung

  • Published on Dec 3, 2015
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    We’ve all had a classic case of winter face, Alexa Chung included. In my latest film we chat about base, brows, bold Lips and banishing the winter blues… and managed to hurl a few insults at each other too ; )
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  • Loor
    Loor 26 days ago

    She looks prettier than I’ll ever be. :/

  • kate carew
    kate carew Month ago

    Adorably charming as ever 🙏🏻

  • big c
    big c Month ago

    dang. alexa chung is super hot.

  • James Worley
    James Worley Month ago

    Sassy, that one 😅

  • Hoo Me
    Hoo Me Month ago

    Alexa, ur half Asian. We get red when we drink. Gorgeous look. Love ur personality. Thanks Lisa for the detailed explanation.

  • Morwenna16
    Morwenna16 Month ago

    4 years later... She still doesn't have brushes 😂

  • Lesley M
    Lesley M Month ago


  • Blues Man
    Blues Man Month ago

    Alexa ! Awesome girl !!! She is such a beautiful woman ! The makeup is nice but she doesn't need it 💕

  • Wendy French
    Wendy French Month ago

    “Make it a lip stain” - 😱😱

  • Strange Emily
    Strange Emily Month ago

    Gah... so pretty before as well.

  • Cat23199 M
    Cat23199 M Month ago

    “Sleeve drag” ! Haha haha love her!

  • Hazel Cohen
    Hazel Cohen Month ago

    “I look horrible”
    -the coolest girl in the world with perfect skin

  • Dani L.
    Dani L. Month ago

    Alexa: I'm sallow...
    Lisa: If you're feeling sallow...
    Alexa: Did you just call me sallow? What a bitch.

  • Steph L-C
    Steph L-C Month ago

    I love how natural the foundation looks!

  • Lorhens75
    Lorhens75 2 months ago

    it would be nice to make a video makeup for those who have freckles ( brunettes and redheads) to know how to use them to value them.

  • Deb Shand
    Deb Shand 3 months ago

    Lisa, your nail polish here is the perfect nude! Could you please tell me which one you’re wearing.

  • Carolina Diaz-Arbelaez
    Carolina Diaz-Arbelaez 3 months ago

    I want Lisa to do my makeup

  • Katia G. J.
    Katia G. J. 3 months ago

    Funny how at 14:32 she knows what to do with her lips that she's used to it. It must be so luxurious and nice to have your make up done regularly, everyone should have that experience, to be doted on, have your lips painted, your features complimented, etc.

  • Lorhens75
    Lorhens75 3 months ago

    Could you, please, make a video for non makeable ( not sure this is really English word, I am french) faces. The models are standard so It's kind of easy as everything works on them. With less standard face how do you make up?

  • Daria Reid
    Daria Reid 4 months ago

    Oh my gosh I look horrible! I have a bit of redness here and a bit of discolouration here!

  • Julie W
    Julie W 4 months ago

    I would love to see her after a couple cocktails. I bet she is a riot!

  • BG Smith
    BG Smith 4 months ago

    Stunning and she’s hilarious!

  • exo's Blanket
    exo's Blanket 5 months ago +1

    I just found out this tutorial and i am freaking out like hell all the time i was wastching those heavily cacked up faces which are tbh not really warm for eyes . Now here is the real make tutorial was there for 3 whole years and i didnt found it . Heck it such a beautiful tutorial its dont hide your whole existence but enhance your beauty with using minimal make up . Thank god i found this .

  • Isidora Ponce General
    Isidora Ponce General 5 months ago

    Did she mentioned a friend named Tennessee? Could it be the same one from the song Sweet dreams TN?

  • Katie Kade
    Katie Kade 6 months ago

    beautiful---wow! Black eyeliner could never give me that effect; it creates such a beautiful and smoldering contrast and effect against her light eyes! Fantastic.

  • ciao63097
    ciao63097 6 months ago

    A M A Z I N G 🖤

  • moshina ismail
    moshina ismail 6 months ago

    She looks good without make up

  • SV Wil
    SV Wil 6 months ago

    I have come to the conclusion, after having bought different bits and piece to enhance my make-up applications, that "less is in fact more".

  • reflectsonlife
    reflectsonlife 7 months ago

    The makeup is phenomenal yet minimalist. I love that she only used 1 eyeshadow!
    But I honestly like the Before photo better. Without makeup her cheekbones and jawline really stand out. She's stunning without makeup, whereas many people are stunning with makeup. Lucky Alexa!

  • Naomi Elizabeth de Wal
    Naomi Elizabeth de Wal 7 months ago

    Her and I have the same skin tone
    Yes I agree if you have very defining eye makeup do a nice natural lip or natural eye go with a defining lip.

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L 7 months ago

    wooow,attractive eye makeup.

  • SuperBonnie1969
    SuperBonnie1969 7 months ago

    I love this video. I appreciate that she wanted her lip changed. Also your fantastic way of showing us how to change from feeling like we are to much to feeling comfortable. You are such an elegant woman.

  • stacey's mom
    stacey's mom 7 months ago

    Um no offense but this looks like a make up look a seventh grader would do.

  • Banana Sister
    Banana Sister 7 months ago +1

    I. f *&^)%king love Alexa Chung

  • Ana Postovaru
    Ana Postovaru 7 months ago

    She is stunning, love the sound of her voice.

  • Shams K
    Shams K 7 months ago +1

    alexa is a goddess

  • Corina Häusler
    Corina Häusler 7 months ago

    beautiful girl,...wow...amazing!

  • jaeves007
    jaeves007 7 months ago

    I have "an" eyeshadow brush 😂

  • Andrea H.
    Andrea H. 7 months ago

    Her raspy voice 💘

  • Carol Ilse Anne
    Carol Ilse Anne 7 months ago

    I wake up looking like Alice Cooper! 😕😕😕

  • Claire Turnbull
    Claire Turnbull 7 months ago

    Alexa is a relatable every day woman

  • Raquel SG
    Raquel SG 7 months ago

    This was so useful and delightful to watch. Thank you so much!

  • Ri Ri
    Ri Ri 7 months ago

  • miss mango
    miss mango 7 months ago


  • Perfumaphilia
    Perfumaphilia 7 months ago

    In all honesty, my favorite type of smokey eye involves very few colors like this. I love the slightly slapdash, undone, imperfect look. It's way sexier to me than these Instagram smokey eyes using 3 eyelid shades, 5 crease colors, and dramatic false lashes. That requires its own artistry, but it's not my preferred aethetic.
    Lisa really understands how to create balance and harmony on a face better than anyone I've ever seen. Sometimes more is more and sometimes it just isn't.

  • Saily Giron-Fuentes
    Saily Giron-Fuentes 7 months ago

    She looked gorgeous!!!

  • Saily Giron-Fuentes
    Saily Giron-Fuentes 7 months ago

    She was great to watch 😂😂 I loved this!!

  • Denise Dubé
    Denise Dubé 7 months ago

    Wow! Looks great!

  • KSJ
    KSJ 7 months ago

    Stunning! I loved the red lip but also loved it toned down. Alexa C. is gorgeous to start with and you made her even better but still natural looking.

  • Amber K.
    Amber K. 7 months ago


  • Phillis 97
    Phillis 97 8 months ago

    She and Gal Gadot look alike from some angles

  • An Nika
    An Nika 8 months ago

    I have the BIGGEST girl crush on Alexa. Stunning inside out. She's radiant and hilarious :)

  • feral
    feral 8 months ago

    I L O V E the model’s voice! LOVE IT

  • Denise Pfahl
    Denise Pfahl 8 months ago

    Super talented make-up artist...a true artist! She makes her look better, and it looks like no make-up is used...so natural looking. Just enhanced her looks.

  • Vashti Ramsaroop
    Vashti Ramsaroop 8 months ago +3

    STUNNING lip!!! Lisa you're a fantastic artist who is accessible, kind, and part of what made this a great video was that you truly listened to Alexa and did your best to minister to her needs. You're a superstar! Thank you for sharing.

  • milly ess
    milly ess 8 months ago

    glad to see my holy grail topshop chameleon highlighter. my faves are "speed of light" and " freshwater"

  • Mamawuma
    Mamawuma 8 months ago

    Gorgeous look. Love it.

  • Zoe Kennedy
    Zoe Kennedy 8 months ago

    she's literally the cutest person I've ever seen

  • maria archeron
    maria archeron 8 months ago

    this is such an easy but beautiful makeup look! and i love Blake's red so much, it applies wonderfully and the colour is stunning

  • chairmoistener
    chairmoistener 8 months ago

    You know, in pictures I always wondered what all the fuss about Alexa Chung was. But in this video I can see it. She is lovely.

  • Mishu Islam
    Mishu Islam 8 months ago

    Alexa Chung is so gorgeous... she does not need makeup... what an amazing personality

  • Anan-Alice Dai
    Anan-Alice Dai 8 months ago

    wow she's so lovely

  • TheBurkechi
    TheBurkechi 8 months ago

    I love coming back to this video. Time and again bc I keep learning something new.

  • Lisa Lachhman
    Lisa Lachhman 8 months ago


  • alia sofia
    alia sofia 8 months ago

    She's just so gorgeous, I'm not even jealous, I'm just like... How? 😅

  • Allie Maynard
    Allie Maynard 8 months ago

    She looks amazing after, amazing eyes and lip look

  • Epsylone Pascale Steemers


  • Lukluk Latifa
    Lukluk Latifa 8 months ago

    She’s literally girl version of harrold.. gorgeous😍😍

  • Jlinus
    Jlinus 8 months ago

    She's beautiful😍

  • Cali Beam
    Cali Beam 8 months ago

    I LOVE. Her personality. Increases her beauty by a billion! Beautiful xo

  • Warriors🎗Mom
    Warriors🎗Mom 8 months ago

    She looks amazing. But she didn’t seem to like it very much. Weird!

  • Mina S
    Mina S 8 months ago

    i thought of the miley cyrus meme

  • fantagattara 85
    fantagattara 85 8 months ago

    Alexa Chung è bellissima e questo trucco la valorizza ancora di più! Meraviglia!

  • BlueBell
    BlueBell 9 months ago

    The only thing I’m thinking about is how jealous I am because she was dating Alexander skarsgard. If I’m not mistaken that is.

  • Mish mash
    Mish mash 9 months ago

    I love your friend! She is like so many of us. We don’t want the hassle of self tanning all the time and wearing loads of make up but we want to look ALIVE and feel we look nice. Even her not owning any brushes, but one shadow brush, rings true to a lot of women. I just recently learned how to even do my make up in my late 30’s because before then I only used powder and concealer with a little balm or gloss on the lips (MAYBE a touch of blush on occasion.)

  • Yvonne Hyman
    Yvonne Hyman 9 months ago

    My God. She is stunning.

  • navdhav
    navdhav 9 months ago

    Shes awesome!!! So real

  • Hannah Gauche'
    Hannah Gauche' 9 months ago +1

    She’s so funny 😂

  • Laura White
    Laura White 9 months ago

    Alexa Chung really reminds me of Cars Delivigne

  • JBO2493
    JBO2493 9 months ago

    AC “I’m sallow and horrible”
    LE “Ok, this is for sallow skin”
    AC “Am I SALLOW?!!”
    Lol typical bullshit girl talk.
    PS I don’t see a scrap of shallowness anywhere in this vid!

  • Rachel Leigh
    Rachel Leigh 9 months ago

    I think I've watched this video 10+ times already because it's insanely helpful for boosting one's (sallow) complexion in the cold months. Also the banter is too funny. Thanks Lisa for sharing your amazing techniques with us X

  • Sina Muscarina
    Sina Muscarina 9 months ago

    I never know when to choose bronzer and when to contour. And I mean about the look and not for what purpose it is used (shadow/warmth). Any advice? I see here there is bronzer used, and no contouring. Why?

    • stanbalo
      stanbalo 7 months ago

      I think bronzers look gold brown..contour looks taupe. I think in essence if you have darker foundations, you can use those as bronzer or contour

  • T Zinot
    T Zinot 9 months ago

    Ugh... gorgeous

  • sandra taylor
    sandra taylor 9 months ago

    Hi Lisa, I loved this video. Alexa was a hoot - such a down to earth girl! Loved it & the makeup was utterly gorgeous!! See ya later alligator .... Sandy from AUS

  • Gloxinia11
    Gloxinia11 9 months ago

    it's so annoying how easy it is to do this look on her, she needs almost nothing SIGH

  • bahpav79
    bahpav79 9 months ago

    Wow this really shows the transformative powers of good makeup. Alexa was beautiful before but she looks stunning after! And the makeup just accentuates her natural beauty, it’s amazing...

  • Anna’s Cottage
    Anna’s Cottage 9 months ago

    She is terribly masculine but still exceedingly stunning.

  • archana Pande
    archana Pande 9 months ago

    she is soo mesmerising....that voice that accent those eyes😍😍😍😍😍😙😘

  • Daniela Castillo
    Daniela Castillo 9 months ago

    Alexa - “My skin is sallow in winter”
    Lisa - “This will be very nice on sallow skin”
    Alexa - “Am I sallow? OMG she’s a bitch” 😂😂😂 I love Alexa

  • Ava Cash
    Ava Cash 9 months ago

    lisa very ASMR . Very triggering.

  • Yemima Hutapea
    Yemima Hutapea 9 months ago

    Ah she looks so amazing!!!

  • Gillian M
    Gillian M 10 months ago

    Love her !

  • Michelle Diane
    Michelle Diane 10 months ago


  • MMaya
    MMaya 10 months ago

    love Alexa she's so real and funny :)

  • Foxiepaws ACAnderson
    Foxiepaws ACAnderson 11 months ago

    She is lovely and really straightforward....this is great all these people are so normal when you have them in the chair....Alexa is funny. I know I would like her.
    She is so naturally gorgeous... I don't know why I even try!

  • Julia
    Julia 11 months ago

    i’ve watched both of these alexa chung tutorials a million times each. idk something about these videos just keep me coming back for more! if u could i would LOVE for more because i’ve practically memorized them by now lol

  • Private Cocky
    Private Cocky 11 months ago

    "it's probably hormones but also... fact" I DIED

  • Sias
    Sias Year ago

    She's just gorgeous so beautiful❤ also has a charming voice

  • Bianca Prieto
    Bianca Prieto Year ago

    Go home model, you arent cool girl 😅🤪

  • David Winters
    David Winters Year ago

    Alexa gets the Asian glow!!