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  • Nicolette Gray
    Nicolette Gray  3 months ago +495

    Hey Guys!! See who won Christian's Camera giveaway and behind the scenes of "The Beverly Hills Bachelorette" HERE!!

    • Elena Dizon
      Elena Dizon 28 days ago

      Nina is a cool and divine Mom 😇👍

    • Hashtag Me
      Hashtag Me 2 months ago

      Nicolette Gray Zhou

    • Diana R
      Diana R 2 months ago

      Please send me a heart I love you girls!!😍

    • I love Billie
      I love Billie 2 months ago

      Is your mom still dating her boyfriend?

  • Tender Trail
    Tender Trail 14 hours ago

    I wish I could just visit you someday.

  • Barbara Richards
    Barbara Richards 16 hours ago

    I'd really love to see this girl live like normal folks for 3 months on a small tight budget do her own laundry cooking cleaning etc so she can then appreciate money more!

  • koolaid kaya
    koolaid kaya 19 hours ago

    You know your poor when you think that car is dope and want it and your only 16 and their saying it's for a mom or a grandma

  • Thea G.
    Thea G. Day ago

    You know what, Nicolette is Kind girl like not other girls who’s rich that thinks People are poor, she Is a respectful girl

  • Kayleigh Snellgrove

    I'm sorry for late comment but you and your mum look stunning I wish I was as rich as you

  • Lauren DeMille
    Lauren DeMille Day ago

    16:07 the fakest laugh ever lol

  • emilio medina
    emilio medina Day ago

    lmao i’m the other girl in 14:21

  • GeniceRichardson
    GeniceRichardson 2 days ago

    So basically you buy your cases from places like wish and aliexpress (you can tell by the package it was shipped in) put your own logo on it and sell it for 2x the amount that you bought the actual case for.. guys dont get scammed lmao

  • Duffy Winters
    Duffy Winters 2 days ago

    how did nina think it was a good idea to tape her hair omg lmfaooo

  • Efrain
    Efrain 2 days ago

    Damn the moms prob makes crazy money .. plus their getting paid off USclip so I ain’t mad at them 😀

  • It'sIKA
    It'sIKA 3 days ago

    I would like to see them having a collaboration with Jeffree. Luxury over luxuries.

  • J H
    J H 3 days ago

    Hey I love you guys ur so cool!!! Anyways like do you think you could dm me back ??! @jholland1_2

  • jade euniceune vlogs

    I like nicolette hair it look so soft

  • Allie Mitchell
    Allie Mitchell 3 days ago

    Yalls hair looks so healthy!!! Will you please do a night routine of your face and hair products?

  • kay
    kay 3 days ago

    “Oh it’s only 520, I’ll buy it”

  • Lil Greeny
    Lil Greeny 3 days ago

    “Oh this is only 520 I’m buying it!” Lmao

  • Allison Ruedas
    Allison Ruedas 4 days ago +1

    I love Nina and Nicolettes relationship! It’s so cute and really reminds me of my relationship with my Mom!💖💖💖

    ZOHA OMGGIRL 4 days ago

    Nicolettes hair is smoother then my life ;-;

  • Teja Vijayakumar
    Teja Vijayakumar 4 days ago

    wow she says its a merzades suv and shew ont drive it wow

  • XXXtentacion
    XXXtentacion 4 days ago

    If i was there and Tekashi was also there I would scream for good 5 minutes

  • Dani Valdes
    Dani Valdes 5 days ago

    Your content is edited as if it were a tv show lol you should just do a tv show

  • Sly to Fly
    Sly to Fly 6 days ago

    You guys relationship so cute 🖤

  • Bea Sarmiento
    Bea Sarmiento 6 days ago


  • Marlyon duncan
    Marlyon duncan 7 days ago

    Can you do more shopping videos together

  • Lauren Key
    Lauren Key 7 days ago +1

    Why at 11:34 she is sticking out her but 😂💀

  • Julia Starz
    Julia Starz 7 days ago +4

    Who’s watching after 69 is going to go to jail for like Tekashi 67 or something years

  • Anthony Mancini
    Anthony Mancini 7 days ago

    Thumbs up if u love Nicolette and Nina and Blair and Blaze !!!

  • susie k
    susie k 8 days ago

    i crack up every time i watch the part when the facial guy laughs at what nicolette says😂😂 its at like 16:05

  • Arjune Goloran
    Arjune Goloran 9 days ago

    you guy's are really cool love from phils...

  • kelly b
    kelly b 9 days ago

    nina thinking 69 is a girl is the most innocent mom thing ever hahahaha

  • kulwant gill
    kulwant gill 9 days ago +1

    Lady:you guys look like sisters
    Nicolette:because she covers her face when she is driving 😂😂

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez 11 days ago +4

    i think shane dawson should do a documentary on the family

  • Aurelie Gyss
    Aurelie Gyss 11 days ago

    So useless

  • Joy Joy
    Joy Joy 12 days ago

    I want this girls to go to grocery shopping 😂😂‼︎

  • Jawad Naseem
    Jawad Naseem 12 days ago +2

    Am I the only person who thinks the first girl look like rcl beauty

  • Alicia N. khedoo
    Alicia N. khedoo 12 days ago

    The whole mask part had me dying!!!

  • Atzi Atzi
    Atzi Atzi 13 days ago

    _”it’s only five twenty”_

  • elen medel
    elen medel 14 days ago

    Like the sunglasses of nicollete

  • Hailey Jones
    Hailey Jones 14 days ago

    The brush set was so cute I hope they still have it

  • Hailey Jones
    Hailey Jones 14 days ago

    I really like how you got your hair done

  • Anika Yui Tactaquin
    Anika Yui Tactaquin 15 days ago

    Hey Guys!! See who won Christian's Camera giveaway and behind the scenes of "The Beverly Hills Bachelorette" HERE!!

  • marle reyna
    marle reyna 15 days ago

    Why does this remaind me of a reality tv show

  • Hollynwood Films
    Hollynwood Films 16 days ago

    Lmao Nina is such a mood😂😂😂

  • ItsJustMeAsh
    ItsJustMeAsh 17 days ago

    when she was like "oh this is only 520" i about died lmao

  • missmariahlove
    missmariahlove 17 days ago

    My favorite girls, they deserve a reality show!!! ❤️

  • Struzvt 666
    Struzvt 666 18 days ago

    “Look what I got” “what did you got” lol😂

  • Nova Sopenski
    Nova Sopenski 18 days ago

    Nina: Its only 520$

  • Melika Tehrani
    Melika Tehrani 18 days ago

    I love watching your videos because I feel like I’m rich so it’ll manifest into my life too ❤️💕 Nina is such a sweetheart and she’s so funny love her so much!

  • Keiko Bey
    Keiko Bey 20 days ago

    must be a real nice arm workout as well

  • Dody 5H
    Dody 5H 20 days ago

    one of them sound like Blake lively

  • Francisco Ayala
    Francisco Ayala 20 days ago

    Nicolette is honestly so blessed, I can’t even imagine how my life would be with that much money. Being broke sucks lol, I bet they never have to check their bank account 😂

  • madison brookins
    madison brookins 21 day ago +1

    “is only 520”

  • Lula chenka
    Lula chenka 21 day ago

    It’s TEKASHI 69

  • Rita Rewards
    Rita Rewards 23 days ago

    A mom's car???? When did the SUV become a mom's car? I thought the caravans were! Lol...

  • Sneha B
    Sneha B 24 days ago

    what is that head cap thingy called and which brand was it?

  • Maria Ramirez
    Maria Ramirez 24 days ago


  • Scarlet Diblasi
    Scarlet Diblasi 24 days ago

    Lol does nicollette not realise the shine on her guccy slides and beanie will attract magpies.Watch out they be swooping in on ya

  • Tiffany W
    Tiffany W 25 days ago


  • Lexi Dionisopoulos
    Lexi Dionisopoulos 25 days ago

    love both of your hair dark and light

  • Victoria H
    Victoria H 25 days ago

    First time viewer... Nina you are my hero, taking all those photos 😂 I have all this to come with my two daughters x

  • Devian016
    Devian016 25 days ago

    Shit I WISH I could afford this lifestyle lol. Peopel be jealous instead of inspired to make such an income.

  • Bea Honey04
    Bea Honey04 26 days ago

    When she thought takeshi was a girl... that got me 😂😂😂

  • Catherine H.
    Catherine H. 27 days ago


  • daniela perez
    daniela perez 27 days ago

    when she said we need duck tape i died

  • Kfgh Tvg
    Kfgh Tvg 27 days ago

    They are cool

  • Jackie Muccilli
    Jackie Muccilli 27 days ago

    I wish my mom was like this omg 😭😂

  • Lynn Guz02
    Lynn Guz02 27 days ago

    I swear this is my new fav yt channel😂I love it

  • Elena Dizon
    Elena Dizon 28 days ago

    Hi Nicolette, I watch you always! I loved you and your Mom so much😍😍❤️

  • Briana Wood
    Briana Wood 28 days ago

    If this.was a would be popular sadly

  • Natalie Rivera
    Natalie Rivera 28 days ago

    Hahaha 6ix9ine is not a she lmao I’m crying

  • Nasia_a1997〈3
    Nasia_a1997〈3 29 days ago

    Nicolette sunscream under makeup x

  • Renelyn Bienvenido
    Renelyn Bienvenido 29 days ago

    First time in your channel and I'm loving your mom 😍

  • Vivi Iastr
    Vivi Iastr 29 days ago

    a beenie cost !520

  • Ava Fox
    Ava Fox 29 days ago

    Did Nina say fendy instead of fenty

  • Rohmingthangi Hmingi
    Rohmingthangi Hmingi 29 days ago

    Hey....I like u....I used to view your vlogg as much as I can

  • Ben Susak
    Ben Susak Month ago

    I normally hate people like this, but there’s something really genuine and nice about the family. The mom is accountable, hard working and kind to everyone. I actually really like these ladies!

  • Kurtis Brittain
    Kurtis Brittain Month ago +1

    🙄 no words

  • Glittery Romy
    Glittery Romy Month ago

    We’re ur Blair I never see her

  • dovahkiin :
    dovahkiin : Month ago

    I know this is an old video but my boyfriend would've scream cause he's a big fan of 69 LOL

  • dovahkiin :
    dovahkiin : Month ago

    I know this is an old video but my boyfriend would've scream cause he's a big fan of 69 LOL

  • Brittney Souzer
    Brittney Souzer Month ago

    I want her mom to be my mom. Not because she’s got money and a good job, but because her personality is the best and the best mom ever❤️❤️ my mom got killed not too long ago and it’s super hard for me to cope. But watching you guys helps. I hope she even reads this lol

  • Abigail Johnson
    Abigail Johnson Month ago

    She seems so much more sweeter and nicer now

  • Maimia Martinez
    Maimia Martinez Month ago

    11:31 is no one gonna talk ab how she was breaking her back🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️💀

  • Lydia Dirks
    Lydia Dirks Month ago

    What’s her moms career? I’m tryna get on her level

  • Myriam Safieddine
    Myriam Safieddine Month ago

    Only 520! what

  • Lupus Positive Life

    You girls are so beautiful 😍💕🦋 I’m doing a marathon right now watching all your videos love you all

  • Daniella Bertucci
    Daniella Bertucci Month ago

    Did anyone else heir Nina say were to fat for this, I mean when I’m a mom I’m not going to say that to my kids😕🤷‍♀️

  • Maribel Narvaiz
    Maribel Narvaiz Month ago

    Do a diet video!!! Like what your eating style is like

  • Alva Ø Madsen
    Alva Ø Madsen Month ago

    Where Can i buy the fur hood? 😍

  • Madison Kathleen
    Madison Kathleen Month ago

    nicolette, were did u get ur robe, house coat that you were wearing towards the end of the video? i need one lol

  • Divine Rochelle Pineda

    How much is it?
    I don't know. Let's find out.
    I wish I could say that even once. 😂

  • Tasmiah Alam
    Tasmiah Alam Month ago

    I think you are a bit to much selfish girl.. That was a bit to much stupid to make your mom taking your picture.. Get a life

  • MS_ XII
    MS_ XII Month ago

    U are a mum get over urself ur not 16 yrs old

  • bryanna garcia
    bryanna garcia Month ago

    how do you make so much money

  • Vanessa Collins
    Vanessa Collins Month ago

    that grandma car is my dream car lmao

  • Ithandehui Reyes
    Ithandehui Reyes Month ago

    It’s 520$ I can bye it it’s totally SUPER CHEAP Yeah sure

  • Ema Chaves
    Ema Chaves Month ago

    i swear the beanie says guccy not gucci but i dunno

  • ItsmeEmma Jean
    ItsmeEmma Jean Month ago

    Subscribe to my channel so I can start raising money to start my channel

  • Lizyl G.
    Lizyl G. Month ago

    Hahahha this is funny 😂