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  • Nicolette Gray
    Nicolette Gray  Month ago +418

    Hey Guys!! See who won Christian's Camera giveaway and behind the scenes of "The Beverly Hills Bachelorette" HERE!!

    • Diana R
      Diana R Day ago

      Please send me a heart I love you girls!!😍

    • Keziah Brandt
      Keziah Brandt 10 days ago

      Is your mom still dating her boyfriend?

    • Harshal mi
      Harshal mi 12 days ago

      Suck mah D

    • Alexis Smith
      Alexis Smith 17 days ago

      Nicolette please curl your hair in the next video !!!! I think it would look sooooo pretty with your new hair color

    • Nair Lopez
      Nair Lopez 22 days ago

      More videos please I love your channel and you❤❤❤❤

  • Marie Richardson
    Marie Richardson 3 hours ago


  • Rasha Mohammed
    Rasha Mohammed 4 hours ago

    I don’t actually think her stylist is doing something.. i mean she look like she’s wearing the same thing over and over again. And anyone can do this kind of style!!! :/ so wired

  • EsmeeJoy
    EsmeeJoy 18 hours ago

    protect your skin while driving? am i missing something? im confused 😂

  • Diana R
    Diana R Day ago

    I will love to see you both a day on SPA AND BODY MASSAGE love you all 4😊😊

  • Diana R
    Diana R Day ago

    They both look like ninja's hahaha😂😂😂😂😂

  • Diana R
    Diana R Day ago

    This make me laugh soooooo much!!!!!!!🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Diana R
    Diana R Day ago

    That looks soooooo funny!!!!!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Diana R
    Diana R Day ago

    Do a face mask to Christian!!!!😊😊😊


    Did anyone else notice that the beanie said “Guccy” not “Gucci” 😂

  • Isabelle B
    Isabelle B Day ago

    Christan: it wasn't long enough

  • Ellie Mcca
    Ellie Mcca Day ago

    I don't think u should've gotten any of those extremely expensive items because u are able to live without them. some people struggle everyday to get a decent meal and some are suffering with nothing more than a blanket so they don't freeze to death. I think u should rethink ur lifestyle and everyday choices and keep those people in mind that have nothing. please help who u can out and don't be selfish. we are all supposed to do good deeds for each other.

  • Danielle Allen
    Danielle Allen 2 days ago

    Anyone else think she should have her own reality tv show??

  • Life of Patty
    Life of Patty 2 days ago

    The Palm Springs mini backpack is so cute I want it to so much but I also want to be able to afford food

  • Life of Patty
    Life of Patty 2 days ago

    They are so funny

  • Ilka Naz
    Ilka Naz 2 days ago

    I wish I had a life like this. However I'm happy for them. Her mom had to work hard to be where she is in life. Wish I have chosen a better career in my life my life would have been easier

  • Vanesa Morales
    Vanesa Morales 3 days ago

    you are spoiled
    you say that you feel like a peasant
    whit your mother giving you $ 1.000 per month, it´s wrong

  • Mekenzie Morris
    Mekenzie Morris 3 days ago

    "brush set 270" 'ohh can you get it for me?" "yeah,yeah" it must be nice being that rich

  • Active COol Fashion
    Active COol Fashion 3 days ago

  • georgia sgouros
    georgia sgouros 3 days ago

    do a haul for vacation clothes!!

  • Samantha Welch
    Samantha Welch 3 days ago

    "Oh it's only $520 I'm buying it" ...

  • Samantha Holmes
    Samantha Holmes 4 days ago

    That is me when i use a face mask but instead of tape i would bust out the duck tape hurts a bit but very satisfying

  • Jenna Shefts
    Jenna Shefts 4 days ago +8

    these videos are actually extremely interesting to watch it feels like i live in a completely different universe

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar 5 days ago +2

    why do people watch this crap?

  • Abby Ardiente
    Abby Ardiente 6 days ago +1

    8:13 it’s spelt tekashi not takashi

  • Trista Kingsbury
    Trista Kingsbury 6 days ago

    I’m gay

  • Jasury Robles
    Jasury Robles 6 days ago

    I love your hair this way!! I like it more than the brown! 😍💕

  • Summer L
    Summer L 7 days ago

    watching this makes me want to die

  • Madison Marquez
    Madison Marquez 7 days ago

    are they acting this way or are they REALLY that way

  • Anne Dinnick
    Anne Dinnick 8 days ago

    ur mom is so flippin' cool!!

  • Alejandra Ochoa
    Alejandra Ochoa 8 days ago

    Love you both!

  • camila garcia
    camila garcia 8 days ago

    16:06 when your crush makes a joke

  • Aria Mallick
    Aria Mallick 8 days ago

    Nina taking pictures of nicolette is literally my mom lolol

  • Alicia Prictoe
    Alicia Prictoe 8 days ago +1

    Finally we see the face of the guy from the hollywood fix 😂😂

  • aria 108
    aria 108 10 days ago

    what was the point of Dr phil

  • Emilie Fladeby
    Emilie Fladeby 10 days ago

    A shame to society..

  • Isabella Windham
    Isabella Windham 10 days ago

    "395 oh I can get that oh it's only 520 oh I'm buying that

  • Bryanne Potoski
    Bryanne Potoski 10 days ago

    Nina is so sweet!

  • Adriana Aguilar
    Adriana Aguilar 10 days ago


  • Nury Garcia
    Nury Garcia 11 days ago

    Imitando a la family kardashian😂😂😂😂stupid

  • furrahh
    furrahh 11 days ago

    It's nice seeing you and your mom spend time together 💓

  • Alexis Strong
    Alexis Strong 11 days ago

    Did really Nicolette really say DAMN

  • Brooke Day
    Brooke Day 12 days ago

    so disgusting they're supporting real fur.

  • Crista Busse
    Crista Busse 12 days ago

    Your the one that went on dr phill because your mom was not giving you enough money per month, but now seeing you in real content not what they tell you to do at dr phill it is way different then what the made or told you to say. I know you have changed but it is still good to bring up our mistakes and what we have improved on. Ps this was a very well edited video I mean all of them are good but this one was great 👍

  • Samantha Mostowicz
    Samantha Mostowicz 12 days ago


  • Samantha Mostowicz
    Samantha Mostowicz 12 days ago

    honestly, this going to be me as a mom....
    no shame

  • Arcinee Najjar
    Arcinee Najjar 12 days ago

    Lmao when nina said that 6ix9ine was a girl , I can't get that out of my mind

  • Harshal mi
    Harshal mi 12 days ago

    Haul starts at 21 minutes 😒

    I JUST WANNA DIEE 12 days ago

    Their relationship is actually really sweet

  • The life of Kiara vlogs

    I LIVE ON MAUI !!!!!

  • Paula Maldonado
    Paula Maldonado 12 days ago

    how disgusting u are

  • jon harvey
    jon harvey 13 days ago

    I. Hi

  • Ally Rose
    Ally Rose 13 days ago

    1 of those puffs is more than my rent😅🔫

  • Smith Dylan
    Smith Dylan 13 days ago

    I’m so desperate to be rich I cleaned my room ...........sad I know 😂🤣

  • Silly S
    Silly S 13 days ago

    You spelt tekashi wrong

  • summer love
    summer love 13 days ago

    Im your mom fan, I really love her kindness and I think she have a good heart too.. she reminds me of my mom too, your viewers from philippines more powers to your beautiful mom

  • Loving Zebra
    Loving Zebra 13 days ago

    14:18 did anyone else hear the co worker saying that she was jealous and wished her mom can get her stuff like that

  • Rania Moon
    Rania Moon 13 days ago

    Is Nina still with Raul

  • Carmen
    Carmen 13 days ago

    What job do the parents have??

  • N Glover
    N Glover 13 days ago

    Ummmm she has 666 thousand subs

  • Ally Escobedo
    Ally Escobedo 13 days ago

    lol she calls her mommy

  • Camila Castronovo
    Camila Castronovo 13 days ago

    The intro is so iconic like wtf

  • _bored_aina_ insta
    _bored_aina_ insta 13 days ago

    wasnt her mom sayin she was a spoiled little biatch???

  • Madison Kathleen
    Madison Kathleen 13 days ago

    Is it bad that Nicolette reminds me of myself... don’t get me wrong I actually love her channel tho

  • Melissa Pacheco
    Melissa Pacheco 13 days ago

    “I might as well get a muffin top” do all moms have muffin tops? What am I missing?

  • Rebeca Erazo
    Rebeca Erazo 13 days ago

    A video of christian chose cloth for y'all (like if you think they should do this video)

  • Christina Matus
    Christina Matus 13 days ago

    Can u make phone cases for a LG phone please

  • jackelyn benitez
    jackelyn benitez 13 days ago

    “I’m jelly I wish my mom was like yours”

  • Natalie de lara
    Natalie de lara 13 days ago

    Nicolette’s mask looks so funny😭

  • Ruby Pena
    Ruby Pena 14 days ago

    “Oh it’s only 520”

  • Yenifer Gonzalez
    Yenifer Gonzalez 14 days ago

    I loveeeeee howwww peopleeeeeeee say she is a brat but she so nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Timber
    Timber 14 days ago

    Cancer cancer cancer cancer cancer

  • clastra flipri
    clastra flipri 14 days ago

    Why is that hat protective for the skin when driving?

  • Rosa Velasco Chavez
    Rosa Velasco Chavez 14 days ago


  • Eriana Araus
    Eriana Araus 14 days ago

    Im dead... she thought 69 was a girl

  • Mini Mia
    Mini Mia 14 days ago

    i love how nina thought 6ix9ine was a woman lol!

  • Zara Choudhury
    Zara Choudhury 14 days ago

    LOL at how nina thought tekashi was a girl I'm dead

  • SlenderLlama Nimrod
    SlenderLlama Nimrod 14 days ago

    So interesting to see how rich people live... I feel like being able to buy whatever you wanted would be cool for a while but then there would be nothing to wish for or really be that thankful for because it was affordable (no shade at all these people seem very nice, just thinking about how I would deal with the new life)

  • Melat Gebreyus
    Melat Gebreyus 14 days ago

    This video seems like a 73 questions with vogue video

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 14 days ago +6

    I love your videos they are just so much fun to watch

  • altiana demaj
    altiana demaj 14 days ago

    i love your hair so much

  • altiana demaj
    altiana demaj 14 days ago

    no offence but the glasses in the beginning of video they were so ugly

  • adaliaa B
    adaliaa B 14 days ago

    Yaaaaas Nicolette love your hair 😩❤️💪🏼

  • bushra Idris
    bushra Idris 14 days ago

    A glasses for 6 hundred dollars?

  • Catherine Kato
    Catherine Kato 14 days ago

    The second one

  • Mia Honigstein
    Mia Honigstein 15 days ago

    The camera guy is my fave

  • Caroline Boyden
    Caroline Boyden 15 days ago

    i hate brats, but i love brats who acknowledge the fact that they are brats

  • Killer Mike
    Killer Mike 15 days ago


  • Izzyzle
    Izzyzle 15 days ago

    y'all nina wears sunscreen everyday and her face looks so young and all koreans wear sunscreen as well and they have gorgeous skin! *WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!*

  • 小玛丽
    小玛丽 15 days ago

    This reminds me so me and my mom ! And also I feel that drPhill show made them look so bad while in reality I feel they have a good mother daughter relationship like seriously tv sometimes makes things so exaggerated and dramatic

  • natasha hynoski
    natasha hynoski 15 days ago

    love how her nina buys a brush set for 270 and offers to get nicolette one when theres life 6 brushes... makes me realise how worth it james's brush set is

  • Eliza Wares
    Eliza Wares 15 days ago

    Everybody needs a thnead
    A thnead is something everybody needs!

  • xxChloe Leigh
    xxChloe Leigh 15 days ago

    Low key your mom is so nice u ask for something "ya sure"

  • xxChloe Leigh
    xxChloe Leigh 15 days ago

    Oh your that spoiled b**** from doctor phil 😅

  • Jungkook's Wife has entered the chat

    Who is she?

  • Juliette Lee416
    Juliette Lee416 15 days ago

    Hollywood TV voice revealed holy-

  • Mairéad Middleton
    Mairéad Middleton 15 days ago

    Who remembers when she cried cause she had to get a job heheh

  • D E J A A M E L
    D E J A A M E L 15 days ago

    Need a relationship with my daughter like this

  • Jazzmin Senocbit
    Jazzmin Senocbit 15 days ago

    I thought you’re from USA. I love your personality I’m watching from BC canada ❤️

  • Hexth
    Hexth 15 days ago

    I have so much more respect for nicolette, because she technically has a job.