Jonah Hill Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ


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  • Banger Kanal
    Banger Kanal 4 hours ago

    He was so good in Maniac

  • Maxine Duncan
    Maxine Duncan 2 days ago

    I really respect him for focussing so much on the people he worked with and the passion for each movie, instead of just himself

  • XxForever_AbbyxX
    XxForever_AbbyxX 2 days ago

    Bruh wut about HTTYD??

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 3 days ago

    The first, movie I saw of Johna was 21st jump street. After that movie I finally started to know more about him. After 21st it was superbad! Awesome movie

  • Les Portelli
    Les Portelli 4 days ago

    LOL, don't think you can refer to Jonah Hill performances as iconic quite yet, let's maybe leave that honor to 'actual' master actors (you know, those otherwise forgotten actors like Brando, Cagney, etc). Everything is genius, brilliant or iconic for the millennial crowd. Legacy is the property of time, not biased opinion. And also, Jonah Hill doesn't have any iconic characters yet LOL.

  • Wartortle
    Wartortle 4 days ago

    I love Jonah Hill and I love the passion and respect he has for his artistry!

  • Michael Norman
    Michael Norman 7 days ago

    Love you man!

  • Hector Arguelles
    Hector Arguelles 8 days ago

    mclovin is better ever

  • Super 3001
    Super 3001 8 days ago

    people always see him as the fat guy in the movie

  • mlGbLAzEiT69
    mlGbLAzEiT69 9 days ago

    I never even pay attention to actors in movies but I realized this dude is in so many of my favorite movies

  • Mirc Mircx
    Mirc Mircx 10 days ago

    Great in Wardogs

  • 1Dreamking
    1Dreamking 11 days ago

    Jonah Hill is fantastic. I hope he will keep giving us interesting characters to enjoy for a long time to come. =)
    Edit: And love the cred he gives John C Reiley.

  • Taylor Elsner
    Taylor Elsner 12 days ago

    He’s a terrible actor..

  • Jonathan Choi
    Jonathan Choi 12 days ago

    I love 21/22 Jump street!!!! ✌️😆✌️

  • Branden Harris
    Branden Harris 12 days ago

    hes always seemed to care about everything hes in and it shows spectacularly

  • R1980100
    R1980100 12 days ago

    Creepy Jew, Mel Gibson was right

  • Grant J Bagshaw
    Grant J Bagshaw 13 days ago

    No money ball?

  • Diego Delgado
    Diego Delgado 14 days ago

    Shouldve asked him about his hatred for fogel

  • wahdncx
    wahdncx 14 days ago

    Christ, that was boring

  • Charlotte Fapnation
    Charlotte Fapnation 15 days ago

    Jonahs my favorite fat actor

  • Tuma Taco
    Tuma Taco 15 days ago


  • Dam Ned
    Dam Ned 16 days ago +1

    What a douchebag.

  • Corey Gil
    Corey Gil 16 days ago

    Love Jonah hill. So underrated

  • christina moore
    christina moore 16 days ago

    Omfg he sounds like skrillex😂👽💕

  • Hugo Zupan
    Hugo Zupan 17 days ago

    Free advice - just watch every video on YT with speed 1.5! Your welcome

    ITSPIC 18 days ago

    Mid90s really opened my mind on Jonah. This man is a genius

  • Ciarán West
    Ciarán West 18 days ago

    Sorry, did Starsky and Hutch and the Brady Bunch Movie not exist before 21 Jump Street? Sure you invented a genre, mate.

  • mauricio krebs
    mauricio krebs 18 days ago

    iconic roles? right.

  • Chester Lockwood
    Chester Lockwood 18 days ago

    WTF!!! No Moneyball. Disappointment

  • The Don
    The Don 18 days ago

    Where's his best performance, Maniac?

  • 45-70 Henry
    45-70 Henry 18 days ago

    He's a jew

  • Simon H
    Simon H 19 days ago

    Jonah with the Gold on da wrist. I'm diggin' it

  • Jaymes Franko
    Jaymes Franko 20 days ago

    Mid-90’s was trash

  • - Mikeg.lifts -
    - Mikeg.lifts - 20 days ago

    War dogs is criminally underrated

  • VOR
    VOR 20 days ago

    Hey Jonah, when are you paying me the remaining deposit for your coast facing apartment in the illegal settlements

  • s7ss
    s7ss 20 days ago


  • Narf
    Narf 20 days ago

    Jonah Hill sucks, completely overrated.

  • worzel189
    worzel189 20 days ago

    so refreshing to see honesty and sincerity...u rock jonah

  • Neil Brown
    Neil Brown 21 day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks he sucks, and everything he is in is awful?

  • lauren2888
    lauren2888 22 days ago

    I love him!

  • Iris Medina
    Iris Medina 24 days ago

    What about MEGAMIND?!

  • Eric Houglum
    Eric Houglum 24 days ago

    Jonah's the man.

  • S.
    S. 24 days ago

    Jonah Hill is my spirit animal.

  • Alfalfa Male
    Alfalfa Male 24 days ago

    No money ball?

  • Chris Janisse
    Chris Janisse 24 days ago


  • Andre Bubbles
    Andre Bubbles 24 days ago

    i love jonah hill. but iconic?, maybe in 30 years

  • visage_mort
    visage_mort 25 days ago

    No Django or Moneyball?

  • MrTimmsy1986
    MrTimmsy1986 25 days ago

    There is nothing iconic about Jonah Hill or his characters, total douche...

  • Tycon PvP
    Tycon PvP 25 days ago

    "great opportunity to get a seed planted in me by greg"

  • Hugh Mcmillan
    Hugh Mcmillan 26 days ago

    Brilliant actor

  • Mikey Clark
    Mikey Clark 26 days ago

    Jonah hill is awesome. And mid 90s is really good hit some very nostalgic memories

  • Nicole Galdi
    Nicole Galdi 27 days ago

    He sounds so much like Miles Teller

  • Matt Cook
    Matt Cook 27 days ago

    Just seems like such a solid guy... 👍🏻

  • Kryshtof
    Kryshtof 28 days ago


  • flim flam
    flim flam 28 days ago

    i miss non serious jonah hill.

  • chaos 48
    chaos 48 28 days ago

    No mention of grandmas boys...shame

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston 28 days ago

    they planted their seed in Jonah

  • J Adams
    J Adams 29 days ago

    Oh the glow up

  • MrJuspel
    MrJuspel 29 days ago

    I was pretty sure that he'd also talk about maniac?!

  • sfar024
    sfar024 29 days ago


  • Kitkat Moon
    Kitkat Moon 29 days ago

    He is also a great voice actor in megamin

  • Gabe Giordano
    Gabe Giordano Month ago

    This dude is so genuine

  • Wilmer Bröms
    Wilmer Bröms Month ago

    Jonah Hill is the most legendary actor. He will always have a place in my heart

  • PrePaid Entertainment

    Channing was in j.i joe in 09 tf dude talkin bout

  • adam wijaya
    adam wijaya Month ago

    Hey everybody know is jonah play game

  • piggypoo
    piggypoo Month ago

    War Dogs Jonah Hill is the best incarnation of Jonah Hill.

  • shashank shanbhag
    shashank shanbhag Month ago

    Dude is like a clay. He gets any shape he wants.

  • Matt L
    Matt L Month ago

    So, Jonah had a seed planted in him by the three men on Superbad...

  • DDracon
    DDracon Month ago

    Jonah, your humility and talent do not go unnoticed!

  • Leonardo Silva
    Leonardo Silva Month ago

    Hey I always see you in David dobriks vlogs

  • The Angry Dudeist
    The Angry Dudeist Month ago


  • Kansiik
    Kansiik Month ago

    He has same voice as Skrillex

  • Bigbiz hail
    Bigbiz hail Month ago +1

    where my illegalciv bitches at

  • Stefan Bae
    Stefan Bae Month ago


  • Felipe Forero
    Felipe Forero Month ago +4

    I remembered watching The Vow and thinking Channing Tatum was just so annoying: 21 Jump Street definetely changed my view. By the way, Jonah Hill is wrong, The Vow is based on a "true story", not on a Nicholas sparks book. But I understand the confusion, everybody thinks that film was a Spark's cheesy novel

  • iiibjlll
    iiibjlll Month ago

    Gee, youre an ACTOR. Take yourself less seriously

  • Jaydin Lo
    Jaydin Lo Month ago

    Seed planted in me

  • lloydymk2013
    lloydymk2013 Month ago

    To be fair hes being quite humble. I dont pay attention too much on this type of stuff to know if he won an award for it but his performance in wolf of wall street is arguably second to none. His resume isn't looking too shabby either!! Dark horse!!

  • Mary B.
    Mary B. Month ago

    my heart is so full

  • BFKC
    BFKC Month ago

    Undeserved, utterly idiotic. No-standard filler content.

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    Enoobplays Jp Month ago

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  • Jay_ Akyman
    Jay_ Akyman Month ago

    Getting him to the Greek?

  • KyleNo Sleeves
    KyleNo Sleeves Month ago

    this is the next great filmmaker. Scorsese, Spielberg, Burton, Cupola...Hill

  • Simon Da Silva
    Simon Da Silva Month ago

    Mid90s is the only one i didnt know. Gotta check it out! I love jonah

  • Nicholas Anderson
    Nicholas Anderson Month ago

    lowkey one of the best actors of today

    • Nicholas Anderson
      Nicholas Anderson Month ago

      +neon fair enough, but he's still not well known by the wider public yet IMHO

    • neon
      neon Month ago +1

      Nicholas Anderson 2 oscar nominations as the youngest actor? I dont know why people call hill lowkey or underrated since he is literally being cast and hand picked by quentin and martin, known by dozens of amazing actors and directors

  • Jason Swanson
    Jason Swanson Month ago

    Another plug masquerading as an interview. Basically name dropping and ego stroking for 12 solid minutes.

    • neon
      neon Month ago

      Jason Swanson funny how you say that when he only praises other people lol he is so humble in this segment. haters gonna hate

  • JakePaul Merch Lincoln Buy’o

    He’s actually made sooo many great movies. Underated actor

    • neon
      neon Month ago

      JakePaul Merch Lincoln Buy’o what? lol jonah hill got two oscar nominations as the youngest actor ever. he is being cast by quentin or martin.what do you mean underrated? lol I think you just dont know his achievements perhaps

  • MsSaltyGiggles 2.0
    MsSaltyGiggles 2.0 Month ago

    I love Jonah Hills Voice ☺️, it’s very nice to listen to. Love his movies as well 😁

  • Bailey Roles
    Bailey Roles Month ago


  • FM from Subeg
    FM from Subeg Month ago

    He voice sounds like Skrillex

  • Jason Terry
    Jason Terry Month ago

    We just gonna let slide that he said Seth planted a seed in him?...alright fair enough.

  • American Pancake
    American Pancake Month ago

    Dude is cool and passionate about what he does.

  • Karina Bega
    Karina Bega Month ago +1

    I feel bad for him. everyone calls him ugly..hes ugly but not that ugly. Lol jk

  • Ambrose Burnside
    Ambrose Burnside Month ago

    Amazing how much weight you can lose with an unlimited cocaine budget

  • Giovanni Atencio
    Giovanni Atencio Month ago

    this video really makes me like Jonah as a person.

  • Jonah Marie Hill
    Jonah Marie Hill Month ago +3

    My Name is JONAH MARIE HILL 😂😂
    I Love jonah‘s movies

  • Carly Yenser
    Carly Yenser Month ago

    Sad that he didn’t mention my favorite movie he was in, Get Him to the Greek. His character was so great.

  • Joel Cleasby
    Joel Cleasby Month ago

    Nothing mentioned about Moneyball?

  • S B
    S B Month ago

    when hes talking about jump street i cant help but think he is literally describing every scream movie.