I Tried Crossing The Ocean In A Bounce House - Challenge (Sharks & Thunder Storm)

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • Today we attempt to cross the ocean in a kid inflatable bounce house toy!
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    I Tried Crossing The Ocean In A Bounce House - Challenge (We Almost Lost Our Lives)
    JoogSquad PPJT
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    “With the anchor in my hand running like a skeleton On the bottom of the ocean like pirates of the Caribbean” 😂😂😂

    • how you like me now
      how you like me now 2 days ago

      I'll slap yo grandma

    • Luis Cruz
      Luis Cruz 14 days ago


    • Cutter
      Cutter 14 days ago

      After chummed the water

    • ErrDayIE
      ErrDayIE 16 days ago


    • ErrDayIE
      ErrDayIE 16 days ago

      Go check my Channel out

  • Issac Hoover
    Issac Hoover 2 hours ago +1

    Do a video in a abandoned hospital with mask water and food allowed

  • Aiden Roy
    Aiden Roy 3 hours ago

    Good thing you brought fresh underwear

  • F2P Fusion
    F2P Fusion 4 hours ago

    So many big peens

  • Luca Muñoz
    Luca Muñoz 4 hours ago

    You guys we’re so stoned😂😂

  • Reginald Anthony
    Reginald Anthony 5 hours ago

    Bigfoot is doing it with my mother

  • Chase Reuteler
    Chase Reuteler 6 hours ago


  • Itz Kenia and friends
    Itz Kenia and friends 6 hours ago

    I think your next challenge should be having to do scary stuff like Charlie or Blue baby also bloody Mary and more but at three am and if you could do it at a Really haunted place

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 9 hours ago

    Honestly you guys should have died. Survival of the fittest. No one is saving you because no one wants to he responsible. But believe me, traffic knew there was a bunch of idiots floating around

  • Turtle&Iguana
    Turtle&Iguana 9 hours ago

    5:27 jack 😂😂😂

  • Robert Candelaria
    Robert Candelaria 9 hours ago

    Pls do 2 days in the woods

  • Yeeyee Perkins
    Yeeyee Perkins 10 hours ago +1

    Isn’t it like...illegal to chum the water orrrr??😂 at least it is where I live. I don’t know what type of shit goes down in Florida.

  • Klepto
    Klepto 11 hours ago

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that someone is alone out there in the middle of the ocean shitting bricks not knowing what lurks beneath them at night. 😱😵😨

  • greenbean chickenbean
    greenbean chickenbean 12 hours ago

    You should try swimming to Mexico.

  • Mobile Gaming
    Mobile Gaming 14 hours ago

    How would you survive on a bounce house from Florida to Mexico on a bounce house

  • Zachary Zachary
    Zachary Zachary 14 hours ago

    Spend 24 hours in a sewer system With nothing

  • Hart Reeder
    Hart Reeder 15 hours ago

    You guys are smart enough to be weathermen

  • mixy games
    mixy games 16 hours ago

    Spend a day whit shark hunters

  • Slim Villain
    Slim Villain 16 hours ago

    Castles the size of children? Or children the size of castles? Do you mean child size? Or size of a child?....dude I'm soooo confused bruh but this is litty mcnitty.....bout to quit my job and do what you do.....

  • pitfppyc kh bk9olc
    pitfppyc kh bk9olc 16 hours ago

    You shouldve went underneath the bridge

  • King Noob
    King Noob 17 hours ago

    You guys need to make a shirt saying that content baby

  • Connor Laforce
    Connor Laforce 18 hours ago

    Hunt a shark with a kyak

  • Sexy jazzy
    Sexy jazzy 20 hours ago

    This Vedio is someone’s birthday n my family

  • Felix Rosedale
    Felix Rosedale 22 hours ago

    18:34I didn't know i was watching VIKINGS

  • james phelps
    james phelps Day ago

    The guy specifically said that the shark was to big to catch and the other guy fricking puts his feet in the water😔

  • Tj Rankin
    Tj Rankin Day ago

    They shold go under neth the bridge

  • Beau Hoeme
    Beau Hoeme Day ago

    Ok do you should do a 24 hours on a trampoline in the ocean

  • Devine Beast
    Devine Beast Day ago

    Just out of curiosity are all of the dudes stoners ?

  • Bulimentula
    Bulimentula Day ago

    do it again but with bigger and better castles!

  • eric cam
    eric cam Day ago

    you guys are fucking nuts

  • canaan bitch
    canaan bitch Day ago

    these niggas booted

  • Talk Show Studios

    Stay at Walmart for 62 hours fort!!!

  • Hilary Grant
    Hilary Grant Day ago

    Go hunting in the woods for Bigfoot

  • lili riesgo
    lili riesgo Day ago

    You live in Clearwater that's where I live you are a Savage

  • Faye Armstrong
    Faye Armstrong Day ago

    Give people drumsticks and slam it in their faces and I see drumsticks I mean the Popsicles let me know I got the Popsicles but ice cream give it to them and then Simon in the faces

  • Josh and Justin Lange

    Favorite app for my iPad or iPhone

  • Akeem Herrera
    Akeem Herrera Day ago

    24 hours in a pond with alligators

  • Geoff Watkinson
    Geoff Watkinson Day ago

    How about doing it in a rubber ring with your balls out towing some chum

  • PattyWay07
    PattyWay07 Day ago

    I'm a girl so f

  • Michael A. Mongello


  • Juju Mclaurin
    Juju Mclaurin 2 days ago

    A challenger you make video montauk

  • Brandon Moore
    Brandon Moore 2 days ago

    stopped watching bc of ur constant click baits no sharks at all lmaooo

  • Kenya Gonzalez
    Kenya Gonzalez 2 days ago +1

    Do an gold digger prank

  • Cyattiecc
    Cyattiecc 2 days ago

    white people just be throwing they self at death.

  • Afkay
    Afkay 2 days ago

    area 511111111111111111111111111111111111111

  • Sadie Ostafin
    Sadie Ostafin 2 days ago +4

    Stay an a haunted mansion for 1 week and you 100$ to spend for supplies

  • Avery Harrietha
    Avery Harrietha 2 days ago

    Shoot Roman candles out your ass

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 2 days ago

    I meant wat not war

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 2 days ago

    Are they on weed or war

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 2 days ago +1

    Go to petco and stay there for 25hours and let The animals go out and run around the store and when 25hours is done leave for real

    • Ryan S
      Ryan S 2 days ago

      And leave the animals keep going around the store

  • carley wellman wellman

    do a last one to leav the pool

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos 2 days ago +4

    Should’ve bought a hand pump to fill your bounce house back up

  • David Fahey
    David Fahey 2 days ago

    Have balls boys do it during a hurricane...😝...

  • helene dynetrekk
    helene dynetrekk 2 days ago

    My mom thougt it was stupid😭

  • Finnley Crotch
    Finnley Crotch 2 days ago +8

    Overnight in a zoo please it will make my day

  • Anthony Burnett
    Anthony Burnett 2 days ago

    Storm area 51

  • Joe Foxx
    Joe Foxx 3 days ago


  • Geoffrey Schmitt
    Geoffrey Schmitt 3 days ago

    Stay in the woods for 24 hours with no food and u have to hunt ur food

  • Sarah Lindsay
    Sarah Lindsay 3 days ago

    My mom said your stupid

  • Sarah Lindsay
    Sarah Lindsay 3 days ago

    Go a cross the world challenge in boat

  • xd Skates _
    xd Skates _ 3 days ago

    Why is there 15k dislikes???

  • Tae and Kookies
    Tae and Kookies 3 days ago

    Anxiety level is through the roof..

  • Nick Reibetanz
    Nick Reibetanz 3 days ago

    Is that tfue's bro?

  • Samuel Jones
    Samuel Jones 3 days ago

    Go swimming with a great wight shark

  • Landon Bonomini
    Landon Bonomini 3 days ago

    This is how many times he said fuck

  • Chris Fisher
    Chris Fisher 3 days ago

    Fuck yeah

  • 2Lyrical
    2Lyrical 3 days ago

    24 hrs in the Suicide Forest

  • Chris van den Berg
    Chris van den Berg 3 days ago

    This is mental

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 3 days ago

    Can I bee the number 1 comment *fart*