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  • Isadora Ong
    Isadora Ong Hour ago


  • Rachana Baditha
    Rachana Baditha 4 hours ago

    Well played, James. Well played.

  • Marco Reus
    Marco Reus 4 hours ago

    What's that smell?

  • A Gaming Duck
    A Gaming Duck 5 hours ago

    #Notificationsquad boiiiiiis

  • Allyway
    Allyway 5 hours ago

    I laughed harder than I should have at the end

  • Vasisht Sudharsan
    Vasisht Sudharsan 6 hours ago

    The sarcasm on this one is just amazing ....especially from 0:00 to 0:46

  • AJ Corcuera
    AJ Corcuera 6 hours ago

    JAMES WHAT THE HECK?!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • xXGhostGamingXx
    xXGhostGamingXx 6 hours ago

    Nice intro😂😂

  • ChuMisKie 101
    ChuMisKie 101 7 hours ago +1

    Some people comments 'Hey! He sounds just like the Odd 1s out!' and I'm like... -_-
    Isn't it really that obvious or are they just saying it for sarcasm?

  • Grilled Shibe
    Grilled Shibe 8 hours ago

    He sounds like trom trom

  • Hugs Epiphany
    Hugs Epiphany 9 hours ago +1

    Every year, a James loses a receipt to a fridge filter. This is starting to became a true epidemic to the world as we know it. If you would like to join the amazing organisation HelpAJamesBuyTheCorrectFridgeFilterFoundation to help support and bring awareness to these innocent lives, all you have to do is visit: and scroll through the page thinking "hey, this is pretty neat..." By working together we can build a better future for every James.

  • Hugs Epiphany
    Hugs Epiphany 9 hours ago +1

    What's that smell?

  • Kyla Ruaro
    Kyla Ruaro 9 hours ago

    Why do people always say he looks like TheOdd1sOut...
    Subscribe to TheOdd1sOut to find out...
    He is james...

  • Allen Dolberry
    Allen Dolberry 10 hours ago

    Pet peeves are like pewdiepie cringe and annoying

  • Mary Hunt
    Mary Hunt 10 hours ago

    my pet peeves:


  • crested gecko
    crested gecko 10 hours ago

    My pet peeves are when people want me to win a fridge filter

  • mad hatter
    mad hatter 10 hours ago +1

    CaMeLs RuLe

  • Popopopper123
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  • Allison Gerhauser
    Allison Gerhauser 10 hours ago

    Welp that’s 3 minutes of my life I just waisted

  • charlie peery
    charlie peery 11 hours ago

    # notafaction

  • Katie Mackenzie
    Katie Mackenzie 11 hours ago

    Hello people

  • Duck_ Of_Doom
    Duck_ Of_Doom 11 hours ago +3

    That Wikipedia article was oddly specific...

    No, I’m not sorry

  • India Paleg
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  • Emily Saugstad
    Emily Saugstad 12 hours ago

    Peanut butter is slimy

  • Fandom It’s crazy
    Fandom It’s crazy 12 hours ago +1

    Hewwo? My pet peeve is going OwO or hewwo

  • Awesomesauce55556
    Awesomesauce55556 12 hours ago

    My biggest pet peeve is when people don’t use the right your or there in their writing.

  • Lule Flatt
    Lule Flatt 12 hours ago

    Probably put it in my fridge

  • Just Aly
    Just Aly 13 hours ago +1

    owh hei

  • Spoopy Cat
    Spoopy Cat 13 hours ago

    I wonder if you're older than my gym teacher... (He's like... 27?)

  • WestieB
    WestieB 13 hours ago +1

    #Notification squad where u @.

  • Cat Mc
    Cat Mc 13 hours ago

    The Hot anime vids link killed me!!!!!!

  • G Gud
    G Gud 14 hours ago

    Oh my god i literally gasped

  • Carzy Squad
    Carzy Squad 14 hours ago

    #notafcation squad

  • Michelle
    Michelle 14 hours ago

    Who else was halfway through the video until they got the joke

  • Mr01Nathan
    Mr01Nathan 15 hours ago

    You smell weird

  • Karthik Swaminathan
    Karthik Swaminathan 15 hours ago

    The odd one is the out > TheOdd1sOut

  • Chrystal Tennison
    Chrystal Tennison 15 hours ago


  • Santiago Vazquez
    Santiago Vazquez 15 hours ago

    Oooohhhhhh you stole from domics

  • M3ME5 B01
    M3ME5 B01 15 hours ago

    In that caaaaasssseeee! *INHALES* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • kiddo messick
    kiddo messick 16 hours ago

    I allways watching every day 😊

  • Becca Hanney
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  • Lauren Playz
    Lauren Playz 16 hours ago

    Great........ 😂😂😂

  • maricel callorina
    maricel callorina 17 hours ago

    i love yoouuuuu so much i like your videos

  • Superboltboy 17
    Superboltboy 17 17 hours ago

    3:25 kill me now

  • Hector Rajado Sanchez
    Hector Rajado Sanchez 17 hours ago +4

    Glad to see that you're keeping it professional

  • Ana Cornelio
    Ana Cornelio 17 hours ago

    Lol I have those same fridge filters 😂

  • Šarlote S.
    Šarlote S. 18 hours ago


  • Vegard Baardsen
    Vegard Baardsen 18 hours ago

    Do You play roblox

  • pebes
    pebes 18 hours ago

    So good

  • Callum Bell
    Callum Bell 18 hours ago

    #fridgefilter i would keep food fresh and a clean fridge

  • Michelle Neve
    Michelle Neve 18 hours ago +1

    This video was so unnecessary but I loved it 🤣

  • Josie Nichols
    Josie Nichols 18 hours ago

    I would throw the fridge filter away

  • Michelle Neve
    Michelle Neve 18 hours ago

    I would put it in a glass cage and scream JAMES TOUCHED THIS!!!!!!!

  • Boss#DOSBoy
    Boss#DOSBoy 19 hours ago

    #notificationsquad (bettya) I didn’t spell that rite

  • Cynthia De Vos
    Cynthia De Vos 19 hours ago

    Here you have a comment

  • Outsider Gameing
    Outsider Gameing 20 hours ago

    Do you giveaway the odd the odd the odd the 1sis the out? Well leave a like! *ali-a intro in plays*

  • CrummyOcean046
    CrummyOcean046 20 hours ago

    If I had the fridge filter I would put it in my fridge

  • Leonard ledgendry
    Leonard ledgendry 21 hour ago

    I thought pet peeves were slime i always see the word on a slime asmr

  • Yudis the Gamer
    Yudis the Gamer 21 hour ago


  • Roberta Perrone
    Roberta Perrone 21 hour ago


  • Its Me
    Its Me 21 hour ago

    here are my (10) pet peeves:
    1. people making lists
    2.people that have other people's drawing or smth for their profile pic
    3. people that want others to like their comment
    4. people that like their own comment
    5. when people repeat themselves
    5. when people repeat themselves
    6. when peaople missspall thaings
    7. when ppl uz shrt versins of wrds
    8.when people dont know how to count
    10. when people think that they are cooler than everyone else
    like if u agree. also, i dont think you will, im smarter and youre so dumb!

  • Jill Leavh
    Jill Leavh 21 hour ago

    It’s good not to hear you sing this time

  • Dima181
    Dima181 22 hours ago

    #notificationsquad since 2015

  • Gacha Oscar
    Gacha Oscar 22 hours ago

    when people think i can write russian But i actully can't НАРГИЗ itš russian

  • poppy and sid
    poppy and sid 22 hours ago +1


  • Hardcore  fails
    Hardcore fails 23 hours ago

    Sub to my USclip me and my friend are racing to 100 subs, so sub to me

  • xj Gaming
    xj Gaming 23 hours ago

    Charmx really.

  • Superdounutman Misa lit
    Superdounutman Misa lit 23 hours ago +1

    My pet peeves are
    1:people have their country’s flag as their picture
    2:PEoplE pUt rAndOM CapiTAlS
    3people switch l33t3rs
    4:people make lists of pet peeves

  • Nrssarrey
    Nrssarrey 23 hours ago

    Sniff sniff you smell like theodd1sout

  • Lalaloop Siiu
    Lalaloop Siiu Day ago

    #Notification Squad
    Btw I know it’s been 11 months but 😄🤣🤣

  • ah oh
    ah oh Day ago

    Stop copying theodd1sout omg, you're copying his name wtf, also why do you look like James lol

  • Fang Tastic
    Fang Tastic Day ago

    My Pet Peeves
    People ignoring me
    People eating with their mouths open
    I think I have more

  • tabathaxoxo
    tabathaxoxo Day ago

    Your name is James right

  • Bryn//Gamz
    Bryn//Gamz Day ago

    This is the best

  • plan with me
    plan with me Day ago

    İ want to die kill me plz

  • Jennifer Bishop-Saucier

    I don't have a pet named peeve

  • TheXD_ Cuber
    TheXD_ Cuber Day ago +1

    My pet peeves
    1: peple wif bad gwammy
    2:people who advertise their channel on other people channels. Go sub to TheXD_Cuber if u agree
    3:people who make faces out of :,/-;)(
    It makes me so mad >:c
    4:people 🤔 who 😂😂 use 🤤 too💤many 🤢😐❤️👌🏻🍭👌🏻🧝🏿‍♀️😴🧝🏿‍♀️👪🤗👪🤗emojis
    5:people who make lists of things they hate

  • JJ Plays
    JJ Plays Day ago

    Is that fridge filter a real give away
    Cause I actually need that

  • Gregory Tan
    Gregory Tan Day ago

    my pet peeves:
    people who said anime is for kids
    people who said anime is ugly
    people who saide anime songs sucks
    people who ONLY LISTENS TO K POP!
    people that likes blackpink more than icon

  • Sami Badger
    Sami Badger Day ago

    You are awesome!!!! Orange Juice!

  • Horia Cristureanu

    Wow !

  • grace adie
    grace adie Day ago

    King of giveaways. MacBooks who? We sellin filters now Greg!

  • Katie
    Katie Day ago

    The people who disliked, didn’t watch to the end.

  • claudia salazar
    claudia salazar Day ago

    I really wanted to dislike this but I like you so

  • Breden Decker Vlogs

    Charmx’s intro

  • Omega_seal
    Omega_seal Day ago

    Haha I put in hot anime and got church 😂 😅😆😁😄😕😔😭😭😭😭😭😭

    DJ DUBSTEP Day ago

    this was awesome
    especially when he said his pet peeve at the end

  • I'm straight up unoriginal

    This video is my pet peeve

  • Arianna B.
    Arianna B. Day ago +1

    *LOL when I got at the end I died*

  • LPSJūpiter ._.
    LPSJūpiter ._. Day ago +1

    That was

    *quality content*

  • Tragon Lady
    Tragon Lady Day ago +1

    Hi 🦌😂

  • Delaney Bishop
    Delaney Bishop Day ago

    Lol, I love this

  • Valentina Ramirez

    I love your channel so much❤️❤️❤️

  • ASheepThat PlaysMinecraft

    0:32 i give that intro a 1002839937/10