Rank Me from Least Attractive to Most Attractive | Lineup | Cut


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  • Jade Thrasher
    Jade Thrasher Hour ago

    For me, this is the line from 10 to 1
    Super short haired woman
    Glasses girl
    Thor dad
    Mom lady
    Tall deep voiced guy
    Red shirt man
    Tattoo dude
    The one with freckles

  • Fiano Anthonio
    Fiano Anthonio 13 hours ago

    I'll give a perfect 10 for Molly Murphy!!!

  • jiminahs
    jiminahs 17 hours ago

    The white top black haired girl is so obnoxious and annoying omfg

  • Tilly Murley
    Tilly Murley 18 hours ago

    Do me a favour and never bring that white tank top girl on the show again

  • Amayah Griswold
    Amayah Griswold 20 hours ago

    Carlos really ain’t shittt 😂😂

  • chandler case
    chandler case 21 hour ago

    Anyone recognize the girl around 3:20 from the naked dating show ?

  • Silas Beall
    Silas Beall 22 hours ago

    The black gay guy was the most honest and the white girl definitely lied

  • Positively Udo
    Positively Udo Day ago

    Very clear the black boy doesn’t like short people lmao

  • Positively Udo
    Positively Udo Day ago

    The white girl in the stripe shirt... the fuck is her line up??

  • Tori Collins
    Tori Collins Day ago

    Amalia is the kind of female I avoid...too much screaming & annoying ass giggling. *ugh*

  • Sprighte
    Sprighte Day ago

    why does karlos remind me of my grandma in this video tfff

  • Anton Rosenbäck
    Anton Rosenbäck 2 days ago

    Dayum she thicc

  • Midnight Rozu
    Midnight Rozu 2 days ago

    If someone did that to me like rate them I wouldn't do it because I'll feel bad

  • Lemons _66
    Lemons _66 2 days ago

    Idk man. I'm kind of picky. Like there were about 4 people I found to be at least 7 and up, the rest I kind of...meh? Yeah I'm picky, I actually have a type and truth be told none really fit it lol

  • P.J. Dales
    P.J. Dales 3 days ago

    I don't mean to be pretentious but I'd straight up rank myself last. I'd suffocate in that room

  • Will Richard
    Will Richard 3 days ago

    that dudes shirt says... Relax gringo im legal. hahahaha

  • Eris Ciiil
    Eris Ciiil 3 days ago

    People are hating on Amala but she was pretty much the only one playing the game. And she joked around a lot because she felt uncomfortable with the game. And then ole girl gets celebrated for saying straight up “fuck this game” and walking to the 1 position... Which was actually mean because it made anyone who actually played the game look really mean.

  • Illicit Turtle
    Illicit Turtle 3 days ago

    I wish I could work at Cut 😭 shit would be so dope.

  • Dwight K. Schrute
    Dwight K. Schrute 4 days ago +1

    That black guy is Tyler the creator under cover

  • Madelyne Rush
    Madelyne Rush 4 days ago

    the guy in the red shirt was goddamnnnnnnnnnnn fine asf, like legit he can carry me and not with his arms something else lmao

  • SImply Belle
    SImply Belle 4 days ago

    His shirt looks like the political compass lmao

  • Otaku Cat
    Otaku Cat 5 days ago

    With everyone there I would've made everyone *_SWEAR_* No hurt feelings

  • Hamster Chode
    Hamster Chode 5 days ago

    6:36 that’s incredibly fucked up and so typical of these types of channels

  • No One
    No One 5 days ago

    gurl if I'd get to rank the judges I'd rank the short short girl a negative 10

  • kaizenryu indahouse
    kaizenryu indahouse 5 days ago

    Hypocrites... all of them try to be nice. 8 and 9? so what are models to you ? 50??

  • Pajama Sam
    Pajama Sam 5 days ago

    It's very interesting how different their orderings were in the end. Goes to show how we really all do have different tastes.

  • Cece Princess
    Cece Princess 5 days ago

    lol everybodys a 1

  • fae jackson
    fae jackson 6 days ago

    that one girl is annoying as fuuuuuck like shut the fuck and stop screaming

  • Bell Uh
    Bell Uh 6 days ago +2

    Did in the red with the DOPE MUSTACHE looks chill af

  • L ssxa
    L ssxa 6 days ago

    This girl is crazy af

  • Mohit Bhatt
    Mohit Bhatt 6 days ago

    i want dark mode for their videeos

  • Luna Cloud
    Luna Cloud 6 days ago

    I just realized that the guy with the Tattoos shirt😂”Relax Gringo.....I’m legal”

  • KelZ X
    KelZ X 6 days ago

    The people giving the scores should be scored as well. If you dish it, then you should take it. Humble yourselves

  • AeStHeTic YeEt
    AeStHeTic YeEt 6 days ago

    That long black haired woman is annoying af

  • Hope Angel 101
    Hope Angel 101 6 days ago

    It’s the Snooki’s girllll

  • mia lopez
    mia lopez 6 days ago

    They all a 1 beside the black girl with short hair n black guy

  • carys ohaim
    carys ohaim 7 days ago

    Hmm you smell *human*

  • Terrence I Mosley
    Terrence I Mosley 7 days ago

    How can I get on this channel?

  • Lynn Roth
    Lynn Roth 7 days ago +1

    "Snooki" or Malia...but lets call her Snooki instead has really been annoying af in all of the videos that she's in...

    LYNXX 7 days ago

    Lmao we all know deep in they were lying

    LYNXX 7 days ago +1

    I saw Carlos in the thumbnail and I was like shiiiiit this is gonna be really good or really bad

  • SMgamez Xx
    SMgamez Xx 7 days ago +11

    That short girl was rating like she was tryna find a boyfriend. "Ure not my type so like a 5" it's not meant to be like that. I'm sorry but still

  • Lil Durk
    Lil Durk 8 days ago +1

    Black dude who’s rating is RUDE RUDE RUDE in every video he’s in. And he’s not cute AT ALL.

    • Karlos Dillard
      Karlos Dillard 3 days ago

      Lil Durk my names Karlos and if you don’t think I’m cute that’s ok I think I’m cute!

  • Angelica Fernandez Rodriguez

    The black lady was 🔥🔥

  • PrincessRoxy x
    PrincessRoxy x 9 days ago

    Jade is a natural 10

  • Yaoi LovER
    Yaoi LovER 9 days ago

    this seems..really mean

  • you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shi

    You know while we’re ranking people I give that asian girl a 3

  • Carlitos Rodrigo
    Carlitos Rodrigo 9 days ago

    The first guy was def a 10

  • Diana
    Diana 9 days ago

    The girl wearing flip flops is just absolutely annoying! Like shut the fuck up already 🙄

  • Dakota C
    Dakota C 9 days ago

    Yo snooki girl and y'all watch this you know who I'm talking about. She is very obnoxious, like chill.

  • Caitlin Hunt
    Caitlin Hunt 9 days ago

    The dude he compared to Thor remind me heavily of my boyfriend XD

  • fernando romani
    fernando romani 9 days ago

    Do another one with Duranged and some other rankers and models!

  • Kordi
    Kordi 10 days ago

    My lineup:
    1 - Bowl cut guy
    2 - Thor guy
    3 - Septum ring guy
    4 - Black tank top guy
    5 - Freddy Mercury guy
    6 - Freckles girl
    7 - Light-pink shirt guy
    8 - Glasses girl
    9 - Momma girl
    10 - The Godess

  • Jenna Debbink
    Jenna Debbink 10 days ago

    The anthropologist was the most honest and accurate, but in a nice way. Unlike the girl who screamed....

    She was meeean.

  • Lunna B.
    Lunna B. 10 days ago

    "You smoked a little to much marijuana and a little to much munchies" lmao!!!!!

  • Cierra Jackson
    Cierra Jackson 10 days ago

    4:53 GIRL. 🙄

  • avu.michelle
    avu.michelle 10 days ago

    Yikes that short girl was a lil wild

  • Eliz M.
    Eliz M. 10 days ago

    Why does political beliefs have to do with attractiveness. That was rude within itself.

  • xXBufferingXx 21
    xXBufferingXx 21 10 days ago +1

    "your thor, who just let himself go"I swear I'm dead

  • xXBufferingXx 21
    xXBufferingXx 21 10 days ago +1

    the gay guy that was wearing the colored shirt was making me die

  • Zayra Vazquez
    Zayra Vazquez 10 days ago

    That girl in the white tank and black jeans is helllaaa annoying in every video I’ve seen her in

  • morgan krieger
    morgan krieger 10 days ago

    I would rank myself last cause like who the fuck am I to judge all these people then place myself above all of them like I'm better than all of them lol I'm obviously not that's super self centered tbh

  • Jayden Hamley
    Jayden Hamley 10 days ago +1

    That blonde lady in the ripped jeans is perfect, like a 9-10.
    That short haired darkish lady is a solid 10, no kidding

  • Marlen Mendoza
    Marlen Mendoza 11 days ago

    The first guys shirt 😂😂 “don’t worry gringos I’m legal” 😂😂😂

  • Maddie G.
    Maddie G. 11 days ago

    Girl in the white tank top be looking like a my Little pony and be acting like one too

  • Caroline Almasri
    Caroline Almasri 11 days ago

    At least they consented to this torture. In the middle school I went to the boys were really mean and would just rank the girls as we walked into class all the time. It was awful.

  • Mystic danger
    Mystic danger 11 days ago

    Om why do they try to get all the gay people on the show

  • Bees Indatrap
    Bees Indatrap 11 days ago


  • Daria Krause
    Daria Krause 11 days ago

    I wish someone would rank me, I have no idea what people think when they see me

  • FTC cubes
    FTC cubes 11 days ago

    - I want you to rank your self...


  • Taylor Spires
    Taylor Spires 11 days ago

    That girl in the white tank is actually so annoying

  • A Guy
    A Guy 12 days ago

    I'd have kept myself in front of the line too later if they'd have asked me, it make me feel good, after all who am i to judge people on looks.

  • Desireé Rojas
    Desireé Rojas 12 days ago

    2:16 - 2:19 she sOuNded liKe ALisHa mAriE

  • Issy Macefield
    Issy Macefield 12 days ago

    But retired Thor was hot

  • howard hardaway
    howard hardaway 12 days ago

    That second dude looks like fucking Morty are you kidding

  • N
    N 12 days ago


  • N
    N 12 days ago


  • April Lily
    April Lily 12 days ago

    LMAO when Amalia ranked herself so high. 🤣

  • Destiny Rey
    Destiny Rey 12 days ago


  • Benlop02
    Benlop02 12 days ago

    That girl in the whit tank top is annoying af

  • Aki
    Aki 13 days ago

    1:47 shaggy with a bowl cut

  • Luke Idowu
    Luke Idowu 13 days ago


    Your welcome.

  • matry
    matry 13 days ago

    i would give me a 1 or a 10

  • helen p
    helen p 13 days ago

    the short girl in white tank top is the the cutest though :D

  • King_Niko_iii
    King_Niko_iii 13 days ago +1

    honestly, papa thor would be a 10 in the line up for me. then even though im not into them cuz they females, the short haired tan girl, and then short mid length hair girl, then bowl-cut dude, then mustache red shirt, bigger tattooed guy, button up shirt dude, asian girl, the mom, and last hipster dude.

  • Kyle Bailey
    Kyle Bailey 13 days ago

    Do this when the judge thinks they cannot be seen or heard; you’ll have something worth watching then!

    KING BENNYJ7 14 days ago

    Why are girls reviewing other girls

  • rose rosemary
    rose rosemary 14 days ago

    “Your thor, who just let himself go.”
    I look like dora, its okay.

  • Yara great
    Yara great 14 days ago

    Karlos: u look like the retired Thor
    *Two minutes later*
    “I don’t think I was mean

  • favo potato
    favo potato 14 days ago

    “Ya boots are crusty”

  • hello im: emotionally unstable and unavailable

    Okay but man's in the gringo shirt is cute as hell

  • Trinity Speaks
    Trinity Speaks 15 days ago

    The girl with the black flip flops needs to calm down a bit 😂😂

  • lululumia8
    lululumia8 15 days ago

    1:32 did he just ask if anyone had a Xanax ??? omg

  • Sofía
    Sofía 15 days ago +4

    They all are pretty attractive in my opinion, they seem fun
    When the guy with the red shirt was like "wooooooo, a five? 👺" i almost die 😂

  • Scarlette Frasier
    Scarlette Frasier 16 days ago +7

    I really like the blonde girl with the striped shirt. She seems nice

  • aussiegamerdude
    aussiegamerdude 16 days ago

    there is no way the guy in red shirt is a 5 the short chicks a idiot

  • Flowerhoseokeu
    Flowerhoseokeu 16 days ago

    0:34 hEY! ITS SNOOKY

  • Jesus Frankenstein
    Jesus Frankenstein 16 days ago

    Chris is the shit

  • Lily Esparza
    Lily Esparza 17 days ago

    7:32 that bitch came in, in that outfit and those flip fucking flops and she put her self that high fuck no she should have been at the end not even close the girl with the green shirt

  • Lily Esparza
    Lily Esparza 17 days ago +1

    Lol that one dude is me lol😂