Guess My Phobia | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Sep 4, 2018
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    Guess My Phobia | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 37 736

  • NarutoNass Soccer
    NarutoNass Soccer 9 hours ago

    My phobia is the dark

  • Shortone
    Shortone 10 hours ago

    I have a fear of vomit to I react the same way as her except I get major anxiety attacks

  • - Anyella -
    - Anyella - 10 hours ago

    One time during the evening I heard my brother in the other room say he didn’t feel well so my mom put a bucket next to his bed

    Let’s just say I slept for about half an hour that night

  • add nass
    add nass 12 hours ago

    The big guy was good at this

  • Paul McCloud
    Paul McCloud 13 hours ago

    I'm Cleithrophobic, (yeah I'd never heard of it either). A fear of being trapped. It's similar to Claustrophobia, but where as with Claustrophobia, you would panic if say put in a tight cupboard, I would only panic if i was unable to get out under my own power, as long as I knew I could open the door at any time, I'm perfectly fine. It's the same reason I've never allowed a girl to handcuff me (kinky!). I'm not sure how I would react if I was ever arrested!

  • AncientManBeast
    AncientManBeast 13 hours ago

    I had a disabling phobia of needles [aichmophobia] for most of early life. No joke i went to Hypnotist and it helped me greatly, got like 2 piercing and 2 tattoos afterwards. Medical injectables still make me slightly nervous but nowhere near the paralyzing fear it used to be.

  • Brody
    Brody 16 hours ago

    Everyone hates spiders its not irrational

    • Paul McCloud
      Paul McCloud 13 hours ago

      I never had a problem with spiders. I only just grabbed a golf ball sized one out of the bath last night. Maggots are the only small creature I'm iffy around.

  • Brody
    Brody 16 hours ago

    It humped you and that was your traumatic experience?

  • sloesnae aésthetic
    sloesnae aésthetic 17 hours ago

    im afraid of momo lol

  • Victoria Thompson
    Victoria Thompson 18 hours ago

    Wait are we just gonna ignore the fact that this girl just threw up on cue?

  • maymakvm
    maymakvm 20 hours ago

    is this even real?

  • It's Nissy!
    It's Nissy! Day ago

    i freaking hate clowns

  • Midnightmoon1366613 _

    H A V E S O M E N U T S

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus 2 days ago

    The fat guy is just making fun of the everybodys phobia. What an asshole.

  • Danny Plays Games
    Danny Plays Games 2 days ago

    I’m scared of heights,dolls,and that’s it

  • Mr. Kackapopoloch
    Mr. Kackapopoloch 2 days ago

    Wow, I wish my trauma was that my arm was jumped by a rabbit...

  • GRE
    GRE 2 days ago

    7:40 "wAS isT dAs?"

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 2 days ago

    My phobia is I scare of ball like basketball and like football

  • Hana
    Hana 2 days ago +2

    the guy in grey is an asshol*e

  • Rowan Astorquia
    Rowan Astorquia 3 days ago +3

    Okay but I wouldn’t even allow them to take the spider out of the jar.
    Also the guy in the grey made me want to slap him throughout the entire video. Like we get it you’re not scared of anything.
    He said like “it’s just there it’s not gonna hurt you” and made people feel invalid when they said that it made them feel really uncomfortable. Like, yeah, they’re called irrational fears for a reason.
    Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

  • Rowan Astorquia
    Rowan Astorquia 3 days ago

    I found out I have emetophobia and arachnophobia

  • Queen Autum
    Queen Autum 3 days ago

    my palms were tingling and sweating watching that girl on the ladder

  • Mr young Blood
    Mr young Blood 3 days ago

    People are pussy

  • Rachelle Sulter
    Rachelle Sulter 3 days ago

    I don't like rabbits

  • Faze Monkee
    Faze Monkee 4 days ago

    Let me catch my son being afraid of cotton or nuts

  • Lotus Ganesha
    Lotus Ganesha 4 days ago

    I was waiting for a cat there but rabbit works too now i know im scared of rabbits too ew

  • Ylvi S
    Ylvi S 4 days ago +4

    "Felt like the devil has touched me"

  • 전근뇽
    전근뇽 5 days ago

    Iam afraid of a strong wind and its very rare lol. When i was im vegas during winter season i couldnt breathe damn...

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor 5 days ago

    i think i have phobia phobia because i hate people with phobias and asians.... i think i am a xenophobe

  • Maya Strijbos
    Maya Strijbos 5 days ago

    i feel bad for the clown

  • Qaisara Dance
    Qaisara Dance 5 days ago

    At 8:47 I think he created the song “thank u next “

  • vindelanda
    vindelanda 6 days ago

    Not diagnosed but I have very strong fears of driving and head lice. Heights freak me out but in a challenging way rather than a panicked way.

  • Wiggy Pop
    Wiggy Pop 6 days ago

    i think she's just scared of rabbits, that'd not a phobia. i don't think someone with a phobia could just hold what they fear... no.

    • Wiggy Pop
      Wiggy Pop 6 days ago

      i'm scared of moths, prob a phobia, i can barely kille one at the end of a broom stick haha

  • Klenovvy_Syrop
    Klenovvy_Syrop 6 days ago

    So glad Aichomophobia didn't show up

  • Fitrani Puspitasari
    Fitrani Puspitasari 6 days ago

    I'm deathly scared of worms. If that guy in grey try to get me touch worms, I'mma stab him.

  • Bäume sind toll.
    Bäume sind toll. 6 days ago

    7:39 Did he say "was ist das?" (its german and means "what's that?") ??

  • Theo Crisan
    Theo Crisan 6 days ago

    That girl vomited like 7 times lol

  • Ultimate HoW Toos
    Ultimate HoW Toos 6 days ago

    Just because of that rude gray shirt dude I’m going to calm myself -burn his house- down

  • FierceONeill
    FierceONeill 6 days ago

    The fat guy is a total douche.

  • Carmen Evans XD
    Carmen Evans XD 6 days ago

    I have Arachnophobia

  • Anne N. Idris
    Anne N. Idris 6 days ago +4

    The fat guy who’s guessing is low key judging and tryna fix everyone

    • Brody
      Brody 16 hours ago

      Well you are low key way too sensitive and also apparently a hypocrite.

  • Potato memes
    Potato memes 7 days ago +1

    I have multiple

    When somebody's throws up
    Spiders i freak out and cry
    Heights but I face it

  • Blacksáber Predator

    The thumb nail tho *shudders*

  • Maria_ Wolf
    Maria_ Wolf 7 days ago

    7:40 is he Germany? He just said "Was is das?" (What is this?)

  • Nawal Nazir
    Nawal Nazir 7 days ago

    How did the lady wearing heels climb the ladder, i cant walk like even 2 feet in those😂

  • Satria Chandra
    Satria Chandra 8 days ago +1

    That fatfuck is annoying as fuck.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 7 days ago

      Satria Chandra Honestly he's such a fucking asshole

  • Can Yazıcıoğlu
    Can Yazıcıoğlu 8 days ago

    I have Coulrophobia clowns are scares me a lot

  • Sara-Rachel Stevens
    Sara-Rachel Stevens 8 days ago

    Who’s the girl with acrophobia i need her @ I am IN LOVE

  • Mylez4Mylez
    Mylez4Mylez 8 days ago +14

    Women:"What if I have one of the phobias"
    He really didn't care and went to the next person 😂

  • Blackpink is the revolution

    I have claustrophobia 😣😣and also arachnophobia 😬😬

  • Bekah
    Bekah 9 days ago +1

    How did it feel for the spider to walk on you?
    "Like the devil just touched me"

  • Why park jimin when you can drive jimin

    The guy in the gray shirt is kinda annoying.. a phobia is an irrational fear you can't explain it a lot of times and just because he doesn't have one doesn't mean that he can judge these people :/

  • elizkrit643 SCS
    elizkrit643 SCS 9 days ago

    I hate the texture of cotton balls and it’s terrible I hate it

  • Cam Johnholtz
    Cam Johnholtz 9 days ago

    I’m scared of cotton balls

  • Kaylee Verkruisen
    Kaylee Verkruisen 9 days ago +1

    I'm also scared of clowns! No real reason behind it, I've never seen IT and never had a bad experience with one. It's a totally irrational fear but I can't get over it. When I was in high school a clown tried to hire me to be her assistant (she wasn't dressed as a clown at the time) and I had to explain to her that I was terrified and couldn't. My worst clown experience by far though was getting stuck in the middle of a large parade in the middle of a bunch of clowns (I swear there were 50 of them). I was just trying to cross the street, wasn't even attending the parade and had no clue it was going on until I got to where I needed to cross the street. Fun Fact: this was the moment I realized my fiancé was the one because I wouldn't have crossed a street of clowns for anyone else in the world.

  • Gavin Burnes
    Gavin Burnes 9 days ago

    It was so obvious

  • 敏君赵
    敏君赵 9 days ago +1

    Billie Eilish

  • Hannah Sophia
    Hannah Sophia 9 days ago

    All the nuts in your mouth

  • alezmcc
    alezmcc 9 days ago

    I cured my own blood phobia. I used to pass out and hurt myself quite often everytime I saw my own blood. So I had my ears and nipples pierced and slowly came over my blood phobia having to clean the wounds every day.

  • Raju Rambo
    Raju Rambo 9 days ago +1

    people in middle east: i'm scared of bombed being dropped at us
    US: .....

  • James Gaming
    James Gaming 9 days ago

    The last phobia the guy hes like dancing lol

  • gracie juarez
    gracie juarez 9 days ago +8

    The guy in the gray shirt was just being a little bit rood

  • QueenDanaDane Dana
    QueenDanaDane Dana 10 days ago +1

    When he started talking to the emetophobic and asked how does it physically make her feel, I started crying. My heart was beating so fast when she came in with that bucket😩 that’s my phobia and I hate it ☹️

  • Hi
    Hi 10 days ago +2

    I thought the vomit was oatmeal so I stopped eating it for a while..

    • Hi
      Hi 7 days ago

      +Ryan ok

    • Ryan
      Ryan 7 days ago

      Hi It was oatmeal

  • big forehead
    big forehead 10 days ago

    I legit started crying when they showed the goddamn spider im that afraid

  • Mari Rizo
    Mari Rizo 10 days ago +1

    Bruh that guy was just so disrespectful to the people with phobias what qnd asshole

  • kingofcakes/ D-M-R-K_Turbo

    I'm afraid of butterflies and I dont know why

    • kingofcakes/ D-M-R-K_Turbo
      kingofcakes/ D-M-R-K_Turbo 8 days ago +1

      +ana tellez really I thought I was the only one. I found out because my brother tried putting a butterfly on me and I punched him in the nose

    • ana tellez
      ana tellez 8 days ago +1

      kingofcakes/ D-M-R-K_Turbo same

  • Caira Johnson
    Caira Johnson 10 days ago +1

    Crystal: what if its on the outside
    Ron: I Don't care
    Crystal: What if I blocked it
    Ron: I don't care
    if it was me ……..
    Crystal what if its on the outside
    Me: No
    Crystal What if I block it
    Me: *kicks out hand* BITCH GET THAT THING AWAY

  • |Xx0T4KUxX|
    |Xx0T4KUxX| 10 days ago

    Why the fuck are people tryna cure em

  • 1K subs with no videos ?
    1K subs with no videos ? 10 days ago +1

    It’s very fun to know who really has the phobias when they try to guess when I rewatch it for the 728th time.

  • Vi And Mace Vids
    Vi And Mace Vids 10 days ago

    I have emetophobia and when I was in year 4, someone was sick so i started having a panic attack and crying. In the end, my mum came in, calmed me down and the headteacher called me a spoilt brat because of my *FEARS* (everyone hated that woman)

  • Nathalia
    Nathalia 10 days ago

    Omg vomit is disgusting common.

  • Nathalia
    Nathalia 10 days ago

    I feel strange when I touch cotton balls but I didn’t know there was a fobia of cottony balls

  • Kamora Thomas
    Kamora Thomas 10 days ago +65

    Brooo I can’t 9:56 look it the chick in the background!! Sksksjsjsk

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez 10 days ago

    fear of climbing two feet above the ground is not Acrophobia, WTF is that?

  • Tyo 72
    Tyo 72 11 days ago

    How can that girl be afraid of cotton, if she wears clothes made of cotton.

  • Abby Gibson
    Abby Gibson 11 days ago +1

    The dude in the grey was sorta being an asshole

  • Jack Leone
    Jack Leone 11 days ago

    Social phobia is one of the hardest

  • Mamamoo Stan1992
    Mamamoo Stan1992 11 days ago

    Katsaridaphobia anyone? 🤚

  • @unicors123
    @unicors123 11 days ago

    I hate cotton balls to

  • Caalviin Rdw
    Caalviin Rdw 11 days ago

    7:40 was that german tho

  • Sweet Pea
    Sweet Pea 11 days ago +1

    Yep guessed I am scared of CLOWNS😕Eww 👿

  • Yesugen Khangai
    Yesugen Khangai 12 days ago

    What if you were afraid of the ocean? You have to go to the ocean..Well nope i'm getting out of that place ASAP.

  • Joseph Giorno
    Joseph Giorno 12 days ago

    Glorified AA Meeting just it would be called PA Meeting

  • Winston
    Winston 12 days ago

    The big guy was kind of an ass

  • SharkBolt ETN
    SharkBolt ETN 12 days ago +1

    Parker bothered me. He was PUSHING everyone to try it even though it was their fear

    • Caira Johnson
      Caira Johnson 10 days ago

      If look in the one that it was just him it shows he was genuinely trying to help with humor this just give him a certain image that make him seem as if he were a dick he was actually trying

  • Amira G.
    Amira G. 12 days ago

    It's awful but I kinda laughed when the dude afraid of spiders was trying to run away from his own arm... x)

  • Vedica Raje
    Vedica Raje 12 days ago

    This was the best episode of this channel till helped so many people to overcome their fears a bit

  • Belen Dos Santos
    Belen Dos Santos 12 days ago

    you guys should do like a guess favourite musical artist

  • sami_playz_roblox
    sami_playz_roblox 13 days ago

    Cotton balls hurt my teeth too

  • Emely Vanegas
    Emely Vanegas 13 days ago


  • TOC2
    TOC2 13 days ago +1

    If that dude shoved a spider in my face

    Oh my god

  • milaasHD
    milaasHD 13 days ago

    Did he said „was ist das" OmG GERMAN

  • Christina Siasaki
    Christina Siasaki 13 days ago

    Did she REALLY throw up?!?!

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony 13 days ago

    I have trypophobia

  • May Loves Musicals
    May Loves Musicals 13 days ago +1

    The guy in the grey shirt was literally laughing at their phobias. Rude as hell.

  • Hena Min
    Hena Min 14 days ago

    i have the same phobia on vomit if i hear it i feel like barfing

  • Cristina stamatis
    Cristina stamatis 14 days ago

    as soon as the girl came in with the bucket my emtephobia caused me to get up and run out of the room

  • LoCal SpErM bAnK
    LoCal SpErM bAnK 14 days ago +1

    I have a phobia called Aquaphobia (scared of jumping into pools or afraid of water itself)
    And i am afraid of jumping into pools because i was standing at the edge of a pool and my friend decided to push me and i fell and almost drowned. When my mom saved me, i started crying very hard. And people make fun of me to this day and I still cry when someone tries to force me into jumping in my apartment pool. (My phobia started when I was 7 and i am 11 right now)

  • Kenziex
    Kenziex 14 days ago

    I have a phobia to blood (sorry I don’t know the name) and I have Arachnophobia