Audc season 2 episode 3 dance battle

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017

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  • Rickedra Edwards
    Rickedra Edwards 16 hours ago

    Hailys mom let’s see you get your fat ass out there and do a side Ariel

  • Kenneth Cole
    Kenneth Cole Day ago

    Haley can't remember were her arms go money a side Ariel ,what is she doing on this show and why did her mom get so bitter when Abby doesn't pick her daughter for the team after all those events she went to to try to get in ! This is why I can't stand jojo ,she's like I got this I'm the best dancer here ,not even close man! That's why Abby never wanted her on the team she was forced by producers to put her on the show ,because of her crazy personality, which I personally find extremely obvious! It's great to have confidence, but she is seriously delusional and really conceded! They also wanted that Manages drama that's how the other ones were picked ,send jess definitely made alot of drama I thought it was definitely negative drama ,teaching your kid it's okay to steal and cheat to get ahead ! When they stole poor Kalanis script out of her purse and then when they got caught blamed it on poor Kalani and said she must not care about it because it was on the floor! Great lesson to teach any kid watching ,stupid producers ! They actually like jojo and all her conceded antics she rhrew out during the show ! Her mom made her believe and I think she really believed that she was the best on the team! Like when she said she was Michael Jackson, and when she first came she said she could do anything Maddie could and couldn't even do a simple lyrical dance which Sara did who was 2 years younger! All through the competition show she kept saying how great she was ,I was shocked she got so far ! I think there were definitely other dancers that went home before her that were much better! I even thought Haley was actually better ,even after that dumb mistake ! When she was dancing with Cathy she was definitely better than jojo was ! I hated her mom and her personality that was a big reason she didn't get on the team ,even though Abby picked her out to be one of the ones that could be called ! I think her mom hated her because of that book signing thing ,that was totally crazy of her to even think of doing ! She had know reason to hate Abby besides the fact that she didn't pick her daughter and that was probably the biggest reason of all ! There was absolutely no reason for Zack she mom to hate Abby ,she said nothing but good things about him and even said if I need a boy on the team you will be the first I call ! I'm glad she's having a couple boys on her new team ! Can't wait, this team looks unbeatable, the weakest link ,will be lilly if you see their resume's ! She didn't even make the top 20 in the TDAS AND Elliana Walmsley won it all ! To bad she bad to back out of being on the show due to all the work she has coming up ! After winning TDAS best solo dancer, and judges saying she could have won the junior division and being invited to a worldwide renowned ballet competition in Spain and winning her division, being a professional on dancing with the stars juniors, and getting a lead in The Nutcracker on Broadway ,she's been very busy ! I guess she got signed for a number of jobs but was there to help Abby pick the dancers ! She's definitely one of my favorites! Rachel Cole under my husbands screen name sorry!

  • Neena Atkins
    Neena Atkins Day ago

    Haley’s mom just tells her daughter that she’s ridiculous. Like, who does that!

  • Kurumi Chan
    Kurumi Chan Day ago

    why are Maddie and makenzie there?

  • Ally Crotty
    Ally Crotty Day ago

    The only reason ally one was because she was at the end and saw that the fingers in the face eliminated the opponent

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Day ago

    why were most of the girls in like booty shorts and jazz shoes or whatever and ally way in hip hop pants and army boots

  • Smol Dorito
    Smol Dorito Day ago

    Kalani looks so young oml

  • Athena LPS
    Athena LPS Day ago

    Mckaylee (idk how to spell it) just walks around and spins

  • Lil.dancer101
    Lil.dancer101 Day ago

    It's aldc not audc

  • Derrick Dort
    Derrick Dort Day ago

    Travis and Tyler are the cutest blond twins ever!

  • lindsay palm
    lindsay palm 2 days ago

    omg litle jojo is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • gymnast _13
    gymnast _13 2 days ago

    Chloe is sooooooo pretty and she has a nice body shape she should be a model

  • Jessica msp
    Jessica msp 2 days ago

    I live trinity at 2:18 like WOW

  • AllieCAT3962
    AllieCAT3962 2 days ago

    Maddie and Makenzie looked super happy when Travis and Tyler got called 😉😉😘😘

  • Tasha 2121
    Tasha 2121 2 days ago

    I think they best were
    Kalani Jojo trinity And Travis

  • Bella Grace
    Bella Grace 3 days ago

    the moms on Abby's Ultimate Dance Team are mean to their daughters and sons like calling there daughter ridiculous

  • Maria Moss
    Maria Moss 3 days ago

    “These bad boys, are better than Tyler’s” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Baileyando
    Baileyando 3 days ago

    If the person won, they should’ve gone off and two different people should’ve battled

  • Nickia Mitchell
    Nickia Mitchell 3 days ago

    How rude was Haylee's mum if she can't remember she can't remember

  • Tisha D
    Tisha D 4 days ago

    Kira in this looks like my mom trying to act young

  • The Sassy Sisters
    The Sassy Sisters 4 days ago

    those moms are soooo rude to their kids

  • Thomas Lesieur
    Thomas Lesieur 5 days ago

    Maddie an Kenzie were on Audc??

  • Fatima Patel
    Fatima Patel 5 days ago

    Some mom's are just desperate bullies

  • Andrea Day
    Andrea Day 6 days ago

    When Hailey’s mom told her she’s rediculous cause she lost I felt like reaching through the screen and slapping her mom in the face

  • Castasia Thomas
    Castasia Thomas 6 days ago

    When that beat dropped Abby was spitting bars

  • Queen Besy
    Queen Besy 6 days ago

    “I told you about it, you’re ridiculous “
    “Well. I can’t remember”

  • Michael Let’s play!

    When that mom said you don’t belong here I was like “ your disgust me

  • Audrey DIY
    Audrey DIY 6 days ago

    Why does JoJo make that face when she dances

  • QuirkFrame Industries

    Haley’s mom seems brutal! 1:55 That’s pure narcissism. “I told you! You’re ridiculous!” “Well, then you don’t belong here.” Mom acting like she’s one of the dancers! Are you kidding me? It sounds a lot like she’s saying “you can’t sit with us!” SMH Get over yourself! Your kid friggin needed you. It’s such classic narc behavior. You mess up, you’re not mine. You win, I take credit.

  • Henlee Jones
    Henlee Jones 6 days ago

    5:01 When you realize you can’t fly

  • Henlee Jones
    Henlee Jones 6 days ago

    4:55 When you realize you need more potential

  • Henlee Jones
    Henlee Jones 6 days ago

    4:44 When you realize you need more makeup

  • Anthony nguyen
    Anthony nguyen 6 days ago

    I like tinity acting

  • Logan Snow
    Logan Snow 7 days ago

    Haley looked like she was trying to intimidate a 3 year old

  • Macy Monical
    Macy Monical 7 days ago

    If I were in a dance battle I would just start a fist fight with a person cause I can’t freaking dance lol!

  • Justine Walker
    Justine Walker 7 days ago

    The begging of Hayley’s dance was CRINGY! 🤮

  • Floral Summer
    Floral Summer 7 days ago

    I hate joj soo much like if you agrrrrrre

  • Morgan Marshall
    Morgan Marshall 7 days ago


  • Justine Walker
    Justine Walker 8 days ago +1

    Ugh! Mackylle did nothing but do Strut she did zero real dancing plus if I was Hayley I would tell Melony “ really do you want to show me your said aerial”🙄

  • Bancy Kalekye
    Bancy Kalekye 8 days ago +1

    Kalani doesn't know how to battle

  • Bianca Bates
    Bianca Bates 8 days ago

    JoJo said I'm the best I'ma win oh we're did she go? Back to her mom 😂😂😂😂 no hate tho

  • Red Cherryyy
    Red Cherryyy 9 days ago


  • #misspinkiepie 07
    #misspinkiepie 07 9 days ago

    Abby called Jojo her dog LMAO!!!!!!!

  • AvaPinkPrincess
    AvaPinkPrincess 9 days ago


  • AvaPinkPrincess
    AvaPinkPrincess 9 days ago


  • Maiya Winters
    Maiya Winters 10 days ago

    She belongs everwear

  • nissa pooh
    nissa pooh 10 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Nancy Rose
    Nancy Rose 10 days ago

    Hi Jojo Dance Moms

  • Zoe Benham
    Zoe Benham 10 days ago

    Jojo dances like a little baby

  • Wave DOLL
    Wave DOLL 10 days ago

    Also Jojo was just adorable I swear

  • Wave DOLL
    Wave DOLL 10 days ago

    I want to see trinity and kalani do 100 duets

  • M i a a a a a a a a a a G r a c e e e e e e e e

    Hailey’s mom was straight up rude to her

  • Siham's Life
    Siham's Life 11 days ago +1

    *No offence but Hayley look so miserable*

  • Nakita Singh
    Nakita Singh 11 days ago

    I love ally

  • BB Hairstyles 118
    BB Hairstyles 118 12 days ago

    5:36 me in a maths test

  • MyStiC MiKA
    MyStiC MiKA 12 days ago

    Woah Kalani got dem moves

  • Kate Macadoo
    Kate Macadoo 12 days ago

    Anyone hear that mom say she needs to unless her inner goddess and was thinking of Sister James

  • Hazal Demir
    Hazal Demir 12 days ago

    Trinity deserved to win

  • Hannah Cullen
    Hannah Cullen 12 days ago

    i love trinity omg 😩

  • Devi Kroll
    Devi Kroll 12 days ago

    I have more muscles than the 12 year old boy and I'm 2 years younger than him

  • Rose Bear
    Rose Bear 12 days ago

    Tyler and Travis... *hOly DAmN*
    And Hayley’s mom was so rude. (Sorry if I didn’t spell her name right)

  • Sophia and Holly
    Sophia and Holly 12 days ago

    Jojoba didn’t need to see that

  • Kailey Tkazyik
    Kailey Tkazyik 12 days ago +1

    Boooooooooo mckailey

  • Hydro Hydro
    Hydro Hydro 12 days ago

    Wait what did Jojo say who won sorry Jojo for sure it wasn't you

  • Carson Kone
    Carson Kone 13 days ago +1


  • Aleasha Robinson
    Aleasha Robinson 13 days ago

    I hate how Haleys mom was like " I TOLD YOU!!!" like if she was a dance teacher like booboo NO

  • Ally Keck
    Ally Keck 13 days ago


  • Bianca San Martin
    Bianca San Martin 13 days ago

    I love kili😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Bianca San Martin
    Bianca San Martin 13 days ago

    I love jojo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • AnnandMak
    AnnandMak 13 days ago

    Poor Hayley’s mom was so rude to ehr

  • Alex Mulvaney
    Alex Mulvaney 13 days ago

    Aldc not audc

  • Joedieana Agulto
    Joedieana Agulto 13 days ago

    Haley s mom is so rude😈

  • Joedieana Agulto
    Joedieana Agulto 13 days ago


  • Joedieana Agulto
    Joedieana Agulto 13 days ago

    These bad boys are better than tyler

  • Brigitta Dokman
    Brigitta Dokman 13 days ago


  • Brigitta Dokman
    Brigitta Dokman 13 days ago

    i wish i was kira would be careful

  • Paula Amber
    Paula Amber 13 days ago

    Trinity is better than kolani/kalani I don’t know why my favorite is mojo and trinity and travis and kalani/kolani and ally

  • Rafiq Khan
    Rafiq Khan 13 days ago

    I'm stronger than travis

  • Rafiq Khan
    Rafiq Khan 13 days ago

    twin vs twin not great

  • Lennyh17
    Lennyh17 13 days ago +1

    Thieves is so petty and he is my boy friend

  • Maleelashmirtz Holland
    Maleelashmirtz Holland 14 days ago +1

    I would be way too awkward dance battling against a sibling lol

  • WarmOrange Productions

    Anyone think Hayley’s mom is rude?

  • Londyn Jhanae
    Londyn Jhanae 14 days ago

    Haley’s mom is mean

  • Sarah Croke
    Sarah Croke 14 days ago

    Maddie and Kenzie are just in the background

  • Danielle Caberte
    Danielle Caberte 14 days ago

    I am suffering from a disease called *CRINGE*

  • It’s Journi forever Ok

    1:56 that’s not how you motivate a kid

  • zahryia paul
    zahryia paul 15 days ago

    What trinity did to chloe damn i need to learn how to do that

  • Sarah Brewster
    Sarah Brewster 15 days ago

    Ally was not good at all

  • Katya Macaulay
    Katya Macaulay 15 days ago

    Personally I think Travis and Tyler are just plain cringe in this dance off. I mean their trying to be big strong (💪) men when their just boys!!!

  • Emily Konoplisky
    Emily Konoplisky 15 days ago

    For the mom saying she doesn’t belong here sista try to do better

  • FAT Dog
    FAT Dog 15 days ago

    I think Mkaly should have won not ally

  • 4185walter
    4185walter 15 days ago

    The mother of Hayley is such a bitch

  • Raven Wooden
    Raven Wooden 15 days ago

    Trinity dang

  • Lily .j
    Lily .j 15 days ago

    Hayley’s Mom is mean

  • Tamara García
    Tamara García 15 days ago


  • Mark DaSilva
    Mark DaSilva 16 days ago

    Trinity was top

  • Mark DaSilva
    Mark DaSilva 16 days ago

    Omg Hailey ' s mom I don't think u belong here geese

  • Enrique Valencia
    Enrique Valencia 16 days ago

    What AUDC?

  • madison girard
    madison girard 16 days ago

    kalani and trinity is my favorite

  • Annie. Potatoes17
    Annie. Potatoes17 16 days ago +1

    Omg! Abby really sees what she wants to see! Trinnity should’ve won!