My Sister in Real Life


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  • itsAlexClark
    itsAlexClark  3 months ago +16201


  • Zaiden Lord
    Zaiden Lord 52 minutes ago

    i have a good stich impression

  • CerealCat449
    CerealCat449 Hour ago

    it was the other way around for me and my older sisters. I was the little prankster that pissed them off a lot. Of course, everything's fine now. I hope.

  • Deadtale Dead dead

    She’s the devil but I still believe she’s good

  • Ava callaghan
    Ava callaghan Hour ago

    My brother is evil he so far has
    . He tried to push me in front of a moving car
    . He destroyed my room
    .told his teacher my mam is an alcoholic
    .peed on a car
    .told me he'd like nothing more than to kill me
    .abuses lambs
    .kills things smaller than him like bugs for the fun of it
    . Ran outside naked at a party once
    He's seven

  • Maledetta Gracia
    Maledetta Gracia Hour ago +1

    Now im scared of your sissy

  • codythecoyote321
    codythecoyote321 7 hours ago


  • Lele Aparicio
    Lele Aparicio 8 hours ago


  • Switcheds YT
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  • Jaden Bryant
    Jaden Bryant 9 hours ago

    what does your sister sound like

  • FRADER 28
    FRADER 28 10 hours ago

    My sister had 10 bazookas before my mom take and let her keep just 2

  • Juliet Ramirez
    Juliet Ramirez 10 hours ago

    Is she really evil ALEX is it😭😆😭😆😭

  • Chunky Money
    Chunky Money 10 hours ago

    I heard you like pink

  • Erica Zhu
    Erica Zhu 12 hours ago

    My brother is evil😅

  • Elisa Esquerdo
    Elisa Esquerdo 14 hours ago

    This is like me i do the same life

  • Sabinationcyth 3
    Sabinationcyth 3 14 hours ago


  • Zelong Liu
    Zelong Liu 16 hours ago

    you can go in my house

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 17 hours ago

    this looked like 20 or 15 fps i know it’s a animation but i normally see about 50 to 40 fps vids on animations

  • Raida Salahuddin
    Raida Salahuddin 19 hours ago

    My baby sister is evil and fight me

  • armin remulla
    armin remulla 21 hour ago

    my sister always ignore me because she always use her ipad and her phone

  • Moevao Vaipou
    Moevao Vaipou 21 hour ago

    She is like me

  • Moevao Vaipou
    Moevao Vaipou 21 hour ago

    Hi I'm new

  • thelover demon
    thelover demon 22 hours ago

    *puts tooth under his pillow*

  • Gameking 012
    Gameking 012 22 hours ago

    I don't have a sister.

  • Abdus Samad Khan
    Abdus Samad Khan 22 hours ago

    A video featuring your sister, it will a superhit.

  • Isaiah Roth
    Isaiah Roth 22 hours ago


  • Elisha Williams
    Elisha Williams Day ago

    For real dude cuz nobody sister act like that😮😮😯

  • Lan Fisher
    Lan Fisher Day ago

    Oh come on my sister is not that bad.

  • Metal Max
    Metal Max Day ago


  • ProjectDoesGames

    I don't have a sister or brother so i don't have to deal with this xD

  • Frankie Pittman
    Frankie Pittman Day ago

    I like it
    I don't Care

  • Lilydawn Warriors Fan

    5:48 through 5:50 me when a bad pun is said.

  • CawaiiTubee
    CawaiiTubee Day ago


  • CawaiiTubee
    CawaiiTubee Day ago


  • KianX Gaming
    KianX Gaming Day ago


  • r1l3y f3rn
    r1l3y f3rn Day ago

    How about this as an evil sister voice *demonic voice* I heard you like pink

  • Nolan Owens
    Nolan Owens Day ago

    My sister completely trashed my room more than a few times

  • David Lebner
    David Lebner Day ago

    Pink is awsome and only for real man

  • Mazenlogy1604friends The bestie

    She most Demon Sister and my sister she 8 years old and she being mean she try change my avatar roblox and she bad Alex you have to tell your dad and don,t be silly alright buddy :)

  • Just LennyDash
    Just LennyDash Day ago

    Alex: Can I get out of the basement now?
    Sis: Mhhhh nah

  • Fluffy Sisters
    Fluffy Sisters Day ago

    wait wait wait if you had PINK socks and underwear how would they see because underwear is coverd by your pants and socks with shoes Like WHAT

  • Some Theatre Kid

    Tf you did in 4th grade to make you exhausted?

  • Orlando Ouil Emdrybird

    Who is this you watch

  • element hack es Murphy

    I am way too hardcore for your sister, ItsAlexClark. if she pulls a prank on you again, I'll hit a like to freeze her, like a non-litteral statue with a litteral object freeze ray or OFR

  • Pizza Wolf Animates

    Brian hill is soooo funny!😂😂😂😂

  • Glen Walsh
    Glen Walsh Day ago


  • king rich boy
    king rich boy Day ago

    My sister is evil

  • Chas The Ender
    Chas The Ender Day ago

    I just subscribed..and I already know ur I weird??

  • herobrine craft
    herobrine craft 2 days ago

    ok first let me get a shot gun and save you second is she working with an illuminati looking dude who has a top hat in wich case we are all screwed

  • Leo David
    Leo David 2 days ago

    Alex I have two siblings and they evil they puted red makeup on the to make it look like I hurt them and called my parents

  • Doge The dorito man
    Doge The dorito man 2 days ago

    My sister made like a lazer cannon and destroyed my house ;-;

  • Colena Adams
    Colena Adams 2 days ago

    Ohh yes im a girl

  • Lilydawn Warriors Fan

    Random poster shout out!

  • Ana Garcia
    Ana Garcia 2 days ago

    I know who Brian is, He's Awesome

  • Moonlight Eclipse
    Moonlight Eclipse 2 days ago

    Alex: shes gonna hook you up with some free Alex Clark merch
    Me: "instantly Google's : Where did Alex Clark go to school"

  • Lori Pullum
    Lori Pullum 2 days ago

    You have been in my mind

  • Nicole Goodrow
    Nicole Goodrow 2 days ago +2

    There was this one time I hit my brother in the face because he scared me... i didnt mean to.😑

  • Honey Cat
    Honey Cat 2 days ago

    Real man wear pink

  • Charina Avenido
    Charina Avenido 2 days ago

    This makes me not want a sister

  • dirtblock gamer
    dirtblock gamer 2 days ago

    why dont you put your sis picture in a video of yours

  • AJ Rothstein
    AJ Rothstein 2 days ago

    I am sister and I am evil😈

  • Leon Sonic
    Leon Sonic 2 days ago +4


  • squishy funtime!
    squishy funtime! 2 days ago

    Really?I like the time when u said the pink under and socks pink! LOL

  • Hentai Senpai
    Hentai Senpai 2 days ago

    this video reminds me of my scary little sister from storybooth but different and new year 2018

  • Kiera Bubnis
    Kiera Bubnis 2 days ago


  • LexiDaWolf
    LexiDaWolf 3 days ago

    *f r e e b r e e z e*

  • Lily PCS
    Lily PCS 3 days ago


  • Awesome 2015
    Awesome 2015 3 days ago

    I love marry poppins

  • Rosemary Rodriguez
    Rosemary Rodriguez 3 days ago

    She is. Very. Evil

  • nabila nada
    nabila nada 3 days ago

    can you hug your evil sister? it will make her feel love

  • Little Snow
    Little Snow 3 days ago

    Hey sisters is all about tea parties and be nice okay

  • Zada Terzenbach
    Zada Terzenbach 3 days ago

    :grandson My older sister she once said that I was weak but really I push my Lego box that has a Million Legos in it PLEASE PRAY THAT MY SISTER WILL BE NICER SHE DOESN'T DO ANYTHING WITH ME 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  • Wanny Rivera
    Wanny Rivera 3 days ago

    ok? 4:

  • Anjas wonderland
    Anjas wonderland 3 days ago

    pink is one off the first colurs in this world.sorry for the bad speling😆😅

  • Juliet Felice
    Juliet Felice 3 days ago

    Hey, you're sister is nice! She's my fave sub! OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I ACCIDENTALLY MET A USclip CHARACTER/ USclipR/ YOU GET THE IDEA.

  • Jacob Bell
    Jacob Bell 3 days ago

    I heard you like pink

  • Happy Films
    Happy Films 3 days ago

    I did the same thing with the umbrella

  • Marissa Figueroa
    Marissa Figueroa 3 days ago

    I hate her sister because she is kind of demon but I HATE HER............SISTER :\

  • Ibrahim A. Azad
    Ibrahim A. Azad 3 days ago

    Bring her on a video.

  • Foxy Jason
    Foxy Jason 3 days ago


  • Andrew I
    Andrew I 3 days ago

    Alex’s mom: uh kids
    Alex’s dad: let them run I’m enjoying the free breeze

  • Bassy Untan
    Bassy Untan 3 days ago

    I see jibo there!

  • Andrew barringer
    Andrew barringer 4 days ago

    Why does ur sister have such a deep voice?

  • Stevi Dunn
    Stevi Dunn 4 days ago

    Your voice sounds very Jerry Seinfeld-ish

  • PewDiePie1 Green
    PewDiePie1 Green 4 days ago


  • Peyton
    Peyton 4 days ago

    I am the devil I have a brother he's double USclip channel named captain mcdee I'm like a devil to him I punch him I kicked him sometimes sometimes I like to throw water bottles I don't really care I'm always angry at him😈😠😡😈😠😡😈😠

  • Unicorn Poop
    Unicorn Poop 4 days ago

    Calls 911) hay this yt wants to die on the inside

  • keldeo studies
    keldeo studies 4 days ago

    OK the chase part like I'm watching of tom and jerry

  • Randy Ransom
    Randy Ransom 4 days ago

    I am a girl😢😭😡

  • Ryker Jeffery
    Ryker Jeffery 4 days ago

    Wait how do people in her school now what she looks like lol

  • Armin Huric
    Armin Huric 4 days ago


  • GirlyGamer123
    GirlyGamer123 4 days ago

    I spelled it right .-.

  • Desire' Daniels
    Desire' Daniels 4 days ago

    She is very evil but,you have a sister

  • Blue sisters playz
    Blue sisters playz 4 days ago

    My sister also pranks me a lot!

  • Zaina AlKhadban
    Zaina AlKhadban 4 days ago

    It's okay some boys love pink (IM NOT A GIRL OKAY IM USING MY MOM'S PHONE 👿) and I also have a pink shirt it doesn't feel like he'll do you should be happy

  • Phyllis Guisinger
    Phyllis Guisinger 4 days ago

    0:16 eddsworld if tord had a sister it would be her...

  • Hamiltrash The demigod

    I am genuinely surprised that people don’t know about Mary Poppins. I wasn’t alive when that movie came out but I love that movie

  • Ayumi Chan
    Ayumi Chan 4 days ago

    Dye her clothes blue

  • Deborah Jeannette Najoan

    I have little sister