Jump Force World Premiere Trailer - Microsoft Xbox Press Conference E3 2018


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  • aristocat 1275
    aristocat 1275 5 months ago

    Light Yagami!!!

  • derp media
    derp media 5 months ago

    Omg death note?

  • NintendoSwitchTwitch
    NintendoSwitchTwitch 5 months ago

    Ill only get it if my queen Medaka is in it

  • miguel angel saenz
    miguel angel saenz 5 months ago

    Super cool

  • skullbonez 27
    skullbonez 27 5 months ago +5

    Don’t worry guys Cory from Cory in the house will become a DLC

  • Grassy Bear
    Grassy Bear 5 months ago

    I just want Saiki Kusuo in this game, yep I'm weeb trash.

  • kamal bobby
    kamal bobby 5 months ago


  • BallBoy
    BallBoy 5 months ago

    O/10 not enough sparks on melee moves!! Not seeing anything but sparks = 3pic

  • Karol Doerfer
    Karol Doerfer 5 months ago

    Bleeding butt in 3.. 2.. 1..

  • CJDev
    CJDev 5 months ago +2


  • Azrael Pagdonzolan
    Azrael Pagdonzolan 5 months ago

    I thought this was only the three of Naruto, Goku and Luffy but then I saw Ryuk. So all the popular great anime are gonna be in this? Made me wonder what if Boku no Pico is mentioned in this game lol

    • omni2009
      omni2009 5 months ago

      Yeah,I didn't really think you serios with THAT suggestion. :)
      Just wanted to post an informative response in case anyone else read your comment.

    • Azrael Pagdonzolan
      Azrael Pagdonzolan 5 months ago

      Yeah I know that. My mind just went to ANIME not Manga lol

    • omni2009
      omni2009 5 months ago

      Boku no Pico wasn't published in Shounen Jump, so that's not very likely.
      Do expect them to add characters from the likes of Hunter X Hunter, Shaman King and Boku no Hero Academia though.

  • SentientSockPuppet
    SentientSockPuppet 5 months ago +6

    But where's shrek? I need my anime too

  • SentientSockPuppet
    SentientSockPuppet 5 months ago

    Top ten jokes taken too far

  • Maiku
    Maiku 5 months ago

    Ichi wins, just needs to write the names of Goku, Naruto and so on on the notebook

  • A Akd
    A Akd 5 months ago


  • Charles Winters
    Charles Winters 5 months ago

    I wonder if it's even possible to add Saitama...

    • omni2009
      omni2009 5 months ago

      One Punch Man wasn't published in Weekly Shonen Jump, so I doubt they'd add him to Jump Force.

  • SuperHamSniper
    SuperHamSniper 5 months ago

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaast this looks awsom makes me want an xbox

  • lodgie555
    lodgie555 5 months ago +17

    please tell me saitama is in this

    • Ajay C
      Ajay C 5 months ago

      Charles Winters you think he cant kick?

    • Tuigar
      Tuigar 5 months ago

      He is Shueisha, the same company so it is maybe possible

    • Lazydiven
      Lazydiven 5 months ago

      saitama isnt shounen jump

    • Perfect Blue
      Perfect Blue 5 months ago

      how do you scale infinite ?

  • WPX D. Head Honcho
    WPX D. Head Honcho 5 months ago

    Red hawk

  • WPX D. Head Honcho
    WPX D. Head Honcho 5 months ago +1

    zehahahahaha lol to all the fans that know. Omg hesd going to be op. I wonder if he will look like himself after the time skip.

  • Riski McArif
    Riski McArif 5 months ago +3

    but... why the hell they meet at the america... is it new york?

    • Riski McArif
      Riski McArif 5 months ago

      sure... absolutely it will nostalgic...

    • Viktor Freyr Hjörleifsson
      Viktor Freyr Hjörleifsson 5 months ago

      yeah, I agree with you, I'd rather want to see them clash at memorable areas in their anime's

    • Riski McArif
      Riski McArif 5 months ago

      that will make more sense because it's their realm...

    • Viktor Freyr Hjörleifsson
      Viktor Freyr Hjörleifsson 5 months ago

      True, hopefully they'll make a twist of some sorts like collide the realms, for example having characters like Luffy and Goku fight in the naruto universe

    • Riski McArif
      Riski McArif 5 months ago

      maybe... but still the idea they are coming in to our realm is quite bad.....

  • Oscar Helinski
    Oscar Helinski 5 months ago +17

    Anime smash bros

  • hiro02 br
    hiro02 br 5 months ago

    Goku,Naruto,luffy,death note

    • Justin H
      Justin H 5 months ago

      hiro02 player What the hell would light Yagami even do though lol the death note only works on people weaker than shinigamis

  • Theoretical Physics
    Theoretical Physics 5 months ago

    there will be memes for this and battletoads

    OG FLIBY 5 months ago

    Litty good aswome games can't wait to play them

    EVOL SCAVENGER 5 months ago