My Blind Friend Picks My Outfits!

  • Published on Aug 22, 2018
  • Molly is back to take my shopping and show me how she shops as a blind person!
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Comments • 13 766

  • Alexa Macdonald
    Alexa Macdonald 17 hours ago

    Oh wow 7:05 the guy looking at gabs lol

  • Kotoko McCoy
    Kotoko McCoy Day ago

    Ok when they were standing in the dressing room I don’t believe she was blind :/ she kept looking down at the pants and never failed to look where Gabbie moved. She wouldn’t even talk letting her know she moved. But she still would know exactly where she was.....

  • coco mac
    coco mac Day ago

    This would be a fun video but stop switching we don’t need to hear how great molly is every 3 seconds.

  • Brooke Gill
    Brooke Gill 2 days ago


  • Dino 122203
    Dino 122203 3 days ago

    A passion for fashion \(°o°)/

  • DefiningReality
    DefiningReality 3 days ago

    But what happened to the flowy black pants ?

  • Sidney Crosby Ice God
    Sidney Crosby Ice God 3 days ago +1

    Lol poor Gabbie was sooo tired of shopping and poor Molly just wanted to keep going, lol. 💛😇

  • Sidney Crosby Ice God
    Sidney Crosby Ice God 3 days ago +1


  • Little Baddie
    Little Baddie 3 days ago +1

    I wish Gabbie would have just showed us the video instead of talking 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • mexichicana
    mexichicana 4 days ago

    I wish you would have just played the video ❤️ And maybe comment about it afterwards 😊

  • Audrina’s World
    Audrina’s World 4 days ago

    She has a friend?!Oh I thought she didn’t have any because she’s such a bitch😂

  • Jenika Salazar
    Jenika Salazar 4 days ago +2

    Your music is amazing I love all you music

  • literally a loser
    literally a loser 4 days ago

    Kind of annoying how you use your 'friend's disability to make a cute/funny video. Notably, with the stepping on the dog thing, I found it kind of repulsive how you/your cameraman would make mistakes, then excuse it because someone else made the same mistake, instead of just apologizing.

  • Ara Z
    Ara Z 4 days ago

    Ahh the eyebrows are bothering me

  • Vivi Nicksic
    Vivi Nicksic 5 days ago +1

    Gabbie’s songs are the best

  • alicia pisciotta
    alicia pisciotta 5 days ago +1

    “You stepped on the dog earlier too”
    “...I’m blind” 😂

  • Haylei Jones
    Haylei Jones 5 days ago

    Molly: did u step on him?
    Camera guy: yea, did
    Molly: I'm blind!
    Me: LMAO

  • Original Safety Pin Lures

    14:19 nearly gave me a heart attack. That clothes hanger came way too close to Molly's face.

  • marisa smith
    marisa smith 5 days ago

    I loved the yellow pants with white shirt

  • Ryley Lampman
    Ryley Lampman 6 days ago +3

    I love gabbie baby voice she's so cute😘

  • Kyle Magnussen
    Kyle Magnussen 6 days ago

    Molly supper cool

  • Kyle Magnussen
    Kyle Magnussen 6 days ago

    Cool video showing how to be confident,inspired and humble being oneself. Gabbie your a cool person and your music is great.

  • Ari Dorcely
    Ari Dorcely 7 days ago +1

    Your "friend" isnt JUST blind. She is an amazing person and she definitely deserves better.

    • Ari Dorcely
      Ari Dorcely 6 days ago

      @Alina Mithani 😂😂 I know it's just super annoying that all of her friends make the title, "my blind friend does..."

    • Alina Mithani
      Alina Mithani 6 days ago

      Ari Dorcely Damn someone obsessed 😂 Molly has such good friends but okay go off

  • Nameera Samir
    Nameera Samir 7 days ago

    Molly is literally better than all of us 😂

  • unicorn poop
    unicorn poop 7 days ago +1

    How does she do her make-up i cant even do my lipstick without messing up

  • angela's ._. vlogs
    angela's ._. vlogs 9 days ago

    molly should be a personal stylist

  • Jodie Kite
    Jodie Kite 9 days ago

    I need her to shop for me hahha

  • Jodie Kite
    Jodie Kite 9 days ago

    Molly: Let me touch it- yup that’s cute

  • Floopie Wubs
    Floopie Wubs 9 days ago

    I had to gently push her away
    I HaTE ThaT PLeAse dONt PicK It Up

  • Princ3ssDarkAngel
    Princ3ssDarkAngel 9 days ago

    I love this. Since I’m not a fashionista. But the fact that molly is blind and I’m slowly going blind. I have some restriction but I can still see with my glasses on. I know I don’t want to let this effect me so much. But to see this. To see that someone like her do this. Gives me hope.

  • Potato Playz
    Potato Playz 9 days ago +2

    Camera man: oops sorry buddy
    Molly: did u just step on him?
    Camera man: ya I did...u stepped on him earlier!
    Me: *eats popcorn* ooooo u get him gurl

  • Helaina Hanshaw
    Helaina Hanshaw 10 days ago

    I feel like me and you are sisters because I can relate to almost everything you say to almost every single song you have written I feel like we are a family behind a screen and I really would like to meet you in person but I know that that's never going to happen cuz I'm not going to be able to leave my hometown just to come and see you but if I could and I got the opportunity I would Gabbie Hanna you are one of my favorite UScliprs and I only have 3 and you are on the top of my list so yeah me and you are like twins except we look nothing alike Gabbie you do have a family and you just don't know it sometimes but we are all here for you

  • EdgarSketches
    EdgarSketches 10 days ago +1

    0:37 AHHHHHHHH I am SKREEKING! Its a Twenty One Pilots shirt! YAS!

  • Megan Gorman
    Megan Gorman 10 days ago

    She is better than me to lol

  • John and Sandy Lane
    John and Sandy Lane 11 days ago

    love her shirt

  • Elli sch.
    Elli sch. 11 days ago +1

    You stepped on him? Yeah but you did so too! But iam blind that’s why I have him 😂 Love Molly

  • Bea the bookworm
    Bea the bookworm 11 days ago

    Gabbie's wearing a twenty øne piløts shirt!!!

  • LoganArnoldKicks
    LoganArnoldKicks 11 days ago

    I would love to shop with Molly!

  • Die Potato
    Die Potato 11 days ago

    Who wants to go shopping with Molly?

  • Faye Abarquez
    Faye Abarquez 11 days ago

    The fact that a blind person dresses better, and has a better sense of style, than me omg

  • Mary Bloody
    Mary Bloody 11 days ago

    I wish this was a vlog

  • Niamh Reeves
    Niamh Reeves 12 days ago

    where are they shopping

  • The Crying Cringe
    The Crying Cringe 12 days ago

    Why is this one big intro 😂

  • Jennii_oo
    Jennii_oo 12 days ago

    Incredible video ❤️❤️

  • Marith marith
    Marith marith 13 days ago

    I genuinely thing that Molly is the most positive person in this world. She has such a great personality and she's so kind and sweet!

  • L.A Videos
    L.A Videos 13 days ago

    i love her attitude towards life

  • L.A Videos
    L.A Videos 13 days ago


  • ASL__Lover
    ASL__Lover 13 days ago

    Would be nice if Gabbie shut up and just played the video.

  • DiCaprio Films
    DiCaprio Films 14 days ago +2

    I think Gabbie looked HOT ASF in EVERYTHING, tbh. She's a hottie. I do however agree that 16:10 she could benefit from a little more chest showing to fit with the proportions and color-blocking of that overall outfit. And also, more chest...on Gabbie is always a good thing. ;) *TLDR Gabbie is hot + Molly did a great job*

  • Addy Stewart
    Addy Stewart 14 days ago

    “I had to gently steer her away from some items”
    2 seconds later: “I hate that please don’t pick it up” 😂😂

  • Pandacake28
    Pandacake28 14 days ago +1

    I really want molly to shop for me she picks out the cutest combos that I would be too scared to try!!

  • amy sadowsky
    amy sadowsky 14 days ago +1

    I 100% LOVE UR SHIRT!!!!!!!!!! I AM OBSESSED WITH TOP!!!! I HAVE I SHIRT JUST LIKE THE ONE U WERE WEARING AT FIRST!!! Like if you are watching this in 2019

  • Judit Zilahi
    Judit Zilahi 14 days ago +1

    She's amazing . She shops better then me (and im not blind ).❤😉

  • Marline Antoine
    Marline Antoine 14 days ago

    You and molly are so beautiful!! Love you guys

  • Muffins are good bulling is bad


  • MissSassy Bull
    MissSassy Bull 16 days ago

    “Molly” has a name and it’s not blind friend!!!!

    • Anna Senk
      Anna Senk 9 days ago

      She doesn't mind it. Check out Molly's video about it.

  • chicken nuggee
    chicken nuggee 17 days ago

    Molly’s so cute

  • Claire Berindean
    Claire Berindean 18 days ago

    I don’t mean this in any bad way but I wish you would have just showed the video and not talk about it

  • Everything Crazy!!!
    Everything Crazy!!! 18 days ago +1

    I love your twenty one pilots ||-// shirt

  • Eijiro Kirishima
    Eijiro Kirishima 20 days ago +1

    Oh my god in top shop they were playing “After the Storm” I AM SO PROUD!!

  • Seanacy Kell
    Seanacy Kell 22 days ago

    I want to go shopping with Molly😂

  • #?! 101
    #?! 101 23 days ago +1


  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh 24 days ago

    MOLLY NEEDS TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER!!! I would live for anything she would create tbh!!

  • Evelyn Guzman
    Evelyn Guzman 26 days ago

    A Demi Lovato song was playing!!!!!

  • unicorn lover
    unicorn lover 27 days ago

    7:05 she sounds like rosanna pansino am I wrong?

  • wolf 123
    wolf 123 29 days ago

    Gabbie the intro nooooo

  • Sebsanonlebus
    Sebsanonlebus Month ago

    Okay, I think (NOT A PROFFESSIONAL!!!) that the reason Mollie can remember so much, while you can't, is because Mollie doesn't have all the other visual memory that her brain is trying to store, with all the colours, and everything. Its overwhelming for you because you see everything. I'm not sure if this make any sense though

  • Jessica Rosado
    Jessica Rosado Month ago +1

    "win! Win! Molly!"
    How adorable!

  • Lily Love
    Lily Love Month ago

    is it just me or did anyone else get Gabbie's ad for Honey in the video before other people's vid as the ad?? Soz if that was confusing.

  • Allison Pyronneau
    Allison Pyronneau Month ago

    You spoke way to much in the video. I would have preferred to watch yall shop than hear you describe every single thing done. Not being rude just an observation.

  • dori waters
    dori waters Month ago

    Take a shot every time gab says visualize

  • Eliza T
    Eliza T Month ago +3

    I like the video but I really don’t like the commentary all the way through :/ it keeps pulling me out

  • Robyn Wall
    Robyn Wall Month ago

    I would never has guessed that Molly was blind, if no one told me

  • Valerie Tapia
    Valerie Tapia Month ago

    I love all except the dress and white shirt and also the leopard romper

  • Ahmed Tamer
    Ahmed Tamer Month ago


  • Mary Shaffer
    Mary Shaffer Month ago

    I need Molly to dress me too 😂❤️

  • Tina Covello
    Tina Covello Month ago

    9:20 "I had to gently steer her away from some items." Next clip "Ew, I hate that please don't pick it up."😂 I LOVE YOU GABBIE😂

  • bro seth
    bro seth Month ago

    can molly shop with me please

  • Elis Molina
    Elis Molina Month ago +1

    "you did it earlier!"
    "I'M BLIND!!!!11!"

  • Marlie Hutchinson
    Marlie Hutchinson Month ago

    Molly has better fashion style then me!😫😫

  • Brianna The Wannabe Skeleton

    i excited once i heard after the storm

  • Yanelis Gonzalez
    Yanelis Gonzalez Month ago

    Love it

  • Le'ah K
    Le'ah K Month ago

    The yellow pants are everything!!!!!

  • Lena Dengel
    Lena Dengel Month ago +1


  • Lyndsi Neate
    Lyndsi Neate Month ago +3

    Oh my god your baby voice is the most obnoxiously wonderfully funny thing that you do. My favorite. It gives me ASMR chills and I'm here for it.

  • Vkook Taekook
    Vkook Taekook Month ago +1

    *Gallop starts going crazy*
    Molly: did you just step on him*mean look*
    Cameraman:yeah you did too
    Molly:IM BLIND
    That’s why I have him!

  • Evelyn Currier
    Evelyn Currier Month ago

    17:30 Gabbie danceing and molly just don’t care and talking XD

  • Joy Bucci
    Joy Bucci Month ago

    It’s honestly nice to see a blind person doing fashion and I love fashion too so I like to see I share a community with a freakin blind person no offense but it likes blows my mind

  • Erin redacted Swanson

    god. I had to get to @4 minutes to get to the point. put all that boring stuff at the end. or I WILL stop watching u

  • Teresa Love
    Teresa Love Month ago

    I just hit 200 subscribers!! Yay!! I love that Molly is so fun to watch! Such a sweet personality!

    • Teresa Love
      Teresa Love Month ago

      @BeccaPekkaRekka I was just excited!

    • BeccaPekkaRekka
      BeccaPekkaRekka Month ago

      What does your subscriber count have to do with anything?

  • Aislinn Dorgan
    Aislinn Dorgan Month ago +3

    Love how Molly's video is like 8 minutes and Gabbie makes the same video but over 20 minutes😂😂

  • Alexa Deleon
    Alexa Deleon Month ago

    Wow I am watching billboard right now

  • Potato Person
    Potato Person Month ago

    I haven't watched the vid yet but i just kind of feel like its wrong instead of saying Molly Burke she says my Blind Friend

  • Osnapitsalex1998
    Osnapitsalex1998 Month ago

    Ahhh I love Molly she seems so sweet 😍❤️

  • Person Mcperson
    Person Mcperson Month ago +2

    “PASSION FOR FASHION” turns in to a rave

  • Hibba Majid
    Hibba Majid Month ago

    this may be a little insensitive but i have a question
    does molly dream if she is blind?

    • Anna Senk
      Anna Senk 9 days ago

      She dreams with her other senses

    • Georgina amazing
      Georgina amazing Month ago

      yeah because you can still dream even if your eyelids r closed

  • c w
    c w Month ago

    I really just love molly so much

  • Zen Goraksha
    Zen Goraksha Month ago

    this was fascinating

  • Emma Loving
    Emma Loving Month ago +1

    Speaking of. Music Gabbie I love your music it s amazing and so are you

  • Cringing Sunshine
    Cringing Sunshine Month ago +1

    It’s annoying me that she talks all throughout the vid it’s super annoying