Endgame FINAL PREDICTIONS! (Craziest Theories!) #Debrief

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
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    Avengers: Endgame comes out in one week, so we've gathered all of our wild theories and educated guesses in one place! Which Avengers will die? How will they Avenge the Fallen? Was Loki the Hulk the whole time? What was Dr. Strange's plan? How will the post credit scene set up Phase 4 of the MCU? Our hosts register their predictions for all of these and more. We also cover X-Men and the final Dark Phoenix Trailer, and rumors about Star Wars and The Knights of the Old Republic! Watch as Erik Voss, Sam Bashor and Maude Garett all dive in!
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  • The guy Who plays Minecraft

    Anyone else watching this after endgame

  • Blub : D
    Blub : D 4 months ago +2

    It's so fun to watch predictions after endgame being out

  • Ilhaam Foster
    Ilhaam Foster 4 months ago

    Holy crap 18:46 and 19:10 you HIT THE NAIL ON THE FREAKING HEAD.... your prediction was 100% correct...both of them!!!

  • Soykin 021
    Soykin 021 4 months ago +1

    Who is watching this after seeing the movie?

  • sarosh ENCORE
    sarosh ENCORE 4 months ago

    Okay it's better to see this video after watching Endgame.
    Cause' it would be the last time we get to listen to your awesome theories. Also, Russo bros. could've consulted you/other experts to use Time Travel. I think the weak plotholes made Endgame an overalls disappointment for me. But it's got the greatest moments in the MCU. ❤❤❤

  • Joseph Grapes
    Joseph Grapes 4 months ago

    I love how they spend a good 5 minutes discussing the after credits scene

  • Carlos Maripangui Kahler

    21:40 little did they know....

  • Orktosqt
    Orktosqt 4 months ago +2

    It's so funny to lister, after you watched movie. :D

  • Conrad Mcalum
    Conrad Mcalum 4 months ago

    In the pic of the avengers there's thanos's face

  • Benjiman Yocum
    Benjiman Yocum 4 months ago

    I did not want to watch this before watching Endgame and I’ve got to say....not bad.

  • Omar Alor
    Omar Alor 4 months ago +1

    Press F for all the people who thought Dr Strange would be the key.

  • Adrian Aburto
    Adrian Aburto 4 months ago +2

    if only they knew there would be nothing at the end except for a noise

  • Nexxy Van Note
    Nexxy Van Note 4 months ago


  • Nexxy Van Note
    Nexxy Van Note 4 months ago


  • Nexxy Van Note
    Nexxy Van Note 4 months ago


  • Nexxy Van Note
    Nexxy Van Note 4 months ago


  • HangTime Vids
    HangTime Vids 4 months ago

    7:39 it kinda did 😂

  • Vincent Lim
    Vincent Lim 4 months ago +21

    24:55 i wonder what you're doing for the next 18 months

  • Joker
    Joker 4 months ago

    You know what i think you’re gonna love it!

  • Ariel Nagar
    Ariel Nagar 4 months ago

    Lol zero post credit scene

  • Tracy Schaber
    Tracy Schaber 4 months ago

    Oh...Groot gave off the same light as when Odin "left/gave himself up"? Was Hela been in the soul stone?

  • Awe Some
    Awe Some 4 months ago

    Holy damn

    This movie was awesome

    *whispers* inject it into my veins

  • Karl Hendrik Hammerberg

    Cap is fuking worthie

  • Karl Hendrik Hammerberg

    Hulk is smart

  • M tubers
    M tubers 4 months ago

    I saw endgame

  • Joel Miller
    Joel Miller 4 months ago +2

    4:18 not so much
    His screentime is literally like 3 min long and he was only mentioned twice throughout the whole movie

  • Bobby Bawl
    Bobby Bawl 4 months ago

    I want to be the first to say! I’m disappointed that Thanos didn’t use the gauntlet, and hulk didn’t get a round 2 with Thanos!

  • Samantha
    Samantha 4 months ago +1

    captain America breaks the power stone and boom

  • Michaelsmith 11plays
    Michaelsmith 11plays 4 months ago +1

    Did you notice that Maria hill calls fury nick in credits of infinity war captain marvel asked him and he said every one calls him fury she’s possibily the runaway skrull

  • Jesse Sullivan
    Jesse Sullivan 4 months ago


  • Joshua Gilchrist
    Joshua Gilchrist 4 months ago +5

    i dont think there will be a post credits scene. makes more sense

  • Nortonman
    Nortonman 4 months ago

    Here's what the end credits scene will be.Cap sacrifices himself somehow but then comes back at the end and everyone is happy that he didn't die. But then it's revealed that he's actually a Skrull and he actually did die! This then starts the next phase for Secret Invasion with Skrull Cap as the antagonist. And Chris Evans saying he was done playing Cap will be true as he is playing a skrull posing as Cap.

    • Jenn
      Jenn 4 months ago

      There are none

    • Connor fitz
      Connor fitz 4 months ago +1

      Nortonman no tony died

  • Danquez Ray
    Danquez Ray 4 months ago +1

    Download Cyberflix if you dont have the moeny to see End game or you want to see it now theres youtube videos on how to download it.

  • Ezequiel Chapina
    Ezequiel Chapina 4 months ago +4

    I watched this trailer for a horror movie and it said
    "#1 movie in America"
    Obviously they haven't heard of endgame

    • Nathanaël LAVALY
      Nathanaël LAVALY 4 months ago

      #1 in the horror category. Yeah, I know, I'm fun at parties ^^

  • Israel Lai
    Israel Lai 4 months ago

    I loved the post-credit scene so much

  • yFlannigan Black
    yFlannigan Black 4 months ago +18

    Having watched the movie and watching the predictions just makes me laugh xd

    • Enrique Mireles
      Enrique Mireles 4 months ago +1

      I mean he got like 2 of the predictions right on the nose

  • Waimania
    Waimania 4 months ago

    Want to know which fan theories are confirmed? I watched the movie and made a video discussing it: usclip.net/video/xHGEqnZnRYk/video.html

  • Ali A
    Ali A 4 months ago +1

    Who’s seen the movie 🍿 it was incredible.

  • Gozza
    Gozza 4 months ago

    Watched it. Loved it. 1 of your theories was VERY VERY close. The others...forget them all. #Nospoilers

  • Gabriel ***
    Gabriel *** 4 months ago

    R.I.P thors six pack

  • Athanasios Tsioplakis
    Athanasios Tsioplakis 4 months ago

    hands down yoda!

  • John Braz
    John Braz 4 months ago

    Saw the movie yesterday. You gonna get a surprise

  • Nick2987
    Nick2987 4 months ago +1

    Black widow is going to die Theory
    Black widow gets killed by Thanos and then the hulk who hasn’t come out of Bruce comes out and take down Thanos by rage

    • Yuh Yuh
      Yuh Yuh 4 months ago

      Your half right

  • JD Cook
    JD Cook 4 months ago

    its called, darth bane. And he became bad..... please god dont talk about the old republic unless you know something about it besides the video game.

  • Succeeds
    Succeeds 4 months ago

    11:10 didnt age well

  • Rye
    Rye 4 months ago

    Little did they know 😈😈

  • Antonio Panzetta
    Antonio Panzetta 4 months ago

    I want David Benniof and D.B. Weisman's trilogy in development to be based on the Knights of the Old Republic or at least be based during that era.

  • Brian Hewitt
    Brian Hewitt 4 months ago

    Gang Gang, Rat King sees you

  • John Valery Dela Peña
    John Valery Dela Peña 4 months ago


  • Antonio Panzetta
    Antonio Panzetta 4 months ago

    I didn't know other people had the Loki in Hel theory. But what I was thinking was that Loki's Disney+ Series could be about him escaping from Hel.

  • Murphy wolf
    Murphy wolf 4 months ago +1

    Endgame is the best film

  • Rainbow_snake is best
    Rainbow_snake is best 4 months ago +1

    Just seen endgame and HOLY COW that movie is good

  • Rob Richardson
    Rob Richardson 4 months ago

    maybe it's like that one Cap comic where Red Skull traps him in the Tesaract but with Thanos and the dusted Avengers

  • Carson Arson
    Carson Arson 4 months ago +2

    Tony and nat died

  • adam crane
    adam crane 4 months ago

    I dont care how but i want loki bacl

  • Thorsten Kudahl Kristensen

    So the soul stone had no power...bummer :(

  • Don Sy
    Don Sy 4 months ago

    Thumbs up if you're here after watching Avengers Endgame

  • alex plays
    alex plays 4 months ago

    I mean he has a army

  • alex plays
    alex plays 4 months ago

    Thanos had a army

  • Blackeu Pinkeu
    Blackeu Pinkeu 4 months ago +1

    Uhmmm As a person who already watched endgame,(Endgame was shown on cinemas in the Philippines on April 22), 2 or 3 of these theories are true!!! 😁😁😁

    • Blackeu Pinkeu
      Blackeu Pinkeu 4 months ago

      Sorry to disappoint, but there's no end credits scene for Endgame 😢