TRUMP NEWS Last Week Tonight With John Oliver 6/9/19


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  • Adam P
    Adam P 4 months ago

    Boris Johnson football tackle. Search it on here. It’s legendary
    Edit- here it is...

  • Diva montgomery
    Diva montgomery 4 months ago

    I’m not watching this right now. I just stoped here to say that I stop to watch this show and and all the others like Stephen Colbert, jimmy Fallon and all the other shows that repeatedly disrespect the president of the United States. You all don’t deserve any respect for the “job” you are doing. If you can call that a job.

  • Simon Jordan
    Simon Jordan 4 months ago +1

    Trump is Teflon please stop your embarrassing yourself and putting the simpletons in a loser denial state of gleeeeeee

  • Gert-Jan Baan
    Gert-Jan Baan 4 months ago

    come on with the rest of the video

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 4 months ago

    What do u have like 6 people in audience?.

  • Troy York
    Troy York 4 months ago

    Good to see Jack ass Oliver John meddle into the affairs of his own country

  • steven middlehurst
    steven middlehurst 4 months ago

    Are you still gonna pay up for that campaign cheque for the president you so blatantly said you would for the trump campaign in 2016 ! On the grounds of you saying do it and I'll personality right a cheque !

  • MiM AZ
    MiM AZ 4 months ago

    Who the freak allows these stupid idiotic channels?

  • Splaticus Blah
    Splaticus Blah 4 months ago

    President Sniffy..the Eric Cartman of America.

  • Alexfolledemoi
    Alexfolledemoi 4 months ago

    The fact that people blame May for brexit pisses me off....she sucks but it was Cameron who made the vote on brexit even possible

    • Donal Kinsella
      Donal Kinsella 4 months ago

      She along with the rest of them was part of Cameron's government and cabinet , They obviously approved of his stunt to grab power , The promise of a brexit vote , They are all in it up to their necks .

  • Octo pus
    Octo pus 4 months ago

    Correction, she did negotiate the withdrawl agreement with the EU however the UK parliment did not vote it through

  • Martin Pêcheur
    Martin Pêcheur 4 months ago +2

    Donie the "genius" told Ireland to build a wall ans assured the PM Mexico will pay for it

  • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    I'm a member of the Conservative party and I'm neither old or rich.

    DAV URGE 4 months ago

    he looks less of an ASSHOLE as you do, english prick-fk hbo. its like the last episode of got.

  • SuperBat
    SuperBat 4 months ago

    trump looks like a lowlife manservant next to the queen.

    • DAV URGE
      DAV URGE 4 months ago

      like your momservant to your da..fkoff

  • Ted Mahala
    Ted Mahala 4 months ago +2

    Liberal HBO

  • dopamining
    dopamining 4 months ago +33

    You cut off the end. You can't even steal right.

  • Jill Morrow
    Jill Morrow 4 months ago

    Why is the 27 min post 4 minutes long? FAKE DV STUDIO

  • mr. 100 ups in 60 god
    mr. 100 ups in 60 god 4 months ago

    We elected al bundy for our president

    • DAV URGE
      DAV URGE 4 months ago

      wha, you live in england dickweed/

  • Richard Alexander
    Richard Alexander 4 months ago +3

    Oh great, poor England has their own Dotard tRump, Boris Johnson.

    • Ad Max
      Ad Max 4 months ago

      nae danger....and fuck the rest of them, poor scotland invented the modern world and everything and we get conservatives as a fucking reward.

    • Richard Alexander
      Richard Alexander 4 months ago

      @Ad Max Sorry, poor UK!

    • Ad Max
      Ad Max 4 months ago

      Unfortunately it's not just england it's scotland as well and then you have wales and northern ireland to. I wish i could go back 300 odd years and slap the people who decided to go into union with the english i really do we've put more into this partnership than they ever have and we get years of perpetual neo-liberal rule, second independence referendum incoming. Btw the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland is not just simply called "england".

  • ADD Dude
    ADD Dude 4 months ago

    That woman being criticized for using the word "homo" in a speech supporting equal rights shows what's wrong with pc culture. "I'm for traditional family values" means I'm against gay marriage but the PC police is happy. "If homos wanna marry, let them - I don't give a shit" supports gay marriage but PC people lose their minds. Content matters more than how you package it ffs!

  • 5./JG26_Lee
    5./JG26_Lee 4 months ago

  • Graham DeShaz
    Graham DeShaz 4 months ago

    I am going to start a petition to have the Emmy for best whateverthefuckitishewinseveryyear renamed “the Johnnie”.

  • Takeshi Kitano
    Takeshi Kitano 4 months ago +20

    Is it it my TV making the random windows 10 noise? I'm too drunk to tell

    • tehnemox
      tehnemox 4 months ago

      I was concerned it was my laptop at first. But also hearing it on my phone.

    • vito55122
      vito55122 4 months ago

      You’re a goddam hacker, even my phone does it now 😅

    • Debjyoti Gorai
      Debjyoti Gorai 4 months ago

      My computer is doing too.

  • Jethro Q. Walrustitty
    Jethro Q. Walrustitty 4 months ago

    Thank you!

  • tony plow
    tony plow 4 months ago +1

    Trump is still waiting for John to give him that campaign check he promised!

  • Brian Forde
    Brian Forde 4 months ago +4

    Thank god for shows like this and the daily show.

    • tony plow
      tony plow 4 months ago

      Brian, Yea I guess you don't want to cry alone?

  • Amberlance
    Amberlance 4 months ago +7

    "No general election - the new prime minister will be elected within their party" - Australia has experienced this sooo many times

    • Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial
      Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial 4 months ago +1

      Unfortunately, unlike Australia, the Queen won't do us all a favour and sack the lot of them

    • Sem
      Sem 4 months ago +1

      yeah because we have the same Westminster system... technically we have never voted in our prime minister
      not directly

  • Chalchiuhtlicue
    Chalchiuhtlicue 4 months ago +21

    Looks like Britain might be getting their own Trump problem

    • Henchman Twenty1
      Henchman Twenty1 4 months ago +1

      Compliments of Putin. Gets fucking morons put in charge of the rest of the world. Takes over rest of the world.

    • DoJo Starfox
      DoJo Starfox 4 months ago +1

      Nothing takes the pressure off the real criminals like putting a loud flashy moron "in charge".

  • The AJ
    The AJ 4 months ago +1

    Of course the South has not voted for the ERA.
    It's still 1880 there. Just ask migrants, black people, women, jews, LGBT's, poor people and of course voters who are disenfranchised.
    Fuck all o' y'all

  • Jarita Gupta
    Jarita Gupta 4 months ago +1

    This BJ guy seems perfect for being British PM ... steam rolling Asian Kids ... yeah thats not typical at all .... :D :D

  • Raven Mac
    Raven Mac 4 months ago +7

    Gove isn't just weird around children, he has screwed over an entire generation by his stupid decisions to change the GCSE/A level system, making it significantly harder and ruining the education system further.

    • Stephen Hodgson
      Stephen Hodgson 4 months ago

      Raven Howl people in the UK have been changing the education system on a regular basis since the beginning of the 1970's. Every government since then has had a finger in the pie of change since then all supposedly in the name of benefiting the children. We now have a situation where according to the examiners that the GCSE exams for maths are now easier than the old 'O' levels were in 1974. The only positive thing that has happened in education since World War 2 has been the creation of the Open University by Harold Wilson. In the UK we have a host of educational researchers who constantly come up with new ideas that politicians latch onto because education became a political football more than 50 years ago. We had polytechnics suddenly transforming into Universities and then offering a whole range of meaningless courses to make themselves appear relevant. For example at one point Lancaster 'University' offered a degree in car salesmanship. We even had a whole new alphabet devised to supposedly help children to learn to read only for many of them to have to learn again because the books they had to read in secondary and high schools did not use that alphabet. Politicians of all parties have been screwing up education not just Gove. However Gove the man who during the Brexit campaign said we don't need experts, then puts himself forward as an economic expert when all he has ever been is a newspaper journalist and politicians should automatically disqualify him from ever holding any public office again.

  • MrVato53
    MrVato53 4 months ago +4

    Mr Oliver, why don't you just do us a favor and quit. Go home. Give some up and coming young person your spot who can actually be a positive force for humanity. You are a waste of energy and an incoherent mass of human flesh.

    • DAV URGE
      DAV URGE 4 months ago

      guy shouldnt be hosting American tv- fk off libtard oliver...

    • M G
      M G 4 months ago

      Don't you mean Mr. Trump?
      ~oh wait, you said "human flesh"... so i guess that does exclude Trump

    • Paula Keller
      Paula Keller 4 months ago

      I pretty sure Russia has better teeth coverage in teeth care than U. S. Russia use a ⚾ basrball bat. The states use GOP agenda, Go Fu. ck yourself. That's the ReThugbliCons agenda with thieir fake propaganda BS.

    • Paula Keller
      Paula Keller 4 months ago +1

      I heard British people don't have good teeth. I hope is not the case here in the states with trump's supporters. Toothles Hillibillies Drumps supporters.

    • Paula Keller
      Paula Keller 4 months ago +1

      The vast majority off Russian people and american disagree with these 2 white racists bastard AKA drumpf N putin. You notice i was suppose 2 use capital letters 2 these 2 evil bastards. Midget Stalin and Bozo Trump.

  • zengara11
    zengara11 4 months ago +10

    Why is it hard for people to post in HD? o.o Not meant in a mean way, does it require something extra to go from 480p to download/upload in 1080p?

    • May the Science be with You
      May the Science be with You 4 months ago

      just watch it on your phone like a normal person

    • Tabeazzz
      Tabeazzz 4 months ago

      Hbo uploads it in great quality on their streaming service ;)

    • Tapas Agarwal
      Tapas Agarwal 4 months ago +1

      Hmm why don’t you upload it next time?

    • Hot-Headed Gladiator
      Hot-Headed Gladiator 4 months ago +7

      It's much faster to download and upload in lower quality. Its also prolly less likely to get automatically removed.

  • purplefireweed
    purplefireweed 4 months ago +1

    I love John Oliver!

  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz 4 months ago

    Thank you.

  • Ricky Cunningham
    Ricky Cunningham 4 months ago

    Florida is a shit hole

  • rocky
    rocky 4 months ago

    Our world is so fucked with all of these idiots playing politics. time for a complete reform.

  • omarnumbawan
    omarnumbawan 4 months ago +5

    Am I here first? hah!