Game Grumps: Flight Stories Compilation

  • Published on Dec 17, 2018
  • Arin and Dan share some of their better and worse experiences and stories flying!
    @ 0:00
    Super Mario 64: The Bright Side - PART 60 (0:00)
    @ 3:03
    Zelda Ocarina of Time: Down With The Sickness - PART 22 (1:02)
    @ 5:17
    Pokemon FireRed: Babies Galore - PART 99 (0:46, 4:35)
    @ 11:02
    Super Mario 3D World: Fart Eating - PART 39 (10:37)
    @ 13:26
    Sonic '06: Carefully Escort Anna - PART 97 (1:16)
    @ 18:26
    Bloodborne: Quite the Fright - PART 12 (0:23)
    @ 20:21
    Bloodborne: The Build Up - PART 58 (6:31)
    @ 22:12
    Sonic Adventure DX: Fish Fighting - PART 48 (8:19)
    @ 23:23
    Glitchspace: Rookie Mistakes - PART 2 (8:16)
    @ 24:35
    Sonic '06: What's an Acropolis - PART 13 (5:16)
    @ 25:27
    Super Mario Sunshine: WHATEVER, DAD - PART 31 (5:19)
    @ 26:53
    Castlevania: Unlimited Continues - PART 3 (4:15)
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  • demypeace
    demypeace 3 days ago

    john and I are very much of the same. DRINKING IS FUCKING GREAT but drink water from time to time and you'll wake up fine the next day boyo

  • John Porudy
    John Porudy 5 days ago

    Never been on a plane but I take the bus and one time I was next to a guy who had his nuts hanging out of his pants and he was like speaking in tongues and shit

  • Smile forever
    Smile forever 9 days ago +1

    8:12 My mom told me that she wanted to though me out the window because I cried so much as a baby.

  • JesseRoxII
    JesseRoxII 9 days ago

    Pilots’ voices are just low-pitched Avi Avidan.

  • Simon Henderson
    Simon Henderson 13 days ago

    The adon this video for me was for Expedia

  • Under The Bed
    Under The Bed 18 days ago

    alright so i have like a 9 hour flight coming up here within the next month and i'm really really hoping that i dont have any bad luck with who i'm seated next to. if i have to sit next to someone with bad breath i will throw myself off of the plane

  • Sven K
    Sven K 20 days ago

    woah my friend has a cat named ares

  • asdikfjsgoi;lsdldfkjsd

    2:39 Danny says Oof

  • Vidgmchtr
    Vidgmchtr 22 days ago

    Oh lord, babies on planes.
    I had a flight from New York to Hong Kong, 15 hours, and it was a layover. From beginning to end. At least three or four babies not far from where I sat. And AT LEAST one of them was crying. When one stopped, the cabin breathed a collective sigh of relief...5 seconds later, one of the other babies started up again. Halfway into the flight, there'd be some audible, very irritated groans of displeasure among the childless passengers.
    15 hours of crying babies. Did not get a single wink of sleep.

  • Bald Bird Barry
    Bald Bird Barry 24 days ago


  • Handal Piper
    Handal Piper 29 days ago

    Danny sharing plane stories help this cross my mind
    Danny should some day do a cover of the opening to The Greatest American Hero
    He's got the voice for it

  • Halo Grunt
    Halo Grunt Month ago

    Had to keep in the "Illuminati with a body"

  • Cole
    Cole Month ago

    I'm getting on a plane tommorow

  • jesse williams
    jesse williams Month ago

    I once sat next to 2 85 year old guys on a plane and they talked about 9/11 and plane crashes the WHOLE FLIGHT.

  • Dr. fish
    Dr. fish Month ago

    "Such a amazing Coris of human suffering" :)

    EPICBERRY101 Month ago

    Hurry! Click on this time stamp: 2:58. Thank me later.

  • eli beli
    eli beli Month ago

    Aw man Ive bought cigarettes drunk too

  • Jack Doodles
    Jack Doodles Month ago

    i actually didn't know that it was such a bad udea to go on a plane when you're sick.. no wonder my ears hurt for way longer than usual-

  • RhythmGrizz
    RhythmGrizz Month ago

    "hEY, i nEED a fUckiNg cOFfee cuZ
    I M A S T A R"

  • TF1Akrata
    TF1Akrata Month ago +1

    I've kicked a baby >.> I was about 11, I was at a family reunion type thing, and me and the kids were playing tag. Now i was and still am a chunky boy, so I book it and hide from the beginning cause if I'm caught aint no one else getting caught. I run through the backdoor and go to cut through the kitchen hit something hard as i'm looking over my shoulder. I went face first into the floor. The, what i now see is a baby, goes skidding across the floor. And then I run and hide because I know. I knooooow, i'm going to get my ass beat. The baby is alive and fine xD this isn't a horror story. I just heard "no one would kick a baby" and well...

  • Madmanmadison
    Madmanmadison Month ago

    We'll be cruising at an altitude of ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BYE!

  • Harrison Rogers
    Harrison Rogers Month ago

    I've flown with a cold too and I can confirm its terrible

  • th_eta
    th_eta Month ago

    Ugh the breath thing yeah, it doesn't help me that I'm super sensitive to smell :0

  • Kami Lee
    Kami Lee Month ago +4

    I know that one guy in my youth orchestra got a really nasty sinus infection or cold or something while we we on tour in France last year. The irony was, he'd been mocking the French health care system the night before (he is very obnoxiously political and his parents are doctors or something) and he had to be taken to the doctor and experience it firsthand the next morning. Couple other people got sick too. I don't think any of them had the issue Dan did on our flight home though. However a Canadian couple had a baby that threw up on the flight. He was a relatively ok child otherwise.

  • DrknssRules1
    DrknssRules1 Month ago

    Well today I learned Jon is an alcoholic. Fun fact.

  • Luke Perkins
    Luke Perkins Month ago

    Do a compilation of their Vacation stories!

  • umbra
    umbra Month ago +1

    Oh man Dan’s story at like 1:30 reminds me of the time I flew to NY by myself at like 16 years old and like this 40 year old guy sits next to me at the terminal along with his girlfriend who was like half his age and after five minutes they just started like. REALLY making out. like tongue and whispering and everything right next to me, a fucking KID. She eventually sat on the guys lap and by then the terminal was so crowded that she couldn’t move and neither could I
    I pulled out my Switch and turned the game volume really high so they’d have to listen to Link go “HYAP” the entire time which eventually put an end to the mouth to mouth but not the excessive daddy talk;;
    it was like they were possessed by the ghosts of some shitty Shakespearean wannabe smut novel that my grandma reads at 3am

  • Dead Memes
    Dead Memes 2 months ago

    You seed more subs

  • The Peanut Gallery
    The Peanut Gallery 2 months ago

    Honestly at this point someone should just make a compilation of “All stories told during the Mario 64 playthrough”

  • PsychOsmosis
    PsychOsmosis 2 months ago +166

    4:40 Public Service Announcement :
    If you must travel by plane while having an upper airways infection (with nasal congestion), bring a medicated nasal decongestant spray with you and use it right before take-off and, if the posology allows it, before the plane starts to lower its altitude before landing!
    6:10 Public Service Announcement #2 :
    Avoid travelling on an airplane with a baby / toddler AT ALL COST. They don't have the capacity to apply the techniques we use to balance our ear pressure (such as swallowing, yawning or chewing gum). The reason babies always cry on airplanes is that they're in incredible pain caused by barotrauma!
    Thank you for having taken the time to read this PSA,
    - A Concerned Doctor.

  • MoltenMarbles
    MoltenMarbles 2 months ago

    During my first flight I ever went on (which was fairly recently) I had a terrible cold. And I wasn’t aware that the congestion could hurt you or whatever. So, the fight went good, was kind of bored or whatever, it was a three hour flight. So, about 30 minutes or so before we landed, and we were starting to descend. And I started getting pain in my ears. And I was thinking, “oh it’s just my ears popping from the presser, it’s whatever” because, obviously, I had never flown. And, all at once, I got THE WORST PAIN I HAD EVER EXPERIENCED in my ears. It was so bad I expected to like, not recover. And I experienced that for the whole 30 minutes before we landed, and even a little bit afterwards. I couldn’t hear again until literally the next day. Needless to say, the flight back home went a lot better, seeing as I wasn’t sick anymore
    Moral of the story, if you’re flying and you’re sick, you’re fucked my friend

  • Donovan Howes
    Donovan Howes 2 months ago +3

    Don't let these flight stories hide the fact that Big the Cat knew how to fly the Tornado 2 off the Egg Carrier despite never receiving any pilot training.

  • Airiles Yankovic
    Airiles Yankovic 2 months ago +1

    Note to self. Don't let them around a child

  • Aus Tronaut
    Aus Tronaut 2 months ago

    Wow Jon sounds like an alchie 🤣 I feel bad cause I have an anxiety disorder and he sounds like he’s got the same issues... but it’s still funny.

  • Music Man Vincent
    Music Man Vincent 2 months ago +1

    "Lets quarantine baby's" - Arin Hanson, 2015

  • flipmane
    flipmane 2 months ago +1

    I was sick when me and my family took off from Seattle to Hawaii. Upon the landing.. holy hell. I swear I had temporarily lost 80% of my hearing, and it felt like someone was jamming needles into my eardrums.
    Learn to equalize pressure by pinching your nose shut, and try lightly blowing it. That tip would have saved me a lot of pain, tbh.

  • A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur

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  • Seb K
    Seb K 2 months ago

    Holy shit...I didn't know about the cold thing but I flew home from New York when I was sick and my ears didn't pop for 2 weeks until I went to the doctor. I was in so much pain the entire flight and I never knew why

  • theCrazyJohn11
    theCrazyJohn11 2 months ago


  • Hewo Awad
    Hewo Awad 2 months ago


  • Jerry Brink
    Jerry Brink 2 months ago

    1st time flying, I went from Denver to Atlanta so I could go from Atlanta to Düsseldorf for a cultural exchange program. Best flight because food was provided from the people I flew with, I had spotify premium, and a fairly comfortable seat in the middle of the plane in between two people. After landing in Düsseldorf, I went with the group to meet our host families. Throughout the day, it felt like my head was going to be crushed (most likely because I felt really tired) and I could feel my senses dulling.

  • Rowdy Rob Gaming
    Rowdy Rob Gaming 2 months ago

    I love how disinterested Arin sounds in the story about his eardrums almost bursting when he flew while sick.

  • ghost Unix
    ghost Unix 2 months ago

    Actually not true because pilots train in chambers to adapt blood vessel. pilots don,t petty illness because they are not allowed to leave the airport .

  • Space Fry
    Space Fry 2 months ago +7

    Love that you including john cause alot of these compa over look his storys

  • Isabelle Thomas
    Isabelle Thomas 2 months ago

    If you’ve gotta fly while sick, take hella decongestants at least an hour before your flight.

  • G-Mobile
    G-Mobile 2 months ago +5

    halitosis is something Listerine made up to sell more mouth wash

    • G-Mobile
      G-Mobile Month ago

      +RhythmGrizz reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • RhythmGrizz
      RhythmGrizz Month ago

      That's exactly what someone with Halitosis would say

  • Star Searcher
    Star Searcher 2 months ago +3

    It makes sense the pressure on the ears in the air will cause bleeding. I was lucky that didn’t happen as I was sick and going to see my family in Georgia for Christmas for the first time 4 years ago. My ears hurt so badly the whole time and popping so I couldn’t hear from time to time and my head hurt so bad after. I think the only reason I didn’t have bleeding or lose my hearing as I used to have swimmers ear as a kid which was very painful and wouldn’t go away 3 days. So I guess my ears were used to pain? But since that flight my ears are very sensitive to loud sounds that are very close to my ears.

  • Kir Kanos
    Kir Kanos 2 months ago


  • DeadTurret
    DeadTurret 2 months ago

    So i assume jon drunkenly buying cigarretes explains why he has cigarettes as a prop in some of the earlier jontron show stuff

  • Archer Is Trash
    Archer Is Trash 2 months ago +11

    3:50 I have severe, permanent damage in my left ear that renders me deaf in that side. After four surgeries and over twenty office procedures, they were able to salvage my eardrum so that for the first time in years, I could get it wet (i.e swimming; bathing). It still can’t take any pressure well though, which means I can’t dive and planes are a living hell because I can’t pop my ears. Luckily, I haven’t had anymore severe damage, but I definitely feel the pain in this story

    • Yandere Toga
      Yandere Toga Day ago

      oh, my friend actually has slight damage in (i think) her left ear, and someone at CVS screwed up something and so she had to have surgery

    • ember
      ember Month ago +1

      did it happen for the same reason? sorry to hear that.

  • PlushiePoogle
    PlushiePoogle 2 months ago +1

    20:45 how I feel watching Game Grumps in public...
    But then I do anyway ^-^

  • Just Vinnie
    Just Vinnie 2 months ago


  • eatsleepplayrepeat
    eatsleepplayrepeat 2 months ago

    I'm just so drunk right now.

  • cool cool
    cool cool 2 months ago +5

    After sitting back and listening to this, I feel the best I have since I started throwing up for the past 6/7 hours. Thank you so much.

  • Luke A-Da-Puga
    Luke A-Da-Puga 2 months ago +1


  • bread
    bread 2 months ago +122

    Dan's not lying about the flying while sick thing. I took a flight while sick with a brewing sinus infection when I was 16, and 5 years later i still cant hear properly out of my left ear

    • Immortal Android
      Immortal Android 2 months ago

      +fullrewrite you might not have been congested during the flight

    • fullrewrite
      fullrewrite 2 months ago

      This is so weird because I was ill when I was younger but I still went on a plane so idk what happened because I was tiny and I didn’t know

    • fullrewrite
      fullrewrite 2 months ago

      This is so weird because I was ill when I was younger but I still went on a plane so idk what happened because I was tiny and I didn’t know

    • Immortal Android
      Immortal Android 2 months ago +2

      +Dew F ohhhh EHEHEEEHUHUEAH

    • Dew F
      Dew F 2 months ago

      I hope, you all will be alright. Stay safe and healthy, ok.

  • redknight 7070
    redknight 7070 2 months ago

    Come on you said game grumps not steam train to. It was good either way 👍👌

  • TheChemist
    TheChemist 2 months ago +55

    “But his poor bumbum was covered in poopy.” Ross, you’re sweet and adorable.

    • Logical Overdrive
      Logical Overdrive Month ago

      TheChemist the word “sweet” does not describe the troll king Ross.

  • 眩暈夢
    眩暈夢 2 months ago +6

    I have the same issues with sinuses and flying. Upon descent, it feels like knives are being inserted between my eyes.

  • Cool
    Cool 2 months ago +6

    I swear if I hear the virgin airlines song here I’m gonna scream.

  • Master Pôpô
    Master Pôpô 2 months ago +1

    You idiot put your hand on the wound by toggling collision

  • The Overlord
    The Overlord 2 months ago +3

    “I hate black people”-Dan Avadan

  • The Queer Is Here
    The Queer Is Here 2 months ago +107

    6:18 “It was just such an amazing chorus of human suffering.”

    • Angry Kirby
      Angry Kirby 2 months ago +3

      -Jewish boi with strange thumbs

  • The Queer Is Here
    The Queer Is Here 2 months ago +1

    They went to SXSW? Why wasn’t I notified?!?!

  • Benny
    Benny 2 months ago +30

    Why was the first thing I thought of when they mentioned the plane with the massive amount of babies "What would the news headline be? Hundreds of dead babies found in plane crash?"

    • Jack 7
      Jack 7 2 months ago +1

      Did ya watched Birdman recently?

  • Asia Quammie
    Asia Quammie 2 months ago +6


  • Power Spirit
    Power Spirit 2 months ago +6

    I was once in a plane with a cold. I could barely hear a whole week after.

  • Madison Farrar
    Madison Farrar 2 months ago +9

    Oh my God, flying with a cold especially when your ears feel stuffed is the worst thing ever. It really does feel like your head is actually going to explode. It took everything I had not to scream at certain points. It wasn't even just during takeoff and landing, it was the whole damn 4 hours of flight.

    • Bofa D. Snutts
      Bofa D. Snutts 2 months ago +2

      I had that happen to me and I felt like the top my skull was being sawed off. I had no idea what was happening because it was the first time I'd been on a plane on my own and it hurt worse than anything else I've ever felt in my life.

  • Fantallana
    Fantallana 2 months ago +664

    The politically disturbing girl Arin met on the plane was Jontron

    • Fetchdafish
      Fetchdafish 4 days ago +1

      +Jayden Scott He said true things about immigrants. You're just a coward with no argument.

    • Fetchdafish
      Fetchdafish 4 days ago +1

      +Rossy Mossy "Racist" just means "I disagree with him."

    • Jade Rodriguez
      Jade Rodriguez 6 days ago +1

      +Some Scrub any one in the public eye who did the massively dumb things he did would publicly apologize doesn't change what he said

    • g0at guy
      g0at guy 10 days ago +2

      Immortal Android a black person is black if their parents are, a person born in america isn’t an immigrant because their parents are. doesn’t really take that many brain cells to figure out that he definitely doesn’t personally know the struggle

    • Some Scrub
      Some Scrub Month ago +2

      +Rossy Mossy He did say some things I don't agree with.
      He also said that he isn't a political activist and doesn't know enough about politics, and that you should not emulate the things he said. He was very regretful and still gets shit on.

  • LikeSTokio
    LikeSTokio 2 months ago +25

    Damn, Jon's stories just involve being drunk

    • Core Blaster
      Core Blaster 2 months ago +6

      well these are flight stories, and every time he's on a flight he's drunk, so it makes sense that all of these flight stories involve him being drunk. :/

    • lazrpo
      lazrpo 2 months ago +10

      And insisting he isn't an alcoholic.

  • I Eat Garbage
    I Eat Garbage 2 months ago +1


  • Lattice 90
    Lattice 90 2 months ago +7

    God I really hate black people

    • Connor Wyant
      Connor Wyant 2 months ago

      Tom playz jokes. Jokes are fun.

    • Lattice 90
      Lattice 90 2 months ago

      +Yellow Bord she's my wife

    • Yellow Bord
      Yellow Bord 2 months ago

      Even if it’s a joke, you’re shitting on Isabelle’s perfect name by saying that with that profile picture. Please don’t ruin my wife.

    • Tom playz
      Tom playz 2 months ago +1

      Lattice 90 rassist

  • Pajama Pants
    Pajama Pants 2 months ago +55

    Jon isn't a grump

    He's not so grump ;)

  • Butcher Snake
    Butcher Snake 2 months ago +355

    "if i had a kid i would probably kick it a bunch" -Arin Hanson

    • Nacho Chips
      Nacho Chips 2 months ago +7


    • oh okay
      oh okay 2 months ago +27

      “as we all would” - dan avidan

  • SaltyPudding ;-;
    SaltyPudding ;-; 2 months ago +15

    8:25 Arin sounds hella high

  • Kimberly Diaz
    Kimberly Diaz 2 months ago +76

    I forgot how much I hate how Jon tells stories.

    • ember
      ember Month ago

      I dunno, I like that one about the guy that crashed into his building. Hate is a strong word, c'mon.

    • RhythmGrizz
      RhythmGrizz Month ago

      I hate how you tell stories, Kimberly.

    • Scott TheGautier
      Scott TheGautier Month ago +1

      This Officially Sucks or maybe because it’s the 97th episode of sonic ‘06 and they’re losing their minds

    • trash
      trash 2 months ago +1

      idk i think it's really funny the way he tells stories

    • Brennan Fargher
      Brennan Fargher 2 months ago +2

      Cmon he’s doing his best

  • Novadrive
    Novadrive 2 months ago +101

    The only thing worse than laughing out loud on a plane while watching a movie is laughing at a podcast on a plane

    • minifridge
      minifridge 29 days ago +2

      Why in the world are those different or worse

  • Trenton Quant
    Trenton Quant 2 months ago +12

    This won’t be a thing because it’s technically unfair, but there should be a law against taking your child on a plane if they’re younger than 5 or 6. No toddler or baby will not cry on a plane. It saves parents the trouble and the other passengers’ ears.

    • Cassie Colgen
      Cassie Colgen Month ago

      When I was a baby I never cried on a plane, I just sat there smiling

    • Kami Mikuta
      Kami Mikuta Month ago +2

      Well it doesnt help that they dont have the capacity to yawn so they are crying from being in a giant amount of pain. So for a certain age I think doctors even tell parents not to take super young babies on plabes

    • Bofa D. Snutts
      Bofa D. Snutts 2 months ago +2

      Never mind planes. You can put headphones on or earplugs in when you're on a plane. You know what that rule needs to be applied to? Movie theatres.

    • Carne Guisada
      Carne Guisada 2 months ago +3

      Invest in headphones

    • HoeruTiger
      HoeruTiger 2 months ago +11

      Trenton Quant here’s an idea - i know you might find this shocking but.

  • Michael Long
    Michael Long 3 months ago +206

    Slightly disappointed that we didnt get the Virgin Airlines song

    • Sardonyx
      Sardonyx 22 days ago +1


    • NeilIsBored
      NeilIsBored 29 days ago +1

      More like Venga Airlines

    • Cross Fire
      Cross Fire 2 months ago +6

      Michael Long more than slightly

  • John Littrell
    John Littrell 3 months ago +9

    Don’t let Arin have babies

  • TheSpektrum
    TheSpektrum 3 months ago +28

    I bet those 10 dislikes are the ppl these stories are about.

  • Darcy Jane
    Darcy Jane 3 months ago +168

    Compilation of best PG moments so I can show my family

    • Cross Fire
      Cross Fire 2 months ago +14

      Darcy Jane idk if those exist

  • The Memessiah
    The Memessiah 3 months ago +86

    To counter the other folks, never stop adding Jon stories. People need to be reminded and accept that he co-founded this channel people love and adore even to this day.

    • crane 117
      crane 117 2 months ago +1

      Brave man with that profile pic

    • Kenny Martin
      Kenny Martin 2 months ago +2

      I just think they should be catagorized into Jon and Dan complimations.

    • sugarysweetsilver
      sugarysweetsilver 2 months ago +2

      listen i still like jon but can y'all PLEASE. shut UP

    • This Officially Sucks
      This Officially Sucks 2 months ago

      +Fantallana dan didn't need to figure it out.

    • Fantallana
      Fantallana 2 months ago +3

      The Memessiah yeah, he really helped invent talking over video games. Dan would’ve never figured it out without his example.

  • NerdAlert 8910
    NerdAlert 8910 3 months ago +48

    28:18 Arin is probably the best human being

  • The Mexican Animator
    The Mexican Animator 3 months ago +7

    These guys have the worst luck at planes

  • Betty A.k.a Betty
    Betty A.k.a Betty 3 months ago +22

    Flying sucks. Flying with screaming misbehaving children.... I wish that hell on no one.

  • YoCatDoc
    YoCatDoc 3 months ago +4

    This whole video is LOL

  • No Thanks K?
    No Thanks K? 3 months ago +17

    I had a little bit of congestion and went on a flight to New Jersey and my Mom and Dad said my ears would pop and I immediately was like, um, my ears aren't poppingggg.... and the whole flight kinda sucked cause the plane was loud too so it was the only thing I could hear, which hurt even more, so I got lucky when I got off cause my ears suddenly popped after I tryed many times. That was NOT fun. I now know why I lost alot of hearing.

  • Gimmerstrike
    Gimmerstrike 3 months ago +12

    Jon isn't a grump

    • Medieval Communist
      Medieval Communist 2 months ago

      +MasonMPlayz I only do it when people call other people dumb.

    • MasonMPlayz
      MasonMPlayz 2 months ago +1

      +Medieval Communist wow, you have no other argument to cling to but spell checking.

    • American Angel
      American Angel 2 months ago +4

      You're right
      He's THE grump

    • Diran Jirū
      Diran Jirū 3 months ago +8

      Of course not. He's not so grump.

    • Medieval Communist
      Medieval Communist 3 months ago +3

      +MasonTrippy you're*

  • WeirdAj
    WeirdAj 3 months ago +20

    Hah 🎶I'm getting drunk on a plane🎶

  • Abraham Samarneh
    Abraham Samarneh 3 months ago +1


  • Jonathan Seberino
    Jonathan Seberino 3 months ago +1

    where do they stream

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 3 months ago +20

    stop adding jon in pls. it's been so long that he hasn't been a grump

    • Luke S.
      Luke S. 24 days ago

      +Dr Mime let me ask again, proof?

    • Dr Mime
      Dr Mime 24 days ago

      +Luke S. Yes very much

    • Luke S.
      Luke S. Month ago

      +Dr Mime proof?

    • Dr Mime
      Dr Mime Month ago

      +Kami Mikuta Jon hit Suzy that's why he left game grumps he was scared of what Arin would do it was at some convention or something

    • Kami Mikuta
      Kami Mikuta Month ago

      +Dr Mime wait what?

  • Vincent Joe
    Vincent Joe 3 months ago +51

    2:39 Out of context Grumps

  • Sammy Calvo
    Sammy Calvo 3 months ago +80

    We should quarantine baby's

    • Ezra Dactyl
      Ezra Dactyl Month ago +1

      +Bob Semple 😌👌

    • Bob Semple
      Bob Semple Month ago +1

      Ezra Dactyl Obviously, Baby’s bad grammar

    • Donovan Howes
      Donovan Howes 2 months ago +1

      Baby's crying.

    • Ezra Dactyl
      Ezra Dactyl 3 months ago +14

      Baby's diapers? Baby's bottle? Baby's crib? BABY'S WHAAAAT

  • Alexandre Thouard
    Alexandre Thouard 3 months ago +516

    Only 30 minutes? I thought there would be way more stories of Dan being high!

  • Thats None Of My Business
    Thats None Of My Business 3 months ago +141

    I know you don't get a lot of views but keep up these videos they're amazing.

    • Thats None Of My Business
      Thats None Of My Business 2 months ago +1

      Akiba Momoro I just understand it can be discouraging to put a bunch of work into videos and not blow up like the other youtubers do.

    • Bork Squad
      Bork Squad 2 months ago +1

      50000 seems like quite a bit lol

  • DinoBroof
    DinoBroof 3 months ago +2

    So many baby’s

  • Kyle Lockwood
    Kyle Lockwood 3 months ago +40

    *_Gotta love these compilations_*

  • PoisonCrafted MC
    PoisonCrafted MC 3 months ago +5

    GameGrumps your my fav youtuber and thanks so much for these comps :3 your personalitys are the best thing ever :p

    • PoisonCrafted MC
      PoisonCrafted MC 2 months ago

      +Lyrec So true

    • Lyrec
      Lyrec 2 months ago +2

      +PoisonCrafted MC I mean why does it have to be a formal occasion to be literate? Being intelligent isn't circumstantial.

    • PoisonCrafted MC
      PoisonCrafted MC 2 months ago

      +El Viejo Dann lol

    • El Viejo Dann
      El Viejo Dann 2 months ago +1

      +PoisonCrafted MC don't forget Obama has a troll account to watch the grumpy gamers

    • Brian Torres
      Brian Torres 2 months ago

      PoisonCrafted MC how do you Obama doesn’t lurk on here