How to Pronounce Caribbean


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  • Oliver Spear
    Oliver Spear Month ago +1

    This video is a scam

  • Al Cappi
    Al Cappi Year ago +1

    God bless you for making this that easy 😘

  • psmith85 channel
    psmith85 channel 2 years ago +6

    Rule of thumb: if you're not talking to a Caribbean person, you can say either. Otherwise, say the first way because that's how most people from there say it

    • I Need A Life Tbh
      I Need A Life Tbh 3 months ago

      psmith85 channel I know I'm 2 years late but I'm from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago to be exact) and we say it the second way.

    • Mizshell Mxioi
      Mizshell Mxioi 4 months ago

      but why then would my St Lucia man say it's mostly pronounced the 2nd way? fyi!

  • 1ex1uger
    1ex1uger 5 years ago +2

    Which one is it?!?

    • I Need A Life Tbh
      I Need A Life Tbh 3 months ago

      Deathninja193 I'm from the Caribbean and in my country (Trinidad and Tobago) we say it the second way

    • Duftstab Kerze
      Duftstab Kerze 7 months ago +1

      andres mendez: Thanks. Then I will continue pronouncing it: Cherry-Bee-Bean

    • Millwall 01
      Millwall 01 8 months ago

      First way

    • Elana Hess
      Elana Hess 9 months ago +1

      Deathninja193. my mom is from the there. i should know it is pronounced the 2nd way

    • Hoopylasss11
      Hoopylasss11 10 months ago +5

      it's the first one - it's only the americans who have bastardised yet another word, refusing to respect how the locals say it. just like bloody eye-rack. they can invade the place, just can't say it.