How to Pronounce Caribbean

  • Published on Dec 27, 2012
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Comments • 15

  • Wing Waker
    Wing Waker 4 months ago

    My parents are from Jamaica and I grew up always hearing it the first way. Only ever heard Canadians (or Americans) say it the second way. My friend who's parents are from Barbados said they also say it the first way.

  • Oliver Spear
    Oliver Spear 6 months ago +3

    This video is a scam

  • Al Cappi
    Al Cappi Year ago +1

    God bless you for making this that easy 😘

  • psmith85 channel
    psmith85 channel 3 years ago +9

    Rule of thumb: if you're not talking to a Caribbean person, you can say either. Otherwise, say the first way because that's how most people from there say it

    • I Need A Life Tbh
      I Need A Life Tbh 9 months ago

      psmith85 channel I know I'm 2 years late but I'm from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago to be exact) and we say it the second way.

    • Mizshell Mxioi
      Mizshell Mxioi 10 months ago

      but why then would my St Lucia man say it's mostly pronounced the 2nd way? fyi!

  • 1ex1uger
    1ex1uger 6 years ago +2

    Which one is it?!?

    • unckieherb
      unckieherb 4 months ago

      +Hoopylasss11 Exactly, who cares how the locals pronounce it when you make them your bitch anyway.

    • I Need A Life Tbh
      I Need A Life Tbh 9 months ago

      Deathninja193 I'm from the Caribbean and in my country (Trinidad and Tobago) we say it the second way

    • Duftstab Kerze
      Duftstab Kerze Year ago +1

      andres mendez: Thanks. Then I will continue pronouncing it: Cherry-Bee-Bean

    • Millwall 01
      Millwall 01 Year ago

      First way

    • Elana Hess
      Elana Hess Year ago +1

      Deathninja193. my mom is from the there. i should know it is pronounced the 2nd way