trying to make diy lays chips

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
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Comments • 5 259

  • Carissa Rossi
    Carissa Rossi 13 hours ago +1


  • Samantha Prewett
    Samantha Prewett 22 hours ago

    Only just realised that lays are walkers in UK

  • libby
    libby 2 days ago

    big want

  • Kiki G
    Kiki G 3 days ago

    Julien reminds me of my older brother that past away

  • Jasia-san6937
    Jasia-san6937 3 days ago +1

    47seconds in and I randomly smelled lays chips when we don't have any at my house 😅🤣🤣???????????

  • Gracious Rosebud
    Gracious Rosebud 4 days ago +1

    Normal person: peel the potato
    Julen: S K i N the potato

  • Ekko DeBergh
    Ekko DeBergh 4 days ago +1

    I want to dislike to make it 666 dislikes .. but I just can't do it cause I love em both so much...

  • Lea Dagher
    Lea Dagher 5 days ago

    Id give julien a show like damn

  • samuel sandeen
    samuel sandeen 6 days ago +1

    the fact he doesn't use a guard with that madalin is so Aries i cant even be mad...

  • A E
    A E 8 days ago

    My head hurts. The classic salt lays bag is red in my country and the cheese one's are yellow

  • Kisa Shouta
    Kisa Shouta 8 days ago

    lays are my favourite chips i'm subscribed now

  • Ashlynn Park
    Ashlynn Park 9 days ago

    Your love and passion for cooking is so cute and very admirable 👍💜

  • Ezzie Jacobs
    Ezzie Jacobs 11 days ago

    Julien: "Courtesy of my W-"
    Me: "WIFE!?!?!?!"
    Julien: "-onderful girlfriend"

  • Kaytlin Causer
    Kaytlin Causer 12 days ago

    The popcorn kernel hack is genius 🤯

  • Nicole Saslow
    Nicole Saslow 13 days ago

    I need ASMR cooking videos RIGHT NOW

  • ʙᴀsɪᴄ ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ɢɪʀʟ

    I b like: I like chipp
    And chipp b like: I taste plain

  • ʙᴀsɪᴄ ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ɢɪʀʟ

    Yo wtf bro, how can a chips taste like a plane?your such a liar

  • Amy Humphries
    Amy Humphries 15 days ago

    In the uk lays are actually called walkers and chips are called crisps! So fascinating

  • Trisha
    Trisha 15 days ago +1

    Make those clear potato chips.

  • band bam
    band bam 16 days ago

    Lemon lime Gatorade 🤮🤢

  • Flakey Pudding
    Flakey Pudding 16 days ago

    Ew lays are gross

  • x Trizzmo x
    x Trizzmo x 20 days ago +1

    *CaN._yOU...MAke--dOriTOz* ??

  • Ann C
    Ann C 22 days ago +1

    Happy Birthday! I’m at the age where chips at parties, asking people to help you move, and asking people to pick you up from the airport is not accepted. *We demand chips the time.*

  • meya meya
    meya meya 22 days ago

    omg best friend goals 😍😍😍

  • Alphabasaurus
    Alphabasaurus 23 days ago +1

    -Wayne Gretzgy
    -Michael Scott

  • Hunny Lemon
    Hunny Lemon 24 days ago

    I am also addicted and obsessed with chips. Anything smaller than party size is not enough. And without restricting myself I can easily consume the whole thing in one sitting and want more after.

    I have a problem.


  • SH1T KID
    SH1T KID 27 days ago

    My fav 9:35

  • Moondog66602
    Moondog66602 27 days ago

    Kettle cooked style chip have rendered all other types of chips obsolete.

  • juicebox
    juicebox 27 days ago

    man I really think they should date. They have a lot of chemistry!

  • occasional otaku
    occasional otaku 28 days ago +1

    nobody at all:
    why do nobody memes exsist:

    soccer moms:

  • Rachel Plays
    Rachel Plays 28 days ago +1

    Im am aries too😘😂

  • Надежда Маркова

    Самая прикольная пара во всем мире ютюб!!!

  • kk
    kk Month ago

    3:25 that transition was smooth as heck

  • Valadari Dawn
    Valadari Dawn Month ago

    Happy Birthday Julie!!!

  • Noel Wiedenhoefer
    Noel Wiedenhoefer Month ago

    please make those clear potato chips

  • Madi Jones
    Madi Jones Month ago

    character development is Julien waiting a few seconds longer for the chip to cool off than he normally would

  • ShannaShy
    ShannaShy Month ago

    Julien is every hipster that i hate

  • Daniel Silva
    Daniel Silva Month ago +1

    Next time use Sunflower Seed Oil. It might change the taste so that they resemble Lays more.

  • Jessica Bentley
    Jessica Bentley Month ago

    honestly, i'm not even vegan and i love watching all of these

  • ffdfsd fdfdsfds
    ffdfsd fdfdsfds Month ago


  • Heidi Allen
    Heidi Allen Month ago

    Anyone else from the south realizing they made potato skins....just me? Okay...well...whatever

  • Rascapetatiando Dance

    I totally agree!!! Classic Lays are the best!

  • Chloe Lorna
    Chloe Lorna Month ago +1

    So the irish version of walkers...but vegan combo

  • Rheanne R.
    Rheanne R. Month ago

    You guys should have a garden! Do the whole « farm » to table thing!

  • Hailey 14
    Hailey 14 Month ago

    You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
    - Wayne Gretzky
    - Michael Scott
    - Julien Solomita

  • Laura Mosto
    Laura Mosto Month ago

    Wait Lay's are gluten free!!

    I'm so fucking dumb it's potato chips....XD

  • Rachel King
    Rachel King Month ago

    "Enough time has passed to where I have....lost patience and am ready to proceed" Excellent, love it.

  • Jacklyn Cunningham
    Jacklyn Cunningham Month ago

    Binge-watching all your videos right now

  • Rebecca De Moraes
    Rebecca De Moraes Month ago

    bro julien made me want to make this and i fucking did and it was the best shit ever

  • awhSpaceEmily
    awhSpaceEmily Month ago

    I'm British but idk why everytime you say "chip" I'm just screaming "CRISP"

  • Morgan Noelle
    Morgan Noelle Month ago

    Binging Aries season kitchen vids. Good for my soul not so good for my diet.

  • molly belliveau
    molly belliveau Month ago

    Hey Julian it’s my life goal to sit in a bathtub and I wanted to see if Jenna could fulfill it for me

  • Marina L.
    Marina L. Month ago

    Your food vids give me life

  • im.alaska
    im.alaska Month ago

    you should bring the clear potato chips back

  • Brandie Rosales
    Brandie Rosales Month ago +1

    You should try to air fry them or maybe use a dehydrator to see if they come out differently!!

  • Kayla M.
    Kayla M. Month ago

    pls make fettuccine alfredo

  • Zoey Robins
    Zoey Robins Month ago

    If you’ve never been to Canada to try our Ketchup chips or our Salt n Vinegar chips you’re honestly missing out bcs I’ve been to the states & your chips aren’t as good!!!!!

  • Cady Fitzgerald
    Cady Fitzgerald Month ago

    Are Lays chips the same as Walkers crisps?

  • Elsa Estridge
    Elsa Estridge Month ago

    i want those chips they look so good my mouth is watering

  • Мария Журина

    Степендия не позволяет мне купить пачку чипсов, зато позволяет купить мешок картошки и сделать чипсы самой с шефом Джулианом