Irish People Try Weird Guinness Mixes

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
  • "Is this called the Irish....arse?"
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    Guinness is a simple drink. It is enjoyed by people all across the globe. It would be absolute BLASPHEMY to mix it with anything. seems some scoundrels out there have gone and done just that. We decided to sit down a few of our resident Irish TRYers to see what they thought of these....abominations. (Editor's note: way to keep it neutral)
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Comments • 2 867

  • Andreia Reminiec
    Andreia Reminiec 3 hours ago

    Irishman blue shirt..when was the last time you visited the states?
    Goose Islznd is a pale ale that is brewed in Chicago..Galway Hooker isn't a beer that I'd recognize at all

  • Gayle-Heather Condo
    Gayle-Heather Condo 4 hours ago

    This is awesome
    They are getting wasted as they get to each one

  • ddraelynkhar
    ddraelynkhar 5 hours ago

    "Should we ring our exs now or later?" Lolol

  • TubersAndPotatoes
    TubersAndPotatoes 6 hours ago

    Ah, weird mixes. If it was an Irish Carbomb mix they'd be drinking all day and all night.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 7 hours ago

    I think the leather jacket guy could drink turpentine

  • Terry Rush
    Terry Rush 13 hours ago

    "AMC the walking shit" best line in the bit

  • Terry Rush
    Terry Rush 13 hours ago

    I'm going to Ireland!

  • just me
    just me 16 hours ago

    Anyone else notice some of their irish accents come and go? If anything their transplants

  • ZillaZill
    ZillaZill 17 hours ago

    Do black people exist in Ireland?

  • Ray P.
    Ray P. 19 hours ago

    "that's AMC isnt it. The Walking Shit" lmao

  • Amber Owens
    Amber Owens 19 hours ago

    Was anyone else waiting for an Irish Car Bomb!?

  • inkulu
    inkulu 19 hours ago

    Yeah, Black and Tan is probably not the best thing to ask for in Eire...

  • Staci Schuck
    Staci Schuck 20 hours ago

    Dear mr. Connolly please marry me I don't drink so you can have all the Guinness you want!

  • Moon Reflection
    Moon Reflection 20 hours ago

    Leather jacket guy won 😜😜😜😜 since I'm subscribed to him

  • Walter Whitman
    Walter Whitman 21 hour ago

    No Irish Car Bomb?

  • Yomom12388
    Yomom12388 21 hour ago

    Was there a competition? Leather jacket fella is nice but he doesn't have an A+ rack. I vote for the blonde one.

  • lightningv46
    lightningv46 23 hours ago

    Come on. Black Velvet is Guinness and Champagne

  • Raymond Ward
    Raymond Ward 23 hours ago

    I gave up drinking and smoking more than 10 years ago but you miss A'ine O'Neill are beautiful! Love me do!

  • imchellemarie
    imchellemarie Day ago

    Black Fog: pull a pint of Guinness, pour in one shot of Chambord. I don't normally abide mixing anything with my Guinness, but this... this is delicious. It's like a Guinness raspberry truffle.

  • MikeVonDoom
    MikeVonDoom Day ago +1

    Áine O'neill is such a fine female specimen...

  • Mercedes Heisterberg

    He pronounces Guinness like Genius

  • Daddy Pobbin
    Daddy Pobbin Day ago

    It's the Catholic in me, sacrilegious!

  • Daddy Pobbin
    Daddy Pobbin Day ago

    How much do you have to be paid to do this?! No.

  • Danny Doyle
    Danny Doyle Day ago

    When you mix Guinness there are no winners

  • DefThrone
    DefThrone Day ago +1

    Isn't a black and tan supposed to be Guinness and Yuengling?

  • william miller
    william miller 2 days ago


  • Stanley Hudson
    Stanley Hudson 2 days ago

    “Should we ring her ex’s now or later” HOLY SHIT LMFAO

  • The Different Child
    The Different Child 2 days ago

    To me that guy looks like he's going to be acting in a film called Interview with a Irish Vampire.

  • charles Markgraf
    charles Markgraf 2 days ago

    I know I'm German, but if you're Irish and you don't like Guinness you should as punishment, be exiled to London, and never be able to leave

  • lostxlx 00
    lostxlx 00 2 days ago

    I love y'all accents !!!! 😍😇

  • Aodhan Bulger
    Aodhan Bulger 2 days ago

    the half and half

  • ZombieBunnyPosse
    ZombieBunnyPosse 2 days ago

    Leather Jacket Guy = 👎🏽

  • cyanide jack
    cyanide jack 2 days ago

    There is also another American drink called an Irish Car Bomb. A shot of Jameson dropped into a pint of Guinness. My bf drinks them and I keep telling him the name is offensive and don't ever order one in Ireland.

  • Sahil Dogra
    Sahil Dogra 2 days ago +1

    A drink called ‘black and tan’ for Irish people... not a good idea.

  • Braden Kruger
    Braden Kruger 2 days ago +1

    3:03 "Uhh, Shaun"
    Yes thank you LeatherJacketGuy for thinking of a name for my book I'm writing

  • Anistyn Smart
    Anistyn Smart 2 days ago +7

    They bring out the smirnoff ice and the first thing the leather jacket guy says
    "Should we ring our exes now or later..?"

  • Bryanna Resendiz
    Bryanna Resendiz 2 days ago

    I like a black and blue 😭

  • conka096
    conka096 2 days ago

    Guinness and blackcurrant juice is nice

  • Ashleigh Graham
    Ashleigh Graham 2 days ago +1

    Leather jacket guy is like the Irish jack sparrow and I love it

  • Valeria Rojas
    Valeria Rojas 3 days ago

    I'm sorry but the leather jacket guy just seems annoying to me 😬

  • CanadianMatt 440
    CanadianMatt 440 3 days ago +1

    Should have told them to open the guinness as fast as possible the carbonated ball inside we'll make it Fizz like a cock sucker if not opened fast ..... I love leather jacket guy tho

  • Matilda råstock ekmark

    You have Kopparberg beer glass! Omg, my little home town😍

  • Michael Calero
    Michael Calero 3 days ago

    I personally am a fan of the Guinness and Blue Moon. But now I've got some new stuff to try!

  • Luar Zaragoza
    Luar Zaragoza 3 days ago

    tigers testicles

  • Edward Gollihugh
    Edward Gollihugh 3 days ago

    I could watch this for hours just for the accents!😍😍

  • Kei Ziah Knight1886
    Kei Ziah Knight1886 3 days ago

    Watching this makes me want Irish friends... but if I go out drinking with them I'd probably die

  • Frieza Frieza
    Frieza Frieza 3 days ago

    I'm Mexican an can drink hard!

  • MarshmallowNebula
    MarshmallowNebula 3 days ago

    I may be of Irish descent but maybe I'm just too far removed and too American because I need frickin captions x3

  • Biryn
    Biryn 3 days ago

    I like Aine and Leather Jacket Guy soo much they’re so funny and cute together

  • Haeinscute
    Haeinscute 4 days ago

    I’ve drank the first three many times. They’re lovely.

  • Spartan Duff
    Spartan Duff 4 days ago

    These videos make me want to visit Ireland so badly

  • Xiorain Hans
    Xiorain Hans 4 days ago

    Doing it wrong bro..shud mix it completely,then ull get the real taste

  • Logan Brinn
    Logan Brinn 4 days ago

    i love the leather jacket guy

  • Brye Horan
    Brye Horan 4 days ago

    I love orchard thieves cider! I wish I could get it in America. Y’all should try the Red Robin Irish beer shake! It’s yummy! Look it up

  • Henrik Persson
    Henrik Persson 4 days ago

    Why didn't they try a Guy 50-50 Guinniess and Red bull and then a shot of tequila dropped in

  • Jayne Rushton
    Jayne Rushton 4 days ago

    Guinness and Tia Maria. Yum!!!

  • Rick
    Rick 4 days ago

    "I don't think anyone has any other memory of smirnof ice besides drinking it in fields at 14."
    I'm sorry I ment
    "I ont tink anyone has any odder memory oof smirnof ice besides drrrinkin' et in fields at fouuurtin."
    Don't take it to hard I'm irish too

  • Amberlynn Hill
    Amberlynn Hill 4 days ago

    Well if you like that you need to try Texas alcohol from whiskey brandy and frozen margaritas

  • Tom Ebbs
    Tom Ebbs 4 days ago +2

    Nothing Can Warp the Leatherjacketguy !!!! nothing!!!!!

  • X00MER
    X00MER 4 days ago

    You are just milking this shit.

  • Muppetfanforevah
    Muppetfanforevah 4 days ago

    Guinness milkshakes are AMAZING!

  • YoungBrats
    YoungBrats 4 days ago

    Yo i drink Smirnoff all time lol good shit

  • Lulls Baby
    Lulls Baby 4 days ago

    "I've taken a tiger's testicles. That's lovely, isn't it?" FUCKING. GENIUS.

  • the.mighty.kyuss
    the.mighty.kyuss 4 days ago

    Guinness and champagne is delicious. But only just a little champagne. Not half and half.

  • LunaLovee711
    LunaLovee711 4 days ago

    Should we ring her exes now or later

  • Rachel Lewis
    Rachel Lewis 4 days ago

    Ah bless, but you missed the best mix of all Guinness and Baily’s

  • Destiny Leon
    Destiny Leon 4 days ago

    Anyone think that the leather jacket guy looks a tad bit like Jacksepticeye when he makes certain faces??

  • Sarah Tenebruso
    Sarah Tenebruso 4 days ago

    What’s the leather jackets guys reall name

  • Samantha Holford
    Samantha Holford 4 days ago

    I’ve become addicted to these videos. Their accents bring me so much joy. I have no idea what the fuck they are saying half the time but it’s all sexy

  • Candace Baughman
    Candace Baughman 4 days ago

    Should we bring our ex's now or later?😂😂😂😂

  • AssAssGlasses TheReturning

    Black Velvets are lovely

  • renee allen
    renee allen 4 days ago

    If anyone mixes anything with Guinness, they should burn in Hell! Guinness is mother’s milk and shouldn’t be sullied.

  • KintoKatt
    KintoKatt 4 days ago

    match leather jacket guy with the green sweater girl

  • Karen HTown
    Karen HTown 4 days ago

    Blkjacket and blonde won that one!!!!!

  • Larry Thompson
    Larry Thompson 4 days ago

    My last drink (16+ years) Irish Car Bombs: Pint of Guinness with a Bailey's Float and you drop a shot of Irish whiskey in it. I followed that with a shot of Yukon Jack. Do a video on those types of drinks...

  • Caes
    Caes 5 days ago

    If this is Irish people drunk, I really need to move to Ireland

  • Dawndria
    Dawndria 5 days ago

    If Johnny Depp was irish

  • Ivan Loaces
    Ivan Loaces 5 days ago

    Why are Irish women so hot??????🙈 I need a Galway girl in my life lol

  • Dustin Roberson
    Dustin Roberson 5 days ago

    I love Guinness and I love black velvet...or snake bite as they call it around here

  • Itz Beanz
    Itz Beanz 5 days ago

    Why did they get yer wan from the Commitments in?

  • Misty Van Pelt
    Misty Van Pelt 5 days ago

    Kind of smells like
    Toe... I love it, it’s my new best friend 🤣

  • blood honey
    blood honey 5 days ago

    Isn't Black Velvet stout and champagne?

  • cass968
    cass968 5 days ago

    Please make a compilation of all the weird phrases the leather jacket guy says

  • Kyla Jasmine
    Kyla Jasmine 5 days ago

    I thought they might have Guinness and Bailey’s (Irish car bomb) , kinda sad it didn’t happen.

  • Niner Fan07
    Niner Fan07 5 days ago

    “amc the walking shit”😂😂😂

  • Savannah Southey
    Savannah Southey 5 days ago

    I work at a pub near Bristol and I regularly serve one guy and thatchers dry (cider) and Guinness

  • Russian Guy
    Russian Guy 5 days ago

    Bitch at 2:07 has nose plugged so she no taste, why waste the rum ah?

  • Emanuel Galicia
    Emanuel Galicia 5 days ago

    leatherjacketguy is simply AWESOME man!!🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Joshua Welch
    Joshua Welch 5 days ago

    They should try a car bomb which is a glass of Guinness and then separately you have half a shot of Jameson whiskey and half a shot of baileys in a shot glass and you drop it in and you have the chug the drink before the baileys and Guinness react with each kther

  • da Dwagon
    da Dwagon 5 days ago

    3:42 half und half i thought were were doing Irish not German but do a German beer one

  • Brad Autry
    Brad Autry 5 days ago

    No Irish car bomb? What is this video?

  • Cassidy Kwiatkowski
    Cassidy Kwiatkowski 5 days ago

    Leather jacket two has my vote to win ! Whatever point system was going they rock.

  • Madeline Raven
    Madeline Raven 5 days ago

    Just a little upset he keeps calling it genius and not Guinness

  • Hayden M
    Hayden M 5 days ago

    Where the hell is green sweater girl

  • Johnathon Nunley
    Johnathon Nunley 5 days ago

    The bearded Irish ☘️ Jesus won!

  • Andy Sayen
    Andy Sayen 5 days ago

    You guys AlL rock ,Thnx for puttin that' out there' Rock on ,manage your Booze intake YO

  • Just leave the Tip in Action

    Wtf is arse?? Hahahha

  • David Fubuster
    David Fubuster 5 days ago

    A good black and blue or black and tan are the best!

  • Dgnius Makileven
    Dgnius Makileven 6 days ago

    I love Guinness . Perfect when I’m watching the game on the weekends 👌🏾

  • tonypadden69
    tonypadden69 6 days ago

    Hairy captain jacksepticeye