Try Not To Eat Challenge - Holiday Movies | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food


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    REACT  Month ago +504

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    • Elise Elder
      Elise Elder 26 days ago

      REACT I love this channel

    • stephanie ayala
      stephanie ayala 27 days ago

      Please make more try not to eat challenges I love watching these

    • Parasite
      Parasite 27 days ago

      next time give price to the people who wins so its better

    • Just Cormyni
      Just Cormyni 28 days ago +1

      REACT please do try not to eat green eggs and ham

    • darquereighn jr
      darquereighn jr 28 days ago +1

      the try not to eat challenges make me sad because I can't have any

  • Savanna Myers
    Savanna Myers 25 days ago

    I seen Alberto

  • Hector Rangel Jr.
    Hector Rangel Jr. 25 days ago +2

    Does any when else want to eat some of that and did any when get hungry like if you did

  • Vonae Alsina
    Vonae Alsina 25 days ago +8

    How do I get this job 😫

  • Supermario max
    Supermario max 25 days ago +14

    Who's watching on 2018 Christmas eve

  • Deron Dejon
    Deron Dejon 25 days ago +4

    I was watching and eating Mmm 😋

  • William Potts
    William Potts 25 days ago +2

    Troy is Tfues twin brother😭💀

  • ToxicLeo64
    ToxicLeo64 25 days ago +1

    Man, I would have eaten the ice-cream with everything else!

  • Rimzu
    Rimzu 25 days ago +22

    who else is watching on christmas eve or christmas

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 25 days ago +3

    Try to not to eat challenge, but with disgusting food! Now that would be a real challenge.
    Food ideas:
    Pancakes with real worms (Hotel Transylvania)
    Special Cream Puffs (Van Wilder)
    Peanut Butter and Onion Sandwich (Little Monsters)
    The Entire feast from Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

    • Jenna Stafford
      Jenna Stafford 25 days ago +1

      Frank Smith I don’t think they would eat it the 😂😂

  • Comedy Castle
    Comedy Castle 25 days ago +6

    I would have eaten everything

  • Chris Felke
    Chris Felke 25 days ago +9

    What is the point of "winning" this game?

  • Wolfie Playz
    Wolfie Playz 25 days ago +1

    Ypu should dp this with kods react!

  • Isis Galindo
    Isis Galindo 25 days ago +6

    It's Christmas eve for me today

  • Real xoxo
    Real xoxo 25 days ago +5

    Merry Eve Christmas

  • Ayano keiko
    Ayano keiko 25 days ago +1

    Alberto looks like cole sprouse kinda

  • Real xoxo
    Real xoxo 25 days ago +6

    We're the real victims we don't even decide

    JENNIFER TURNER 25 days ago +4

    6:19 lol I’m watching this on Christmas Eve

  • Black Girl Magic
    Black Girl Magic 25 days ago

    I would’ve been out at the Polar Express. Literally the only movie that would’ve gotten me.

  • genesis Hernandez
    genesis Hernandez 25 days ago +1

    Omg the polar express I love that movie on the last day of school for winter break we all saw the movie everybody in the school we got the tickets,Santa was there,presents a party

  • Do_it _your_way
    Do_it _your_way 25 days ago +1

    I love little Women

  • sh3ikh4
    sh3ikh4 25 days ago +9

    Ice cream? marshmallows? cherry? nahh I can make them myself

  • Hair on screen
    Hair on screen 25 days ago +1

    1:11 good to know

  • angel energy
    angel energy 25 days ago +15

    who's watching this on christmas/christmas eve 😂

  • Toy Tales
    Toy Tales 25 days ago +3

    It's currently Christmas for me

  • Tom the Blue Bird
    Tom the Blue Bird 25 days ago +2


  • mike
    mike 25 days ago

    Africa has been doing this challenge for sideways 8

  • Гоша Шепель
    Гоша Шепель 25 days ago +1

    in 1, 2................ 10

  • Md. Ferdous Parvez
    Md. Ferdous Parvez 25 days ago +12

    I think eaters are the winners.

    • Frank Smith
      Frank Smith 25 days ago

      They still have to eat disgusting spaghetti at the end though!

  • Norah Grace88
    Norah Grace88 25 days ago +21

    At 6:17 she goes " I want Christmas now!" I am watching this on Christmas Eve😂😂😂

  • Norah Grace88
    Norah Grace88 25 days ago +2

    The first one was The Little Women

  • jungle fangirl
    jungle fangirl 26 days ago +8

    in germany its today CHRISTMAS😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • HeyMiaa
      HeyMiaa 25 days ago

      Flxcco what? She can spell

    • Flxcco
      Flxcco 25 days ago

      no wonder you can't spell

  • GachaPlayz198
    GachaPlayz198 26 days ago +13

    Christmas is tomorrow for me

  • Halimo Ismael
    Halimo Ismael 26 days ago +5

    The way they describe makes it so tempting

  • p̤̈ï̤ẍ̤ï̤ë̤

    I would ace this challenge 😂

  • Anne-Marie Paulissen
    Anne-Marie Paulissen 26 days ago +5

    You know I keep thinking if you ate something you already get a punishment so you can actually eat everything because even if you only eat one thing you also get a punishment so why not eat everything and get only one punishment

  • Zuldaniel Zulfikri
    Zuldaniel Zulfikri 26 days ago

    7:58 the kid is gonna get diabetes

  • Arachnophobia
    Arachnophobia 26 days ago +8

    I love the two girls who ate every round! They are such a big mood

  • the goat plays
    the goat plays 26 days ago +2

    Troy =tfue

  • Mashka Mars
    Mashka Mars 26 days ago +5

    Can you leave recipes? Maybe i want to make this dishes too :c

  • Unipeg Rose Quartz
    Unipeg Rose Quartz 26 days ago

    I love Giblets lol must be my Irish ☘️ blood that makes me love Giblets, Chicken or Turkey Giblets I love them all but they must be boiled for at least 2-4 hours to be nice and tender to eat.

  • TheLifeofDonnay
    TheLifeofDonnay 26 days ago +5

    Who went to the comments when she said I wish it was chrismas and then you said tomorrow is chrismas 😂😂

    • Molly Todd
      Molly Todd 26 days ago

      TheLifeofDonnay cause she said that and probably like another million kids all over the world it’s gone really fast😂

  • Jeremy Juteau
    Jeremy Juteau 26 days ago +2

    The funny thing is it’s almost Christmas

  • B.S. Bryan Salvador
    B.S. Bryan Salvador 26 days ago +3

    Next time let them try the Bean Boozled Challenge

  • liz martinez
    liz martinez 26 days ago +6

    TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS 🎄!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CurryKingWurst
    CurryKingWurst 26 days ago +15

    That ice cream wasn't worth it. And that punishment wasn't even a good punishment. Turkey hearts taste good.
    I'd most definitely eat all the dishes.

  • Perla G
    Perla G 26 days ago +2

    Try not to eat are my fave!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 26 days ago +7

    Love these keep them coming

  • Testimony Akanmu
    Testimony Akanmu 26 days ago +11

    If I was in this competition I would eat all the food I would not care about winning

  • isabella lopez
    isabella lopez 26 days ago +8

    you guys should do try TO eat

    ERBERT TANGERINO 26 days ago +2


  • Alesia Salmon
    Alesia Salmon 26 days ago +5

    7:12 awe they cute!

  • Shannon Dobell
    Shannon Dobell 26 days ago +2

    I would've eaten it all too

  • Jan Rigby
    Jan Rigby 26 days ago +3

    Little women an old people's movie?!! Sure it came out quite a long time ago, but an old person's movie 🤦🏻‍♀️ That movie is really good

  • MASH potaTOES
    MASH potaTOES 26 days ago +26

    Wth the winners are the losers , you pass four iconic dishes just to get ice cream !?!?!?

  • Nayely Rivasflores
    Nayely Rivasflores 26 days ago +5

    Troy looks like tfue

  • Ronaldson Joseph
    Ronaldson Joseph 26 days ago +8


  • Voldemort’s Mom
    Voldemort’s Mom 26 days ago +8

    The real Winner is who ate all the food including the heart

  • Happy-satisfying- Animals- and love


  • I_ Am_ Francesca_ Gonzales_

    If i was literally in this challenge and it was the polar express hot chocolate round and the staff of react are explaining what is inside the hot chocolate i would be like SAY NO MORE *drinks hot chocolate*

  • Cindy Perez
    Cindy Perez 26 days ago +20

    Tbh I would have been upset if I won and didn’t eat all the other foods and got rewarded ice cream that can be bought at the supermarket

  • litvibes 3
    litvibes 3 26 days ago +5

    It looks like e.t took a s***😂😂 8:54

  • Jaay R
    Jaay R 26 days ago +7

    Yhooooooo is that tfue

  • abby
    abby 26 days ago +5

    wtf is the little women house the same house from anne with an e??

    OG GAMER A 26 days ago +4

    Why is everything really good but they said hot chocolate it’s so nice but I think every hot chocolate is the same

  • Phoenix_ Chan :3
    Phoenix_ Chan :3 26 days ago +3

    Deviled eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( x500,000)

  • Aleksandra official
    Aleksandra official 26 days ago +2

    Merry christmas! Have a great day

  • Danika Yakimuk
    Danika Yakimuk 26 days ago +8

    7:30 the guy Alberto, kind of looks like Cole sprouse

    AVERAGE 1 26 days ago


  • lilbrosY-tube Arellano
    lilbrosY-tube Arellano 26 days ago +9

    I dare you to like this

  • Diana Janna
    Diana Janna 26 days ago +8

    I would’ve won FOR SURE and that ice cream was definately NOT worth it haha, I would’ve gladly accepted Mac and cheese pizza or bbq ribs

  • uh ok?
    uh ok? 26 days ago +7

    Was Troy on master chef junior once?

    • Anna Keita
      Anna Keita 26 days ago


    • BigBoss1228
      BigBoss1228 26 days ago

      Yeah he's mentioned it on the video where they react to Gordon Ramsay moments.

  • why you bully Me!
    why you bully Me! 26 days ago +2

    That little boy has some pepsi 7:42

  • Exotic vZay
    Exotic vZay 26 days ago

    Do a dude perfect try not to laugh

  • It's Rebecca A
    It's Rebecca A 26 days ago +3

    4:10 same

  • Albert Bazinyan
    Albert Bazinyan 26 days ago +10

    Boii they did em dirty with the sundae that didnt look anything like the movie 😂😂

  • JeSuS Hamster
    JeSuS Hamster 26 days ago +3

    Why they got tfue in here

  • Alexis Cavazos
    Alexis Cavazos 26 days ago +3

    React to one tree hill or Dawson’s creek with teens or college kids react love y’all

  • CM Gamer
    CM Gamer 26 days ago +3

    Anyone else going to tell Caden that his t-shirt has a spelling mistake?

  • Marc Chavira
    Marc Chavira 26 days ago +7

    I can't be the only one that wishes he/she could be in this video to try one of these dishes

  • alex spaeth
    alex spaeth 26 days ago +14

    Soo you can either eat roast beef turkey and other deserts made by a chef or you can just have icecream with marmello i think id eat it all and take the punishment

  • kawaii goat
    kawaii goat 26 days ago +2

    I would have loved elf spaghetti like the actual one

  • Ethan Hays
    Ethan Hays 26 days ago +5

    I like how that kids shirt has the wrong form of “to” on it lmaoooo

  • James
    James 26 days ago +2

    Try not the drink

  • JPlays
    JPlays 26 days ago +2

    poor Troy... the "prize" is always sweets. I wouldn't wanna win.

  • Sahar MΣΠDΣS
    Sahar MΣΠDΣS 26 days ago +5

    I want to be in this channel💔🤣❤️😍

  • Will Higgins
    Will Higgins 26 days ago +2

    I’ll pass on the roasted dinner I’m vegetarian 🦃🚫

    • Cara
      Cara 26 days ago

      I think you'd have to pass on them all expect hot chocolate

    • BigSmash
      BigSmash 26 days ago +1

      Will Higgins no one cares

  • Jerry Spencer
    Jerry Spencer 26 days ago +5

    Christmas is in 2 days

  • king Wolf
    king Wolf 26 days ago

    Because we're not eating any of that food so ok

  • king Wolf
    king Wolf 26 days ago +1

    I'll speak for all of us don't we get an automatic win if you watch this challenge

  • PRC Vlogs
    PRC Vlogs 26 days ago

    Can you Sikh

  • Leia Scalabrini
    Leia Scalabrini 26 days ago +3

    I would just eat everything seriously I wouldn't care about the punishment

  • Olivia Coleman
    Olivia Coleman 26 days ago +2

    Troy looks sooo much like tefu. Is he??? (Sorry if I spelled that wrong)

  • Zoey's Studio
    Zoey's Studio 26 days ago +3

    *Christmas needs to come faster*
    Me even though I'm probably getting nothing for Christmas

  • Angie L
    Angie L 26 days ago +7

    I love the polar express so much i would take the L for that one 😂

  • dustyb58
    dustyb58 26 days ago +4

    I could easily not try anything presented... but imagine some poor. starving kid. who somehow has internet. watching the US waste more food and paying chefs to make food literally to waste

    • Mel x
      Mel x 26 days ago

      dustyb58 its not that deep

  • EverydaySims
    EverydaySims 26 days ago +2

    My birthday is tomorrow

  • mustangs 12
    mustangs 12 26 days ago

    8:27 yeeeeeeeeeeessssssss

  • Bryan Fam
    Bryan Fam 26 days ago +1

    Wow I want to be on Teens react

  • Doggyfroggy2001
    Doggyfroggy2001 26 days ago +2

    I legit couldn't even eat the reward