Introducing: Amy's Baking Company - Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Dec 2, 2015
    Amy's Baking Company almost needs no introduction, but just incase you aren't familiar here is everything you need to know about the restaurant and it's owners.
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  • Dane Delouisa
    Dane Delouisa 7 hours ago

    Shout out to the guy in red that kept his cool while that guy was screaming in his face, I would I have put him through the front window

  • Planecest
    Planecest 7 hours ago

    Legend says that nino can scream louder

  • Ex Assassin
    Ex Assassin 14 hours ago

    If he ever yelled at me and got in my face I would knock his ass out and then I would drive off and leave

  • Ex Assassin
    Ex Assassin 14 hours ago

    I would beat that man ass I would seriously punch his ass in the face

  • Juan Rojas
    Juan Rojas 16 hours ago

    At 2:30: " if you want, you wait. You don't want, you stay ". Most confusing person, especially for an immigrant. No offense, but why did the server worked there? Why did the restaurant EVEN OPENED?!?!

    MASTER-OF- EVIL Day ago

    Yeah I think those starving people would prefer cannibalism before eating your nasty ass food

  • Unicron the Chaos bringer

    His fucking accent I can't *B R E A T H E*

  • Natalie Cortez
    Natalie Cortez Day ago

    He is gonna suck pizza 😂😂

  • iOStube
    iOStube 2 days ago

    Fucking cunts 😂😂😂

  • Lil Heapatron
    Lil Heapatron 2 days ago

    I’d love to drop this old cunt

  • Andrew 1001
    Andrew 1001 2 days ago

    1:57 because u fuck with the food


    This woman is worse than a dump

  • John Wick
    John Wick 2 days ago

    Yo Sammy lets fight.

  • Robert Mckinnon
    Robert Mckinnon 3 days ago

    Set that creepy bitch free into a low temperature oven

  • SaucyySaM _
    SaucyySaM _ 3 days ago +1

    This is- you guys, I make excellent food. You matherfuhckers think that you can come in here and say these things.

  • Krestian Kvart
    Krestian Kvart 3 days ago +1

    Don't call the police are you crazy?! - sammy. I have a strong suspicion that restaurant was a moneyloundering front.

    SHUNIMATIONS 4 days ago


  • TheElder Zoo
    TheElder Zoo 5 days ago

    Are you sure this is real

  • Barbi Love
    Barbi Love 5 days ago


  • Rebel Fleet Trooper
    Rebel Fleet Trooper 6 days ago

    What lies inside is a nest of 2 evil creatures.

  • JustAGuyfromLDN
    JustAGuyfromLDN 6 days ago

    Swear to god if that old cunt got in my face and tried to push me I'd knock him the fuck out... just watching this got me raging...

  • M Pa
    M Pa 7 days ago

    Ok Amy and her husband are jerks but man those customers are absolute assholes, if I was serving them I'd want to tell them off too. Amy and her husband just have the balls to speak out to those assholes.

  • Alex w
    Alex w 7 days ago

    That old man thinks he’s so hard

  • Robert Lange
    Robert Lange 7 days ago

    Omg these people are a disaster.

  • Dozzier
    Dozzier 7 days ago

    "Dont call the police youre gonna get me deported"
    Im dead

  • Tahsin
    Tahsin 7 days ago

    gordon ramsay recently say this was the worst entry in kitchen nightmares

  • Derek Davis
    Derek Davis 8 days ago

    “Guys I make excellent food...fuck you you motherfuckers” lmao I’m dead

  • Ankit Gontiya
    Ankit Gontiya 8 days ago

    Iam really done with the thumbnail it gives me creep.

  • Chris Daniel
    Chris Daniel 10 days ago

    Two LOSERS !!!

  • Allon mielke
    Allon mielke 10 days ago

    "You pay and go!....fuck you!!!"
    Oh my God, any owner EVER speaks to my like that, I will rip HIS fucking head off!!!

  • Qrow Branwen
    Qrow Branwen 10 days ago

    I'm pretty sure if I ever saw him he'd get chewed out and spat out back into his mothers ass lol

  • James
    James 11 days ago +1

    Sammy said on Dr. Phil that these guys were "actors"... Yeah, right...

  • 1,000 Year Beard
    1,000 Year Beard 11 days ago

    Mental illness is a major problem here in the US.

  • Marc Eibel
    Marc Eibel 11 days ago

    I can't believe what i see and hear....

  • Tim
    Tim 12 days ago

    Is this show a fake?

  • Romain
    Romain 12 days ago +2

    "Fuck you" seem to be his only insult

  • BoygeyMario
    BoygeyMario 13 days ago +1

    If I were in that restaurant, & I heard Amy & Samy screaming & swearing at innocent customers like that, I'd leave the restaurant.....using the emergency exit, because those 2 are total psychopaths!

  • Nellie Camarena
    Nellie Camarena 13 days ago

    What season is this episode

  • Itsiok L
    Itsiok L 13 days ago

    Yo fr just let me and my friends dine here and we’ll show those 2 bitches what fucking outta her e means

  • Victor Rodriguez
    Victor Rodriguez 14 days ago

    @ 3:29 give the camera man, the shows editor and the man who went "ppfftt" a reward for comedic timing.

  • • P L U T O •
    • P L U T O • 14 days ago +2

    Go to Facebook and look up Amy’s Baking Company and look at the post and comments lol

  • Kalim sha
    Kalim sha 14 days ago

    dafts idiots should not run the place hope it shuts down

  • Logan Bitting
    Logan Bitting 15 days ago

    Dinner and a show!

  • MacBurnin' Man
    MacBurnin' Man 15 days ago

    That Miranda girl is a cutie. I see she has a good spark for the industry of hospitality

  • Grundy Malone
    Grundy Malone 15 days ago

    Fuck's sake, do you even need a computer to deal with half a dozen customers at a time? How can anyone be this much of a disaster?

  • Badmofo
    Badmofo 15 days ago

    They did her dirty with that thumbnail

  • Tariq Khan
    Tariq Khan 16 days ago

    What a cock sucking bitch

  • Ben Jacques
    Ben Jacques 21 day ago

    This cant be real!!?? Surely!!??

  • michael moreau
    michael moreau 22 days ago

    this is literally my mom and dad planning on what we're gonna eat 💀

  • bunny fish
    bunny fish 22 days ago

    Amy never made any of the deserts,they were brought in

  • bunny fish
    bunny fish 22 days ago +2

    "Come for the food,stay for the crazy."

  • Sir Garden
    Sir Garden 22 days ago

    Even poor people don't wanna eat there food it sucks

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow 22 days ago +1

    Amy looks like that ugly female janitor at school

  • Killua zoldyck
    Killua zoldyck 22 days ago

    Omg I wanted someone to smack the fuck out of amy

  • Sam
    Sam 23 days ago


  • _Lil_ Cruz_
    _Lil_ Cruz_ 23 days ago

    I wouldve beat the fuck out that dude

  • Archie Holden
    Archie Holden 24 days ago

    ‘Where’s the pizza?’
    ‘In the oven he can suck it’

  • eijgnaw
    eijgnaw 25 days ago

    Wow this is soo obnoxious holy shit.

  • Insert Creativity Here

    You tell them to leave, don't let them leave, then you tell them to leave. What do you want!?!

  • Jose M. Figueroa Jr.
    Jose M. Figueroa Jr. 25 days ago

    Amy looks like she belongs in the loony bin.
    And she DOES!!!!

  • Diana James
    Diana James 27 days ago

    I would never ever buy food from those nasty people

  • MrZer000
    MrZer000 27 days ago

    Amy's baking company, more like Amy's very rude and inappropriate behavior towards customers ... company

  • Rabbi Shekelstein
    Rabbi Shekelstein 27 days ago

    Sami is a Jew btw, no wonder he’s so greedy.

  • DEACON685
    DEACON685 27 days ago

    Amy is gay

  • ZachGamingTV// SonicLover3445


  • Stilo Warka
    Stilo Warka 28 days ago

    Oh my god thats no the way you treat your customers. Fucking nut case

  • Addy Estella
    Addy Estella Month ago

    ...well that escalated quickly 🙄

  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago

    If she called the police I’m 100% sure Sammy would be the one arrested

  • Jerico Doce
    Jerico Doce Month ago

    They need psychiatrist.

  • bonolarryedge
    bonolarryedge Month ago

    That's bad. That old man needs to be fired.

  • Jeff Liss
    Jeff Liss Month ago

    Amy and Samy seem reasonable to me...

    DON SWANSON Month ago +2

    I don't get y no one else is doing anythinf

  • bearshark p
    bearshark p Month ago

    Yo i've watched hours and hours of Ramsey... somehow I never watched this!!🤪🤪🤪🤪😩😩🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Eric Dee
    Eric Dee Month ago

    Did they deport Samy yet? I had heard he was in trouble with Immigration.

  • Reem Haidar
    Reem Haidar Month ago

    To 1:34 Lol

  • Noone
    Noone Month ago

    2:56 "don't call the police you crazy where's the pizza"

  • Destiny Duffney
    Destiny Duffney Month ago

    Wow! They don't deserve their business. The customers don't deserve that.

  • kool aid
    kool aid Month ago

    Who was this woman's mother

  • Habib Zabar
    Habib Zabar Month ago

    Guys I make excellent food, you motherfuckers you all. LOL

    PHOENIX DSOUZA Month ago


    PHOENIX DSOUZA Month ago


  • 5000subscribers withoutanyvideochallenge.

    It's a goddamn meme now......

    PHOENIX DSOUZA Month ago


  • Daniel Fan
    Daniel Fan Month ago

    Amy in the thumbnail is low key creepy I’m just sayin

  • Bethan Hazell
    Bethan Hazell Month ago

    If it’s going straight to the trash then you should make it good in the first place 😂

  • plmoknty
    plmoknty Month ago

    Wow I'm schocked!

  • Samuelson baker
    Samuelson baker Month ago

    I hope they both die of cancer

  • sam charlie
    sam charlie Month ago

    Jesus fucking christ this is literally the worst ive seen

  • Christopher Law
    Christopher Law Month ago

    I am quite sure that if this restaurant was opened in some country in Eastern Europe like Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia or even Russia it would already have been having Molotov cocktails being thrown into it and wrecked into ruins.

  • David S
    David S Month ago

    they look like horror characters

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee Month ago +1


  • Shemainne Angela
    Shemainne Angela Month ago

    why let those two men pay for the pizza, they waited an hour for that and didn't have the food in their table, that crazy bitch wants to call the police. If I was there, I'm calling the police on how crazy Amy is, she is a piece of crap! As well as her husband!

  • Daisy
    Daisy Month ago

    the fucking thumbnail help

  • Haerelwen Relhok
    Haerelwen Relhok Month ago

    Is that Seth MacFarlane who was waiting on the pizza??

  • Wes Brule
    Wes Brule Month ago

    She is so insane. Literally scary there are people like her in the world.

  • Sans The skeleton
    Sans The skeleton Month ago

    Wow just wow that's embarrassing

  • Srisha Suvee
    Srisha Suvee Month ago

    Do you think that Katie is so sh#t at cooking

  • Hanz
    Hanz Month ago

    This place makes Dominos look like Ramsay’s restaurant

  • Joshua Allan
    Joshua Allan Month ago

    I would of kicked the fuck out of him if he touched me like that pussyole

  • KSGGorilla
    KSGGorilla Month ago