• Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • Wait... Marth 4.0 isn't actually Marth?? ARE YOU SURE?!
    Anyways, enjoy another amiibo video featuring CHROM!!
    The strongest FE character in Smash Ultimate... so they say.
    #SmashBros #SmashBrosUltimate #Alpharad
    ~Music Used~
    Game Over:
    Conquest Ablaze:
    Ring a Ding: Will Change:
    With Mila’s Divine Protection:

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    TACOS DE DUENDE 3 days ago

    Wait..... *YOU GIVE OWAIN TO CHROM?*

  • TH3 WIRE
    TH3 WIRE 4 days ago

    1:08 ye this is monitized with multiple midrolls

  • xd TheFox
    xd TheFox 4 days ago +1

    - The enemy won’t fail

  • Stikky Sosage
    Stikky Sosage 4 days ago

    The spirits you gave him must have had personality traits that make him taunt excessively

  • MultiSonic26
    MultiSonic26 4 days ago

    What's the outro music?

  • Mr. Lonk
    Mr. Lonk 4 days ago

    I am watching on Google Chrome right now.

  • Ceylan Jones
    Ceylan Jones 4 days ago

    *debates of subscribing or not*

  • YEEZUS1015
    YEEZUS1015 5 days ago

    Must've fed Chrom the Dan Hibiki spirit

  • Justin spider
    Justin spider 5 days ago

    Where did you get a chrom amiibo

    TSM_WiLDYT 6 days ago


  • Aidan Lang
    Aidan Lang 8 days ago

    This is a long comment
    I was playing Rob against cloud
    And I hit him with a side Ariel up Ariel
    And he went for the side b and I went for side be and I reflected his move and got him and it was DISGUSTING
    I just want to say that

  • To xic
    To xic 8 days ago +1

    Which Marth?
    Original Marth
    Girl Marth
    Buff Marth
    Dad Marth
    Or Fire yelling Marth?

  • Max George
    Max George 9 days ago

    With spirits, do jigglypuff screw attack and jump twice then rest

  • DarkMaster22268
    DarkMaster22268 13 days ago

    This is literally The Chrom amibo's signature move, enemy get's away, taunt

  • Waynerang
    Waynerang 14 days ago

    absolutely lost it at 11:42

  • Wolf Tamer
    Wolf Tamer 14 days ago

    I just realised that at 5:01 the announcer actually says "Marth."

  • Flvffy Card
    Flvffy Card 16 days ago

    0:24 Incineroar is insulted

  • xBlock Blasterx
    xBlock Blasterx 17 days ago

    I have a Jigglypuff amiibo who is almost impossible to counter because they always taunt to just kill me
    We need to see an amiibo tournament

  • Leif Flowers
    Leif Flowers 19 days ago

    Sometimes amibo are soooo stupid that you die off stage

  • Xeno Elemental
    Xeno Elemental 20 days ago

    This damn Chrom is the embodiment of taunt to bodied

  • Lord Diavolo
    Lord Diavolo 21 day ago

    “Don’t get hit”
    Alpharad is isai confirmed???

  • Xx Rimtrex xX
    Xx Rimtrex xX 21 day ago

    Why the name change

  • no no
    no no 21 day ago

    no, its... the strongest *CHROME* amiibo

  • Konspiracy Theories With Kid Perfect

    So you had to teach Chrom... Err I mean Marth... Marth-al arts?

    JM SSBU 23 days ago

    11:21 don't ask idk

  • Hikaren
    Hikaren 23 days ago

    Ring-a-Ding is so bad that if I go to a tournament and hear that shit, I will straight up SD 3 times and give my opponent that game.

  • Χρήστος Νικολάου

    Make a roy ami o

  • [GC] D4rk3R
    [GC] D4rk3R 27 days ago

    wait why did the title changed?

  • Yeetus
    Yeetus 27 days ago

    how do you level up amiibos?

  • juan cisneros
    juan cisneros 28 days ago

    Beacause its a multihit

  • TechScout
    TechScout 28 days ago

    He found me out... *I HAVEN’T SUBBED YET*

  • tom tom Binks
    tom tom Binks 29 days ago

    5:23 the chrom taunted! Hah

  • SamDaMans
    SamDaMans Month ago

    did anyone notice he changed the title from Marth amiibo to Chrom?

  • Sting Storm
    Sting Storm Month ago

    When did the title change

  • Hewgodooko -
    Hewgodooko - Month ago


  • jamar Ludger
    jamar Ludger Month ago

    how do you people like this it's legit a pitch black screen.

  • JacMan05
    JacMan05 Month ago

    "Let me put my try-hard pants on" My new catchphrase ALL THE WAY

  • nuclear gameboy
    nuclear gameboy Month ago +2

    Can you do a link amiibo and call it Zelda? Please?

  • Chaos Dragon Lord
    Chaos Dragon Lord Month ago

    But why did you change the title? Is was funnier before...
    Also, did you give him that one Novice Street Fighter spirit that loves to taunt?

  • a schmuck
    a schmuck Month ago

    I’m just noticing in ultimate that if you taunt a lot after KOing your amiibo, they’ll just keep on taunt after they throw or hit you. I have like three that do this and it’s annoying

  • Draco Blade
    Draco Blade Month ago

    Alpha I hope when joker comes out all video you play P5 music

  • HailedSpace25
    HailedSpace25 Month ago +1

    Why did you change the title it was perfect before

    • Tron, Games
      Tron, Games Month ago

      HailedSpace25 what was the og title

  • Michael Brian
    Michael Brian Month ago

    I can down throw to down throw to down throw so on and so forth with specific character matchups.

  • GiantPoogiv12
    GiantPoogiv12 Month ago

    How did alpha know my chrom mii in ssbu is called CHROME

  • SymphonyCube
    SymphonyCube Month ago +17

    Who was here when the title was "Marth amiibo"?

  • ZeanfromtheRoosterChin

    Dare I ask,what’s Persona?

  • Jonathan Russell
    Jonathan Russell Month ago +3

    "Does he have a spirit on?"
    "No, he's just strong"
    I'm not sure if Alpha is just trolling or if he didn't realize that feeding spirits to the amiibo actually gave them spirit boosts to their stats.

  • Nora Mullen
    Nora Mullen Month ago

    The strongest pichu amiibo

  • Wyatt Vollmer
    Wyatt Vollmer Month ago

    I don’t subscribe because I already am

  • Luke Gaines
    Luke Gaines Month ago

    Link amibo

  • Joey Silva
    Joey Silva Month ago

    Why'd you change the name of the video

  • Toasted melon
    Toasted melon Month ago

    I see a fellow man of culture who knows how much of a living god mat mercer is

  • Espeongames plays
    Espeongames plays Month ago

    Sir you are required to use your pichu and enter tournaments around the world because no messages are ever sent in tournaments, you are the only hope

  • Simón Hermida Lago

    I tried to beat a level 50 greninja amiibo and I get destroyed... Until I destroyed him. Now he's dead.

  • Omnivore Overlord
    Omnivore Overlord Month ago +1

    Matt Mercer also voiced Maximus Elephante. Look him up.

  • HaroldTheRowlet
    HaroldTheRowlet Month ago

    What happened to the name?

  • The Gaster master
    The Gaster master Month ago

    Marth 4.0 is so powerful because you gave him spirits. Therefore, He has a lot more attack and defense when you don't have a spirit on yourself. The AI itself is only a little reason why they so powerful

    DANIEL DOYLE Month ago

    he got rid of kapinn for a marth main? lul

  • God in the truest form

    *changes name of the video

  • Awesome Schnoodle
    Awesome Schnoodle Month ago +1

    What are you controlles?

  • TakavaNirhii (near-eye)

    That scream of horror at 10:29 is so real.

  • Freddy Rivera
    Freddy Rivera Month ago

    You should do an amiibo tournament

  • Peppa The Cat
    Peppa The Cat Month ago +1

    3:00 does anyone know this persona song? I need it in my life

    • Fechu
      Fechu Month ago

      Life will change. Also has vocals

  • Regoon 123
    Regoon 123 Month ago

    But it is chrom not marth

  • TakaKara NaParede
    TakaKara NaParede Month ago

    It is I chrome from the fire embull

  • Teh Elda Skralls
    Teh Elda Skralls Month ago

    Yass Chrom and ike up b Nerfed, WHO IS BETTER OUR BOY OR chrom

  • TheBeatBrain
    TheBeatBrain Month ago +1

    Alpharad playing Ice Climbers is like me playing my mains

  • Edu Matamoros
    Edu Matamoros Month ago

    He is equipped with a attack spirit then not account

  • Joaquin Quinonez
    Joaquin Quinonez Month ago

    he does so much damage because you fed him attack spirits

  • Levi King
    Levi King Month ago

    I dont have ring a ding on any stages...

  • randomized *
    randomized * Month ago

    At 10:05 that was Not techable, when he hit the stage it was red not blue.

  • Dominic Corradi
    Dominic Corradi Month ago

    *plays ring a ding on every stage possible*
    You. Fucking degenerate.

  • Tats Tots
    Tats Tots Month ago

    That's very

  • Blueboy
    Blueboy Month ago

    Why’d you change the title

    • Blueboy
      Blueboy Month ago

      It used to be strongest marty

  • David Woo
    David Woo Month ago

    How do you get ring a ding

  • Sigar 09
    Sigar 09 Month ago

    It used to say marth amibo in the title

  • Nackles42
    Nackles42 2 months ago

    seeing those stat changes at Lv.50 makes me really worried for the eventual STRONGEST INCINEROAR AMIIBO

  • Fury Sniper
    Fury Sniper 2 months ago

    0:17 Mii brawler can

  • 6630033
    6630033 2 months ago

    The strongest chrom amiibo? More like the "rudest"

  • Veeral Patel
    Veeral Patel 2 months ago

    That J-Pop buff tho

  • Professor Pixelator
    Professor Pixelator 2 months ago

    The original title was the clickbatiest title on the channel

  • Corbin Barron
    Corbin Barron 2 months ago

    Kid icarus uprising is one of my favorite games, but I have to move with my a b x y buttons cause I’m left handed
    Also I think it’s fitting the only with an all move counter is the literal goddess

  • Caulin_26546
    Caulin_26546 2 months ago

    Edge cancelling with palutena isn’t hard

  • igotskillz
    igotskillz 2 months ago

    Can we get pichu shirts that is thunder

  • Semiloore Akinsooto
    Semiloore Akinsooto 2 months ago

    If you are skilled

  • Semiloore Akinsooto
    Semiloore Akinsooto 2 months ago

    You can still wobble

  • tms meister
    tms meister 2 months ago

    this is how the cpu's feel in world of light

  • Braxton Czarnecki
    Braxton Czarnecki 2 months ago

    He taunted a lot because of his personality. The problem with feeding spirits is it gives them a new personality that makes it harder to actually train them
    You can check the personality of the spirits before you feed it to your amiibos

  • SuBreeZe09
    SuBreeZe09 2 months ago

    Matt Mercer also voiced for a ton of other Blizzard games and Luke and Kylo Ren in Battlefront 2 EA.

  • Parker Of The Pancakes
    Parker Of The Pancakes 2 months ago

    when i want to level up my amiibo, i just scan 8 and give em all 50 stocks.

  • Soul Tracer
    Soul Tracer 2 months ago

    Wasn’t this video called THE STRONGEST CHROM AMIIBO? I wonder what could’ve happened...

  • zach chast
    zach chast 2 months ago


  • luminations
    luminations 2 months ago

    Clickbait, it says strongest Chrom amiibo but it’s a Marth amiibo.

  • The King of Vithen
    The King of Vithen 2 months ago

    You really changed the title huh?

  • BloonsPlayer37
    BloonsPlayer37 2 months ago

    The taunting comes from one of the spirits you gave him

  • dragoncharge _
    dragoncharge _ 2 months ago

    2:55 how the hell did u just double warp

    PGMONKEH 21 2 months ago

    Martha 4.0? More like....

    Alpharad 2.0.

  • Cooper Crosier
    Cooper Crosier 2 months ago

    Not Simon because he is Prince Charming from shrek 2

  • Ball Fire
    Ball Fire 2 months ago