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  • Levi King
    Levi King 23 hours ago

    I dont have ring a ding on any stages...

  • randomized *
    randomized * Day ago

    At 10:05 that was Not techable, when he hit the stage it was red not blue.

  • Dominic Corradi
    Dominic Corradi Day ago

    *plays ring a ding on every stage possible*
    You. Fucking degenerate.

  • Tats Tots
    Tats Tots Day ago

    That's very

  • Blueboy
    Blueboy 2 days ago

    Why’d you change the title

    • Blueboy
      Blueboy 2 days ago

      It used to be strongest marty

  • David Woo
    David Woo 3 days ago

    How do you get ring a ding

  • Sigar 09
    Sigar 09 3 days ago

    It used to say marth amibo in the title

  • Nackles42
    Nackles42 4 days ago

    seeing those stat changes at Lv.50 makes me really worried for the eventual STRONGEST INCINEROAR AMIIBO

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen 4 days ago

    0:17 Mii brawler can

  • 6630033
    6630033 4 days ago

    The strongest chrom amiibo? More like the "rudest"

  • Veeral Patel
    Veeral Patel 5 days ago

    That J-Pop buff tho

  • Professor Pixelator
    Professor Pixelator 5 days ago

    The original title was the clickbatiest title on the channel

  • Corbin Barron
    Corbin Barron 6 days ago

    Kid icarus uprising is one of my favorite games, but I have to move with my a b x y buttons cause I’m left handed
    Also I think it’s fitting the only with an all move counter is the literal goddess

  • Caulin_26546
    Caulin_26546 7 days ago

    Edge cancelling with palutena isn’t hard

  • igotskillz
    igotskillz 7 days ago

    Can we get pichu shirts that is thunder

  • Semiloore Akinsooto
    Semiloore Akinsooto 9 days ago

    If you are skilled

  • Semiloore Akinsooto
    Semiloore Akinsooto 9 days ago

    You can still wobble

  • tms meister
    tms meister 9 days ago

    this is how the cpu's feel in world of light

  • Braxton Czarnecki
    Braxton Czarnecki 9 days ago

    He taunted a lot because of his personality. The problem with feeding spirits is it gives them a new personality that makes it harder to actually train them
    You can check the personality of the spirits before you feed it to your amiibos

  • SuBreeZe09
    SuBreeZe09 9 days ago

    Matt Mercer also voiced for a ton of other Blizzard games and Luke and Kylo Ren in Battlefront 2 EA.

  • Parker Of The Pancakes

    when i want to level up my amiibo, i just scan 8 and give em all 50 stocks.

  • Soul Tracer
    Soul Tracer 11 days ago

    Wasn’t this video called THE STRONGEST CHROM AMIIBO? I wonder what could’ve happened...

  • zach chast
    zach chast 11 days ago


  • luminations
    luminations 12 days ago

    Clickbait, it says strongest Chrom amiibo but it’s a Marth amiibo.

  • The King of Vithen
    The King of Vithen 12 days ago

    You really changed the title huh?

  • BloonsPlayer37
    BloonsPlayer37 12 days ago

    The taunting comes from one of the spirits you gave him

  • dragoncharge _
    dragoncharge _ 12 days ago

    2:55 how the hell did u just double warp

    PGMONKEH 21 13 days ago

    Martha 4.0? More like....

    Alpharad 2.0.

  • Cooper Crosier
    Cooper Crosier 13 days ago

    Not Simon because he is Prince Charming from shrek 2

  • Ball Fire
    Ball Fire 14 days ago


  • Long Nose
    Long Nose 14 days ago

    He's probly rude cause you beat him up so much whike he was weak

  • conausome123
    conausome123 16 days ago

    Can Zero even beat this amibo?

  • Jordan Giles
    Jordan Giles 16 days ago

    I'm subscribed Alpha!

  • Yumeno Fujiwara
    Yumeno Fujiwara 17 days ago

    I'll wait for the day a that there will be a Style Savvy rep 😄

  • Dasda
    Dasda 18 days ago

    50% of comments:about ring a ding
    49% of comments:about the amiibo taunting
    1% of comments about other stuff that no one sees

  • Joseph Klass
    Joseph Klass 18 days ago

    Give your amibo a support spirit

  • TheAngryPotato 2.0
    TheAngryPotato 2.0 19 days ago

    Oof the title changed

  • Makoto Playz
    Makoto Playz 19 days ago

    Wake Up Get Up Get Out There!!!

  • Eddie Holdsworth
    Eddie Holdsworth 20 days ago

    Just thought, if chrom is an echo fighter of Roy, why does he have the same up special as ike?

  • GachaZero YT
    GachaZero YT 20 days ago

    Best Vincent Amibo
    He lost in tourney 3 times
    He will be stronger than ever

  • Zachariie
    Zachariie 21 day ago

    I guess you can say,
    Chrom is *daddy*

  • Penguin-Slayer 77
    Penguin-Slayer 77 21 day ago

    well chrom got nerfed, his up b kills him first

  • Foxuniverso
    Foxuniverso 21 day ago

    Fine, you got me, i finally subscribed.

  • Foxuniverso
    Foxuniverso 21 day ago

    Make a Vincent mii fighter, to be the ultimate

  • Walker Neiman
    Walker Neiman 21 day ago

    Alpha not sure if it was really you, but I faced a fox with the tag alpha a few hours ago. I think I was Roy. (Fire emblem not koopa) we played 4 matches and I won 2 and accidentally quit. If it was you I sincerely apologize because I wanted to do a best of 5... my bad

  • Willyt 1917
    Willyt 1917 22 days ago

    You fed him dan hibiki didn't you thats where the taunts came from

  • Zach Hooson
    Zach Hooson 22 days ago

    Ring a ding is gone

  • Logan P
    Logan P 22 days ago

    Fine ill sub (totally haven't watched nearly every smash vid and not done it yet

  • Jesse Mcqueen
    Jesse Mcqueen 22 days ago

    The taunts are from Spirit

  • Shitpost Central
    Shitpost Central 22 days ago

    5:50 Alpharad, you've made a grave mistake. brawl has wobbling.

  • Terminator Jack Knife
    Terminator Jack Knife 22 days ago

    The strongest Pac-Man amiibo but it’s yellow Piranha Plant

  • VgmuszPlaysGames
    VgmuszPlaysGames 22 days ago

    Funny to watch this now, since 2.0.0 now makes Chrome die first

  • s•t•a•l•k•e•r pleb

    As soon as he mentioned maining palutena until joker the fucking reveal trailer played as an ad

  • That Random Gamer
    That Random Gamer 23 days ago

    Was this video name use to be Marth 2.0 before

  • GD Wesley
    GD Wesley 23 days ago

    maybe the tuant came from the dan spirit because he likes to tuant

  • Doctor X Awesome Stop-Motion

    How can I get ring a ding...

  • sans bones GET DUNKED ON

    Yes my favorite character and where did you find it

  • Overwatch Floatzel kid

    I made two unstoppable mewtwo and pikachu amibo and I can not win I made two monsters

  • Divyan Jain
    Divyan Jain 23 days ago

    Was that an instrumental "Galaxy collapse" playing in the background

  • Marth Fire Emblem
    Marth Fire Emblem 23 days ago

    Marth Is awesom

  • Evan McLeary
    Evan McLeary 24 days ago

    I subed at 1:05 your welcome

  • Rip in the Chat
    Rip in the Chat 24 days ago

    2:30 all aboard the Nair Plane!

  • team boss
    team boss 24 days ago

    I remember I have a ganondorf amiibo who’s fully charged up smash does 160%

  • NathanTheMan
    NathanTheMan 24 days ago

    tHAt'S hOw MAfIa wORkS

  • Ludden David
    Ludden David 24 days ago


  • Wolfzy177
    Wolfzy177 24 days ago

    10:39 reminds me of that one twitch clip with the clown in the car going YEAH

  • UpsetBucketOverload 213

    You Haven't Done The Strongest Lucas Amiibo

  • Kitty RocketGamer
    Kitty RocketGamer 25 days ago +4

    Who was here when it was called the strongest marth amiibo?

  • Wes Nohatsha
    Wes Nohatsha 25 days ago

    Nice to see that I'm not the only one who stage counterpicks to Ring a Ding Hanenbo.

  • LovePokemon
    LovePokemon 25 days ago

    Is Marth 4.0 a relative of Vincent?

  • YoshiDBoo
    YoshiDBoo 26 days ago

    the strongest olimar amiibo with spirits

  • U SioN
    U SioN 26 days ago

    Because you have darknut to Marth 4.0 , he taunts crazy

  • Enderman360 Alt
    Enderman360 Alt 26 days ago

    This amiibo has more disrespect than that Ridley in ultimate smash tournament

  • OathKeeper
    OathKeeper 26 days ago

    I’m only at the 8 minute mark and I’m wondering whether he realizes he seriously boosted the amiibo’s stats while still having spirits turned off...

  • Rainbow Yoshi989
    Rainbow Yoshi989 27 days ago

    Want the gist of the video? It's just a how to counter montage. Thank me later

  • Akshat zzstu Misra
    Akshat zzstu Misra 27 days ago +1

    I am a Chrom main and have small tournament taking place in my high school and I am maining Chrom wish me luck

    • Kevin Hernandez
      Kevin Hernandez 15 days ago +1

      Good luck
      -A middle schooler hosting a tourney on Monday

  • Water Boi
    Water Boi 27 days ago

    H E G O E S D E E P

  • Curdlemetle431
    Curdlemetle431 28 days ago


  • Aidan Lin
    Aidan Lin 28 days ago

    You spelled marth wrong in the title

  • Jadis Brink
    Jadis Brink 28 days ago


  • Emmitt Murphy
    Emmitt Murphy 29 days ago


  • Devon White
    Devon White Month ago

    The music ❤️

  • Epicbeard man
    Epicbeard man Month ago

    i watch these videos, and i still haven't subbed.

  • Duchess Sabastian
    Duchess Sabastian Month ago

    Palutena is slowly becoming my main at this point. If they ever make a sequel of Kid know imma lose my mind.

  • Lucky X
    Lucky X Month ago +3

    The title is misleading it should be THE STRONGEST AMIIBO

  • Derrick
    Derrick Month ago

    I'm the best observer ever

  • Mark Meyer
    Mark Meyer Month ago

    Chrom is a flashy amiibo and will taunt on anything and everything

  • Ryan Jusni
    Ryan Jusni Month ago

    Did he change the title?

  • BSD Fan
    BSD Fan Month ago

    Alpharad, use Spirits against Spiritified (Spiritified? Really?) amiibo, it’ll give you a better CHANCE at fighting them

  • Kirbysmith64
    Kirbysmith64 Month ago

    Did you feed him spirits that love to taunt?

  • Epic Umbreon
    Epic Umbreon Month ago

    my Lucina amibo taunts after grabs, smash attacks, air attacks and shield pierce they've been doing it since level 1 and I never taunted either, maybe its a family thing

  • The Red Pheonix
    The Red Pheonix Month ago

    hey maybe make a tourny for all of the strongest amibos

  • Oki Dokie
    Oki Dokie Month ago

    Alternative title: The strongest mid-tier amibo.

  • Daphne den Os
    Daphne den Os Month ago

    Who remembered that the tital WAS. the best marth amiibo??

  • Pengconic Gaming
    Pengconic Gaming Month ago

    Google Chrom

  • 100%Crispy
    100%Crispy Month ago

    hes more marth 2.5 rev b

  • BubbaThe1st
    BubbaThe1st Month ago

    Am I the only one who has trouble with amiibo? All mine do is just jump around and charge smash attacks for way too long.

  • Mr. Kitty
    Mr. Kitty Month ago

    2:38 can somebody tell me what song this is?

  • Larl Wheezer
    Larl Wheezer Month ago

  • ATOM
    ATOM Month ago

    Persona 5 has the best soundtrack