It's Finally Time for 8K

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Between 8K and Rollable OLED LG has some really cool stuff at CES 2019.
    LG OLED TV 8K, model Z9:
    LG NanoCell TV 8K, Model SM9900:
    LG Sound Bar, model SL9Y:
    LG gram, 14’’:
    LG gram, 17”:
    LG Projector HU85L:
    XBOOM - portable speakers
    PK 3:
    PK 5:
    PK 7:
    LG AI first-home UX of LG TV webOS 4.5 Platform :
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  • YoGuestsAreBetter

    8k: everyone's going to upgrade from 4k to 8k!! yey
    144p: hold my beer


    here iam.... watching this video in 480 pixels lol......

  • CheesyQuokka YT
    CheesyQuokka YT 4 days ago

    1:42 this would've been really creepy if you still had the moustache

  • James Schofield
    James Schofield 8 days ago

    "It's finally time for 8K"

    *Uploads video to USclip in 4K, because it's not really time for 8K*

  • Andrew Ruiz Dávila
    Andrew Ruiz Dávila 10 days ago

    I'll buy 1 or 2 of these TVs... In 2030, maybe 😅😅😅

  • MrTubarr
    MrTubarr 13 days ago

    Time for 30K Be inside the movieee

  • Prince Miharbi
    Prince Miharbi 16 days ago +1

    Dunkirk ..anyone?

  • Aaron West
    Aaron West 17 days ago

    Anyone who buys this tv, should be given the rètard award of the century. You cannot see in 8k. Nobody can.

  • Ephraim Saki
    Ephraim Saki 18 days ago +1

    Can't wait for that 8k on my tv

  • Inigo
    Inigo 18 days ago +1

    Linus tackle Tips

  • Carlo Dizon
    Carlo Dizon 19 days ago

    Toyota fortuner
    Samsung Qled/LG...
    =1,000,000+ my gadd

  • The Gamer of Belguim
    The Gamer of Belguim 20 days ago

    4:25 copy right ten ten ten ten

  • Gilakan Kau
    Gilakan Kau 21 day ago

    Price for 8K?

  • Solair48
    Solair48 22 days ago

    Is this a joke? I mean the emergence of 8K is absurd while 4K system is uncommon. I just can watch only 3 channels with 4K quality. Can you believe it?

  • Devoted Pickle
    Devoted Pickle 23 days ago

    every 1 inch it's 1 thousand :)your welcome

  • Fireball_Master The_Doom_Launcher

    How to get no pixels an get infiniteK LG projector

  • Fireball_Master The_Doom_Launcher

    LG da best

  • Sam Dewald
    Sam Dewald 23 days ago

    Me: 8k is dumb. Also me: Sees 88" 8k tv and puts my car up for sale on ebay.

  • zoroxtreme
    zoroxtreme 25 days ago

    The best tv i have is 1080p

  • Stillok 0389
    Stillok 0389 25 days ago

    I watch this video in 144p

  • Pharoah Atem
    Pharoah Atem 25 days ago

    mE: iMmA bYe A 4k ToMoRrow
    AuStIn EvAnS: 8k CoMiNg OuT tOmOrRow
    Me: 😐

  • Dream Piano Player
    Dream Piano Player 25 days ago

    This what everyone will use in 2020

  • _Pro_ Gemer_420_MLG
    _Pro_ Gemer_420_MLG 25 days ago

    360p gang over here?

  • Halen 19
    Halen 19 26 days ago

    Yeah for the rich

  • xd EraZ
    xd EraZ 26 days ago +1

    If u pause on 4:06 and look behind austin its TechSource

  • Florian Eimer
    Florian Eimer 27 days ago

    Idiot. Of course you can show the 8k resolution even on a 1k screen. Just focus on a small detail on the screen. If you make a video about 8k, this is the only thing people want to see instead your bizarre theater and childish Micky Mouse talk.

  • Jacob Owen
    Jacob Owen 27 days ago


  • diljeet mathon
    diljeet mathon 28 days ago

    This video is not 8k its 780p

  • Nemon
    Nemon 29 days ago

    25K plz

  • Aleksander Poposki
    Aleksander Poposki Month ago +4

    when 8K is becoming more mainstream, 4K will be cheaper. so i can finally buy a 1080p display

    KEVEN Month ago

    Seriously, if anyone think he needs a 8k tv should get himself check out. Just the quality of 1080 is good enough, okay maybe you can go 4k, but seriously.

  • Sohail Raufi
    Sohail Raufi Month ago +1

    It will cause eyesight problems

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren Month ago

    Ok! Aslong the price didnt 8k too!, 😃😃😃

  • Ethan Sii
    Ethan Sii Month ago +1

    *cries in 1080p monitor*

  • Thomas Montez
    Thomas Montez Month ago

    If I won the lotto I would definitely buy me that 8k tv

  • SayreHarder
    SayreHarder Month ago

    8k is bullshit

  • Marcus Zaalman
    Marcus Zaalman Month ago

    LG is strong and innovative on making money off TV's , But mobile that's another story

  • Raymond Anaya
    Raymond Anaya Month ago +1

    Boy just wait until an earthquake hit😂😂🤔 youre gonna have 8k pieces hehe *badum tssssss*

  • Nermin Okanovic
    Nermin Okanovic Month ago

    Aaaaand I’m still on a 40” 1080.
    Edit: At least I have 3D! Hah! ...

  • Litonix
    Litonix Month ago

    Nothing supports 8k content yet so why TF are these companies making 8k TV's?

    • Ghost Though
      Ghost Though Month ago

      Cause if they didn't make new advanced displays we would... never advance? fucking retarded questions to ask lol

  • CompaRichy
    CompaRichy Month ago +1

    I’m still paying for my 4K TV smh

  • MY571C4LH1GH5 *
    MY571C4LH1GH5 * Month ago

    I've not gone 4k yet and fuck paying 5k for a 8k tv

  • T series gay
    T series gay Month ago

    it was 420 at 4:42

    FSMS FS Month ago

    Incredible TV screen..

  • momo
    momo Month ago

    I haven't even used 4k yet n yall talking about 8k

  • Speedgamer- سبيد

    Yes now ineed to wait 6 years for the price to become 600$

  • Ste_ve RBX
    Ste_ve RBX Month ago

    Watching this in 1080P

  • Mattias Bergstedt
    Mattias Bergstedt Month ago

    Hey Austin this is gays

  • Skippy
    Skippy Month ago +10

    My brain: *dude want this now!*
    My wallet: *I don’t fell good*

  • Vasileios Antoniadis it's not!

  • jaye
    jaye Month ago

    Theres hardly anything in 4k HDR. But people will buy the 8k to watch 1080p on them. More money than sence.

  • ThatGamingNerd
    ThatGamingNerd Month ago

    8k TV coming out? *time to get a flatscreen tv!*

    PROTTAYA GHOSH Month ago

    What is the price of this TV in India...............?????

  • Gene Sky
    Gene Sky Month ago

    Hey why not , lets have ,16K , 32K , 75K , 150K , 500K, 1,000,000K.
    Most humans do not know truth from lies so who cares.

  • Dat Boi Biz On The Beat

    Wats o lead

  • Bora Balcı
    Bora Balcı Month ago

    You look like a real asshole. !

  • ian brooks
    ian brooks Month ago

    It's finally time to for reality?

  • TheFlyguy217
    TheFlyguy217 Month ago

    4k is for porr people

  • M.rizki Prastia
    M.rizki Prastia Month ago +1

    Go LG rule 😎😎😎.

  • Arash Khoshraftar
    Arash Khoshraftar Month ago

    Humanity up grades to 8k TV s
    Me:finally I can get a TV with 570p support FINALLY

    My soul: y U crying so damn loud boi

  • 716 ODST
    716 ODST Month ago

    8k tv $12,000

  • RylanH5
    RylanH5 Month ago +9

    8k coming out? Now i can finally upgrade to 144p

  • remo5678 remo
    remo5678 remo Month ago


  • PrinceOfUchia 921
    PrinceOfUchia 921 Month ago

    Yes 8k tv🤤🤤🤤🤤💯🔥

  • Anwar Noushad
    Anwar Noushad Month ago

    in terms of yet to beat lg...lg leads and leads and leads🏁

  • Karsten
    Karsten Month ago

    No it’s not

  • Kavya
    Kavya Month ago

    Most 720p DLP TVs had similar detail to 4k oled. If you have one of these Samsung or Mitsubishi DLPs, hang onto them.

  • GG_Explode
    GG_Explode Month ago

    144p ni🅱️🅱️as: ah shit, here we go again

  • John Mendoza
    John Mendoza Month ago

    8k whatever like i am sticking with 4k until 8k is affordable.😐😑

  • ShadowBlastxTreme
    ShadowBlastxTreme Month ago

    8k TV?
    i dont even have 2k or QHD whatever it is called.

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    Imma get that roll up tv idgaf how much it costs

    ENDER ZONDA Month ago

    Austin Evans:telling something

    Linus tech tips: crashes to austin evans

    Austin evans: forgot to say the main difference after the crash

  • Logan Tpsech
    Logan Tpsech Month ago

    Bruh, humans don't even have 8k vision 😂

  • CozyStudios
    CozyStudios Month ago

    People are saying how why are we upgrading to 8K when "We barely have anything in 4k right now". But literally everymovie being produced in the last couple years now has been 4k. Even old movies are being and have been remastered into 4k res. Just go to BestBuy to buy them, or order movies on Vudu; for UHD movies. Yuuuuurrrrrr

  • A Chad PanzerKampfWagen Ausf. B

    But the price?

  • Alternatywne Testy Insidera

    Who needs 8k anyway? Position yourself 2 meters from the tv and you see no difference between 4k and 8k. Why? Due to human eye limitations.

  • Ninja Shep
    Ninja Shep Month ago

    8K TV released? Nah my 720p works just fine. Samsung Galaxy S5 and 720p TV. I mean what else do you need? It works just fine and doesn't cost a fortune.

  • TrendingTrailers
    TrendingTrailers Month ago

    I wonder if this means the bbc and itv will start actually displaying 4k now or even a decent hd image !

  • Jbiz _
    Jbiz _ Month ago

    Damn bruh that shit is dope

  • The Mickey And Kermit Voice

    Samsung already did a OLED 8k tv with bixby

  • inazmul123
    inazmul123 Month ago

    Linus deals critical damage

  • BlackBokoblin Mlg
    BlackBokoblin Mlg Month ago

    Me: *Watching in 144p* Meh.

  • EngiNetion
    EngiNetion Month ago

    8k is coming? now i can upgrade to 72p

  • Nicolas Hernandez
    Nicolas Hernandez Month ago

    What to go watch 8k with wtf?????? Why would you get a tv that almost everything is not even in 4K yet??????

  • Hernando Stefan Amisola

    Delete all coments that say “Time for 4K!”

    LIVEFRMNYC Month ago

    8K is old news. 12K is coming.

  • OA Games
    OA Games Month ago

    The Rollable TV Aint A Good Idea, What If You Watching TV In Your Room, While Your Parents Are Asleep, Then They Suddenly Barge In And The The 8K TV Slowly Closing

  • Special Dude
    Special Dude Month ago +1

    Fork ey. Ain't it k.
    Get it?

  • Moua Xiong
    Moua Xiong Month ago +5

    Oh god, my computer can bearly display 720p or 480p USclip video

    • Ninja Shep
      Ninja Shep Month ago

      No worries same here. I just play videos on 720p

  • sam an
    sam an Month ago

    There are barely any TV shows in 4k besides some Netflix shows, so why should I buy this so that I can watch USclip nature videos in 8k

  • Nawaz Waseem
    Nawaz Waseem Month ago +3

    4k TV's still a silly choice even in 2019.. Never mind 8k, Austin 'The Virgin' Evans.

  • Alexander Simanovsky
    Alexander Simanovsky Month ago +1

    8k? Time for 2k!

    SKATE FOR LIFE Month ago +2

    i think we should start working on the environment, not 8k TVs and folding phones

  • aj9809999
    aj9809999 Month ago +1

    Everyone is talking about the 8k tv but I’ve never seen the rollable tv

  • Terraclock
    Terraclock Month ago

    Finally, 8K came out, which means that 4K TVs have dropped in price which also means that 1080p TVs are so low that 720p TVs are so cheap I can finally afford a 480p monitor.

  • Riley Freeman
    Riley Freeman Month ago +15

    When your just now getting a 1080p monitor and they coming out with 8k already😔

    • weed is good
      weed is good Month ago +2

      WTF 1080p is on like all moniters how are you only getting one now

  • Santenz
    Santenz Month ago

    I got 4k tv and ps4 pro✌

  • Exalt_mobile
    Exalt_mobile Month ago

    Lol Linus

  • T.J. Spike
    T.J. Spike Month ago

    Imagine throwing a big rock

  • Niko Furious
    Niko Furious Month ago

    I hope the FPS is 120