It's Finally Time for 8K

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Between 8K and Rollable OLED LG has some really cool stuff at CES 2019.
    LG OLED TV 8K, model Z9:
    LG NanoCell TV 8K, Model SM9900:
    LG Sound Bar, model SL9Y:
    LG gram, 14’’:
    LG gram, 17”:
    LG Projector HU85L:
    XBOOM - portable speakers
    PK 3:
    PK 5:
    PK 7:
    LG AI first-home UX of LG TV webOS 4.5 Platform :
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  • David Willems
    David Willems 10 days ago

    I'm gonna wait for 16K.

  • The Game Lounge
    The Game Lounge 13 days ago

    2:45 Linus, what were ya doin' there?!?

  • Arjun Mundkur
    Arjun Mundkur 19 days ago

    do you know closer

  • Arjun Mundkur
    Arjun Mundkur 19 days ago

    do you nwo

  • wcngm43
    wcngm43 23 days ago

    8K seems to be coming too early. Most Cable providers are still feeding their channels at 1080i, and all we get is a lot of fake 4k conversions/upscaled movies.

  • WhiteOutWolf
    WhiteOutWolf 29 days ago

    time to upgrade from 720 to 1080p

  • Krispi- D
    Krispi- D Month ago +1

    Austin: it’s 8k!,!!
    Time traveler: do you mean 1000k

  • Jarno
    Jarno Month ago +1

    Watching a 8k tv on 480p on my phone

  • Jeff Chan
    Jeff Chan Month ago

    The 8K will cost too much power consumption and 100% it is not energy saver. Price is so expensive and not everyone can afford it.

  • Marion Knight
    Marion Knight Month ago

    Most people don’t even have 4K because the content is so little. And don’t mention Netflix and amazon in 4K because it’s literally 1080p upscaled.

  • hitty9
    hitty9 2 months ago

    Austin, do you think we're cool with the mid level amateur hosting. Just the facts would be better without having to tune out the jumping around.

  • Carlo de Guzman
    Carlo de Guzman 2 months ago

    Is 8k upscaling a Samsung proprietary feature?

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 2 months ago


  • lilpelusa
    lilpelusa 2 months ago

    Am I the only one watching 8k quality in my 1080p TV?

  • Bloxcake
    Bloxcake 2 months ago

    Who else is watching on a 8k flat screen hdr tv 😎

    Nobody ok

  • Akshay Nishad
    Akshay Nishad 3 months ago

    Watching 8K TV review on 360P

  • Akshay Nishad
    Akshay Nishad 3 months ago

    Watching 8K TV review on 360P

  • mynameis fan
    mynameis fan 3 months ago

    I just watch it I 720p and I'm just stay white my JBL charge 3

  • DefinitelyNotFBIAgent
    DefinitelyNotFBIAgent 3 months ago

    Your eyes can’t even see 4K pixels why get 8k

  • ventende
    ventende 3 months ago

    I saw a rollout TV in a Sci-Fi movie from the 60's and thought it looked cheesy. I still do. Wish they could focus on picture quality instead. They still struggle with motion control, color calibration and tons of different pixel artifacts. The resolution hysteria is boring. Image quality however.

  • Troy Fowler
    Troy Fowler 3 months ago

    U are the cooles

  • Troy Fowler
    Troy Fowler 3 months ago

    I want one I need one

  • tabindaafin
    tabindaafin 4 months ago

    8k: everyone's going to upgrade from 4k to 8k!! yey
    144p: hold my beer

    HARTHIK HONEY 4 months ago

    here iam.... watching this video in 480 pixels lol......

  • CheesyQuokka YT
    CheesyQuokka YT 4 months ago

    1:42 this would've been really creepy if you still had the moustache

  • James Schofield
    James Schofield 4 months ago

    "It's finally time for 8K"

    *Uploads video to USclip in 4K, because it's not really time for 8K*

  • Andrew Ruiz Dávila
    Andrew Ruiz Dávila 4 months ago

    I'll buy 1 or 2 of these TVs... In 2030, maybe 😅😅😅

  • MrTubarr
    MrTubarr 4 months ago

    Time for 30K Be inside the movieee

  • Prince Miharbi
    Prince Miharbi 4 months ago +1

    Dunkirk ..anyone?

  • Aaron West
    Aaron West 4 months ago

    Anyone who buys this tv, should be given the rètard award of the century. You cannot see in 8k. Nobody can.

  • Ephraim Saki
    Ephraim Saki 4 months ago +1

    Can't wait for that 8k on my tv

  • Zireael
    Zireael 4 months ago +1

    Linus tackle Tips

  • Carlo Dizon
    Carlo Dizon 4 months ago

    Toyota fortuner
    Samsung Qled/LG...
    =1,000,000+ my gadd

  • The Gamer of Belguim
    The Gamer of Belguim 4 months ago

    4:25 copy right ten ten ten ten

  • Gilakan Kau
    Gilakan Kau 4 months ago

    Price for 8K?

  • Solair48
    Solair48 4 months ago

    Is this a joke? I mean the emergence of 8K is absurd while 4K system is uncommon. I just can watch only 3 channels with 4K quality. Can you believe it?

  • Devoted Pickle
    Devoted Pickle 4 months ago

    every 1 inch it's 1 thousand :)your welcome

  • Fireball_Master The_Doom_Launcher

    How to get no pixels an get infiniteK LG projector

  • Fireball_Master The_Doom_Launcher

    LG da best

  • Sam Dewald
    Sam Dewald 4 months ago

    Me: 8k is dumb. Also me: Sees 88" 8k tv and puts my car up for sale on ebay.

  • zoroxtreme
    zoroxtreme 4 months ago

    The best tv i have is 1080p

  • Stillok 0389
    Stillok 0389 4 months ago

    I watch this video in 144p

  • Pharoah Atem
    Pharoah Atem 4 months ago

    mE: iMmA bYe A 4k ToMoRrow
    AuStIn EvAnS: 8k CoMiNg OuT tOmOrRow
    Me: 😐

  • Minecraft Gaming
    Minecraft Gaming 4 months ago

    This what everyone will use in 2020

  • _Pro_ Gemer_420_MLG
    _Pro_ Gemer_420_MLG 4 months ago

    360p gang over here?

  • no need
    no need 5 months ago

    Yeah for the rich

  • Officer JayFox
    Officer JayFox 5 months ago +1

    If u pause on 4:06 and look behind austin its TechSource

  • Florian Eimer
    Florian Eimer 5 months ago

    Idiot. Of course you can show the 8k resolution even on a 1k screen. Just focus on a small detail on the screen. If you make a video about 8k, this is the only thing people want to see instead your bizarre theater and childish Micky Mouse talk.

  • Bruh
    Bruh 5 months ago


  • Dj movie
    Dj movie 5 months ago

    This video is not 8k its 780p

  • Nemon
    Nemon 5 months ago

    25K plz

  • Aleksander Poposki
    Aleksander Poposki 5 months ago +9

    when 8K is becoming more mainstream, 4K will be cheaper. so i can finally buy a 1080p display

    KEVEN 5 months ago

    Seriously, if anyone think he needs a 8k tv should get himself check out. Just the quality of 1080 is good enough, okay maybe you can go 4k, but seriously.

  • Sohail Raufi
    Sohail Raufi 5 months ago +1

    It will cause eyesight problems

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren 5 months ago

    Ok! Aslong the price didnt 8k too!, 😃😃😃

  • Ethan Sii
    Ethan Sii 5 months ago +1

    *cries in 1080p monitor*

  • Thomas Montez
    Thomas Montez 5 months ago

    If I won the lotto I would definitely buy me that 8k tv

  • SayreHarder
    SayreHarder 5 months ago

    8k is bullshit

  • Marcus Zaalman
    Marcus Zaalman 5 months ago

    LG is strong and innovative on making money off TV's , But mobile that's another story

  • Raymond Anaya
    Raymond Anaya 5 months ago +1

    Boy just wait until an earthquake hit😂😂🤔 youre gonna have 8k pieces hehe *badum tssssss*